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As seen in "InStyle" magazine.  One of Halle Berry's Top 5 "Must Have" beauty essentials. The miracle leave-in conditioner for curly hair.  Penetrates the hair shaft, conditioning as it smooths the follicle.   MIXED CHICKS  will leave your curls soft, shiny and defined!   Work MIXED CHICKS through wet hair, air dry and style. The result is silky, healthy, naturally curly hair.  Do you have frizzy hair?  Do some products make your hair sticky or too heavy?  MIXED CHICKS makes great curls without all the hassle! Testimonial: Edwina (Michigan) - I absolutely love your product!!!  My hair is so soft and manageable because of using the samples!!!  My curls have not been this defined since I started going natural several years ago!  I have several friends with naturally curly hair and I will definitely recommend your product to them!!!  

  • As seen in InStyle Magazine Halle Berry's "MUST HAVE" Beauty Product!
  • Eliminates Frizzies
  • The Curly-Hair Girl's Best Friend!
  • Defines Curls

Customer Reviews:

  • It's good but not amazing
    Ok, so after reading the reviews, I really wanted it to work. And it does, to an extent. I have long, very thick, very tangled, curly hair that is always dry. It does do a wonderful job of defining my curls. But, the great look of the hair does not last all day long like some people said it does. I have a toddler, so I am constantly putting my hair in a ponytail and then letting it down and over and over again, so the nice curl definition just doesn't last, but maybe that's because of what I'm doing with it. The big con is that it does not make my hair feel any less dry or softer than it was before using it or like other people said it does for them. I was really hoping for that. But all in all it's a decent product. Not sure it is worth the high price though. I thought I finally found a miracle product for my hair and don't think I'll order a new one. I do really like the shampoo and deep conditioner though...more info
  • Hair looks soft and natural
    In the past, I have used multiple products other than shampoo on my fine, curly hair: conditioner, gel or mousse, and a shine product. Sometimes, the combination left my hair feeling oily. Other times, it was frizzy. I rarely wore my hair curly, but almost always blow dried it.

    With Mixed Chicks, I use only two products: the deep conditioner and the leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioner functions as both to condition and hold the hair. However, it's used while the hair is fully wet, and not even towel dried. This helps distribute the product. I'm not crazy about that because it seems to take forever to dry.

    The results are great. My hair is left with springy, shiny curls. They look even better the second day. Now, I almost always wear my hair naturally.

    About the only tough thing is figuring out how much to use. Even on the company web site, the owner show two different amounts. One says she uses about four quarter-size amounts. The other said she uses about two handfuls. I have shoulder-length hair. I use about two quarter-size amounts. If I had to use two handfuls, I probably wouldn't use it because it would be too expensive.

    Early on, I used too much, and it dried crunchy. It's also important to crunch the hair and fluff it out after it dries to prevent this....more info
  • Absolutely wonderful!
    I am in love with this product! It helps tame the frizz without leaving my hair stiff or sticky. ...more info
  • Mixed Chicks changed my life.
    I am biracial, black and white and I have ALWAYS had problems with my hair. I would always have to flat iron it straight because wearing it curly was not an option since I just looked like a frizzy poodle and got made fun of all the time. Since I found Mixed Chicks and I also use Hair Milk by Carols Daughter because it gives a little extra control for mixed hair that leans more towards kinky, and once I learned the RIGHT WAY to apply it, which is the key, I can truly say I love my hair now, almost a little conceited about it, and I will never straighten it again.

    In the shower, I use the deep conditioner, and comb my hair out at that stage. I don't even bother to use shampoo anymore because the detergents in it just dry out my hair even more. My hair is still clean and doesn't smell or anything. I just think shampoo is just unnecessary for curly hair. Anyway, I leave a little of the deep conditioner in it when I'm rinsing it out and then gently wring my hair out. Once out of the shower, I part my hair in 4 sections and I mix about 2 TBSP of Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner in my hand with about 1 TSP of hair milk from Carols Daughter together and twist it into each section of my hair. So overall I use 8 TBSP of the Leave in Conditioner and 1 TSP of Carols Daugther's Hair Milk. Then I combine the 4 sections and twist it all together. After that I try not to touch it until it's dry. I put it into a bun for a few hours or just let it hang dry. When it's dry, I don't have frizzy poodle hair anymore, just pretty curls. And I only have to wash my hair every other day, or every two days. Since I've been doing my hair this way, two years ago, it has grown about 6 inches and is really healthy!

    Thank you Mixed Chicks for changing my life and helping me to love myself more. (=...more info
    I read several reviews about this product before purchasing it directly from Mixedchicks.net (since I couldn't buy from Amazon.com). I wasn't sure how it would turn it but I am pleasantly surprised! My hair looks healthy and no frizzies....just cute and curly! I have gotten several compliments on my hair!

