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Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie is on call as sardonic Dr. Gregory House in Season Two of the smash-hit House television s most intelligent and provocative drama. This 6-disc collection features all 24 innovative episodes exclusive bonus materials and some of today's brightest guest stars including Sela Ward Ron Livingston LL Cool J and Cynthia Nixon. Be a part of this medical mystery-solving team as House and his staff take on baffling cases in the gripping show critics are calling "both hilarious and heartbreaking; this could be network TV s best current series." David Kronke Los Angeles Daily News.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 025192960024 Manufacturer No: 61029600

The overall strength of the second season of House, M.D. proves that its first-year success wasn't a fluke. This season starts with Dr. House (Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie) pursuing his ex-wife Stacy (Sela Ward) and ending with a tragedy that could potentially be deadly for himself and two colleagues. The premise of each show follows a set routine--a patient is brought in with unusual symptoms; House challenges his trio of underlings to diagnose the problem; they treat the patient, usually incorrectly the first few tries; and then at the very last minute--through a revelation that often has little to do with the patient--House figures out what's wrong and saves the day. It would be easy for this set up to grow old fast. But because of the smart writing, nuanced acting, and believability of the characters (who're often dealing with unbelievable scenarios), the formula works on each of the 24 episodes that aired on Fox during the 2005-2006 season. Viewers have been conditioned by the Marcus Welbys of the TV world to think of doctors as saviors. Even on ER, the most narcissistic physician was selfless at heart. But House is a different breed. When he's at an off-track betting parlor and a woman collapses, he doesn't miss a beat. Still eying his race on television, he asks, "Is anybody here a doctor?" He'll mock a sick patient's complaints with a sarcastic, "Boo hoo!" And, if there happens to be a dead body around, he has no qualms about shooting it if he believes that could help diagnose another gun-shot victim.

Not that he's any more reasonable or compassionate to his boss Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), his oncologist best friend Wilson (Tony winner Robert Sean Leonard), or his young charges Foreman (Omar Epps), Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), and Chase (Jesse Spencer). He instructs his doctors to break into patients' homes as if they're cat burglars. He does not know the meaning of the phrase "politically correct." But because he spits out insults (as if he has a mild case of Tourette's) equally to both his patients and colleagues, the latter never flinch at his constant stream of inappropriateness. When his three young doctors storm into his office to report the declining condition of a patient by blurting out, "We have rectal bleeding," House says, "What? All three of you?" To sensitive Wilson, who is trying to get some work done without being interrupted, House says, "I know you're in there. I can hear you caring." And when Foreman's father says, "My son says you're a manipulative bastard," House replies, "It's a pet name. I call him Dr. Bling." Of course House actually does care about his patients, but he views a good bedside manner as the luxury of a doctor who has a healthy patient. But dying patients with seemingly incurable diseases need something more. They need House. --Jae-Ha Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • A gerat Medical CSI - But the story formula gets repetitive
    I love this show, it's so intriguing. Even if you know nothing about medicine, this show does a great work at explaining things so that anyone can understand them. HOWEVER, towards the end of the season I did notice that the formula was way too predictible and repetitive. Sometimes a bit more character development, but in the end: You have House doing clinic, then gets his hands on an "interesting case" spends the whole episode trying to figure it out with the whole team, and finally House has an epifany that allows him to solve the case... nice "Sherlock Holmes" style, but I think it could use more variety... something unexpected from time to time....more info
  • Can I give it 6 Stars?
    A one-of-a-kind series, House, M.D.: Season 2, brings to the screen more everyday encounters of a team of doctors of the Diagnostics department of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey under the supervision of Dr. Gregory House.
    Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, and the rest of this EXTRAORDINARY cast, have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are outstanding to say the least. All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)! Very well written and very well presented, the series is without a doubt guaranteed to provide more than just a few thrills, not to mention a few laughs and tears. House, M.D. does a great job of describing people's different personalities, fears, and the problems they face. It is all about life, death, human relations, hope, pain, and inner strength. The acting, the setting, the plot (and subplots), the dialogues, and the music, which are just wonderful! It is indeed a rarity when an amazing series such as this comes by.
    In short, House, M.D. is a series definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection (if you haven't done so already)! KEEP'EM COMING!!!
    ...more info
  • Making a 5 Star Show Better
    House M.D. - Season 2
    Recently I watched the complete first season of House M.D.; I thought it was a perfect show. House was gripping, entertaining, and a complete jerk. I loved him. Season 2 takes this show to an entirely new level though. House is established within the first few episodes for those who have not seen the initial season. After this, the series begins to build more characters that are dynamic. As if House was not enough, they now develop the personality of his team of doctors. Chase, Foreman, and Carmen all go through character cycles that build on you.

