Refurbished Eureka R4870G Boss Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Let's face it. Most vacuums just don't cut it when it comes to really cleaning a home or office. Pesky pet hair embeds deeper in carpet than traditional vacuums go; bits and pieces of tracked-in dirt and debris hunker down under floor trim just out of reach of the latest brush innovations, rendering us to the silliness of handpicking behind that expensive vacuum, filling our pockets with lint, and wondering-who's really the boss? Troubles like these made the folks at Eureka get down and dirty and, ultimately, design the refurbished Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum.

Offering powerful performance for everyday household cleaning, the Eureka Boss is the solution for people who insist on having a truly clean home. The Boss's Direct Air Control System features an air selector switch that lets you direct all suction either deep into the carpet or to the hose for easy above-the-floor cleaning. The Power Paw brush makes it easy to clean stairs and upholstery, and even claws up embedded pet hair, so Fido can spend more time inside. The motorized brush lets you go from carpet- to bare floor-cleaning with the flick of a switch. The Boss Smart-Vac is powered by a beefy, 12-amp motor that provides plenty of suction power for deep cleaning carpets, and leaves nothing behind on hard floors.

Pretty smart; right? Well, here's the really smart part. The Boss Smart-Vac isn't just the best household carpet- and floor-cleaning vacuum on the market; it's also equipped with a unique, sealed HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, allergens, and bacteria. So, vacuuming the house doesn't mean you have to dust afterward, or sneeze while you're doing it. Cleaner carpets and cleaner indoor air at the same time!

Plus, the Boss is loaded with user-friendly features to take the frustration out of vacuuming. A wide cleaning path covers a lot of ground quickly before company comes. And, unlike inferior models, the Boss is designed with a brush-view window that shows you how hard it's working, letting you actually see the powerful brush roller remove dirt from carpets and floors. The exclusive dust trap system captures debris and dust in three stages. A handy stretch hose extends to five times its original length for reaching around furniture and sucking the cobwebs off the ceiling. And, a 30-foot cord won't leave you coming up short. The bare floor brush is designed to smoothly glide across wood and tile floors while picking up more dust and debris in corners and along baseboards than any other model. --Brian Olson

What's in the Box
Upright vacuum, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, extension wand

  • True HEPA Filtration
  • Motorized Brushroll
  • Air Selector Switch for Better Cleaning on Multiple Surfaces
  • Deluxe Wide Cleaning path
  • 30 Foot Cord
Customer Reviews:
  • good buy overall
    A bit noisy, hard to use on steps, but otherwise very good and still working well a year later....more info
  • Good Deal
    I am happy about this product, the first time I tried it I saw the difference, I had two vacuum cleaner before, neither of them works better than this one. my carpet looks much cleaner than before. the only thing I don't like is the weight, it is heavy for me to move it up and down stairs, but for the price I paid, I shouldn't complain. overall, I am happy about this purchase....more info
  • Vaccum cleaner experience
    Because I have two indoor cats that both shed, the main interest I had in a machine was to pick up those fine hairs in dense carpets and carpet runners. When I reviewed Consumer Reports for their "best" product reviews on vacuums, the machine I purchased was one of their top three.
    I have used it in amazement !!! It is the best machine I have ever used for picking up the cat hairs. My older carpeted areas look like the carpet just got a new life. I am very very pleased....more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner at a great price
    I just bought a Refurbished Eureka R4870G Boss Upright Vacuum. It was a replacement for a Dirt Devil bagless vacuum cleaner I bought at Wal-Mart. The difference is obvious. More quiet. Cleans better. And the benefit of a bag. Just fill it, toss it, replace it, and like new. The bagless vacuum was a constant pain as the filter will get clogged before the dirt started to accumulate on the canister. Constant washing of the filter was painful. Not to mention that it was very noisy and did not clean well. I am happy with this purchase.
    ...more info
  • Eureka Boss Vacuum (refurb)
    Very good value for the money ! Powerful and great on pet hair . The HEPA filter is also a big plus . The only minus is it's a bit heavy for smaller people perhaps....more info
  • Great vacuum
    This turned out to be just what we expected. We could tell right away that it outperformed our old vacuum hands down. It's rated as one of the highest by CR, and for good reason. The only complaint I have is that it is very hard to take it out of it's upright position. It feels like you about have to break it sometimes. ...more info
  • Ecellent suction! Poweful champ.
    I've had a refurbed model for about two years now, and really love it. It looked unused as best I could tell, and hasn't given me any trouble (except that I'm not usre the bare floor switch has ever worked right). I have a dog who sheds a lot, and this vacuum cleans up after him in a jiffy. Just for kicks, I used my old vaccuum (a heavy, vintage hoover w/mostly metal parts) one last time, and then used my new Eureka immediately after. The amount of stuff the Eureka dug up off of my "freshly vaccummed" carpet was amazing. The on-board hose and tools have been great for cleaning furniture, baseboards, my car, etc.

    A few caveats:
    1. This cleaner isn't a lightweight; the powerful suction may make it harder to push and pull than some others. Seeing as I was replacing a vintage (heavy) cleaner, my adjustment was easy, but if you're accustomed to a lightweight cleaner, you might find this one harder to maneuver.
    2. It's a refurb. Some are probably returned in perfect working order by people who don't like the noise, color, weight, etc. But some are likely returned for genuine mechanical issues. It'd be my hope that all are serviced and fully tested, but it appears some purchasers got units that failed quickly. That's a shame. All I can say is I didn't experience that, and am very, very happy with my purchase.
    3. The bags (style RR) seem hard to find at my local department stores. I've chosen to buy mine on line, and have gotten great prices when buying in quantity....more info
  • great vacuum
    really good vacuum. price was right. baggless was too messy so I went back to dispoable baggs. also the bags are on amazon too at a good price. ...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned
    I bought a refurbished model and this vacuum beats hands down the far more expensive Eureka Bagless vacuum I was using.

    First, this has far greater suction than any vacuum I've owned or tried at a store, including Dyson's vacuums, which are really good but expensive! You can feel the vacuum pulling forward and where I needed multiple passes to clean up pet hair, this model does it in one pass.

    Second, the HEPA filters make it great for relief from allergies.

    Third, The HEPA bag holds a lot. I got really tired of emptying the bagless tank every few minutes on my old vacuum.

    Fourth, the cord is long enough I can almost do my entire apartment without having to unplug it.

    Fifth, the light is bright enough too, for being able to see clearly in the dark corners of the room and under tables.

    But this vacuum if you need a new one, it's just a darn good vacuum for the price.
    ...more info
  • This product really sucks!
    Oh yeh, that's what it's SUPPOSED to do!

    Strong suction...that's good.

