Duracraft DY-012 Oscillating 3-Speed Tower Fan

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Product Description

Duracraft Tower Fan. Easy Push Button Controls for easy operation. Oscillation for wide breeze cooling. 3 Speed Settings-High Medium and Low operation options.

  • Oscillating fan in a slim, attractive, tower design
  • 3-speed motor delivers low, medium, and high settings
  • Push-button controls for easy operation; wide-breeze cooling
  • 30-inch-diameter fan blade; recessed carrying handle
  • Measures approximately 9-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 31 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Very quiet and cools well
    I bought this fan to cool my bedroom, which stays just a little warmer than the rest of my apartment. It works great. It's super quiet and even on the lowest setting pushes a considerable breeze. My only regret is I wish I would have purchased the one that sits a little higher on a stand. But as for the quiet/cool combination, this fan is great....more info
  • Duracraft DY-012 Oscillating 3-speed tower fan
    Fan is slim, easy to use/assemble. Oscillation feature really helps keep air moving. Very quiet. I use for exercise room in basement and need to keep on the highest setting to keep air cool once I am into the workout and really moving around. Very pleased with price and quality of product. ...more info
  • Seems to be working well
    I haven't had a chance to use this fan much this summer, since it hasn't been too hot. But the few times I did use it, it worked perfectly well. My favorite feature is its size--it is so much less in the way than my old pedestal fan. ...more info
  • Duracraft DY-012 Oscillating 3-Speed Tower Fan get five stars from me
    Duracraft DY-012 Oscillating 3-Speed Tower Fan gets five stars from me. I needed to gently stir the air and placed two of the fans just beside the floor registers to broadcast the airconditioned breeze throughout the room a little better. The fans have exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with their performance!...more info
  • I would suggest this product
    I am thrilled to have this new fan. Southern mornings after a hot shower and hairdrying make the bathroom so miserable, that makeup application is like applying to a steam machine. This product is great and a welcome addition to the room. I wish purchased this years ago....more info
  • Horrible customer service
    I rec'd the item I ordered in good time but it was missing a key component (screws). I contacted customer service via email and phone and was assured the the screws I needed would be sent to me. Well, it's been three weeks and no screws!! I cannot assemble the fan without them. I will do my best to avoid this vendor again....more info
  • Great fan, great value
    This is a great fan for the money. It's pretty quiet, and actually delivers quite a nice breeze, even on the lowest setting. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Does the job for me.I
    I bought the fan for on top of a speaker in my living room. The room is not that big and is connected to the dining room so it does a good job for me. I always run it on low the higher speeds are too noisy. I'm very sensitive to sound....more info
  • perfect for the office
    I work in a building with a very old heating and cooling system. This fan has been a life saver. It is very quiet and fits right in the corner of my office. It really circulates the air well and make the room MUCH more comfortable. It was a great price and the quality is excellent! ...more info
  • fan
    Great for the price. Gives good amount of air circulation. Would have given it a 5, except the tower is a bit wobably, however, it does not effect its functionality....more info
  • Helping Stay Cool
    This fan has been a very big help on hot and humid days and has enabled me to keep my air conditioner at a lower level to save money....more info
  • Great Product
    This product works great. I have it in my kids room, and they have knocked it over several times, and it is still working great. I would buy this product again. ...more info
  • Tower Fan
    I am quite pleased with the fan. I bought it to help move air from a room that is too cold down the hall toward the living room that with its high ceiling needs more cool air than it otherwise gets. It is doing this job rather well. I have placed it in the bedroom doorway and close the door against the side of the fan so that it will draw the most air from the cool room. The fan runs well, looks very nice, is unobtrusive wherever it is placed which cannot be said for other types of fans.
    I need to do more to improve my HVAC air circulation in the future and will probably have to install one or 2 'through the wall' fans. ...more info
  • so far its cooling my living room
    seems to do the job for the price. Just wanted to save cooling costs by recirculating the air. so far so good and will have to see if it lasts...more info
  • Good tower fan
    Purchased this fan almost a year ago from Amazon. It blows really cool air even on a hot summer day. Good replacement for A/C if outside temperature is less than 95. It was very quiet until couple of weeks ago. Now after couple of hours of use it's making some noises. That is only reason for giving it 4 stars, otherwise it's a very good fan. Yet to contact the manufacturer for repair/replacement. Hope the warranty will be honored. ...more info
  • Awesome fan
    This is my first tower fan and I will tell you now that this is the best fan I have ever owned! So long small box fans and traditional shaped oscillating fans. This has lots of power without being overwhelming and operates very quietly. I searched all over the net to find a good fan, and this one has great value at a price that's impossible to beat....more info
  • good fan, great price
    This fan is just as good as the much more expensive Sharper Image and other 'elite' store tower fans. It doesn't offer 'negative ions' (whatever the heck that is!) but it puts out a good stream of cooling air, takes up little space and runs with less noise than a box fan.

