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A Toxic Colon can put your health at risk. Oxy-Powder? can help restore it! It's a fact, an unhealthy digestive system impacted with mucus, toxins, and impacted waste can trigger a host of health issues such as: Body Odor Poor Appetite Weight problems Foul Breath Backaches Lack of energy Bloating Mood swings Occasional Constipation Weak immune system If you suffer from any of these symptoms then oxygen colon cleansing is what you need. Cleansing with Oxy-Powder? can: Help Restore and Maintain Regularity Cleanse, Refresh, and Detoxify Eliminate Waste Clogging Your Colon Promote Renewed Vitality Promote A Healthy Immune System Promote Maximum Absorption Of Vital Nutrients Oxy-Powder? helps to gently cleanse, flush, and detoxify your colon without the dangerous and embarrassing side effects of laxatives and herbal colon cleansers! Your digestive system is your lifeline to good health! Each day approximately 2? gallons of food, liquids, and body secretions are processed by your system. Everything works just fine until occasional constipation strikes. Then your life can become downright miserable

  • High quality colon cleanser
  • Promotes optimal colon health and regular bowel activity
  • Easy to take vegetarian capsules
  • No side effects like laxatives

Customer Reviews:

  • High Hopes
    I purchased this product with high hopes. I followed the directions precisely and still nothing happened but cramping and bloating. I added lemon as suggested, fasted and nothing but pain.

    I urge you not to spend your money on this....more info
  • Best one yet
    Like others who've reviewed this I've tried other colon cleanses with varying effects. One in particular worked pretty well but my BMs weren't consistent. Sometimes I'd take a couple of pills and I wouldn't have a BM all day, then the next day I'd have a couple. So with Oxycleanse I found that I'd definitely go every day, even if I forgot to take the pills, which was nice. I've also lost a few pounds, although that wasn't the reason I was taking it (just a nice surprise!).

    The only side effect is my bladder feels weird after I take it, kind of like the pills have a numbing effect on my bladder. I know my bladder is full of water and I should go to the bathroom, but I don't ever have that urgent feeling anymore. Not a big deal, but hopefully it's not doing any permanent damage there!

    I did some research on Germanium 132 and there's lots of information on it and how great it is, I suggest reading up on it just to be informed about how it works and what else it's good for!...more info
  • By far the best alternative to any laxatives out there
    I've taken different types of laxatives in the past until I recently found out that they can actually damage your digestive system. So I decided to give Oxy-Powder a try and it's been a very rewarding experience for me. This product has gone beyond my expectations and I've never felt so young and full of energy! I highly recommend this to anybody suffering from IBS, constipation, diarrhea, etc. If you're a long time sufferer like myself, you might want to give Oxy-Powder a try...I'm glad I did....more info
  • works great but gives pretty bad cramps.
    I gave it to my husband for 6 days and from the first day, it worked good for him. He saw black stool his frist day (next morning). He said he was pretty shocked on how much stool was coming out of him when he thought he was a pretty regular guy. He was definitely going a lot more than usual.
    He even felt his pants a little looser around the waist and his eating habits were the same. ...more info
  • works as advertised
    I took 4 of these pills and they began to work the following day-all day! If you are not used to cleansing, you might want to try it on a 3 day weekend since the human body is unpredictable!...more info
  • Really Cleans You Out!!
    Granted, its no miracle pill it not like I lost 20 lbs in one session or anything. But it certainly does help you get rid of any unwanted colon build up and makes your tummy a lot less bloated looking. I have a VERY VERY sensitive digestive system so I was a lil afraid at first, but there is definately no uncomfortable stomach cramps, gas, or discomfort with these pills. Great product!...more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I had toxicity issues, chronic inflammation, hyperactive immune system and tried this product after lots of other medical approaches. I did only two days. Made a huge difference immediately. You must produce enough stomach acid to make it work; I have to drink water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to get the effects. Caused me to get off the acid reduction pills my doctor had prescribed for stomach pain. I realized that producing too little acid and not too much was part of my problem. I also had to change my toxic environment. I highly recommend. I haven't done the 7 day but I do a one day cleanse about once every two weeks for maintenance. All vegetarian. Good buy for the money....more info
  • Very helpful
    I was in extreme pain and this product started working immediately and with no side affects. It was a nice change and very easy to take....more info
  • amazing
    This product is everything it says it is if you have A problem with constipation this will help if you need cleansing it will help. I did not have any side effects, So if your considering a cleansing product choose this one....more info
  • Laxative
    Yes, I took this stuff awhile ago. I passed very foul, sulfur smelling, runny stool from this. It was unlike any other time that I've used the bathroom so something was happening. I guess I might have stuck with it if it wasn't so darn expensive.
    As others have stated, you will stay in the bathroom. One lady mentioned that she saw her colonoscopy and it was clean. Actually, people do retain some feces in their colons but not the huge amt hyped up to be. ...more info
  • Best stuff for ME
    I can only speak for myself, and I must say that this is the best colon cleanser that I've ever used. It truly might be an overglorified laxative, but its the best one I've used.