    Don't buy this vacuum if you're not athletic. It is a lug to push and pull. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum - the second time...
    The first rebuilt unit worked fine but was missing some of the parts that hold the accessories in place. Amazon promptly issued a Call Tag for UPS to pick up this unit. There was some confusion over the restocking time before the replacement would be shipped. Initially they said it might be 6 weeks but the replacement arrived within a few days.
    This reconditioned unit was complete and in good physical condition. I personally think it is relatively quiet for the amount of suction this provides. The overall weight is the only negative we can think of and that really isn't that big of a concern. However, the features, performance and value make this purchase a $69 no-brainer....more info
  • works great...until it stops working
    the reviews are true--it's louder and heavier than my previous, more expensive hoover, but it got the job done. however, 8 months and about 20 vacuumings later, only the suction from the hose works! the refurbished warranty has lapsed, and forgive me for not wanting to clean a 2500 sq. ft. house with a hose from a heavy vacuum! i thought i was getting a great deal with the refurbished price...but $12/month for a vacuum that's now worthless isn't that great of a deal after all!...more info
  • refurbished Eureks NOT!
    I immediatly noticed that the handle release mechanism was very hard to push. I called the local Eureka repair sight and they said this was normal. The spring was just stiff. Well it surely was. Just out of warranty, the release mechanism flew off the machine. I took it to the FACTORY local repair store. The entire base of the machine needed to be replaced at a cost greater than what I paid for it to begine with. Great purchase for a sucker. ...more info
  • Hard working vaccuum
    We have 2 dogs, 6 cats and 3 guinea pigs living indoors, not to mention the people. This eureka boss has taken on the challenge and done a great job, much better than my previous machine. I can't yet speak of long lasting, but for now it is great!...more info
  • Good product
    I bought a refurbished vacuum and have been pleased with it's performance. The suction power is strong and it picks up almost everything in its path. The only drawback is that it's heavy but I like the performance....more info
  • Stinky!
    After only a few uses with a new bag, smelly odors blow out the HEPA filter compartment. The filter's clean & doesn't smell, the bag's not full. We don't have pet or other carpet odor issues, so we can't figure it out. Only remedy is to change the bag, so we go through them way too quickly. Also, the switch for bare floors no longer works. I'm very disppointed in this product....more info
  • I am ready to buy another one for my youngest son
    This works great. A lot better than my old vacuum. I am ready to buy another one for my son....more info
  • Works great
    We purchase one about 9 months ago and it still works very good. It's a little heavy, but not bad for a non self propelled vacuum. Much better than the highly rated Hoover that we previously had.
    ...more info
  • Worthless, broke quickly
    I read good ratings and thought this would be a good vacuum since I have a small apartment that doesn't get very dirty. This seemed to work well at first, but after about 5 uses it choked on carpet fibers and stopped, and will not start again. I repeat: It broke because it couldn't handle vacuuming on carpet! The whole thing filled with carpet fibers and was impossible to clean out, which is a moot point since it stopped working entirely. Biggest waste of money I've ever spent. No wonder all my friends tell me to buy a Dyson (which I did)....more info
  • Eureka !!
    We bought a Hoover a year ago and it would not vacuum the carpet at all. We fiddled with the beater bar. Nothing worked. We didn't want to spend $4-500 for a "good" vacuum. The first time my wife used the Eureka it picked up a 1/2 a bag. (She vacuums every few days) The Eureka is great!
    All for $75.00 ...more info
  • Refurbished Eureka R4870G Boss Vacuum
    We have purchased 2 of these vacuums from Amazon. 1st one was so good we bought a second. Virtually can not tell used from new. Best upright I have ever used. Just a little heavy but I knew that when I purchased so no surprises. Will suck a golf ball through a garden hose (no replacement for a wife guys)!...more info
  • This is the last time I'll buy "refurbished"
    This vacuum doesn't suck. It worked okay for awhile, but soon lost suction and now is the equivalent to a 20 lb dustbuster, but too unwieldy to use like a dustbuster so, overall, it's pretty much useless. I did so much research before buying a vacuum, but then got sucked in to the loooow refurbished price. Don't fall for it! ...more info
  • Good so far
    Only used the vacuum twice, but I'm quite impressed so far. Very strong suction - makes the carpet look great and picks up everything. As other reviewers have said, it is a bit heavy - I'm glad I don't have to lug it up stairs. But for the price (especially for the factory refurbished one I got), it can't be beat as far as I'm concerned....more info
  • Refurbished is Really Risky!!
    I ordered this through Amazon, from a company called Allergy Be Gone. Turned it on for the first time and the brush rolls won't turn on carpet. From the research I've done, probably the carpet/bare floor switch is broke which is very expensive to fix and common for these machines. NO WARRANTY on refurbished vacuums. Thank goodness it was already broke when I got it, so I can return and buy a new one which at least has a warranty. ...more info
  • Excellent option to brand new
    Came in original box - looked brand new. Works wonderfully. First vacuuming, had to change the bag after 2 rooms - there was that much dog hair that my old vacuum wasn't picking up! A little awkward going up and down stairs, but worth it for the suction power....more info
  • Completely Satisfied
    I am completely satisfied with the quality and price of the refurbished Eureka R4870G Boss vacuum. The vacuum is pretty much like new, with only minor wear marks. I'm very happy with the power and features this vacuum offers....more info
  • WOW! What a sucker!
    I've had this vacuum cleaner for about a week and a half now. I vacuum every day as I have a dog with long hair that sheds all times of the year. I am very impressed with the sucking power of this machine. It really cleans the dog hair off the carpet. I didn't really notice how terrible my old vacuum worked until I got this one and saw how much more cleaner my carpet looked after using it. Buying refurbished was no problem. My vacuum came looking almost like new. There was a couple of light scuffs on the black plastic on the back of it and that was it. Everything else looked brand new. Overall I'm very happy with this vacuum cleaner and wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if needed.
    Update: Have had it now for 2 months and still no problems. I'm very happy with this purchase....more info
  • So Far so Good
    Although we only received this machine recently I must say it will suck the skin off a gnat's knee and hope it stays that way. We have 4 dogs and 2 cats and the vacuum seems to be running on a daily basis so yes on this, so far....more info
  • a lot of features
    I was impressed with the amount of features this vacuum has to offer. There are three different attachments and the guide book lets you know what surface they might be used for. I also like the easy way you can switch from hose to floor suction. Everything fits nicely together in its own place when you put it away. ...more info
  • Egad! Eureka!
    Though it's still early in the game (i.e. we've only done the floors twice since purchasing), the missus and I have been thrilled with the performance of the Eureka. Whether there has been great advances in vacuum technology since we last purchased one (it's been awhile), I don't know. I do know the Eureka has tremendous suction, gets up dog hair fantastically,(we have a generously-shedding lab) is easily manueverable, and in sum, as far as vacuums go, is a pleasure to operate. Not to mention the price was right! ...more info
  • Eureka! Sexy dance mate and great roomie!
    First of all, I must clarify that I have a vacuuming fetish. If every square inch of my apartment hasn't seen the cleaner in 48 hours, I start looking at my vacuum like a dog who's been cooped up all day staring at his leash. In the first two weeks I owned this machine, I put it through as much work as it would have gotten had it been purchased by a Holiday Inn with crumb-cake at the continental breakfast. I even used it to suck up the foam particles created by its own packaging. Approximately 70% of my diet consists of soft-serve ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles that have a moth-to-a-flame like attraction to the carpet. My boyfriend, incredible though he may be in all other ways, seems to routinely forget where his mouth is; I'm fairly certain that as many calories from the meals he eats at my house ultimately end up in the vacuum as end up in his stomach.
    For smaller vacuum aficionados like myself, you may have trouble steering this beast considering it moves with a mind of it's own and is powered by a small tractor engine. Although the level of suction can be adjusted, the nozzle function was so forceful that it attached to my leg and created a thigh hickie....more info
  • Great Product
    We have two Oreck vacuums and a Hoover Wind Tunnel Bagless, the eureka out performs them all and also does not use the expensive paper filter that the Hoover does and is not as dirty, it also is much quieter. A great buy. ...more info
  • vacuum
    Good at picking up dog hair but very heavy and bulky to use. Plus it is hard to find vacuum bags for it. ...more info
  • Good vacuum
    Good product and delivery. Really sucks up the dirt. I would give it five stars but would need to see the durability over time. So far, so good....more info
  • Clean House
    This vacuum has worked well for us so far. We don't have particularly deep carpeting and we're not very messy, so maybe we don't push the vacuum cleaner all that hard, but we havn't had any of hte problems that other people are mentioning. Maybe its just luck-of-the-draw with respect to buying refurbished items. Overall, we've been impressed with the cleaning power and especially the manuverability of this appliance, which is pretty good for an item this size....more info
  • well pleased
    This is a great vacuum cleaner, and a really good buy at half price (refurbished)....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I knew my oreck was dying but after using the Eureka 4D Boss smart vac I now know my old vacuum died a year ago... I had to empty the container after 2 rooms ... best vacuum I've ever owned ... ...more info
  • The roller brush stopped
    I've had this vac only three months and suddenly, the roller brush stopped working and the motor heated up. I shut it off, removed the plate, and found that the belt was loose and melted in places. I would not recommend a refurbished Boss Upright . . . it had great suction for the few times I used it, but I'm looking at a major repair now, much more than a belt. ...more info
  • Pleased as punch
    Could not ask for more from Amazon (2 day free delivery by ground), product performs as advertised and no problems with being refurbed. Would not hesitate a moment in ordering again especially with the savings. Real value !!...more info
  • So far so good
    This is actually not too heavy to push around, and it has very good suction. MY carpet looks great after I use it. I researched vacuums before purchasing b/c I was tired of getting bad product, this actually ranks higher than the Dysons. ...more info
  • Great power; 2 glitches
    This really gets the dirt up, and the tools are easy to use. My complaint is with the way the hose wraps around the back -- it is continually flopping off of its keepers and getting in the way of the brushes. The other glitch is with the foot release pedal. It is a bit of a struggle getting the pedal to cooperate....more info
  • This vacuum really sucks!
    Pretty impressive, really. We did have an initial problem with the unit - the belt broke within the first few minutes of operation (old, brittle belt in refurb vacuum). We were having the carpet cleaners out that day, so we decided to see what the vac could do on our berber carpet on the "hard floors" setting.