    House is a painkiller-addicted doctor who walks with a limp due to a muscle being removed in his leg. He is the best doctor in the hospital, but is often apathetic and hates patients. The storyline of a common episode will depict House and his team trying to find out what is wrong with an abnormal patient. They will come up with a solution and find out it is wrong. Then they continue to find solutions until they find the right one. Along the way, there is plenty of gore and snide remarks on behalf of House. Almost every episode has this underlying pattern.

    The episodes often break off into side plots, which actually become the main plot. This creates multiple captivating plots. Character development branches off these side plots. At the end of the Season, you feel like you know each character. You do not just know there character, but you know their ideals and personality given any situation.

    Foreman changes his character drastically about four times. Each time is progressive and makes perfect sense though. Not only does is dialogue change, but his appearance changes. Foreman came off as my favorite character in Season 2. I am not one for being a crybaby, but Foreman gave a heart-wrenching performance in a few episodes.

    This Season of House M.D. is better than the original. I advise picking up both though. Each episode is great in its own way. The Season finale will have you so far on the edge of your seat that you will be on the floor. Buy this 6-disk set today or you are an idiot....more info
  • house
    work nights,but saw the show on a weekend rerun.
    Immediately ordered season one and season two.Can't wait til season 3 is released....more info
  • House, M.D. - Season Two
    Amazing Series, very good acting....
    I don't really know how to say about the series to support this, but every single episodes moved me so much in different way and so possitive than other series, I guess don't have to say much but enjoy the episodes and let your own mind speak....more info
  • House
    I bought all 4 seasons of House for my 19 year old son for Christmas from I had already priced each season at Walmart and other stores, but found Amazon to be amazingly less expensive. Amazon must be a form of amazing, right? Our whole family is enjoying watching House with no commercial interruptions. Thanks Amazon, Sandy ...more info
  • History, yea!
    It's fun to get the 'history' of the show since we didn't start watching til this past season. I personally like watching from the first season on, in order.

    Tho' like watching "24" to catch-up, it'll spoil you with no commercials!...more info
  • ...and the show goes on
    I was happy my wife "turned me on" to this show. It is a great deal of fun to watch. The only problem I have with the show is Dr. House always has his subordinates perform procedures that in a real hospital environment would be done by others. I am an X-ray/CT technician. I have been working in this capactiy for over 3 years and never has a doctor come into my deparment to do one of the studies I am trained and paid to do. But I understand that this it T.V. so they cut corners for entertainment purposes. I truly enjoy when House has to deal with patients who come in for problems that are a result of their own idiocy. He explains to them in no uncertain terms just how stupid they are and why they have the problem they do. I frequently deal with people like this. But not being a Doctor on T.V. I politely answer the questions to the best of my ability, do the requested exams and go about my merry way. I look forward to the next season....more info
  • Another great season!
    Another full season of diagnosing a mystery illness each one hour episode, and it is still going strong. I think there is better development of some "B" storylines this season, and the cast interaction is better than ever. As usual, Hugh Laurie makes the show....more info
  • Amazing
    I am so happy i got this DVD, the second season is awesome and i cant wait for the third one to come out.
    i am already biting my nail wondering whats going to happen next.

    I highly recommend it....more info
  • Even better than season 1
    House, M.D. - Season Two

    A great second season, got rid of the annoying boss and got some wierd and disturbing cases to deal with that bring out more in Hugh Laurie's character as well as the strenghts and weaknesses of his team and his friends and enemies. A really interesting twist on the standard medical drama standard....more info
  • brilliant
    Hugh Laurie at his best and a show that everyone should see, it has everything!...more info
  • Even Better Than The First
    i love tv shows but one thing that always bothered me was the fact that many had a terrific season one and the others were only good. I'm glad that House is not the case, i loved the first season, smart and funny at the same time and i didn't thought they could do twice, but they did! great season two!
    The season finale was mind-blowing, the writters are insane smart.
    highly recommended.