    A history about me. I've always been constipated. Having two babies made it worse. It seemed I would go two or three times a week. And they weren't satisfying, lots of pebbly things. I even have that invisible fiber powder that I take massive doses of and it does not help. Granted, I'm not very consistent with the invisible powder, but I do take it for like 2-3 days and nothing!

    I've read about Oxypowder for a couple years and finally decided to try it. I wanted to lose some of my belly fat, feel energetic and just clean myself out.

    I thought the most amazing part about Oxy Powder was that I felt no cramps whatsoever. Let me tell you, everything I've tried even milk of magnesia gives me some sort of cramping sensation. Okay Colace doesn't affect me, however, I'm constipated for a week taking colace so I don't count colace. I did feel dizzy the first couple of days of taking it, but after that I felt normal. I don't know about a burst of energy, but I noticed that I don't hit snooze as often. And I don't go back to bed after waking up (which is what I usually do and then I'm late for work). So during the time I took OxyPowder I was always early for work. That to me counts as having more energy.

    I did not lose 5-20 lbs in poo, and I did feel really gassy towards the end of my day. Its funny, but you can hear the oxygen in your colon, and towards the end of the day it just builds up too much. It can be embarrassing to use the bathroom when someone is in there. But I really don't care at this point because this has worked the best for me. Oh and you'll be cleaning your toilet a lot more often. But as I look back, I did feel pretty good when I was on it. So I just ordered some more yesterday. I've been so constipated because I'm trying a low carb diet that I feel like I need it again.

    Its not perfect, but for me it was the best pain free option that I can take. ...more info
  • Happy Csutomer
    I was skeptical about this product but decided to try it anyway. I am so glad that I did! It works so well without the stomach cramps and upset. I feel thoroughly cleaned out when I use it and I am especially happy that I have lost 8 pounds in about a month. I will continue to use this product....more info
  • Not for me,not for everyone
    This product is advertised to be a colon cleanser. Yet when I received the bottle it says it is for constipation. This is not one of my problems. I took the product and then became what I thought was constipated. (loose stools). I called the company and was told this is normal and to stick with it. Well, I took all these capsules, and did not feel more energetic, do not believe my colon could possibly have been any cleaner, did not lose one ounce, felt bloated. The company person said it works for 98% of the people. IF this is so, I am one of the 2% that it absolute did not work for. An absolute waste of time and money, and this is from a person who has used other colon cleansers and eats fresh, wholesome, foods, no meat and exercises regularly. It took me about four days to get back "regular" after trying this product. I cannot recommend this product....more info
  • Excellent Colon Cleanser!!! One of the Best!
    I've always been skeptical of colon cleansing products. I have always heard that it was unneccesary. I also heard there were "benefits" of cleansing the colon. So after reading a bunch of colon cleansing reviews sites, I decided to go with OxyPowder. Mainly because most colon cleansing reviews sites ranked Oxypowder #1 or #2.