    The results were better than expected. This vacuum, with no belt, did just as good a job as the power head on our old central vac. And we have three cats, so this really was a test!

    We also used the upholstery attachment on the steps and on the couch. For the first time since we bought the couch, it was completely free of cat hair, and the steps actually lightened a shade because of all of the cat hair that was pulled out of the fibers. The hose is kind of a pain; it's too short and too tightly wound, so you have to keep the vacuum right on top of where you are working, but the results make the inconvenience OK.

    We were disappointed by the fact that the refurbished vacuum does not come with the bonus "Power Paw" attachment, but it's all of $15 direct from Eureka, so the savings on the refurb is worth the minor inconvenience of having to wait and order the Paw. And since we had to order new belts right away ($5 each) it was no big deal. If you have critters, the Power Paw is a good addition; we have used it on the couch, and not only did it come out fur-free, but the color brightened because of all of the dust that was removed.

    No, this is not a fake review written by a Eureka employee. This vacuum really is as good as Consumer Reports says it is, and for the price, you'd be foolish not to buy one if you are in the market for an upright vacuum....more info
  • Refurbushed Eureka R4870G Boss Upright Vacuum
    This vacuum cleaner was rated very highly by Consumer Reports, especially since it is reasonably priced for its abilities. It works well on both carpet and bare floors. It is much heavier than my canister vac and the accessories (& hose) aren't as easy to use, but I needed it for a 2nd home. The price and quality were right. I wouldn't recommend it for stairs in a 2-story house--much too heavy....more info
  • Exceptional Vacuum cleaner
    This vacuum is exceptional! It is so powerful that you must be conscious of the settings for the floor height or it will become unmovable. The unit has a dial that changes the vacuum flow from the floor module to the wand. This eliminates much of the vacuum power that is lost by other units which divert to the wand at all times.

    It truely earns it's Best Buy rating and is unbeatable as an upright vacuum!
    ...more info
  • It sucks, just like you hoped it would
    The one product that you want to be able to say, "this really sucks", is a vacuum cleaner. This one does. My old vacuum also a Eureka is 24 years old and it was time for an upgrade. I was going to buy a Dyson, but first read the Comsumer Reports reviews and this one was top rated. I am pleased with my choice. Highly recommend....more info
  • So Far So Good
    Refurbished Eureka is working fine. It was a good deal for a vacuum for our second home. Was shipped promptly and the minor assembly was easy....more info
  • Great deal!
    We recently received the refurbished Eureka Boss Vacuum and have been using it for about two weeks. My favorite thing about it is the awesome suction power. We have two beagles that are inside/outside and leave behind quite a bit of hair which the vacuum sucks right up. That is without doubt the best feature. I like the hose to floor switch as well. My only complaint is the weight of the vacuum. It is fairly heavy compared to our previous Eureka. On the bright side, I am getting a good work out while vacuuming! Overall, we like the vacuum and would purchase it again.

    Bummer update: Within the last 2 weeks our roller stopped functioning. I have tried to contact the repair shop closest to us with no luck. (No one ever answers the phone.) Our warranty is up in about a week. I hope we can find someone to fix it before then. I'll post more when I find out the problem. In the meantime, we had to go and purchase another vacuum!...more info
  • Very Nice
    I received this refurbished vacuum like new in its original box just a few days after ordering, Thanks Amazon.

    It seems to work quite well and I am pleased enough with its performance, considerations taken.

