Hartz Chew N' Clean Dental Duo Toy and Edible Dog Chew Medium, Assorted Colors

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Product Description

Cornstarch And Wheat Gluten In Nylon Shell Toy that combines fun with edible dental benefits. For plan and dental benefit.

  • Toy and treat all in one
  • Sizzlin' bacon flavor
  • Cleans teeth
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Medium 4 1/2" bone

Customer Reviews:

    My two Cockapoos hated these!!! Plastic that is not edible is wrapped around a bone shaped material. They totally hated it...my dogs usually enthustically love every treat given to them! Don't waste your money!!!...more info
  • Perfect for my Pug
    My pug and I love this chew bone. He picks it up all of the time to chew but he does not become obsessed with it like he does with a rawhide. When he's chewing a rawhide, I have to watch him so closely, but this chew toy is indestructible for him and tasty. He's been chewing it for weeks and still loves it even though most of the "treat" is gone....more info
  • Aggressive chewer, happy owner
    When would an owner ever be happy that they had an "aggressive chewer?" After finding these edible chews. I was originally buying mine at Target for $4.79. I have looked for several alternatives b/c I don't want to spend almost 5 bucks on a dog chew. However, Amazon offers them at a great price ($3.99) AND they last. No mess, and it is desirable to even my non-chewing dog, so it's an easy go to toy when I need one for travel. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Very good!
    I recommend this toy, it's a good way to avoid that the puppies bite your furniture or your shoes!... The red part has favor and the dogs spend hours trying to eat all the bone. It's a good investment....more info
  • Hartz Dental Bone
    My dog loves them. A great investment. He chews on it for hours and the vet praised his teeth this past visit....more info
  • D-lishus
    I bought this for my pug, who LOVED it! He had it down to the plastic part by the end of the first day. ...more info
  • great chew bones
    Dog loves them - hard to find in stores. will continue to order them...more info
  • Hartz Chew N' Clean Dental Duo
    The only reason this product did not get 5 stars was because it seem to take forever to get the order shipped to us. I was a little unhappy about the length of time it took to send us our order. It was almost like they completely forgot about the order until Amazon.com intercepted. Then I got results.The product itself is wonderful!! Our dog just loves them and we can't find them in the area where we live....more info
  • Too Easily consumed
    Although my dog is a Chihuahua she was able to whittle away the plastic outer chew. It is not chew proof even for a small dog. Bits of plastic can be easily swallowed by your pet. I would not purchase this product again even though the idea is great. ...more info
  • Awful
    My dog chewed off little bits of the edible inset and they were all over the house. They are hard and hurt when I stepped on them. My dog got tired of it very quickly. I finally threw it out after about a week....more info
  • Finally, a chew toy that lasts more than 5 minutes
    I have 2 Schnoodles (2 yrs old) and 1 Boarder Collie (13 yrs old) and I have had a terrible time finding a chew toy to keep them busy for more than 10 minutes. My dogs usually chew every toy to shreds in a matter of minutes, even those that claim to last for days. I have returned so many toys to Petsmart because they are expensive and my dogs rip them to shreds immediately. So I am surprised to say that this toy has lasted 2 months. Yes, that's right, my dogs are STILL chewing this toy. The toy has been chewed down to about 30% of its original size, but they are still going at it. I am going to buy 3 more of these today. ...more info
  • long lasting dog chew
    My dogs love these chews. These are dogs that normally finish anything I give them in 1 minutes or less (including large greenies and other chew things). These chews will last all day. And they continue to chew on them periodically for weeks. They are indestructable...we have to throw them out when we give them new ones. ...more info
  • DOES NOT LAST! destroyed within the hour
    This thing is great for a smaller dog maybe (< 20 lbs) but my 35lb half-shiba, quarter-german shephard quarter-pitbull gnawed through this thing and ate the inside treat-like stuff within one hour. Outside plastic is still there & he still likes to chew on it, but for a lasting method of dental cleaning... it simply does not cut it for a bigger dog. Better just to get one of those stippled bones or ribbed plastic rings. ...more info
  • My doggies go nuts for these
    My dogs Katie and Duke love these Hartz bones. They last for days/weeks. Must taste good too. They really interest my dogs and keep them occupied for hours. If you havent tried them, be sure to treat your furry babies....more info
  • Favorite Dog Toy
    I have two Dauchsunds and thses are by far thier favorite toys. i have gone threw dozens of diffrent dog toys and these have been the best. They do a excellent job at cleaning thier teeth and keep the dogs attention for a long time. Excellent choice to give to dogs if you have to leave them at home. ...more info
  • good chew toy
    My dog loves this chew toy because it not only helps with his dental health, he gets little bits of tasty treat as he works through the bone. Of all his chew toys, this one is his favorite one. Also this chew bone does not fill him up with unnecessary calories, like the huge dental chew treats....more info
  • Dog Loves It
    My cocker spaniel loves this chew so much that there's no hope that I'll ever get to throw it away. It's been chewed up so much that it's almost not recognizable. It has reduced his need to chew one rawhide bone a day, but I'm a bit uneasy about allowing him to chew this much longer.
    He's had it for over 2 weeks now. When I first rec'd it, I also noticed that it was made in China, so I checked all the pet recall lists to ensure it was safe. There was no mention of this bone being part of the wheat glutin problem, so I gave it to him. Every responsible dog owner needs to be aware of the recalls (btw) before handing over toys, treats and food to their pets. I'm going to have to wait for my cocker to "look the other way" so I can replace this with a new Hartz Chew N' Clean. :-)...more info
  • Chew N"Clean Dental Duo the Best!
    Our puppy, Dude, absolutely loves these Dental Chews! He chews on one every evening before going to sleep....and they last and last. We thought he would get tired of them, but nooooooooooooo way. He has a great time, and his teeth are strong and healthy. Dude gives them a
    "2 Paws up."