    I would be the first to say it may not work on everyone's hair. It really depends on what sort of "mixed chicks" hair you have. ...more info
  • I LOVE this product
    I am a Latina with very thin, dry, curly hair. I have tried almost every product out there, from inexpensive to very expensive, and I have wasted lots of money on products that do not work on my hair. Because my hair is thin, dry, and curly, usually products weigh my hair down. After the very first time I used Mixed Chicks Leave-In conditioner, I was amazed at how great my hair looked and felt. I actually LOVE my hair again, after years of just pulling it back in a pony tail or a bun. I now want to grow it long again like when I was a teenager! I HIGHLY recommend this product, and I want to thank the ladies who created it. I am going to tell every single person I know with naturally curly hair to try Mixed Chicks products. THANK you for setting me free from the pony tail and bun! Yeah! I can leave my hair down again! :)...more info
  • Hmmm
    The thing about this leave-in conditioner is that you need a lot of product in order to achieve a decent look. Don't get me wrong, it does work... But you only get so much in that tiny little bottle. It's kind of weird how the owners decided to make the bottle so small when the majority of people with curly hair have very thick, unruly hair. Why such a small body? Anyway, back to the point... it dries crunchy and sometimes leaves my hair hard....more info
  • crunchy curls!
    This product was not for me....it left my hair sticky and crunchy. When I use products, I like my curls to stay soft and it didn't do that for me. Plus it weighed my hair down.
    I ended up buying a cheaper brand (garnier leave in conditioner) for 4 dollars and it worked much better. Also if you want to spend a little more money, I would buy Ojon.
    ...more info
  • Great product if you have the time!
    I love this product! I am half African American with naturally curly hair and this is the only product I've worn with my hair curly that I have really liked. I found that I have to follow the instructions exactly in Wendy's instructional video or I end up with frizz. For example, if I mess with my hair too much, don't let it air dry, or don't apply the product when its soaking wet, it looks frizzy. If I'm in a rush I might as well not bother with it. If you tried it and it didn't work, you might look up the video on the Mixed Chicks website or Youtube. ...more info
  • Great
    This is the perfect leave-in conditioner for my type of hair. It suits it well. I am mixed and have spiral curly, soft, fine hair and it's always frizzy. This does the job. It smells nice and is not sticky, nor greasy. A little goes a long way, too. ...more info
  • Magnificent!!!!
    I first heard about this product about three months ago from my sister in law. I ordered it the shampoo, deep conditioner and the leave-in conditioner. I absolutely love these products! I have to admit that I wasn't sure what to expect because I've been trying to find a product that would allow me to wear my naturally curly hair without the puffy afro and the frizzy look. This product gives me the soft curls that I have been looking for. And the price was right, I paid a little over $40 for all three products. I have used Ouidad deep conditioner in the past and met with great results but I can't always afford it. But this was a pleasant surprise and I can't speak enough about this product. I love the fact that it's not just for mixed chicks with curly hair (which I am) but it's for everyone with curly hair regardless of ethnicity. I highly recommend these products, it leaves my hair soft, my curls defined and very easy to manage....more info
  • Ok
    It does tame my hair and make is shiny, but if you put to much in it weighs it down. So a small amount is all you need. Helps with the frizzys!!

    Judy Reppart...more info
  • Curl stretcher!
    I give this product 5 stars! I am half Puerto Rican and half Lithuanian. My hair is a 3b and I absolutely love this leave-in conditioner. I have searched so long for hair products for my thick, 3b, corkscrew naturally curly and naturally dry hair. What I love the best about this product is that it not only thoroughly moisturizes my curls but it also stretches out my curls as they dry. Usually after washing my hair and letting it air dry, my curls curl up to my ears which I hate because in reality my hair is down to my shoulders and it takes a couple of days before my curls start stretching out in-between washes. Bravo Mixed Chicks! I hope this stuff is around FOR-EVAH! For me the shampoo and conditioner work incredibly as well....more info
  • Great product!
    I am puertorican and my daughter is half jamaican.....we have different types of curls but this product worked great for the both of us. Shipping was super fast. Only down fall is that you may need to use more product than advised so it may not last as long. I dont even have to use gel or moose on my hair with this which is a miracle because my hair frizzes so fast......but not with this....more info
  • The Battle of the Comb is OVER!!!
    Our youngest son who is white and black has the kind of hair most women would die for. Unfortunately he is not willing to put in the work necessary to keep it looking good that is until we found Mixed Chicks, shampoo at night wet and comb in some conditioner in the morning and thats it your done. Mixed Chicks lasts through soccer, skateboarding (with a helmet)and anything else he gets into. This was a boy who by noon you could not run a comb through his hair with out a fight. Mixed Chicks is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy!...more info
  • Great conditioner
    Great product for those who have a natural wave to their hair. Not necessarily made for permed hair, like mine....more info
  • Love it
    This is the best new purchase I've made recently. It smells great, helps define curls, keeps hair from looking frizzy and keeps hair moisturized and feeling soft....more info


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