    Just a couple quirks mentioned in other reviews I though I might clear up.

    1) The handle release works a bit different than most. You must push down AND OUT for it to release, and it does require some effort. Once you get used to it it is tolerable.

    2) The brush roll switch works quite hard and requires alot of effort to engage however it will not break. Just keep pushing until you hear it click.

    3) Make sure the front of the sweeper is lifted off the floor before using the carpet height adjuster.

    Now for a few of my own con's:

    1) It doesn't seem to vacuum bare floors as well as my Hoover and must be adjusted down very close to the floor.

    2) On all floors the unit seems to have weaker suction on the left side, because the vacuum hose comes to the brush area on the right side.

    3) When you tilt the front of the sweeper up it seems to lose suction power entirely. It needs to be close to the floor for the floor to seal the vacuum area. Again I beleive this is because the vacuum hose to the brush area is on the right side. And again my old Hoover didn't exhibit this behavior, perhaps from having the source of suction in the center.

    4) The three above cons all seem to relate to keeping the front of the sweeper close to the floor surface you are sweeping. The sweeper is very dependant on using the "floor" as a the final part of the vacuum chamber so proper height adjustment and contact to the floor is critical for this sweeper. Why should a sweeper have vacuum when it's not on the floor? Well I am in the habit of lifting the front at the walls to "grab" those little mess' that are up the baseboard a little. My old Hoover grabs them right up. This vacuum doesn't even seem like it is turned on. Also at the transistion of carpet to hard floor there is that ridge at the edge of the carpet that gathers dirt. My Hoover would pick up all but the most stubborn (adhered) dirt there in any direction. This sweeper, as it rolls off the edge of the carpeting loses all suction and is useless here. You have to turn it around and approach these areas form the hard floor side. And then you must go to the hard floor routine with the height adjusted down very close to the floor for adeqaute suction.

    5) The sweeper uses a wide brush roll belt which leaves a noticable streak, stripe or blank spot on your carpet to the left side. It seem to me it kind of narrows the "wide path" feature of this vacuum as I have to overlap the path on the next pass to "cover" this streak. And again my old Hoover used a narrower much less intrusive belt that I couldn't "see" in the carpet. And it never broke.

    6) The extension hose assembly it difficult to figure out. I suppose time will help here.

    7) As I started this review with, the brush roll switch and handle release are indeed to hard to operate.

    8) The upolstery noozle does not store securely and has already fallen out of its holder a few times on me.

    9) The bag is too small, probably less than half the size of my Hoover. Looks like frequent changes.

    10) The HEPA filter discharge blows hair and other light debris "away" from the front of the sweeper before it has a chance to reach the vacuum chamber. There are times you have to "chase" these this type of debris.

    Now for the pro's:

    1) When the height adjuster is properly adjusted the sweeper does seem to brush my carpet much more vigorously than my Hoover. It does pick up more hair and other hard to pickup items on the carpet. This I think is this sweepers strongest attribute as I don't think the suction is any stonger, if as strong, than my Hoover. I would say that overall it does do a better job of cleaning. It does do a nice job of "grooming" (note con #5).

    2) The floor/hose control and the power/on/off switch right up top where they are easy to reach.

    3) You can use the hose without the sweeper having to be locked in the upright posisition.

    4) You can "meter" the floor/hose control to reduce suction to either the floor or hose.

    5) The hose is always attached in place and ready to vacuum, all you need to do is turn the floor/hose vacuum knob. I had to insert this hose into my Hoover.

    6) HEPA filter my Hoover didn't have.

    7) You can turn the brush off for delicate floors, my Hoover didn't have that option.

    One thing I have found in looking at many, if not all, vacuum sweepers is that none are even close to adquate. All having many more con's than pro's, and yes including the likes of Dyson. All you can do is choose one that has the pro's most important to you and con's you can live with. I am really puzzled as to why in todays high tech world no one makes a much more user friendly vacuum. I understand trade-offs, comprimise and such but none of the user design flaws I have seen in vacuum sweepers are necessary. Just some common sense from the designer/s should have averted the vast majority of them. These people need to bring that engineering mind home with them and clean house!

    To close, maybe the #1 pro of this sweeper is it's price which has to be considered. And to me at this price I consider this sweeper is a very good performing product that I can live with until someone comes up with that now absent user friendly sweeper.

    ...more info
  • Eureka Sucks - and that's GOOD
    It is a real treat to say that a product sucks and it is a GOOD THING. The Eureka I bought does a great job. It came out of the box just like a new one, even though it was a refurbished unit. It works just like new. I don't know if it could pick up a bowling ball, but it does just fine on the menial jobs I have around the house - carpets, wood floors, tile floors. As I said in my headline, Eureka sucks - and that's a good thing....more info
  • wonderful!
    I admit I had my reservations about this vacuum...especially since it was refurbished. But after reading reviews of this vacuum versus the dyson animal, I opted to go for this one because of the price. I figured for the money, if it wasn't great, I'd just get the dyson at a later date. I'm glad I did because this vacuum seriously kicks butt! We have two dogs (one with a serious shedding problem) and a baby who's getting ready to start crawling and I was concerned about my daughter being covered in dog hair after being in the floor. My worries are gone...this vacuum has some serious suction and the majority of the dog hair (and everything else that's on the floor) is gone! The attachments are great and it's easy to put together. The lone drawback is that it's not light. I wouldn't want to be carrying it up a flight of stairs but other than that, you can't do much better than this vacuum....more info
  • FINALLY! A vacuum cleaner that works!
    This vacuum cleaner is amazing! I have had a cat for 8 years, and for the first time since getting my cat, I can actually walk on my carpet without feeling or seeing a single piece of cat litter! I've never had a vacuum cleaner that could do this before. One sweep with this vacuum cleaner, however, and the floor is COMPLETELY clean. Seriously consider this vacuum cleaner if you are in the market for a new one. You simply can't beat it for the price, and quite frankly, I'm willing to bet it outperforms many of the more expensive models as well. ...more info
  • Great vacuum, at a great price!
    My wife & I purchased this refurbished vacuum after reading over some of the product reviews on Amazon. Similar to most others, we checked out Consumer Reports and conducted some add'l due diligence (like asking friends about the vacuums they owned)...then we pulled the trigger and ordered on from Amazon.

    The product arrived in the original box, and we couldn't wait to put it to use because our carpeting trapping everything our 13 month old daughter would drop on it (and smush into it!). The Eureka has worked great, and the carpet literally changed colors (it's dark blue, and where it was covered with dust/pollen, it was a lighter shade of blue) - and both of us were amazed.

    Although it doesn't official self propel itself, the suction is strong enough that if you push it forward - it rolls ahead with ease. (Pulling it back will reequire a little bit of gusto, but it gets easier over time b/c you get used to it.)

