EdgeStar High Velocity Portable Swamp Cooler

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The EdgeStar High Velocity Portable Air Cooler (model EAC420) is the most powerful, best cooling portable air cooler for home use on the market today. Don¡ät confuse it with smaller air coolers- this is the only air cooler we have seen that boasts the power to provide relief from the heat for an entire room (up to about 150 square feet, based on our product tests). How does the EdgeStar High Velocity Air Cooler perform so much better than the competition? The secret is two-fold- EdgeStar teamed a powerful (yet quiet) state-of-the-art centrifugal fan with an Australian-made honeycomb water curtain. The honeycomb water curtain allows more water circulation with less resistance to airflow, and the centrifugal fan gently and powerfully "throws" a jet of air up to 25 feet- the longest air throw in the category! The EdgeStar high velocity portable air cooler also features 3 different fan speeds, the option to add ice for additional cooling, a long-lasting 5 gallon water reservoir, a remote control, a fan-only setting, and the ability to operate as a humidifier. Plus, it only uses 250 Watts to cool- that¡äs about 1/4 the energy required by most air conditioners!

  • Tested to provide relief from the heat in rooms of up to 150 square feet
  • Powerful and quiet high performance centrifugal fan provides up to 900 CFM airflow- the highest CFM rating in its class
  • 3 fan speeds (plus ¡äsleep¡ä setting) allow you to customize the cooling power
  • Activated carbon filter cleans air of smoke and odors
  • 5 gallon water tank cools for days without a refill