All Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea - 100 Individually Wrapped Teabags - 7.0 Oz
All Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea - 100 Individually Wrapped Teabags - 7.0 Oz

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Vintage Wuyi Oolong is from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian, where mists, clouds and unique soil conditions produce teas of exceptional character. Hand plucked leaves are carefully sorted, allowed to oxidize partially, and skillfully fired to make this golden, amber-color brew. Wuyi Oolong has a bold, long-lasting flavor and an inviting aroma. Each tea's distinctive character is produced by a unique combination of climate, altitudes, and soil conditions. Wuyi oolong will make a smooth, rounded cup with a slightly toasty fragrance and long lingered sweetness.

  • Fresh Arrival of Vintage Wuyi WuLong Tea! Oolong tea, called Wu Long in Mandarian, is a Chinese tea which has been enjoyed for many centuries in China. A recent Japanese research shows that daily consumption of Oolong tea (3-4 cups) is effective in the control of body weight. Oolong tea is a partially-fermented tea, beween green tea (unfermented) and black tea (fermented).
  • The antioxidants in green tea are believed to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • It is great for cup, pot, or iced tea! Product of China!
  • 0 Fat, 0g Carbohydrate, 0 Calorie. Each box contains 100 individually wrapped tea bags. NT Wt. 7.0 oz. We are Selling by weight, not by unit. So purchase multiple units will help you reduce base shipping charge!

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Tea but Amazon sells it cheaper in the Grocery section
    Well, it now looks like Amazon sells it cheaper themselves. Just search for B0019KXBIS and it takes you to a pack of 2 that is cheaper! Go Amazon! This tea is wonderful and everyone here seems to like it (which is the reason I tried it in the first place). ...more info
  • Now a tea drinker, wasn't before
    I have been drinking coffee all my life. I am now at a point where I need to cut coffee out of my diet. I heard about this tea through internet ads. I decided to try it after reading about it. I am down to one cup of coffee a day, and drink 2 cups of Wuyi Oolong tea now. For me it has stopped much of my food cravings. I notice I am more apt to reach for my tea and not something to eat. I could have a calming effect for me. I love it....and I love the Amazon Price. Try it....more info
  • Very good.
    Tea is delicious- i like to add lemon to mine for better taste. Recommend! Tea makes me wanna go to bathroom many times during the day which i like cuz everything i eat goes out :D...more info
  • Excellent product, prompt delivery
    This was a very good transaction fast and reliable. I only wish that both products (I bought two of the same) could have been packaged together to save on shipping. Other than that...terrific service....more info
  • Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea
    I like the tea however, I thought I was ordering the authentic Wu long Slim Tea endorsed by Oprah Winfrey.

    I don't think this is the authentic Wu Long Tea that is advertised. I am pleased with the delivery timeframe.

    ...more info
  • Tea Leaves Everywhere!
    3/4 of the leaves had fallen out of the tea bag and were sitting in the paper envelope; consider this a loose tea (not bagged) and remember to have a strainer handy!...more info
  • Bland and no signs of health benefits
    Company shipping the tea very fast. Fair prices. But the tea itself, just doesn't so it for me. Very bland and I see no evidence of any health benefits, namely the weight loss effects. If you want tea that tastes good...try something else. ...more info
  • All Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea - 100 Individually Wrapped Teabags - 7.0 Oz
  • Great tea
    I've been drinking this tea since last summer. Along with exercise and watching what I eat, I've lost 36 lbs. so far. I find I'm not as hungry between meals when I drink the tea. I drink it iced with splenda....more info
  • Fine Ooolong (Wu Long) Tea
    Sometimes I feel like I've been on a diet forever. Of course, I haven't been -- I've been on and off one or another, then back again.

    I don't believe any tea is a wonder cure for everything, but I find tea helpful in managing my appetite, my stress levels, and outlook on life. I drink this Oolong tea, really enjoy it, and suspect it helps me feel less hungry in the midafternoon.