    So your biggest question may be about purchasing a refurb. unit. I can't complain b/c we love it. The only true signs that it's not new are a few surface flaws on the back part of the vacuum (towards the floor). They are very minor, and we will undoubtedly add to the scuffs ourselves over the coming years. Performance has been outstanding, the sound is fine (ALL vacuums make noise - I doubt see what all the hoopla is about), and for the price difference compared to a new unit (or a Dyson, or other expensive vacuums) - you CANNOT beat the value!!

    Pull the trigger and buy one. You'll be as satisfied as the vast majority of the people who have also bought one off amazon.
    ...more info
    We are very pleased with our new refurbished vacuum. Works wonderfully, both on floors and through the accessories....more info
  • Vacuum Performance
    I researched on Consumer Reports and found this product to be very highly rated. I bought the refurbished unit and it is very good. One disappointment- only one bag. I suggest ordering additional bags when purchasing...more info
  • Exceptional
    I like getting my money's worth---but this was a very pleasant surprise. You can't tell that this vacuum has ever been used! It works great! Completely satisfied!!...more info
  • Works really well on dog hair!
    I needed this vacuum because I have a Corgi who sheds 365 days a year. I have only had it a few weeks and it is really doing the job picking up the hair. It is large - I'd like the same functionality in a smaller unit and it is noisy. But for the price, I'd buy it all over again. ...more info
  • Pretty darn good machine
    I have had this for a little over a month now, and I really like it. The Boss is pretty quiet (I had one years ago that was a loud monster, so this was a welcome surprise). It is light and easy to manuever. The only complaint I have is the handle release is very very tight, and you better have good shoes on if you need to vacuum! Other than that, great little machine....more info
  • Great Suction and price.
    This is more than a vacuum, it's a deep cleaning machine. It has a heavy-duty 'feel' and great filtration for keeping the dust at bay, not to mention the price. The only downsides of note are: It's a bit heavy (but so are almost all other vacumms I'd tried at the store.) It's suction is SO strong that if you go over a throw rug, be prepared... It'll suck that up too. Another thing worth mentioning is the width of the head. This is good as you don't have to make as many 'passes' but not great when you're trying to get into those 'tight' areas. I guess that's when you break out the attachments. All-in-all, this is a powerful machine and coming from me, that's saying a lot as I have three long haired dogs! ...more info
  • Great Product! Even Refurbished!
    I got a great deal on a refurbished Eureka R4870G Boss. This product was great. It picked up everything in its path and better than any vacuum I've owned in the path. ...more info
  • A Perfect Combination of Price, Features & Quality
    We still can't believe that we got a vacuum cleaner of this quality for $100. We bought it because of the overwhelming number of positive reviews by others who had bought it and the consumer testing ratings. We were not disappointed. We would recommend this model to anyone. The fact that it's "reconditioned" and so inexpensive is just icing on the cake....more info
  • The Boss really sucks
    This vacuum is replacing my Hoover windtunnel. I has more suction than my Hoover did when it was brand new. Yes, you can buy replacement bags at Walmart. The bags do fill up fast. The long cord allows me to plug it in the hall outlet and clean all the rooms. It's also not as loud as the Hoover.So far I've been very pleased with this vacuum....more info
  • good
    good strenght, also for cat hairs. i have angora cats, and the tools that come with it work great, and they come right of the rug. It is a bit hard to go from hard to soft floor, the push button, you need to push hard, besides that I am very satisfied. ...more info
  • Great Value and Quality
    This vacuum sucked up all of the dog hair that my Oreck has always left behind! (Besides not having to pick up the hair personally, I also didn't have to stop the vacuum multiple times to clean out the brush) This is definitely a great product at a bargain price. A little heavier than I'm used to - but not unmanageable. Overall - I'm extremely satisfied with the product!!...more info
  • Don't buy refurbished!
    While this Eureka Boss vacuum cleaner is powerful, sturdy, and self-propelled (although very heavy), I would not recommend buying it refurbished. I thought we were getting a good deal by saving $50 off the retail price, however, the mechanism you push w/ your foot to release and tilt the vacuum cleaner does not working correctly. This was clearly the reason the vacuum cleaner was returned by the first owner, and nothing was done to "refurbish" this malfunction before it was shipped out to us. We need to basically hammer the part in order to recline the machine. Also, it was missing hoses and attachments, and I needed to call to request them. So think twice before buying refurbished!...more info
  • Good vacuum for the price
    A little heavy,the hose does not stay put, and the bag fills up very quickly but the on the positive side it vacuums very well. I would recommend this vacuum. My previous vacuum was a Electrolux I received as a hand-me-down from my mother. I would have loved to get another one but they were way out of my price range! I thought this was about as close as I could get since either Electrolux makes Eureka or vis versa. I am happy with this product. I don't know if it will last the 20+ years the Electrolux did but we shall see!...more info
  • Great Vacuum for dog hair
    I love this vacuum. I recently replaced all the carpeting in my house and my old vacuum didn't pick up the dog hair well enough. I read the reviews on this model which many people specifically mentioned dog hair. Got it, and it works GREAT!! would buy it again in a munite. The cheaper refurb price is nice too....more info
  • Works great
    I buy a vacuum every 8 years, so I need something that is very powerful and will never break down. This one is quieter than all the others I've had. All the functions work. It was easy to assemble and insert the bag. It's still a little tricky pressing down on the pedal to release the handle, but I'm getting the hang of it. I would buy another one in 8 years if they still sell them. It seems to me that this technology is perfect for my house - mostly hardwood floors with some mats, carpets, and one wall-to-wall carpet. The vacuum does a great job on all of them....more info
  • lifesaver
    I love this vacuum. It's suction is incredible, pulls everything into it. I highly recommend purchasing this vacuum cleaner. I have even heard that it rivals Dyson. That is saying something....more info
  • Great deal, but heavy and foot clicker is difficult
    Hey, it's a great vacuum and I'd buy it again in a second. Terrific price. Really cleans well.
    On the downside it's heavy. It likes to run forward and you have to put a little muscle into it to get it to come back to you. The worst thing is that clicky thing that you have to step on to release the handle to the down position. It's hard to do -- takes a lot of foot pressure.
    It would be nice if it had a headlight and some indication when the bag is full, but for the price you can't beat it!...more info
  • eureka
    this vac will suck the chrome off a... well you get the picture a very inexpensive and powerful machine also rated a best buy in consumers report what a deal 99.00 with free shipping at that time ...more info
  • Good product for the price
    The product I purchased performed much better than expected. I also found out that the product is consumer reports best buy... Yup some people complain about the step switch (for switching from carpet to floor) being very hard but, thats ok, it doesn't seem to bother me that much.. I just had to get used to it.

    Also it is a little heavy but, I find most of the powerful vacums these days are pretty heavy.