    Favorites Episodes

    01 - Acceptance
    02 - Autopsy
    08 - The Mistake
    13 - Skin Deep
    17 - All In
    20 - Euphoria (1)
    21 - Euphoria (2)
    21 - No Reason
    ...more info
  • Dr. House: A brillant series
    It has been a long time since I have watched a brilliantly made TV series on medicine as Dr. House. The actors are very well choosen and the special effects are very interesting. ...more info
  • House - Season 2
    Love the show. Great being able to watch without commercials...more info
  • We love House!
    The writing, acting, directing and overall production of this dramatic yet hilarious series are superb! And watching it commercial-free allows uninterrupted enjoyment of the longer stories and character development across multiple episodes....more info
  • I still haven't received it !!
    It's been quite some time now; and I still haven't received it. So I'll let you know when I see it. I've neer had anything take this long before. Any advice ? !! ~~ Lydia...more info
  • Excelente serie
    Me parece muy interesante y atarctiva la serie, que se aparta de las series del mismo tipo, donde se va mucho mas alla de ver como es el trabajo medico, sino que se involucra en el caracter heterogeneo de cada personaje y su interrelacion entre si. Sobre todo destaco la fugura o personaje de House, encuentro que la interpretacion del medico intolerante, soes, irrespetuoso, ateo, brillante como medico, pero sobre todo humano (bajo su forma de ver las cosas), es simplemente genial. Por supuesto que el resto del elenco tambien desarrolla una excelente interpretacion. Lejos lo mejo que he visto en series de TV de este tipo....more info
  • Hot House!
    Mea culpa. I'll admit it. I happened upon House mid-second season. Little did I know within a year I'd be hooked, desperate for my weekly fix of the wickedly attractive yet insanely abrupt!

    Who needs mind-altering drugs when the creative symbiosis of David Shore/Bryan Singer/Katie Jacobs and the rest of their mojo-magic crew sets lovably perverse genius Hugh Laurie loose opposite affably earnest Robert Sean Leonard to do what only they can do?

    Um, taut innuendos, anyone? Unlike some TV actors who can't even eat a sandwich sans cue cards, the talented duo's bickering camaraderie scarfs up the subtext of both female and male dreams. House/Wilson is Greek theater being played out by the American Medical Association's Monty Python Repertory company atop a world stage while perched precariously upon a high wire. With no net, yet. Bravo.

    Even though Fox reruns their reruns and USA, too, it's looking like a long, hot, steamy summer until The Boys & Co. are back in town.


    Until then, I am happy to write The House Blogs! AND House-sit Seasons 1 and 2, for there is a there that is destination worthy until the arrival of the medical narrative's Season 3 on DVD, due out in late August. For in a spectacle to savor when last we saw the low GQ-high IQ Dr. Gregory House, he was running his long lithe fingertips oh-so-gently about the sleek glossy curves of his new musically acoustic lover, virtually about to pluck her into ecstasy, and therein lies my other "problem" with this unquestionably brilliant show:

    Gulp. I like this man far, far too much.

    Flip this House? No way!
    ...more info
  • I Am Really Pleased With House!
    I am very anti-commercials and I don't like the Fox network generally but this show is outstanding as is Arrested Development. No, I still don't watch it on the network, but I am watching the DVDs and this is a great show to watch in this format. The episodes blend together well and it doesn't wear on a viewer. I can't even imagine the show with interruptions. House keeps on the every episode is a mystery track which would wear on me a bit but also has some small growth in story line inch by inch with the main characters which keeps it interesting and human. The actors are all wonderful and Hugh Laurie is outstanding. A true star. ...more info
  • a great show gets even better in this season
    The second season shows you more sides of House, especially when his previous lover, played by the lovely and talented Sela Ward, appears. He actually shows a tender and gentle side that he had been hiding for so long.
    This is also the season when he has to let Wilson move in with him for a time, giving more screen time to the wonderful Robert Sean Leonard.
    ...more info
  • subtitles
    As much as I hate subtitles, I have to admit they've done a decent job. Even most of the extra stuff is subtitled well; I just wish they'd done the cast interview also.