    I've heard it's rich in anti-oxidants, and promotes the burning of fat. It may well be. I've lost bodyfat and weight -- but, again, I believe the result are due to a combination of factors that includes regular exercise, counting calories, and taking time to for a deep breath and a warm cuppa....more info
  • Great Tea!
    I was looking for something with less acid and caffeine. Oolong tea has a great taste and it is mild on the stomach. I could not find it in our local stores but it is well worth ordering.All Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea - 100 Individually Wrapped Teabags - 7.0 Oz...more info
  • Miracle product
    Ok I don't know about anyone else but for me this product is nothing short of miraculous. The taste is OK...I make just as I would any old iced tea; by the pitcher. On occasion I drink it hot. It doesn't taste bad, doesn't taste great. The miracle is what it has done for my body! I controls my appetite and I've lost a lot of weight since drinking it. This surprises me because my life has held a lot of tragedy this year which has thrown off my workouts. I thought surely I would gain weight (adding another tragedy to the list) but I started drinking this and my clothes are fitting despite not working out as much. I hate that the shipping is so expensive but I just can't be without this stuff....more info
  • Delicious and Reasonably Priced
    The Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea makes a delicious tea. The package contains 100 teabags at a very reasonable price. I will buy this product again....more info
  • Always wanted to try
    Always wanted to try Oolong tea so decided to buy the box of 100. I think
    this is a very mild tea; very light in color and not heavy bodied. I was
    hoping for the flavor that you get in the Chinese Restaurants. It was
    okay but wouldn't buy again....more info
  • Fast shipping, but...
    I have been looking for a big box of this oolong tea, and I don't live near any health food stores. I ordered this and received it in two days. However, the amount of shipping was insane compared to the weight - first class would have been just fine instead of USPS 2-3 Day mail; it was nowhere NEAR a pound to mail. ...more info
  • Very Pleasing....
    This has a nice nutty taste to it. It tastes even better when you put it on some ice and squeeze a little lemon in there, pour it in a bottle and take it with you to the gym. I have been drinking it for a few weeks now and it makes me feel great....more info
  • I dont know if its good, but i hate its taste
    Honestly, i don't know if its good or helped me. I disliked the taste totally. I cannot drink it anymore....more info
  • Good Oolong Tea
    I regularly order this product, because I cannot find Oolong tea locally. It is good and easy to get. Just wish I didn't have to pay shipping charges...more info
  • Great tea
    I use this tea in my iced tea maker and it makes great tea! It's a different tasting tea if you're used to plain old Lipton ice tea but I like the distinctive flavor. It's great with lemon!...more info
  • Wonderful Chinese Tea
    This tea is fabulous! And what a great deal! I will be buying more of this tea! It is better than green tea!...more info
  • Wuyi oolong tea
    All Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea - 100 Individually Wrapped Teabags - 7.0 Oz
    Great tea; natural, non-bitter taste; perfect for every day.All Natural Vintage Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Tea - 100 Individually Wrapped Teabags - 7.0 Oz...more info
  • Tastes Great and Has Health Benefits..
    The Taste of this tea is very nice. Not grassy like other Teas and has a nutty taste in the background. I enjoy the taste. I drink mostly Green Tea and added this Oolong tea to have more options. I haven't been drinking it long enough to know if it helps with weight loss, but it is very tasty. According to research has antioxident values and that is a great benefit added to a great tasting Tea. ENJOY!!!...more info
  • Good tea!!!
    I have just switched over from having a glass of wine a day to having 3 to 4 glasses of oolong tea instead(reason..less calores)!! This tea tastes GREAT!!! I will be buying this again!! It is sooo much better tasting then green tea! I have influenced my family and friends to try this tea too!! Thats how much I like it!! I havent been on it long enough to know if it works with weight loss....however if it does..that's just a bonus!! ...more info
  • Not For Me
    I have been drinking oolong teas for over 40 years, not because of any claimed health benefits, but because I enjoy the flavor - at least most of the time. After seeing how highly this tea was rated I was really disappointed with how it turned out. It has a fairly strong bitter taste, and the flavor isn't pleasant at all. If you open one of the bags you will find the tea has a sawdust consistency, no recognizable leaves at all. If you want a really good oolong at a reasonable price, I recomend the Numi "Iron Goddess of Mercy" loose tea....more info
  • Taste good!
    I drink around 2-3 a day during the work week. I noticed that I am not hungry like I used to be. I forget that I haven't eaten around snack time. I have breakfast then tea, snack (fruit or something small)..if I rememeber, lunch, tea (same thing..if I rememeber) and then dinner. I'm not sure if its a weightloss tea, but i'm sure you'll lose weight if your eating less. I will order this again....more info
  • Weight Loss or no Weight Loss ?
    I purchased this tea to see if it would excellerate my fat and weight loss by adding this to my regimen. I have not seen any addtional benefits in that regard but it is a tasty tea and well worth the price....more info
  • pleasantly suprised
    I bought this months ago but I didnt like the taste and I kept it in the pantry...I took it out again because my appetite has been off the charts. I have only been using it for 2 days but I have to tell you my urges for snacking have subsided substantially. I drink it 3 times a day and I no longer snack like a maniac. Now I can just have a piece of fruit as my snack. It almost feels like my sugar level are stabilized and I no longer crave the junk. I also put some cinnamon in it as I hear that helps suppress appetitite too. I am excited to get on the scale next week. I will wait a few more days. Finally, something is working for me. ...more info
  • Love this tea!!!
    You can pay a WHOLE lot more for Oolong tea, but you really don't need to in order to get a great tea. And this one is GREAT! Love to drink it on ice w/ meals. This tea has a very smooth flavor hot or cold. Love it - will buy this again and again!...more info
  • Fantastic tea
    I was highly skeptical of the reports that said that Oolong tea helps with weight loss, but now I'm a believer. Eating healthier and eating less was helping me, but once I started drinking a cup or two of this tea each day I did notice that the weight loss was a little faster. I love this tea....more info
  • I Prefer Green Tea to these Vintage Oolong Teabags
    Arrived promptly in 2 days. The tea was as advertised 100 flo-thru decaffeinated bags at 7 oz. I enjoy drinking green tea and thought I would give Oolong tea a try. I did not think that this tea tasted bad but I prefer green tea over these Oolong teabags. I also ordered "Sea Dyke - Famous Fujian Anxi Golden Oolong (Wulong) Tea - Huangjingui Oolong Loose Leave - High Grade" from piermall. The loose Oolong tea tasted so much better than these teabags. The loose Oolong tea was more fragrant and had a smoother taste and did not need any sweetening. It tasted similar to green tea.

    My boyfriend loves earlgrey tea and he did not like the Oolong teabags but he loved the loose Oolong tea.

    It says on the back of the box, "Known throughout Asia as one of China's great treasures, tea is second only to water as a world beverage. Tea has been linked with health from the very beginning and is prized for its ability to banish fatigue, stimulate the mental powers and raise the energy level. Recent scientific research reveals that Oolong tea may carry remarkable slimming and health benefits. Oolong is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which is found to be associated with weight loss. Another important constituent is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which has been extensively studied as a potential treatment for a variety of diseases, including cancer. Epidemiological data have suggested that EGCG may provide protective effects against hormone related cancers, namely breast or prostate cancer. *These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."...more info


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