    The cleanse was really simple. I have a family and a busy career, and very little time. I don't have the time to mix a bunch fiber shakes or laxative teas. But Oxypowder was different. That was a big plus for me.

    I could tell that the cleanse worked by how I felt after I finished it. I had regular bm's and I had more energy. I felt great. I have recommended this colon cleanser to my friends and family, and they have all had great results. ...more info
  • Relief at last from years of intestinal buildup of junk
    Ahh-h-h, this is not the subject of dinnertime conversation or lunchtime conversation with friends. But this is important stuff because if the intestines are in bad shape, you are also going to be in bad shape!!!

    Well, here is my story:

    I am 52 years old and eat very sensibly, organically grown fruits, vegetables, whole grains, little meat, etc and weigh only 150 lbs.
    Also, I try to practice good food combining and have done a lot of reading of literature on health.

    Unfortunately as we age, enzymes are not as prevalent and so food does not digest like it should. Guess where a lot of it ends up? It gets stuck to the lining of the intestines?

    How do I know? I have had sharp pains in my abdomen and went in to the doctor. They took an x-ray and saw all sorts of dark patches in the intestines and then prescribes "Miralax" an over the counter laxative. After reading what was in it, I decided not to take it but instead to try Flax seed and Psyllium dissolved in water. This scraping action provided some relief but did not really work.

    Next I tried colonics, this is flushing the intestines with water. Again, some relief but did not quite do it.

    Have also tried extended, multi-day fasting and yoga with some benefits but no long-term change. Also, exercise on a regular basis.

    Before I started taking Oxypowder, my feces were separated and loose. Also, I went once every 3-4 days.

    After taking this stuff for a week, for the next 2 weeks have so far noticed that my stools are solid and long and I go about once per day. This is great news as this is what it is supposed to be like. Also, I feel much more alert and less irritable. Have much more energy as well.

    I give this product the highest rating!!!!! This is the product that I have been looking for!! Also, I have no financial interest in the product, this is purely a scientific, unbiased report from a "seeker of good health". A little uncomfortable because of gas while taking but no sharp pains or compaction as has occurred when taking ground up flax or psyllium in the past. Overall, the only thing that really bothered me was kind of a queasy feeling due to all the gas and water, but this is how the product works and you have to respect the process.

    One thing I disagree with regarding the instructions are
    a. Ideally, you would want to take this while fasting so that it does not act on the food in your intestines
    b. Take enzymes with your dinner so that your food is fully digested when you take the pills in the evening
    c. Maintenance does of X number of pills every other day in my opinion is not really needed if you are light like me. I think maintenance is needed when your feces shown up as broken into pieces instead of a long continuous piece.
    ----OTHER INFO----
    d. Take enzymes with your meals if you think your food is not digesting well. This will help to avoid buildup in your intestines.

    e. Practice proper "Food Combining" principles. There are lots of books out there on this process. Your food won't digest properly if you have dessert with a meal for example. Why?? Sweets are digested in the small intestine, carbohydrates are digested initially in the stomach. Mix the 2 together and you have created a fermentation process that results in acid production, gas and food that is not digested. You end up with heartburn and the food builds up in your intestines.