    ...more info
  • A great vacuum
    My wife has as many vacuums as I have cameras, but this is one of the best that we have purchased. Our main vacuum is the large Hoover Wind Tunnel which does a good job but is very heavy and very noisy and she wanted another machine for upstairs. This Eureka fills the job perfectly as it is still very powerful and reasonably quiet. Although it is still fairly heavy, it is very maneuverable and able to get under beds etc. A great vacuum for a great price. ...more info
  • Much better than a Dyson (for a 1/5 of the cost!)
    The title says it all. We've got 3 cats and 2 dogs and this vacuum is incredible on pet hair. Sometimes Consumer Reports can't be followed 100% for various reasons, but this is one they got exactly right. Much better than any of the Dysons and a whole lot cheaper!...more info
  • Refurbished Eureka R4870G Boss Upright Vacuum
    Very pleased. The vaccum cleaner does the job and works good. I think that I got a good deal on it!...more info
  • Like New
    As said by others: Arrived packed in original styrofoam, like new, not a scratch, everything works. Minor inconvenience: remember to turn knob to return suction to bottom after using hose....more info
  • Excellent Value for the Money
    I bought the refurbished Eureka Boss vacuum after reading all of the reviews. You cannot go wrong with this vacuum, and is an excellent value for the money. I have another bagless I bought and paid more than double the price and does not do as good of a job as the Eureka. It picks up dirt and is very good with pet hair. It also has a self-propelling feature that makes it very easy to manuever - much easier on your back.

    Do not let the "rebuilt" term dissuade you from purchasing. It arrives just like a brand new model - in a Eureka box with instructions, etc. The only thing I noticed was some slight wear on the wheels. But who cares!

    I like this so much I'm thinking of buying another one. Great vaccuum!...more info
  • Eureka Boss R4870G Vacuum - LOVE IT!
    A year ago I purchased a $169 Hoover Windtunnel - it sucks and I don't mean like a good vacuum should. Should have listened to my mom - she checked Consumer Reports where the Eureka Boss is rated as one of the three best. I ordered it refurbished on Amazon and it just arrived today! This vacuum sucks - and I mean that in the BEST way. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs - WOW - the stuff that came out of the carpet was gross! It just about filled up one bag. It's also pretty quiet compared to my Hoover. I ordered replacement bags on Amazon - the price is right. If you're looking for a vacuum under $100 that really gets the job done, this is the one for you....more info
  • great product could have ued the extras
    the vaccum itself is awesome. i was under the assumption that the beater bar handle brush was coming with it. no way to get dog hair off the furniture with out it....more info
  • Eureka Boss upright
    Only used once so far and seems to work fine. The lever to switch from carpet to bare floor was a little stiff doesn't seem to stay in place, but it did turn off the brush....more info
  • Great Vacuum, Typically good experience with Amazon.
    I bought a Refurbished Eureka R4870G Boss Upright Vacuum. After looking through a lot information - Consumer's Reports listed it as one of the top models - I found the refurbished one on the Amazon website for the best price, and since I have always had a pleasant experience shopping with Amazon, I trusted the product.
    I have used it now and found it to be the vacuum that does what I want it to. It is relatively quiet, thank goodness, considering that it is a vacuum, and has great suction and excellent filtration.
    My only complaint is that the lever that allows the top to move from the completely upright postition to the position that engages the brush is Very Hard to depress. I fear I am going to break it from the pressure and the manipulations that I have to put it through each time.
    Other than that, the machine looked brand new, it assembled well and easily, the bag changes nicely, and the machine itself handles better than the vacuum I replaced which had self-propulsion (not what it is cracked up to be)....more info
  • Vacuum
    Worked much better than I thought. Great product for the price, especially since it has a Hepa filter! The only bad part is having to change the bag periodically but I actually think it is MUCH less messy than my previous vacuum (which was bagless.) With my old bagless vacuum, dust would always fly everywhere when I dumped out the canister and I always had to wash out the filter otherwise I'd lose suction. I haven't had any problems losing suction with this new vaccum & it's actually quite powerful too!...more info
  • Works Great - Dollar for Dollar Great Buy
    Bought this vacuum because Consumer Reports picked it as one of the 2006 best buys. Better than Dyson or Rainbow. This is our second Eureka, but this one is significantly better than the last. The last was a bagless model, and this one uses bags, and as a result it's much easier to clean. Bags are quite inexpensive, so it only adds about $10-15 per year (6-9 bags). Suction is fantastic. Noise is low. IT's easy to use. And I will add that we purchased a "refurbished" model, but we can identify no defects or differences. Looks perfectly new and runs great. So the choice is yours: Dyson for $400+ or this one which is better for $99 ???...more info
  • Boss The Best
    After researching and finally deciding on a vacuum, the Boss upright is perfect. I prefer inserting bags into a vacuum and this is possible with this vacuum. Fantastic for carpets and bare floors. Being refurbished has not been one problem. GREAT PRICE.. I see no reason at this time. Glides very easily on carpets or bare floors...even though it seems problem. Really do not need to even glides itself.
    Recommend highly...more info
  • Better than described !
    Highly recommended. As good as you could ask for. It DOES have a front light, although some desciptions say it doesn't. Easy to use, push and manuver, even though not "self-propelled." The spinning front brush moves the vac forward. So, you don't a need self pro-pel for this EUREKA. It's just a gimmick, since it will wear out anyhow (it did on my previous Hoover). Not that heavy as described in some other reviews. Weight is NOT a concern at all. My old Hoover, although about the same weight, felt much heavier. I would recommend this EUREKA to anyone looking for an upright, for a bargin price. You will NOT be disappointed....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    We've had the Eureka R4870G Boss for a month or so and are very happy with how well it works on both carpet and tile. It picks up far better than our old vacuum and at $99, it was a great value. Though it is refurbished, it looks and runs like brand new. The only minor annoyance is that it's a little loud. If you're looking for a new upright vacuum, this is one you should consider. ...more info
  • Old is New Again
    I purchased a refurbished Eureka Boss Upright and found it to be as good as new! We have two dogs with fur flying in short hairs, sticking and embedding into the rugs. This upright has such great capabilities with dog hairs. I feel like my efforts of starting up the vacuum are now worth the effort.

    I love the ease of switching from rug suction to cleaning tools suction- it is the most user-friendly one I have ever used.