    I'm buying another one based on previous experience. It's the best inexpensive fan I've found.

    Contrary to another reviewer, I've found no danger to pets with this model. I have several cats, dogs and birds who've been fine with this fan. The cover grate is quite adequate to keep fingers and paws safe. It's more effective in cooling if you set it on an end-table or something up off the floor anyway.

    I like this fan much better than the other more expensive yuppie-fan I bought before. I may buy two more if it's a hot summer!...more info
  • Please fix the description: 30 "diameter fan blade"
    I have not bought this fan, although I am interested and read all the reviews. The description contains this "30-inch-diameter fan blade", which is physically impossible to fit in the enclosure that "Measures approximately 9-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 31 inches" (unless the blades stick outside the enclosure).
    Please tell me, how are the fan blades arranged and how many, how big?...more info
  • Pretty good fan for the price
    It's a little short, doesn't have the most solid base, and the high speed button sticks on mine, but it's quiet, moves a fair amount of air, and is inexpensive. Pretty decent machine....more info
  • This fan is a bargain
    I'm thrilled with this purchase. The fan sits inconspicuously in the corner, unlike my big standing fan that draws attention to itself by its sheer size. Also unlike my big fan, this one is not prone to tipping over because it's not top heavy. The best part is how quiet it is. It's nearly silent on the lowest setting, and I can hardly hear it when the TV is on. The higher settings are louder, but still much less so than other fans I own. Free shipping is icing on the cake. ...more info
  • Great Fan, Sleek design
    I am so glad that I bought this fan instead of the large round ones, it looks better, it really blows a breeze and it's quiet....more info
  • It was not well received
    I bought this as a gift for friends of mine who were enduring an unusual heat wave. Although the thought was appreciated, I was told that the fan had little power and did not stir the air very well.

    When you buy a gift sight unseen you must go be the reputation of the manufacturer as well as by the reviews of other Amazon buyers. This may be a good fan, I just didn't get the reaction that I had hoped for. Oh well....more info
  • Works like a obedient soldier.
    Its very powerful and gives cool air. When I say cool air, I really mean it. It oscillates to a 45 degree angle and I still haven't found a flaw in it. It is not fancy but does the job very well. I got a great deal on amazon for 30 bucks including shipping.

    I would recommend it strongly. ...more info
  • great fan
    I purchased this fan for our conference room in work. It is perfect and airs out the whole room which seats 6-8. Highly recommend....more info
  • pretty good for the price
    My thought behind buying this is two fold. First I wanted a fan to circulate air so I can use my air conditioner less. And second, on those sweltering days I put it in front of the air conditioner and it helps circulate the cool air from the air conditioner. It's a tad shorter that the one my husband bought for the living room, but it's also a third the price so......more info
  • good fan; good deal
    Small footprint; good air movement (not intended or promoted for ultra high volume or huge space coverage); installation easy and involves only one snap and two screws. According to user manual, there's another take on this model that has a "pedestal" attachment. (In areas where I want more height, I place on a side table, temporarily.)...more info
    I have had several tower fans and I have to say that this is the WORST fan I have ever owned. It hardly puts out the air and most important~~

    My pets like to lay close to the fans in the summertime and I know that you should not allow them to lay close to a fan, but with all my other tower fans, there was no problem because they have a small stand on them. This one does not. I learned after my dog almost choked to death, that it seems to twist and trap the pets fur on the bottom and they cannot get out. We had to cut all of his fur to get him out of the fan.

    If you have pets DO NOT DO NOT purchase this fan. If you leave them unattended, you might come home to a horrible nightmare!

