Hoover F7427900 SteamVac Dual V TurboPower Carpet Cleaner

List Price: $339.99

Our Price: $246.88

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  • 12 amp carpet cleaner with 6 rotating brushes to loosen dirt from fibers
  • Automatic detergent-mixing system; edge-to-edge suction; heated cleaning
  • 8-foot attached hose and powered hand tool for cleaning stairs and upholstery
  • AutoRinse function; separate clean/dirty 1-gallon tanks; 13-inch cleaning path
  • Measures approximately 20 by 12 by 44 inches; 2-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • works great but will break down... do not buy!!!
    This product works great it picks of most of water but the carpet cleaner will not last after 1 year of use. The main culprit is the plastic water tanks. I have owned my machine for 4 years and I replaced it 3 times. The good thing is that its parts are available everywhere.... which I not sure its a good or bad thing.... Maybe the Hoover knows of these flaws and its creating an aftermarket demand on parts... and believe me they are not cheap. Each water tank is $50 to $70 so with what I have already spent. I could of bought a new one. I also had to replace rusted parts inside the machine. In conclusion, its the best cleaner out there but its just cheaply made out of plastic that will crack in time and leak all over the place... which causes parts to rust inside the machine....more info
  • Buy Extra Water Tank!!!!!!!!!
    I have owned Hoover products since 1970. This is the first piece of junk I've ever gotten from them. The clean water tank is worthless. It leaks everywhere. I have 4 dogs. I NEED my rug cleaner just to get doggy body odor out of the rugs. The water tank spews enough water from its leaks to make you think a dog has pizzled on the rugs and floors. Needless to say... you can't get a replacement part because they STAY OUT OF STOCK!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A great steamer -- not to be confused with similar models
    A number of reviews listed with this machine are for another Hoover steam cleaner. There are some differences. This machine in some ways is the best, but it doesn't include the hard wood floor attachment -- something some folks say leaks. But it is an option for it. This thing really works great, most of them do. I used one of the older models without the heat function and always had good luck. The hand upholstery tool works great with auto carpet and seats (if cloth). This thing is heavy and a bit loud -- a high pitched whir that'll make cats nervous. But it works well. You don't have to use the Hoover cleaner, many others work fine (Costco). A little pretreater will get out most any stain. We've had no leaks or any other issues after six months. The directions for putting it together could be confusing (and confusion might contribute to leaks -- but shouldn't), but previous experience made it a five minute job here. Bottom line, this is a very good steam cleaner. Price played a part in the decision but it's one of the better ones out there AND it should not be confused with several similar Hoover models that may have had issues. This one is well-built and works fantastically....more info
  • Wonderful Carpet Cleaner
    I love my new carpet cleaner! Before purchasing this cleaner I borrowed my friend's Hoover SteamVac to be sure that I would like it and I did! I have used my new cleaner 3 times now and have cleaned 2 large rooms, 1 hallway and 1 staircase and love the results. I did go over the hallway on 3 separate occasions (it was really dirty) and it came really clean. I definetly reccommend cleaning then rinsing really well and slowing vacuuming over the wet area several times to pull as much water out as possible. My carpets were dry within and hour or so after doing this. This cleaner is also really handy in a pinch. My 1 year old son decided to get chocolate covered strawberries all over my freshly cleaned room during dinner one night and I quickly pulled out the cleaner and had it spotless in no time....more info
  • Great when it works...
    I have owned this steam vac for 5 years and am about to replace the water
    tank for the 3rd time because it is leaking again. The little spring breaks after just a few uses. I am one who treats all my appliances very gently and follow directions to a "T" so I know it is the machine. I will replace the tank again if I am able to and if it breaks again that is it. For the amount of $ these cost they should not break so easily....more info
  • Beware - The tanks leak for no reason
    The Hoover works well when it doesn't leak. It sucks the access water out and is easy to operate. Stains need to be pre-treated but then the carpet get clean. I only used the machine about 6 times before the clean water tank just started leaking. I always took good care of it and cleaned and rinsed all the parts before storing it so there is just no reason for it to do this other than poor quality....more info
  • outstanding!!!
    I used to own a Bissell cleaner. But it disintegrated after less than ten times use. Yeah, disintegrated literally. I have done some search on the internet to find a replacement and concluded that Hoover F7427 is the best choice because it uses two separate tanks, whereas Bissell uses a bladder tank, which is disgusting and holds less water because both the clean water and dirty water are stored in the same tank. I was a skeptic before I bought the Hoover because I was kind of influenced by the negative comments on the internet reviews. However, as soon as I got the machine, those negative comments in my mind basically faded. I found out that most of the parts can be taken a part and cleaned, and its design is much simpler than Bissel. Simplicity means less problems. After tighten up two screws, I put the machine for a good use. I cleaned all the carpets in the house. It performed flawlessly. The V shaped suction was a lot stronger than that of Bissell and the rotary brushes were much gentler than the roller brush of Bissell. Stains failed to clean by the Bissell are now all gone. For all these, I recommend Hoover F7427. It gets the job done. (Tips: Make sure you read the user manual and learn how to handle and maintain the machine; otherwise, you will ended up post negative comments.) ...more info
  • Disgustingly Fun!
    I am a noobie to deep cleaning so maybe my favorable review is from the novelty effect. Nevertheless, this SteamVac was so amazing in extracting a lot of crap from my seemingly 'clean' carpet, that I am a believer now.

    Of particular note, this version has a rinse switch which you can interchange between detergent or just plain water. I loved being able to rinse the carpet immediately after shampooing because I hate residue from chemicals.

    The carpet barely needed to dry because the SteamVac was so efficient. Most parts were instantly dry, no joke!

    Cleaning the SteamVac is a chore, but necessary. Dont make the mistake I made of dumping out the dirty water in the bathtub, clogging up the drainage with carpet balls. Live and learn, I say.

    99% of all the stains on my carpet are gone. A stubborn rust stain refused to leave, but I must admit I wasn't expecting it to; it was a heavy rust stain.

    The vacuum might be a tad heavy for the more delicate person, but I relished the exercise. I spent about 2 hours cleaning my apartment, and after a little sweat now my carpet is singing. I recommend this product....more info
  • Beware! Two out of three of my Hoover machines broke in the first hours of use
    I own three Hoover cleaning machines. I wish I owned none.

    I own a SteamVac Carpet Cleaner, a Wind Tunnel Vac and a hard surface floor cleaning machine.

    The Wind Tunnel's belt broke after a few hours of use, requiring replacement. Hassle.

    The SteamVac Carpet Cleaner broke after about ten hours of use. More hassle and expense because the thing just went out of Warranty.

    Want service? Good luck. Take the machine to a service center and leave it with them for two weeks, then pay them for repairing a machine that should never have gotten out of the factory.
    Where is the convenience of owning your own carpet cleaning machine? It's gone.

    My experience? Hoover quality and customer service are terrible.

    ...more info