Hartz Chew N' Clean Dental Duo Toy and Edible Dog Chew Large, Assorted Colors

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Product Description

Cornstarch Wheat Gluten And Nylon Shell For edible dental benefits and fun. Always supervise your dog when at play.

  • Toy and treat all in one
  • Sizzlin' bacon flavor
  • Cleans teeth
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Large 6 1/2" bone

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome bones
    This is a great product for large dogs who are powerful chewers. They last longer, hold the dog's attention and are easily digestible. My order came promptly...I thankyou and my 130lb. dog thanks you....more info
  • Not Durable Enough for a Large Dog
    My Irish Wolfhound puppy loved the taste of this Chew. However, after a few minutes he had chewed off chunks of the plastic. Cetainly not a safe thing for puppies to be eating. ...more info
  • Don't Use This Product - CONSUMER SAFETY ALERT!
    Hartz is a terrible company with a horrendous record of making products that are harmful -- and often fatal -- to animals.

    Their flea and tick products alone have generated more than 33,000 reports to the EPA of injury and death in the past eight years.

    Don't support this shameless corporation!

    Google "Hartz kills" or "Hartz victims" and see for yourself!...more info
  • rawhide chewing without the mess
    my dogs love these, and i love that they get chewing satisfaction without the gooey mess that rawhide creates....more info
  • My Dog LOVES This
    We needed something that our dog, Rudy, would not destroy in 1 day.
    Rudy can go through a large rawhide bone in one night.
    He also tears all stuffed toys to shreds.
    He's been chewing on this for over a week now and it's still not done.
    Since dental health is so important to a dog's health, this bone helps him
    clean off the tartar buildup while he chews....more info
  • Fav of our Bulldogs
    We have three english bulldogs that are vigorous, aggressive chewers. They love these and we have had very good luck with them. They last a long time and have not broken up at all. I highly recommend them. ...more info
  • love them!!
    my dogs love them. When they don't have a new one, they pull every single bone out of their toy box until they find one that has enough stuff in the middle to satisfy them....more info
  • broke into pieces
    Not for a strong chewer - my dalmatian broke it into some small but also large pieces and nearly choked. Had to take it away. ...more info
  • Great for Chewers!
    I got these for my 2 new greyhounds that have taken a liking to eating my kids plastic toys. Every other chew toy that they liked (edible ones) they would destroy/eat within minutes. Any of the completely non-edible ones (like Nylabones) they lost interest in pretty quickly. These are the perfect balance! Two WEEKS later and my dogs are still enjoying them, with around HALF of the edible part still intact. The non-edible part doesn't break off so no choking hazard. It does come off in itty bitty slivers that are easily eaten and passed by the dogs (hey, better than the toy soldiers that ate and passed!).

    This would've gotten 5 stars except that an ingredient in the edible part is wheat gluten which can be problematic for allergy prone dogs....more info
  • Best Dog Chew Bone Ever!
    This is the most durable, long-lasting chewing toy that I have found, by far! We have a mastiff who is allergic to beef and pork (so no rawhides) which makes it very difficult to find durable bones for her to chew. I had tried the standard Nylabone, but both my dogs found those very boring as they don't have a good taste. Most others, like dried chicken breasts, or healthy edibles, have last under 10 minutes, until I found these! She spends weeks on one bone alone and loves the tasty part inside as well as the harder part on the outside to chew. I also have a very active australian shepherd who is a very strong, persistent chewer and he loves these also, he spends hours on them.

    I would very highly recommend this dog chew for active chewers as well as picky eaters for it has a great flavor on the inside. These are the best all around dog chew I have found by far!!!...more info
  • Fantastic Chew Toy
    We have a Shar Pei mix. She loves to chew. We have about 10 of these bones throughout our home. She goes from one to another over and over again. Her favorite thing to do is,to get them all gathered in a pile and then choose one while gazing at the others. This is the only chew toy we have found that does not make her sick and keeps her interest and makes her happy. She absolutely loves them. Every time we buy her a new one she prances around the house until she finds just the right spot to sit and enjoy it! I would recommend this to anyone whose dog loves to chew!!!...more info
  • Great for smaller dogs who are powerful chewers
    My puggle chews everything too quickly, and we were running out of things to buy that he could handle. These things are great for his teeth and they last a good amount of time. Amazon offers a 4-for-3 deal with no shipping, so I'd be shocked if you could find these any cheaper. They're nearly impossible to find in stores and when you do, they're a smaller version and are more expensive. I think a big dog who is a powerful chewer would probably devour them too quickly, but for small to medium dogs, these come highly recommended. The vet, by the way, was surprised when I told her we don't brush his teeth, because they looked so great. These are the primary dental chews he munches on, so they definitely do the trick ......more info
  • My Dogs Love these
    My dogs love these bones and they are impossible to find in stores near us. Duke and Katie just love them. It gives them something to do and they must taste good. Last for days....more info
  • For intense chewers
    As the owner of the Center for Canines, I board dogs, breed cream European Golden Retrievers, and am a canine behaviorist. I deal with more than a few dogs whose oral habits of intense chewing can cause much destruction around the home. Although this behavior can come from initial boredom, the Hartz Dental Duo bones provides the ideal medium for a dog's intrinsic need to chew, and they last a very long time. They help to remove tarter and keep a dog's mouth in good condition. I really find them to be a helpful tool also for nervous dogs to practice displacement activity.

    I highly recommend this product. Please throw away the bone when it eventually does become small enough for your dog to swallow, and replace it.
    ...more info


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