    Just warning people!!! Small children even might get caught in this thing.
    ...more info
  • Terrific fan for the office
    We got this fan for an office with 3 cubicles, because the room is an oven at all times of the year due to lack of air circulating in the room. This fan meets are needs perfectly. Tall enough and powerful enough to cool down the room. ...more info
  • Space saving fan
    I love this fan, quiet, nice settings, and takes up very little space in my small apartment. I have had no problems with it and it was easy to put together...more info
  • Nice tower fan if you can take the surging
    I sent the first fan I received back because it would surge when running. I thought there was a problem with it, but I guess this is normal? The second fan I received did the same thing. This annoys my husband to no end, but some how I find it soothing and I fall right to sleep to it(I only use it at night for the backround noise). I like that it is a great space saver, not big and bulky like the typical fan. ...more info
  • Quiet and moves the air
    I was on the fence with this purchase after reading the reviews but it moves air and is fairly quiet so it works for me....more info
  • Cool real Cool!!!
    Paid 30 bucks worth a lot more. It cools my 22 x 13 living room on low. The air conditioning kicks on less now. Yes it is January and I have my AC on,because I live in Florida. It is quiet and blows better than my old gigantic fan on a stand, or dirt collector that is. It is loud on high, but no more than any other I have owned and a little noise for a lot of cool air is worth it. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Not what I expected.
    I went by the good reviews of this product and decided to order it. It did not make a dent in the heat. I had to go out and by another old fashion oscillating fan to get some cool air flowing. ...more info
  • Good for the money
    This is a great little fan, especially for the money that we paid for it. My wife put it together, and it seems to work fine, although we had some parts left over, but it works fine, not too noisy either. Not much more to say, it does what it says its supposed to do....more info
  • Pleased
    Does what it's supposed to and does it nicely. Also quite a space saver being vertical....more info
  • Space saving and quieter than I expected
    The fan comes in three pieces and a couple screws. The base is made up of two semicircles that snap together around the power cord which comes out of the bottom of the fan unit. The base screws into the fan to hold everything together. It does wobble a bit when you touch it, but it stands up just fine on its own.

    To me, it sounds about as loud as any normal oscillating fan, but it probably moves a little less air. It's also pretty short compared to a tall oscillating fan. If you place it against a door, it comes up to about the height of the door knob (see my picture in the gallery above). It rotates less than 90 degrees, probably about 70 degrees.

    When I first started up the fan, there was a slight rattling noise, but it went away after the fan picked up speed and now I don't hear it at all anymore. Aside from that, I haven't heard any other odd noises from this fan.

    I've been using this fan for about 10 hours a day for the past few weeks without problems. I usually keep it on the lowest speed, oscillating all night, positioned about 3 feet away from the foot of my bed. It pushes enough air to actually make me cold after just a few minutes.

    Overall, it's a great buy, although I thought it was a bit pricy....more info
  • Duracraft DY-012 Oscillating 3-Speed Tower Fan
    Speedy delivery, well packaged. Couldn't ask for anything more.
    Duracraft DY-012 Oscillating 3-Speed Tower Fan...more info
  • Moves tons of air with a whisper!
    This tower fan gets a good breeze moving through almost any room without causing a ruckus. I keep the fan on low most of the time, but the fan isn't too noisy even when set to high.

    "Assembly" is a snap (the entire procedure involves attaching the base to the tower with a couple screws).

    This is probably the quietest fan I've owned in years. A couple of weeks after I bought the fan, I noticed a small bit of squeaking when the tower was set to oscillate, but the squeaking stopped after a few days.

    I would heartily recommend this tower fan and will probably buy a couple more next summer....more info
  • Nothing fancy
    When I say nothing fancy it is by no means a put down. This fan does what it is intended to do and that is to move air which it does quite well. Don't expect it to move as much air as a large box fan, but it will fit where no other style fan will. I received it about two month ago and it hasn't gotten a day's rest yet. Assembly was quite easy even for a clutz like me. ...more info
  • Just what I wanted
    I did not want to install a ceiling fan and wanted a quiet, gentle, easy and inexpensive fan. This one is perfect. ...more info
  • delivered broken
    Not sure how this product would have worked because it arrived broken. It seemed cheaply made, but what do you expect for $20....more info
  • noisy after several days of using
    low price but not very high quality. becomes very noisy when used for a few days -- noise coming from the inside axis, not the dock.

