SILK Thong Micro G-String Thong Tear Drop Ring Panty 3 COLORS Red Cobalt or Black

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Product Description

These teeny, tiny thongs are made of 100% Silk Knit. New Smaller size! Micro G-string pantie with silver tone ring hardware in front and back. Elastic waistband for comfort. Narrow cotton lined crotch. Red, Cobalt or Black colors available.

Silk is a Magical natural fiber of unmatched beauty and comfort. Because no two pieces of silk are alike, each silk garment has its own subtly unique qualities. Machine washable. One size

  • Micro G-String
  • 100% Silk
  • Very Sexy

Customer Reviews:

  • one size my a**
    these are one size fits all and i literally had to tie a knot in the elastic to get them to kind of fit. hated them!...more info
  • Silk Micro G-String
    Well - a little brief even by thong standards. Make sure you have a good ....ummmh.... manicurist before you wear out! My husband likes - I wonder where it all goes....more info
  • Not for the larger girls
    I bought these for my girlfriend, who is never challenged by a large meal, plus a couple of desserts.

    Long story short, she put them on and bent over to pick up her clothes from the floor. The damned things shot off and out through the window. We still haven't found them....more info
  • One size fits MOST!!
    Product did not fit right. Other wise it was fine. Great material....more info
  • WoW - These are WAY Hot!
    These are really HOT! The silk is so smooth, and the cut is just too much. My boyfriend got one look at these and ... lets just say that they had a very immediate and desirable effect....more info
  • Sexy
    I got this for my girl and she loved it.I got it because I knew it was going to look very sexy on her and I was right it does.The only thing is that it's not that strong,but it's not like it rips from noting,unless you have jewelry or you like to play too rough. ...more info
  • Magic Silk ... Magic Sex
    I have been wearing thongs since I was in high school and when I saw these, I thought they were really cute. When I brought my pair I had to shave to leave no unsightly hair. The smoothness between my legs and the anticipation of the reacion of my boytoy only heightened my excitment. When my partner slipped off my jeans to see the g-string, he could hardly restrain himself and neither could I. Trust me girls. Buy these. You will not disappointed by the excitement they create and the reaction of your partner....more info
  • Sexy and Surprisingly Comfortable!
    These are very good and surprisingly comfortable, even under jeans! If you are looking for something really sexy and comfy to wear, you should definitely try these....more info
  • Silk Thong Micro G-String
    The words of my Wife "What the hell is this, are you kidding, fine! I will try them and that's it. 3mins later. I like the color(cobalt blue), they are comfortable, they do not dig, ok, I think I like them. Thank you Honey!" So, for you guys out there considering, go ahead. For the woman, yea they are very micro but, give it a try. You just might like them. ...more info
  • Very Sexy
    I loved this g-string. It is very comfortable and it fits well although its a little long on the sides. Im 5'9 and 140lbs and it sits right on the hips. I however would not recommend wearing this for liong periods of time as it will begin to slip, but i have worn this to work under a fitted skirt for about 8 hours and it was so comfortable, i forgot i was wearing underwear!...more info


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