    I recommend the refurbished vacuum to all. It was worth every penny and shipping was very quick with this company....more info
  • reconditioned by whom?
    This vacuum was highly rated by Consumer Reports and at $99.00( reconditioned )seemed a good buy. It arrived by U.S. Mail very poorly packed with chunks of styrofoam all over the inside of the box. Upon assembling I noticed it was missing the attachment tubes and when turned on the brushroll didn't work. In addition, the finish was marred and smudged. I sent it back and ordered a Hoover Windtunnel 2. It works well and appears to be of higher quality....more info
  • Works well
    It works well, but has two problem areas. The bags are very small and require changing often and because it works so well it pulls you forward, but attempting to pull it back can put stain on your back....more info
  • Eureka Lemon
    Don't think of buying this vacuum. It is a lemon in every respect. It is overweight, difficult to maneuver, and loud. The controls for floor and rug height don't work. In fact, nothing works as well as it should....more info
  • My Eureka R4870G Boss Upright Vacuum 4 out of 5 stars
    This is a great product, but It's heavy to pick-up (21 Pounds). It's a great vacuum for someone with a one level house like me. Not only does it have great suction, but it cleans the air w/ The HEPA Filter. It's better than my old Baggless vacuums. If you try to dump it dust goes everywhere, but this vacuum has a handle on the front that you lift to remove the bag, and replace with a new one. Clean and eazy that what I like.
    One last thing it has a long cord (30') just find a plug in the center of the house and you could pretty much do the whole house without having to unplug it....more info
  • Good
    Works good on its basic purpose. Don't have features like bag full indicator or dirt indicator....more info
  • Eureka Boss SmartVac R4870G
    Bought this vac and love it. Had many brands in the past including my Kirby and this Vac wins hands down. You can feel the suction and see the nap of the carpet just spring back into place. I also love the 30 ft. cord. Yes I love this Eureka Boss. It is also refurbished and is as good & packaged as new. Paid $89. and it is better than my $1500. Kirby. On a scale of 1-10 it rates a 10 in my book. Pat C. , Oklahoma...more info
  • Good vacuum
    I like this vacuum - it definitely picks up a lot of things my other vacuum left behind. It it, however, very tough to push on high carpet. I also have a main room with an area rug and it is difficult to push on this surface as well. Still a great purchase overall.
    ...more info
    The vacuum I received wasn't apparently refurbished. Right out of the box, it had problems. The brushes didn't have the strength to vacuum carpeting. The foot peddle fell off with each use. I purchased this same vacuum new last year for my girlfriend and she's loved it. This one's going back. My learning is pay the extra 50 bucks and get something that works....more info
  • great vacuum
    this is the best vacuum I've ever used - it makes it so much easier to go from carpet to bare floor - I LOVE IT!!...more info
  • Excellent, powerful and versatile
    This vacuum has been excellent in the three weeks I've had it. The ability to turn off the brush rotation and use it to clean hardwood floors is fantastic. Suction is excellent and when cleaning carpets this vacuum does an excellent job. The attachments are very useful as well, though a narrow wand would be a welcome addition.

    The only negatives are that the filtration bags are relatively small and require frequent changing (I recommend using 3rd party replacements as they are significantly cheaper than OEM/factory) and some of the plastic covers have a slightly cheap and fragile feel.

    Overall, this is an excelent vacuum....more info
  • Verry bad shape.
    I received a battered, well used vacuum that upon being plugged in immediately made a loud wining noise, smelled like burnt rubber and would not pick up much of anything off the floor....more info
  • works so far
    This vacuum is a steal of a deal so far. I've only used it a couple of times and it performs very well on hard surfaces. (I have no carpet.)...more info
  • This is an exception to the rule.....
    Generally, the adage "you get what you pay for" rings true with most purchases. However, I've found our new vacuum to be an exception. It's an amazing bargain. I did my research on vacuum cleaners and learned this model was rated a best buy by one of the consumer research firms. After reading the review I was convinced this vacuum would meet our needs. Once we received it, it was actually our housekeeper who comes once every two weeks that used it first. She called my wife that evening raving about how great our new vaccum was. She uses all kinds in a number of homes, but she believed this to be one of the best. She was also in the market for a new vacuum so she asked what it cost. When we told her she was totally surprised and said she was ordering hers that night. ...more info
  • Eureka Sweeper Good Deal
    Just as Advertised at a great price. Plus free shiiping. How can you lose! I am glad I bought one. ...more info
  • Dog hair is FINALLY gone
    I have two 100 pound dogs that shed incessantly. This vacuum picks up the hair with no problem. Any other vacuum I've used has left so much fur on the rugs that if you run a comb across the rug you'll get fur. No longer. And as good as it is at getting fur up it's at least that good at getting the dirt that comes in with them. If you have pets I highly recommend it because it will do the job like no other. It has small bags that have to be changed fairly frequently, but I'd rather change bags frequently and be clean than the alternative. The bags aren't available at the local Walmart so I order them from Amazon and they're delivered to my door (my favorite way to shop)....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    This is really a wonderful vacuum. I filled the first bag in the first two uses which shows how much more dirt it picked up than the other vac I had. My wife noticed there was less dust in the air due to the hepa filter. When the supply tube clogged it was easy to see the clog and remove it. The only problem is the handle release which is hard to use at times and creates a grinding sound when in the handle locked position while it is running. Otherwise I am very happy with the value and price....more info
  • Refurbished Eurecka R4870G Boss Upright Vacuum
    Received prompt delivery but the vacuum did not operate after having for about a month and using three times. Contacted Amazon and they promtly sent a replacement and paid for the delivery for the returned vacuum. The replacement is working well to date and cleans both carpets and floors well. It is easy to use and for the money I am pleased with the performance. I was most impressed with the service provided by . ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!!
    We are very pleased with our refurbed Eureka. It has serious suction power and gets dirt up on the first pass. It's much better than our old bagless vacuum. It is kinda loud, that doesn't matter. I like the extra long cord and all the attachments. It is nice also not having to clean all the filters often like you would on the bagless ones.