    So if an underweight guy like me who is health conscious, gets a lot of exercise, has good dietary practices, etc. was having problems, I just wonder how many others out there who are heavier than me, have had poor dietary practices, etc are out there who need this stuff to cleanse themselves. If you are one of these people, give this product a try!!...more info
  • YIKES!
    I have dealt with constipation quite a bit so I decided to try a colon cleanser. Sometimes only having a bm once a week! I don't like how laxatives work. So, I bought oxypowder. The first night at 4 pills did nothing the next day, so the second night I increased to 5 pills. I definately was able to go the next day, so the next evening I took the same 5 pills at bedtime. By 4AM I was running to the toilet. Every two hours, uncontrollable urges to go and ended up missing work because of it. I could barely hold it in! AWFUL! doesn't seem right to me for it to be pouring out of me. Think I will go down two pills tonight but if I keep on having this turn out, I will stop. Cant afford to miss work....more info
  • not all they said it was
    I did just what the directions said and all the cleanse did is give me the runs, not uncontrollable. I did not see anything abnormal or feel like it was doing what it claimed it does. For the money an expensive laxative!!!...more info
  • Amazing !
    This product is amazing. I have been using it now for a couple years
    and I would not be without it. ...more info
  • Oxy-Powder
    Oxy-Powder is gentle. Does not cramp stomach, but can cause some gas, as expected. Not nearly as irritable the heavy psyllium products...more info
  • Me
    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Totally Awesome product. I am a believer in alternative medicine being a huge resource for all people. This product made me want to eat better and start my exercise routine. I can't believe that there are people who feel this clear headed, energetic, light, and bouncy, happy every day. Now I am one of those people.

    On the second day of this cleanse I felt such an intense relief in my head. I say it's as if someone attached a faucet to my hip and let all the crap drain out from the top down. My energy is way better than if I go and get a double shot expresso Mocha with whip and caramel from Starbucks. Don't stop at reading these testimonials, get it for yourself. This is going to be my present to others from now on until all my loved ones have tried it. X-mas won't be the same this year.

    On day three I felt like having a salad really really badly and haven't lost that feeling yet even though I am only maintaining now. I plan to go back on this 7 day colon cleanse next week and look forward to it. I have tried Colonix but the fiber drink got to me and so did the laxative tea. I couldn't be bothered and it was only working sometimes. I felt discouraged until I found this. Now I use it with Toxinout and feel like I am seeing major progress. I am small boned and almost 160lbs but I feel like I my weight is 20lbs less. It's as if I didn't gain any weight at all. And I am not dieting, just having more veggies sometimes....more info
  • Doubtful at first....Convinced in the end
    I'm in my younger twenty's and didn't have a clue about what colon cleansing was. Frankly, I didn't care. However, my grandma insisted that I try this intestinal colon cleanser called OxyPowder. I didn't want to. It sounded dirty and taboo.... I didn't want anything to do with it.

    But, like all grandma's, she insisted. She told me about all of the health benefits I would get out of it. I told her I would look into it, just to shut her up. So, I did a little research online and I couldn't find a valid excuse to not try it. All I found was facts about how important it was. She was right. I called her up and told her that I would try it.

    WOW! Am I glad that she pushed me to try this. I've never felt so great in my life!!! You wouldn't beleive the "things" that came out of me. and the amount of stuff that came out of me. I have a better understanding of how to take care of my body. Also, how important it is to take care of your colon. Oxy-Powder literally changed my life. Thank you OxyPowder!...more info
  • It worked but definately not for everyone.
    Bought this product a month ago. Decided to purchase it because I don't normally have daily bowel movement. I considered the price to be very high. The first day I tried the product, I experienced severe case of diarrhea and stomach cramps. Nothing weird came out of me but the frequent diarrhea was bad enough for me to handle.

    I gave the product 3 stars just because it did help me release some of the "junk" that I had inside my body for not having daily bowel movement. But I would say this product is definately not for everyone. I have quit taking the pills. Instead, I have been eating more fruit, vegetables, and drink plenty of water. They can actually help you to have regular bowel movement naturally, without depending on this type of product.

    I read articles on WebMd, and most doctors don't even recommend this type of product because they believe that every human body is capable of releasing bowel movement on its own.