    ...more info
  • Excellent bacon-flavored bone
    Our 10-week old puppy loves this toy. He is a corgi and it is a good size for him. The bone is bacon flavored and gives him bad breath, but it feels good on his teeth. He just loves it! The green part of the toy is a hard plastic that slightly dents with chewing, while the brown part is a condensed bone. It is the only thing that can get him to lay down and chew calmly. I highly recommend this bone!...more info
  • The Best!
    Both of my dogs love these treats, and it keeps them occupied for hours. It's by far the longest lasting treat I have ever bought, which is important considering that one of my dogs destroys the "long lasting" nylabones in a matter of minutes....more info
  • The Best Ever
    WOW. I have Boston Terriers that can eat a hard dental bone in under 5 minutes. This not only lasts but, they can't get to all the good tasty part all at once. This is a awesome product for agressive chewers. I paid $6.99 each at our local drug store. Thank goodmess for Amazon....more info
  • The One Toy / Treat I Always Keep on Hand
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R74R5LGICCA4Z This is the one toy/treat I always keep on hand for my 9-month-old cockapoo. He gets most of the treat out the first day but keeps working at it for weeks. He almost always chooses these over any other toy....more info
  • Hartz / Clean & Chew / Dog gone Delicious !!
    I have a Boston Terrier, and she's pickie. I puchased the Hartz / Clean n' Chew Edible Chew. It's hard to find anything she likes. I purchased the Chew Bones at a price much less than at a pet supply store. It was exactly what I ordered and shipping was as described with in about a week ( give or take ). I also like that I was able to order them in large amounts " 25 count " where dog supplies don't have that many. She has a BIG appetite. Would recommend : Can't beat cost & shipping. Thank You .....more info
  • Mmmmm Good!
    I have 2 Maltese dogs that are 2 years old. They just love these chew n' clean bones. My daughter actually found these on Amazon and purchased a few for them for Christmas. I've since placed an order for more. One of my maltese dogs is a chewer, so this is the perfect toy to keep him busy. Most of their toys are demolished, but these hold up very well. I was so glad they came out with different color bones, so I can toss out the older ones. These are a must have to entertain your dog and clean their teeth.

    ...more info
  • Keeps dogs busy with no mess!!
    These bones are great and impossible to find in stores. I figured that the dogs would've had all the edible part done with in the first day but to my surprise they still have some in the middle that they have a hard time getting out. This bone is quite durable yet entertaining to dogs that like to chew. I highly recommend this product!!...more info


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