    For the price, you can't top this one,

    ...more info
  • Best value on the market
    I own two of these, one at home and one at work. Consumer Reports listed this vacuum as their "Best Buy" for the last two years straight, and I have found nothing to disprove that. Yes, buying and changing bags sucks, but they filter better, and the unit price is several hundred dollars less than the closest competition. ...more info
  • Never underestimate
    Purchased a Refurbished Eureka vacuum and it works as good as new for less money, so never underestimate saving a buck! Good suction and easy to handle, everything smartly placed & no "cheapness" to the controls. Reviewed ratings from this site in helping to make purchase on style. Thanks again! ...more info
  • On Time
    Received item most quickly...Christmas present...less then one week...seems to be working as it should. Would do business with them again....more info
  • a good vacuume
    I am very happy with this vacuume and the service I got from amazon. It is much quieter than others I have had....more info
  • Bought 2 - 1 Great, 1 Junk
    The price was so good we bought 2. One is everything we expected. It worked great right out of the box. The other is a piece of junk. We've had it two months now and have spent 30 hours trying to get it fixed. If we ever get it right ... well, my time lost is more valuable than any savings. ...more info
  • Happy Camper
    I bought this this vacuum and was concerned since it was refurbished. I am a happy campler that I saved the money and got an outstadning product....more info
  • SUCTION, Handy tools- Unbeatable Value
    I am a former Oreck owner of 11 years and after starting a family, my messes greatly increased. We have a 2 kids and a cat in a 1800sqft home that is mostly hardwood and tile.I considered Dyson and Kenmore, Kenmore was Consumer Reports top pick, but was well over $300. Down the list in the #3 spot was the eureka. Found it on Amazon for under $90 delivered! I immediately knew it works well as I ran the oreck an hour before the eureka arrived. The bag was pretty full after a good running. This sweeper preforms well.Works well on wood and tile- where the oreck used to throw bits and crumbs back at you feet. Downstairs it is w/w carpeting and I never saw the pile stand up so nicely. It is not light, but it more than makes up for its weight in preformance. On board shopvac type tools are fantastic -esp around the litterbox and highchair. Cons:Lots of plastic,Clunky/bulky, sweeper is not fully assembled (a couple of screws to put in andAmazon doesn't double box. If you are looking for a great sweeper that would eat any Dyson at a unheard of price- this is it....more info
  • Best Upright Vacuum I've Ever Had
    this machine is self propelled, like a lawn mower. The suction is fantastic and the hose attachment is easy to use. Makes cleanup an easier chore....more info
  • cleans very well
    The vacuum works great and pulled up dirt that i did not know was in my carpet. It works super on the lanoleum too, when switched to the bare floor position. The suction is so great I can no longer go over my bathroom rugs, it will suck them up too....more info
  • Eureka Boss/Amazon Rocks
    Our new vacuum is wonderful. After looking at consumer reviews we determined that the Eureka Boss was the best vacuum for the money and have not been dissapointed. It's powerful, quiet and thanks to Amazon, affordable. We are greatly pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone....more info
  • NOISY!
    This vacuum is noisy! Especially when using the bare floor mode. When using the hose just for corners it functions well, and is not quite as loud, but regular vacuuming with this thing requires ear plugs. And the regular vacuum doesn't pick up that well. You have to use the hose to pick up small particles that you've gone over several times with the vac.
    All in all, I know this was refurbished, but for the money, it should work a heck of a lot better than this! I wouldn't recommend this item....more info
  • Eureka Boss Upright vacuum
    This vacuum, while given high ratings by consumer reports which influenced my purchase, has not lived up to my expectations. It is quite heavy and noisy. The cord is significantly shorter that my previous panasonic vacuum. And, within a month of purchase, a plastic part on the base broke off and now the has only two positions: completely upright or in the "ready" position. I cannot tilt on the rear wheels to go from floor to carpet; I must lift the entire machine onto the carpet. The only saving grace is that it has excellent suction....more info
  • Great Buy!
    A very nice Vacuum for the price...Awesome suction....Would recommend...The only thing to be aware of is that it is kinda heavy..I don't mind but some might.....more info
  • Refurbished Eureka R4870G Boss Upright Vacuum
    Fast delivery! But as refurbished indicates it's not in new condition. Clips to hold attachment on the molded backing was broken off, so there was no way that would work. The vaccuum was as advertised very good! So you get what you pay for. I bought for(89.00) 59.00 after a 30.00 deduction with the new Amazon credit card and free shipping. So I feel like the broken clips were a small thing for the money. ...more info
  • Be Very Careful with this Rebuilt Product
    I received vacuum within 1 day of ordering. Good. I used it for about 20 minutes when I switched from Floor to Hose suction...motor stopped immediately and never restarted. I waited 1/2 hour and tried again.. lights come on but motor appears to be seized and shuts off right away after dimming lights in house. I took machine to Eureka authorized service center noted on their website.....they refused to honor warrantee and service the product and advised returning it to Amazon....more info
  • Great Value
    I recently purchased this vacuum after reading the latest issue of Consumer Reports. I am overall impressed with the cleaning of this vacuum and would recommend it to others as a great value. Do your research, try it out, and make your own decision. Get it on sale from $100-$125 and you will be pleasantly suprised with the cleaning power....more info
  • Refurbished Eureka R4870G Boss Upright Vacuum
    We really love this vacuum; it does a great job keeping our carpets looking new. This vacuum is extremely versatile; at the twist of a switch you can do carpets, wood and tile floors and even clean the filter on your clothes dryer! We have two minor complaints; the vacuum is a little heavy and the switch to tilt the handle can be somewhat difficult at times. All in all, for the price we paid, we are not complaining. We would highly recommend the refurbished Eureka Boss Upright Vacuum without reservation. ...more info
  • good suction, but refurbished??????
    This vacuum is awesome. However, I'm a bit disappointed that I went with the refurbished one because the plastic "button" that holds the vacuum upright popped off right away. It clicked right back in only to be unseated again when the vacuum went into the use position. Without the "button" the vacuum doesn't stay upright and you can't pick it up without the bottom half going straight down limp. I'd definately purchase this vacuum again, but it wouldn't be a refurbished one. ...more info
  • Good product
    Have owned for a few weeks. Seems to do the job well. Was very well reviewed by a leading consumer publication....more info
  • Best buy vacuum
    Features & suction power of vacuums that are twice the price. Gets very heavy use thanks to 3 teenage boys & a 110 lb. German shepherd. Works great!...more info
  • Best Vacuum Cleaner I've Ever Owned
    This is one great vacuum cleaner! Tools are on board, and best of all, the vacuum cleaner doesn't tip over when you use the hose. It's light weight and easy to push. Bag changes are a snap! On/off switch is located a little inconveniently, but it's a small trade-off for all the other great features of this vacuum cleaner. HIghly recommend. Refurbished as far as I can tell is as good as brand new!...more info
  • incomplete!
    I ordered a refurbished came quickly and as vacuum cleaners go, this was a good product at a good price. But, the extension wand was not included and no "power paw." I called the 800# and was told they could not do anything since it was refurbished. When I pressed my point that refurbished is not "unfurbished" they agreed to send the extension wand. I had to buy the power paw at $14.99 plus over $8.00 in postage and handling. It's the last time I'll buy refurbished....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I have 2 dogs and pet hair is always an issue. I've tried several vacuums specifically for pet hair and none of them has been as good as this one. The attachments are perfect, it works well on both hardwoods and carpet, and I'm completely sold on it. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a vacuum, regardless of whether or not they have pets....more info
  • Here is what comes in the package...
    It comes with a 1 year warranty.
    It comes with only one bag, no spares.
    It does NOT come with the power paw stair brush.

    I believe the only difference between the 4870GZ and the 4870DT is the power paw stair brush, and the color. So, make your buying choice appropriately.

    That being said, it seems like a good vacuum. I just got it today. I tried it out on a freshly vacuumed oriental rug, and I was pleasantly supprised to find the bag already 1/5 full. The previous vacuum is a more expensive canister vac. I got this vac because I have dust allergies, and I think I did well. All in all, my experience reflects the numerous positive reviews that are already posted on Amazon. Not so much the negative... The documentation for the vacuum is also excelent. ...more info