    So the question is, do we really need this type product or do we just think we need it?
    ...more info
  • Excellent product for digestion
    I have tried many popular brands and this one works best for me so far. This product helps regulate bowel movement if you have temporary or chronic constipation or irregularity....more info
  • Not convinced that this is actually good for you but it works!!!
    I have had problems with my digestion for years. I was a Renew Life user for a while and went on the internet to see what else was available. I tried this and the way it works on me is mostly erruptive! But it does seem to work. Not sure this is such a healthy way to expel what is building up in the intestine but it feels better than the alternative.
    ...more info
  • fine
    The product didn't work exactly like I thought. The first night I took less than was suggested and was SICK...more info
  • Horrible side effects

    I've been taking Oxy Powder for 3 days, following all the prescribed recommendations (including the healthy diet). I don't know how it works for other people, but for me it causes a very obvious diarrhea. It makes me go to the restroom a couple of hours after I eat anything, I clearly see the pieces of what I ate in what comes out. I feel dehydrated (in spite of drinking lots of water), dizzy, and have a very bad headache. Will not take it any more and will call them tomorrow to request a refund.

    This bad experience also made me browse for medical research article on colon cleansing. Surprisingly, I could not find any.... On the contrary, it seems that our colon is typically nice, pink and clean, and no doctors or pathologists have ever observed a mucous plaque or anything of this kind. So I am not sure whether to trust the whole industry of colon cleansing products in general......more info
  • it works!
    its worth the money! I've tried other products and yet in the end i keep coming back to this one. I just wish it was sold in stores.
    If it doesnt work right away for you, take it with a glass of lemon juice before upping the dosage. That usually works to kick-start it!...more info
  • Very happy with results
    As many of you, I have been constipated all my life. I've changed my eating habits, drank lots of water, took laxatives, stool softeners and enemas, getting only a quick fix. This product is different. I am on my 2nd bottle and take 4 pills once per week. All week long I actually have regular BMs. I just hope that it is never pulled from the market or is found to be unsafe because its the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me....more info
  • Ingredients?
    So, what's in this stuff?
    I went on their website, and found a single ingredient listed: Magnesium oxide. Look it up on Wikipedia. Then look up enteroliths.
    If you decide you still want to use this stuff on a regular basis, (i.e. you don't mind the possibility of toxic levels of magnesium, wearing out your kidney, and growing bezoars in your gut), you may want to compare it to Milk of Magnesia. Just add a hydrogen molecule and some water. And deduct half the cost....more info
  • TIRED of spending money on similar stuff?
    That doesn't work?
    It's a bit pricey but I swear to god, it works and I wouldn't lie to you....more info
  • Waste of money and time!!!!!!!!
    I took all these capsules, and did not feel more energetic, do not believe my colon could possibly have been any cleaner, did not lose one ounce, felt bloated. Causes your bowels to just retain a bunch of water so that the next day you go to the bathroom a bunch but it's extremely watery. Waste of time and money. I was very sick. I cannot recommend this product...more info
  • This Stuff Rocks!!!
    It's easy to use, and once you've determined your correct dosage for the 7-day cleanse portion of it, you'll be amazed and how much "stuff" falls out of you. Admittedly, it's not the greatest conversation topic, so I had to stop myself from talking about it to my family, but it was truly astounding to me and I wanted to share that with them.

    I took it upon myself to extend the initial 7 days to about 9 days because I had never done a colon cleanse before. I've just finished up yesterday, and although I'd run out of capsules and had none to take last night, I STILL had 5 BMs today even though I only ate once yesterday. So, it's definitely gotten things moving in the right direction. Side note: you definitely have to drink a lot of water, otherwise it doesn't work as well.

    If there was any drawback to it, it's that after 7 days, I began to have a little pain in the affected areas because I don't think the elimination system is designed to get rid of so much waste so often. It was kind of like workout pain after not working out for an extended period, but it only happened the day before I took my last capsules, and it only lasted one day. I've had no pain since, and in a way it's a good thing that I had the pain because it really let me know that this stuff does what it says it will do.