    Hurray for House!!...more info
  • "Cheese Is The Devil's Plaything."
    "House" is a perfect television show, and is, in my opinion, the only dramatic show currently in production that's worth watching. The show, centered on the acerbic, thoroughly disagreeable, and utterly brilliant Dr. Gregory House, is well written, intelligently directed, and perfectly acted. Hugh Laurie as House deservedly gets the lion's share of the plaudits for the show, but the remaining cast is equally brilliant in their vital supporting roles. Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison, and Jesse Spencer deserve special mention for playing the young and impressionable doctors putting up with House's eccentricities, but my favorite of the supporting cast is Robert Sean Leonard as oncologist Dr. James Wilson. Leonard's portrayal is both funny and poignant, as are the lines crafted for him by the excellent screenwriters.

    There are several plotlines in this season, most significantly the reappearance of ex-girlfriend Stacy, played by Sela Ward, in House's life. If I had only one thing to change about season two, it would be to take a bit less time for the Stacy subplot, which, for me, was stretched beyond its usefulness. There are many excellent episodes, and many interesting guest stars including LL Cool J, Ron Livingston, Cynthia Nixon, and Michelle Trachtenberg.

    The DVD set includes many extras including a "House" documentary, a blooper reel, and producer commentaries: I found them all enjoyable.

    Prime time television simply does not get any better than this: I highly recommend this season of "House," but urge you to do the sensible thing and buy all the seasons at once. Yes, they're that good. ...more info
  • Brillant Stuff..
    Our whole family are fans of the infamous Dr.House!, This DVD is worth every cent spent, its entertaining, witty, and Gregory House is just a must see, one of a kind character.
    The series is fast paced, well researched, and the acting of an excellent quality.
    You go House, hope your around for many DVD'S to come!!!!...more info
  • Season Two is Great
    Season two of house is my favorite season. I have seen every show thus far. The story lines are great. House is just House, and anyone who watchs House knows what I mean. House is the only show on TV that I watch. My whole family loves watching House. ...more info
  • Another excellent season for the doctor
    Great gift for any Hugh Laurie fan. His crass style and sarcasm make him very personable and easy to identify with....more info
  • "Do I have to spell it out for you?"
    Dr. House is back for round 2 and hasn't lost any of the punch! Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer, Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison, and Lisa Edelstein reprise their memorable roles in Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for more medical mysteries and interhospital relational issues.
    A great concern for any sequel or season 2 is "Can they pull off the success of the first movie/season?" The answer for House is a big, confident "YES!" The addition of Stacy, House's ex-girlfriend, adds a unique dimension to the hospital, one that I thought wouldn't work. Through Stacy (and House's pursuance of his now-married former girlfriend), we are able to see that House truly can love, does love, wants to love, but is afraid of love. The scenes with House and Stacy are well done, vibrant, and impactful. Definitely no naptime here!
    Other episodes (such as Euphoria and The Mistake) give us glimpses into the lives of House's team members, Drs. Cameron, Chase, and Foreman. Through these episodes, we see their strengths, their weaknesses, their families, and why they became doctors in the first place.
    If you think for one moment that the writers will pull back and get lazy and let their characters slip, think twice. The characters are just as vibrant as in Season 1, the drama just as moving, the mysteries as puzzling and House's humor just as funny and piercing.
    Again, if you have a faint stomach or are sensitive to sexuality in shows, this might not be for you...
    Add the absolutely amazing season finale that will make you wonder what does and doesn't exist, and this is definitely not a season to be missed. Add this to your Christmas list and hope Santa thinks you've been good this year! A must have to anyone's DVD collection!...more info
  • Crankiness you can't help but love
    Even those who hate Dr. Gregory House are forced to admit it -- the man is brilliant. Relying on his unconventional methods and the three fellows under his tutelage, House (Hugh Laurie) regularly cracks difficult cases that other doctors would have given up long ago.

