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Vetoquinol (formerly Vet Solutions) Viralys Powder for Cats is an L-Lysine HCL oral supplement in a palatable flavor powder for cats.Viralys is recommended as an aid in the treatment of Feline Herpes Virus and its associated respiratory and ocular symptoms. It is also known as rhinotracheitis virus and is very common among cats, especially in environments where there are multiple cats or new cats are constantly interacting. The virus is spread through the air and replicates in the upper respiratory tract. Comes in a 100 gram resealable jar (approx 310 rounded scoops). For use on cats.

  • L-Lysine Supplement
  • For Cats
  • For Kittens
  • Nutritional Supplement
  • Amino Acids

Customer Reviews:

  • Cleared up my cat's eyes
    I have a cat who is a rescue kitty from a shelter and who had chronic weepy eyes, and also a history of eye infections. Right after I got her she got conjunctivitis and an eye infection, and I treated her with eye ointment prescribed by the vet (but also available on Amazon Terramycin Opthlamic Ointment), eyewash, and hot compresses. She had to stay quarantined and she was associating me with disagreeable things. When she seemed better except for weepy eyes, a shelter person recommended I try Lysine and that has cleared her eyes up almost completely, so that the vet said she is fine to be with the other cats. The vet also said she recommends giving it to all cats, so I don't have to isolate her feeding, and it is not very expensive. I mostly give it to her twice a day still, but sometimes she gets sick of having it mixed in her food so we skip it for a while, and her eyes still look good. The more palatable the food to start with, the less likely the cats will reject the addition of Lysine. As reasonable as the cost is, it would be nice if shelters could give it to their symptomatic cats....more info
  • Recommend Viralys
    I just wanted to share my experience with Viralys powder. It was recommended by our "vet" for our cat who frequently gets a watery eye. The first time it was used in conjunction with eye ointment and it cleared right up. A few weeks later, it started tearing up again and we started her back up on the powder (a heaping scoop morning and evening in her wet food). Again, it cleared right up - this time, without the ointment. We also used it when two of our cats started sneezing. We checked with the vet, and since they weren't lethargic and were eating well, we put them on the powder too, and within a week they were both over it. I feel it's a great product and would recommend it to keep your pets healthy and to boost their immune system! ...more info
  • Viralys rocks!
    I have been sprinkling 'human form' lysine on my cat's food for years. (He was an abandoned little guy and the vet feels he was most likely malnourished at an early age and has feline herpes virus as a result)
    Since there is no cure, I was stuck with lysine as a preventative measure. I am certain it made his food taste chalky, as he would only eat a little at a time, and very reluctantly. My other cats wouldn't even go near it.

    I am so happy to have found Viralys. You open up the jar and know right away any cat would love the taste by the smell alone! LOL My cat eats all of his food now and I can breathe easy that his outbreaks will be less frequent and shorter in duration.

    Thank you!!!!! :)
    Chrissy and Boo ...more info
  • Good product but my cats like the paste better.
    My cats didn't love the powder. The smell is pretty awful, so you'd think that they would love it, but only 2 of them will eat it. They seem to like the gel/paste better. However, for those that will eat it, it seems to work really well! (BTW I am a veterinarian.)...more info
  • beneficial powder
    Several of our kitties have a form of feline upper respiratory virus. Viralys powder used daily with their food keeps the symptoms of coughing, sneezing and runny eyes away. It provides the nutritional support they need to live with this condition....more info
  • it works for my fur baby
    My vet recommended Viralys for my Burmese baby. He has latent herpes that he acquired at birth. His nose was constantly running and he sneezed a lot. With the Viralys he rarely sneezes and his nose no longer runs. I generally feed only dry Iams cat food but for the Viralys I sprinkle it on a teaspoon of canned cat food. I use the small cans of Iams or Fancy Feast and give it to him like a special treat so he gobbles it up. ...more info
  • This really helped my cat
    My cat has cold sores in her mouth and the vet said we would have to pull all her teeth. Well, I listened then went home and checked on the internet and sure enough, that is what most of the sites said except I found a little note saying try Lysine.
    Well, I use Lysine myself when I have cold sores so I tried it and it helped a lot but I could not find it in powdered form anywhere and was getting tired of melting and breaking it up to hide in the wet cat food. I checked around and found this product. I just put it on the wet cat food and she eats it right up and her mouth sores are gone. My vet says it is not a cure that she will have to have it all her life - but I say - well, she can keep her teeth - good trade!...more info
  • Recommend for any cat:)
    I was recommended this product by a vet tech because one of my cats has an eye problem. It is not a "medication" all the cats get it and like the flavor-just sprinkle on food. Why not give your cat an extra boost for his/her eye health (expecially for persians and exotics!)...more info
  • My cat loves this stuff AND it helped to cure his ocular herpes.
    I do fully recommend this product. My cat had both eyes healing very slowly with the very expensive drops and ointment from the animal optometist. He had ocular herpes severely. The poor guy even had to have an eye operation.