    not recommend this product....more info
  • Not quite what I expected
    While this fan was as small as I imagined I thought it would move more air....more info
  • Tower Fan
    Fan has three speeds and works well to circulate the air around the room. A good buy for the money....more info
  • It's good for me.
    The fan is working well. It is very quiet, saving space, suitable for small room....more info
  • Quiet, Space Efficient
    This little fan is quiet and effective. It does a good job at cooling me off after a good run -- and even better, it is equally good at circulating air without disturbing me while I am trying to focus, etc. I gave it four stars because the highest level is a bit louder than I'd like, but overall still a great buy....more info
  • Oscillating Tower Fan
    I was so happy when my friend recommended this fan. I haven't had an inexpensive fan like this that I liked so much. It has been keeping me cool for weeks now. I really should go on line and buy another one. It is that good!...more info
  • Good value for the price but...
    While I think the fan works well for the lost cost of the unit but I really wish I had just spent the extra money on a better unit. The power is okay but weaker than most square box fans. Also, not having a remote is really an inconvenience, especially since it does not have a sleep mode. If you want a good fan that's a real space saver and is inexpensive, I'd recommend the DY-012 ...more info
  • Powerful air flow and slim design
    I'm a city dweller who lives on the third floor of an apartment building (with an attic) that was built in the 1930s and was last modernized in the early 1970s. I simply suffer in summer.

    I bought this fan one night during a fan-buying binge (the 100 degree day high made me do it).

    For the price, this is a great little fan. I set mine up in the hallway to help air traffic. It has three speed settings and oscillates.

    The downside is that there is some assembly required. You have to secure the fan to a mount with three screws (included) and secure the extension cord. It's not too difficult to do, but it does require some awkward balancing of parts and a Philips screwdriver. ...more info
  • Cool and Quiet!
    This fan blows very cool air for the fact its only $30 or so bucks. The fan is a bit unstable and will wobble for a few seconds after touching it. Whether this is an issue as to how long it'll hold on the base..time will tell.

    Otherwise, great price for the product. Walgreens and other like stores will sell knock-offs at higher price than $30 so cant go wrong. Hope this helps. Peace

    OH yea, I bought 2!...more info
  • Decent fan for a decent price
    Its a very nice fan for small - medium sized rooms. Its not very big nor small. It has very Simple buttons and is user friendly. Excellent for home/office use!...more info
  • not quiet at all
    Don't buy this fan if you are looking for a quiet one for bedroom. Maybe I'm just in bad luck, but mine is really noisy....more info
  • good for a bedroom, not for a living room
    It's easy to assemble & runs very quietly. The air current is strong enough to keep a bedroom cool, but I didn't feel any air movement at all when I tried it in the living room. For smaller rooms it's okay, but I wouldn't buy it if you were trying to cool a larger area....more info
  • Great tower fan
    I absolutely love this fan. I agree with the reviewer who describes this fan absolutely perfectly. I recommend this product if anyone is on the look out for a quiet fan at a reasonable price and also looking to save some money on their electricity bill during summer....more info
  • Causes a stir, but a welcome one
    I work in a beautiful old building, with circulation that isn't the best, and we have trouble creating even temperatures across rooms. I bought one of these Duracraft Tower Fans for my office, and then liked it well enough that I convinced our office manager to buy a second one for a small meeting room I sometimes use.

    The fan is thirty inches tall, and about four inches wide and three inches deep. It is molded white plastic. The fan had three speeds (Low, Medium, High), and can be set to oscillate or not. The fan creates a good strong airflow, and it is very quiet, with conversation needing slightly increased volume only when the fan is set on High. I find it ideal for creating a good airflow in rooms from seventy-five to one hundred fifty square feet, without using much floorspace.

    I have seen reviews of this product that indicate that it develops a loud, rattling noise, after two or three months of usage. For the two I have, this has not occurred, after almost a year of fairly frequent use.

    For those of you getting accustomed to my writing style, you might not be surprised by:

    "She sits quietly in the corner, a tall, slim, fair-skinned beauty. She is quite reserved about speaking, is never loud, and only causes a stir in the subtlest, most welcome fashion. Her sleek styling is quite fitting with her cool personality. She has yet to tell me her name, but I am always pleased with her presence. Perhaps, her name is Grace, after Grace Kelly, or Eva Marie, after Eva Marie Saint, from North by Northwest. Whatever her name might be, I am certainly glad to have her around, and I have met no one yet who objects to her. Who could resist her?"

    Pros: An effective fan for offices up to at least 150 square feet.

    Cons: None that I have found, thus far.

    The Bottom Line: I bought this fan for under $30, and it is easily worth that....more info