    Ironically enough, the one patient House couldn't save is himself. Seven years ago, he suffered an infarction in his thigh, undergoing a dangerous surgery in an attempt to save his life. While House did survive, he was left with constant pain -- causing him to pop Vicodin like candy, walk with a serious limp, and become filled with even more bitterness than he began with.

    It was largely because of this that House broke up with his longtime, live-in girlfriend, attorney Stacy Warner (Sela Ward). Since that time, she's married someone else and moved on. House claims he has, too, although his behavior indicates otherwise.

    Added to that, House is antisocial and always thinks outside the box; as one of his fellows once said, "He doesn't even know where the box is." Introspective and much too frank, House is a loner, except for the friendship of Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), a young oncologist who also works at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and their boss, dean of medicine Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

    Despite the verbal abuse and eccentricity that House brings, his three fellows -- Drs. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer), Eric Foreman (Omar Epps) and Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) all know that he's one of the best there is, and working with him for a few years will guarantee them their choice of jobs once they're ready to work unsupervised.

    Season 2 includes many guest appearances by Sela Ward as House's ex Stacy, who is hired as a hospital attorney -- causing much friction and longing between the two. There's more about Foreman's, Chase's and Cameron's backgrounds; as well as flashbacks of House's infarction. Foreman catches a deadly disease from a Patient of the Week, and the season's cliffhanger leaves House shot by a disgruntled patient.

    Season 2 also includes a number of extras, including bloopers and interviews, which are sure to please any fan....more info
  • as expected
    best price i've seen for this product, as always great shipping time from amazon. It is what you would expect from a dvd set of a tv show....more info
  • house season 2
    Bought for my daughter for a present she watched it until she saw all the episodes a couple times at 17.5 hrs worth of material...more info
  • Disappointing after season one
    I know I'm swimming against the tide here given the other reviews, but I was really disappointed in this season. House's personality has always stretched believability, because no hospital could have a doctor like that on the staff, but it's a show, so we accepted it, telling ourselves that he's just blunt and doesn't suffer fools gladly. Apparently the writers decided that if we could accept that we were game to accept a good deal worse from not only House, but from his team as well, and the whole thing just seemed to devolve deep into soap opera land in the second season.

    *** SPOILERS ***

    - Not only is House his usual angry, rude, arrogant, mean self, but this season he throws himself at his old girlfriend (who is married) until she sleeps with him, and just as she's about to leave her husband House tells her to go back to him. As part of his attack plan House breaks into her therapist's office and reads her file so he'll know the weak points in her marriage. Gee, how much lower can you stoop?

    - In one episode House appears to decide that he needs the distraction offered by a prostitute.

    - When Dr. Wilson leaves his wife, he moves in with House, who is a total jerk to his only friend. He uses him, lies to him, sabotages his attempts to get an apartment, embarrasses him in front of others, and generally thinks its great fun to be cruel to someone who just found out his wife is having an affair.

    - Cameron is apparently intrigued by a gay recreational drug user who claims that drugs and having AIDS has somehow made him really happy, so she tries some of his drugs she finds in his backback. Cameron, all whacked out on drugs invites Chase over and seduces him. The next day she's clearly still under the influence of whatever she took and it hardly generates a shrug from House or anyone else. But then, why would anyone care if a doctor is hyped up on recreational drugs?

    - Cameron and Foreman bicker over some article he submitted and had published based on Cameron's writeup of a case. This goes on for several shows, both during consultations with House and in front of patients. Foreman was a jerk and Cameron handled it like a child. Grow up, people.

    - Cutty apparently decides she wants to have a baby. It's like they imported writers from General Hospital for this season.

    - Chase fails to properly diagnose a patient because he'd just found out his dad died, but for some incomprehensible reason decides to apologize to the patient's husband for being too hung over to treat her properly. Apparently he really wanted to get himself and the hospital sued (and it worked).

    - House shoots a corpse in the morgue to see if the MRI machine will pull bullet fragments out of a person. Apparently it will (at least in this fantasy show), but it puts the MRI machine out of commission for two weeks while it gets fixed. "My bad," says House. Indeed.

    - The final episode is a cliffhanger, and it turns out that almost the entire show is just House having an hallucination/dream. There is little I find less interesting than a story that isn't even real to a ficticious character.