    I started giving him Lysine from a pill's contents, but he could detect it in his food. With this powder, I don't even have to mix it in the moist food completely, he justs chows down as usual.

    His eyes are clear now and the meds are for usage once a week only, for maintenance. There was a very distinguished improvement in his healing after the Lysine supplementation. I don't know why the vet didn't educate me about using L-Lysine to help stop the progression of the herpes virus. It worked very well, I will buy the big bottle next time!!!

    Stay tuned, I have a feeling that I can discontinue the meds completely and rely on the Lysine to keep the herpes outbreaks at bay. When they run out, I will try the Lysine only and see if I am right....more info
  • So Far , So Good
    I purchased Viralys Oral Powder on the 6th of January 2009. I've been giving it to my 3 kittens since I received it. These kittens are just over 5 months old now and were rescued from a friends' home. They were from a feral cat. They had chronic eye infections and sneezing and runny noses. I had already put them on antibiotics three times before they were four months old. When I started them on Viralys, one kitten had the eye infection again. It cleared up within 2 weeks of using Viralys. I give them each a heaping spoonful of canned cat food with 1/2 scoop of Viralys twice a day. It smells bad but they sure like it. All three are doing great so far. No eye infections, very little sneezing [dusty house] and we now call them our 4 legged terrors because they have that typical kitten energy! I will continue to use this product....more info
  • The cats loved it....
    I got this for my cats that have herpes. They loved this product. It has a fishy smell added to it to entice the kitties to eat it. I sprinkled it on their food and they gobbled it up. Wish it came in a larger container at a cheaper price. But the product itself it what I needed....more info
  • She likes it!
    I purchased this product after reading that it might help cats who have the herpes virus. My cat has developed eye ulcers twice in the past. I was worried she wouldn't eat it-she's very finicky. But, she likes it! It smells horrible just like the other reviewers said! And so far her eyes look better!...more info
  • my cats loved it!
    Having 13 kitties when one of them gets an upper respiratory infection they all seem to follow. I put L-Lysine in the wet food of the cats that had an upper respiratory infection and they found the taste acceptable. In no time (about a week) of giving L-Lysine along with other vitamins/supplements the URI kitties could finally come out of quarantine! :)...more info
  • Better than the liquid. Good 4 feline herpes.
    I have 2 adult cats with feline herpes. My male cat only has an occasional outbreak and really doesn't need this but my female has never gone a day of her life without at least one eye infected until I started her on this. I previously used the liquid and although it seemed to help keep her to only one eye infected (as opposed to both) thats about all it did. When I switched her to the powder in a couple weeks she finally had her first day with no eye herpes! Its been about a week now herpe free and her eyes look much better and she is sneezing a lot less. The powder tastes good to cats. Both of my cats like it. I highly recommend this stuff. I have been using this for about a month and my jar is still almost half full so it lasts longer than the liquid, too. A better deal for sure....more info
    My beloved 9 year old cat was wasting away. He was suffering severe patchy hair loss, his coat was becoming coarse, he was losing his appetite, he was losing weight, AND he no longer enjoyed being petted.

    Within only a week, his appetite improved, his coat became silky again, and his loving ways returned!

    Dosing was easy! I simply mixed the powder into his wet food and he ate it eagerly.

    I am so pleased to have ordered Viralys Oral Powder for Cats,100 Gm from EntirelyPets. Ordering was easy, they provided an instant confirmation of my order, and EntirelyPets shipped my order very fast!!

    Consult your veteranarian if your cat also exhibits similar symptoms. Do you own research and, if this medication fits your cat's needs, place your order with EntirelyPets - I highly recommend both the medication and them!! ...more info
  • Much better than the gel type
    I recommend this product for two reasons.

    1. Less waste: My cat really doesn't like the gel version of this supplement. I mix his lysine into his wet cat food, and if it's the gel stuff half the time he won't eat it, wasting the meds. But he doesn't seem to mind or notice the powdered version in his food. Plus, there's less packaging to throw away. So less product and packaging waste. Nifty!

    2. Easier to keep track of what's left: Using the gel pump is convenient and far cheaper than using the syringes (not to mention far less packaging), but I could never tell how much was left so I never knew when to re-order. Not a problem with this stuff.

    The only quibble I have is that the little scoop in the package is just long enough that regularly it catches on the inside of the lid when I'm opening it, sending a fountain of powder all over the table or stove where I'm mixing up my cat's food. Not fun. But a few minutes with a sharp instrument fixes that. :-D None the less, I'd like to see it come out of the factory "surprise sprinkling" free....more info


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