    My overall after-effects are, a much smaller waistline, a clearer head, more energy, a higher sex drive, I feel great, I don't need to eat as much, and best of all, I've lost approximately 6 pounds or more of the worst kind of weight. I'm sure I've added to my lifespan, and I'll order this again as soon as I can. I read somewhere that you should do at least a 30 day cleanse your first time out, but frankly, I'm tired of sitting on the toilet and I could use a week-long breather. Regardless of that, when I get my new supply, I'll do another 9-10 day cleanse to get at the remaining impaction and be done with it until next year sometime.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Colon Cleanser!!
    I was very skeptical of colon cleansing products. I always heard that it was a waste of time & money, but I also heard about the benefits of cleansing the colon. So after reading a bunch of colon cleansing reviews, I decided to go with OxyPowder.

    The cleanse was really simple. I have a family and a busy career, so time is not my friend sometimes. I don't have the time to mix fiber shakes or laxative teas. But Oxypowder wasn't like that. That was one of the main reasons I bought this product.

    I could tell that the cleanse worked because I was very surprised by how I felt after I finished. I was more regular and I had more energy. I felt good. I would recommend this colon cleanser to anyone who is looking to cleanse their colon. Thats what I bought it for, and I am glad that I did....more info
  • This Really Works!
    I only took this for four days, three weeks ago, and I have felt great since! As a nutritionist and professional in the natural foods field, when I initially had an "issue", I turned to massive quantities of fiber in the form of natural fruits and vegetables. UGH! That really made things worse! I was so bloated and miserable! I have tried other cleansers that utilized the fiber method and also did not have much luck with those. Out of desperation, I tried this, and it really works!
    Granted, while you are taking it it is rather unpleasant. Maybe you can do your spouse or significant other a favor, and sleep on the couch until you are through with it. Going to work is a challenge too. ...more info
  • awesome!!!!!!!!
    this is the best colon cleanser that i have ever used and i have tried alot of different ones. There are no cramps, or that bloated feeling. Its like having a natural b.m. This product is worth every penny and i will continue to use it. I highly recommend oxypowder to anyone who has a problem with constipation. it also helps to keep you regular....more info
  • No cramping - No Side effects
    Oxy-Powder works quickly and without the side effects other colon cleansers cause such as cramping and nausea. You will get loose stools, but who cares as long as everything is moving out!...more info
  • Wonderful Product, true to claim
    This product, if used as instructed, works well. It worked for me, just as the manufacturer stated it would. I took it more for removing the toxins that I believe may have accumulated in my colon over the years and for occasional irregularities. I normally do not have a constipation problem since I have followed a mostly vegetarian diet for the past seven years. I am pleased to say that I did a lot of research on other colon cleansers before I selected this one, and I have no regrets. Most of the others contained Psyllium, an ingredient that gave me bloating and constipation in the past, so I stayed clear of those. Two weeks earlier, I had tried another colon cleanser that has a three step program, I had to return it to the store three days after using it because step one made my head feel as heavy as a bowling ball and made me drowsy. Oxy-powder did not give me bloating or headaches or any more gas than I would usually pass during a day, and yes, I did have loose stool, but it was not the type(like diarrahea from botulism) that caused me any concern. Anyway, I would prefer loose stool over the other kind. I do feel as if my body is cleaner and I have a little more energy in the mornings. I also did not have the need to be near a restroom at all times, and I did have as many as five bowel movements per day. I started out by taking 2 capsules the first night just to see how it works for me, then I increased it to 4 capsules each night. I also drank a lot of water(about 100 ounces per day) which I think is very important for the best results. I have a lot more of the product and I will do a cleansing every two or three months until all of it is used up. That's where value comes in, it costs a lot less than the Psyllium ones, and you can stretch the usage based on your needs. I am so pleased with this product, I have recommended it to my sister....more info


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