    All of this, combined with a few other issues convinced me that they just didn't have good writers this season. The show has a great premise and an excellent cast, but the writing was weak this season in my opinion, because instead of writing solid, interesting stories, they resorted to cheap soap opera plot devices. Character development is good, but the cases need to be interesting as well, and character destruction is not the same as character development.

    As for the cases, well, you'd think lumbar punctures, MRIs, and biopsies are the only diagnostic tools they have, and virtually any combination of symptoms can be explained by one of about a half-dozen conditions that get mentioned in almost every show (and never turn out to be the problem). In general there's less focus on cases and more on the interpersonal turmoil than there was in season one, and I thought thought the show suffered for it.

    House's clinic patients offered some comic relief in season one, and we still see some in season two, but not as many, and I missed them. We also see less of House watching soap operas. I guess since the show had become one there was less reason for him to watch them.

    And finally, for reasons I can't explain, in a few shows this season I never quite understood what was wrong with the main patient. I never had that problem in season one, but somehow the part where we find out what the problem was seemed rushed at times in this season, to the point I missed it altogether in a few episodes.

    In sum, I found season two to be a step down from season one in pretty much every respect. Most successful shows don't try to change things until the show has had a few years to get stale....more info
  • cant stop wont stop
    kinda like house and his pills i cant stop watching it he cant stop eating them and i dont want him to. ...more info
  • Simply brilliant series !!
    Brilliant !! The quirky, original and exciting storylines, brilliant character creation, story development and screenwritting, great acting - and topping it off with one of the most attention-grabbing, intriguing characters ever to appear on our TV screen - House is a an exciting, go for the throat, nasty, clever, twisted, manipulative powerhouse ! Hugh Laurie is such a wide range, terrific actor !!...more info
  • my husband loves house
    and I get this for him every year as a valentines day gift. If it came out sooner - he'd get it for christmas. he doesn't miss an episode of house and he likes having all the episodes to watch whenever he wants. ...more info
  • An Awesome Season!!!
    This is a really good season of House! House and his team deal with more tough cases such as a death row inmate dying, helping a nine-year old girl with cancer, House deals with his ex-wife, Dr. Wilson moves into House's apartment, help a smokin' hot supermodel (who is actually a man) Help Foreman with a virus, and much more. If you like the sarcastic doctor, then you'll love HOUSE: SEASON TWO!!!...more info
  • Bizarre and funny
    Bizarre cases but interesting and funny. If you have medical interests, you should get it....more info
  • House Rules
    Other than a broken piece of plastic which causes disc 5 to fly everywhere, I can't complain....more info
  • excellent
    It's House, you have to know him to love him. Or something like that. I enjoyed the first season and again enjoyed the second season. ...more info
  • Season 2 House
    My family loves to laugh through the seasons of House! It is a great show and this was a great price for it!...more info
  • I love House!
    House is one of my favorite shows. Everytime you think you have it figured out, there's another twist. If I let myself, I could probably sit and watch the entire season all at once. It's FABULOUS!...more info
  • House, M.D. - Season Two
    Season two of House takes you on a rollercoaster ride by mixing the personal lifes of the hospital staff along with the life and death cases that surface along the way--then leaves you at the edge of you seats waiting on the Season Three. Excellant....more info
  • Very Pleased
    The only worry I had was the packaging - it didn't come with any special wrapping that would prevent damage, but it DID arrive in perfect condition. I would order from this company again....more info
  • on pins and needles
    Very good series I am impatient waiting for the others to come out on dvd....more info
  • great show
    This is the ongoing antics of Dr. House. you should really see season 1 first, and if you have, then you dont really need some reviewer to tell you how good of a show it is. Season 2 is just more of the same goodness....more info
  • Gotta Love Him (HOUSE)
    I think it's one of the greatest show on tv today. Excellent writers and actors.. I'm hooked. Can't wait for the new season....more info
  • House Still Rules
    I first saw House because I've been a fan of Hugh Laurie since "Blackadder" and "A Bit of Fry and Laurie", and I wanted to see how he'd do in a role that's obviously so far from the characters that made him famous (in Britain at least). I must admit that I had not the slightest inkling of a fraction of an idea, that "House, M.D" would turn out to be this brilliant.

    Because that is what it is: Brilliant. Laurie plays the calculating, narcissistic, and effulgent dr. Gregory House to perfection. It is however not a one-man show and Laurie's co-stars all do a very good job playing his subordinates, friend(s), and colleagues, but especially Lisa Edelstein as House's boss Lisa Cuddy is worth of much applause.

    The stories are interesting and fascinating, very well written, and well played. There's just enough medical jargon to make it seem expertly confusing and realistic, yet not boring the viewer to tears. The same goes for the humour and the quick witted banter that makes out most of the dialogue. It's humorous but not comedic, it's quick but not 'this was obviously written to show how fast and witty these people are'.

    It is probably the best TV series for 10 or 15 years, and I honestly think it's going to be a while before anything better comes along. Series two only proves that "House, M.D." really is a winning formula. The pace is still up there, and as we learn more about the players involved, the clot, if you'll allow a little word play, thickens. It is, in a couple of words, still good....more info
  • Gregory House is exceptional as Sherlock Holmes
    This is a great series with fine actors given extraordinary scripts so they can show off their talents. House is the perfect antihero. He's certainly not Doctor Kildare, but despite his handicaps, physical and emotional, he never wavers from doing right--at least in his eyes.

    Have we seen this character before? Of course. As many have pointed out, Gregory House is based on Sherlock Holmes. He's arrogant, a drug abuser, solves murderous mysteries, plays a musical instrument, has a best friend named Wilson instead of Watson (who, like Holmes, he always calls by his last name), lives at the same street address (221B), gets bored easy, and at a glance he can deduce a person's recent activities

    The creators pay homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (a doctor that says Holmes was based partly on Dr. Bell) by giving their characters similar names to Doyle's creation and throwing occasional hints at the audience; like the episode where House says he got another Conan Doyle book for Christmas or giving the man who shot House the name of Moriarty.

    If you find the Holmes/House connections interesting, you might try, a site dedicated to the House series.

    Most people don't realize that Sherlock Holmes is the most depicted character in film--over 200 movies or TV shows. Perhaps they ought to add all the House episodes to this tally.

    The Shut Mouth Society
    The Shopkeeper...more info
  • A good-looking man with only one redeeming quality...
    They said Hugh Laurie nailed this character in his screen test, and they were right (he wouldn't have landed it with his own English accent!). House is a good-looking yet selfish and demanding guy who has only one redeeming quality: he saves people's lives. The writing and research for the show are incredibly well done as is the acting by all involved. It's also great to see Robert Sean Leonard in a role that spans the widest range of acting abilities, from playing the tender, straight-and-narrow guy to the naive schmuck seemingly starved for House's friendship and becoming the butt of House's "practical jokes". Here's hoping for a long run! ~ Natasha...more info
  • House Season 2
    If you enjoy watching "House", you will love it on DVD. Even if you've seen the episode on TV, there's always something new to see or hear when you watch the DVD. Greg House has such a funny sense of humor and it's always fun to watch these shows again....without commercials....more info
  • Switch your Dr Grey to Dr House
    Don't you guys feel sick of watching the love affairs of Dr.Grey?
    How can you not know Dr.House?
    No matter you hate his attitude or adore his wisdom of humanity,
    you should check out the more exciting Season 2.
    ...more info
  • I'm an addict for House
    Ostentatiously as a gift for my brother, I bought season 1 of House and voraciously watched. Season 2 was purchased with no such qualms, and shortly my mother and I were having almost nightly "House parties" with season 2.

    There are almost as many hospital dramas as there are seasons of Law and Order, but House manages to stay fresh, different, and overall so compelling that grown adults like myself and far more grown adults like my mother have lost sleep to the series. Compelling and griping, whereas season 1 was focused on the puzzle that was House, season 2 provides us more of his background, his "love" life, and what made him into the person he is after six years with his leg. Coupled with the dramatic season finale, there is no way anyone who has even seen half an episode of House shouldn't get this series right away, unless it is to purchase season 1 first. ...more info
  • Awesome
    I love the series and it came in great condition and in a timely manner. ...more info


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