Hoover U8371-900 WindTunnel 2 Complete Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

WindTunnel technology: This vacuum features patented WindTunnel technology, which lifts and traps dirt so it won't scatter back into your carpet. HEPA filtration: The HEPA filter traps 100 percent of dust mites, ragweed and common grass pollens. Real-Time tool system: This feature makes tool use easy with a handle that instantly converts to a telescopic wand, and a Tag-Along grip to guide the cleaner. Bottom-release dirt cup: You don't have to worry about replacing bags for this vacuum. Simply remove the cup and empty contents into the trash. Pet hair cleaning tool: The powerful suction and rotating brushes in this tool easily clean stairs and upholstery. Extra features: This vacuum also includes soft wheels, a brilliant headlight, automatic brush shutoff, edge cleaners, and multiple height adjustments.

  • 12 amp bagless upright vacuum cleaner with WindTunnel 2 technology
  • Embedded DirtFinder; edge cleaning; electronic carpet-height adjustment
  • Real-time tool system for thorough cleaning; Tag-Along grip; pet-hair tool
  • Self-cleaning HEPA filter; headlight; bottom-release dirt cup; lifetime belt
  • Measures 11 by 15 by 44 inches; 1-year parts-and-labor warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Pretty Decent
    I got this via LNT and thought to check the review on this. Whoa is it really that bad? My first use of it was pretty good, beside the canister (holds the dust) won't snap on easily, you have to apply force. And the hair won't drop out as expected, had to dig in and drag it out.

    Maybe after a few month.... *knock on wood* ...more info
  • Wind tunnel 2
    After I purchased the Wind Tunnel 2 I started reading reviews and was quite worried that I made a horrible mistake in purchasing it. However once I used it I found out that it really does it job. We recently got a dog so I was looking for a vacuum that would pick up the dog hair and this definitely does the trick. I also like the telescope wand - used it on my ceiling fans and it worked well. One downfall is that it is pretty heavy and I couldn't imagine taking up and down stairs. I've also had a problem getting the bagless cup cleaned to my liking but this is a very minor problem. ...more info
  • I like it
    I liked from the first moment I opened the box. Yes, it a little bit heavier than I expected, but doing a great job. It clean everywhere car, stairs, under bed. That's the best vacuum cleaner I ever had....more info
    This vacuum has a good cleaning system when it works. It seems the problem that I've had along with the problem most other people have is the filter stops spinning and gets clogged. This means the vacuum won't pick up anything and the hose won't work.

    I took the vacuum apart today and figured out how to fix it.
    1. Take all the screws out of the top part of the vacuum to pull the white and orange( or other color i guess on different models).
    2. Clean out all the gunk in the filter and around it with a flathead screwdriver. It helps to have another vacuum to suck up the the gunk from the filter if you have another vacuum.
    3. On the right side of the filter is the motor to spin the filter. It should still work. The reason the filter stops spinning in the first place is that gunk gets built up on the sides of the filter creating too much friction and it breaks a piece connecting the motor to the filter. Take the outer part of the motor enclosure off. There seems to be screws holding it in place but its just one latch. You only need to pry it open enough to get the big white gear out. This gear connects to the filter. Once you get it out, if you look closely at it, you see that what used to be a rectangular shape has turned into a circular one. Fill this hole up half way with some super glue ( I used gorilla glue) and put it back in place.
    4.Put the vacuum back together and wait a few hours.

    Hope this helps. It worked for me.

    A Penn State Student...more info
  • Horrible Investment
    We bought this vaccuum instead of a Dyson because it was cheaper and seemed to have all the same stuff. Not the case!!! Needless to say after about two months we went out and bought a Dyson. Great improvement!!! The hepa filter clogged after about the second time we used it and you cannot replace them. No comment from Hoover when we e-mailed them about this awful machine!!! We would rate this less than 1 if there was an option to do that....more info
  • So Far No Problems
    Bought this Vaccum to Replace a Hoover WindTunnel V2 with the two Counter-rotating Brushes. It Died after one too many incidents w/rug Fringe. It was also VERY hard to push.. Everything on this Vaccum works as designed after 3 months of use 2-3 times a week. The noise the HEPA filter makes is a little diffrent and takes some getting used to. Switching from Tile to Carpet is very easy with the Electric Height Adjustment Knob. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because I would like it to be easy to take out and thoroughly clean or replace the HEPA Filter. ...more info
  • Effectively Distributes Dust Throughout Your Home!
    Hoover's attempt to make this vacuum bagless is a complete failure. The most glaring problem involves the seal between the collection chamber and the outside world -- fine dust particles are easily able to escape and are blown back into the room being cleaned, as well as onto the surfaces of of the vacuum cleaner.

    This effect was most apparent when I used the hose attachments to vacuum a hardwood floor. The "puddle" of dust that covered my floor was unbelievable; too bad Amazon doesn't allow photos, because they speak volumes.

    The design of the chamber makes it difficult to empty without creating a complete mess. Furthermore, you routinely need to reach inside to pull out dust collected on the screen. Your hand comes out every time covered in fine gray dust. Yuck.

    And I don't have allergies, but I sneezed every time I used this vacuum.

    On the bright side, the WindTunnel 2 is powerful (before the filter clogs with dust) and the roller brush does a good job of returning the pile to the carpet.

    Thankfully I was able to trade it in; I now have the same model with bag and it works a thousand times better. No more dust in the room. The HEPA bags are far superior to the bagless design. And the vacuum is noticeably lighter than the bagless version....more info
  • Unacceptable
    The quality of this product is so low that I can't believe it is being sold in the United States during my lifetime.

    First, it works GREAT until it starts getting into some dirt, hair, etc. (about one or two house cleanings) then the "self cleaning hepa filter" will stop turning. If you didn't notice it turning the first time you used it - you might not even realize that when it stops - the vacuum works less well everytime you use it until it stops working completely!

    It's the worst vacuum I've ever used and I've used many! I rarely write a review on here but I can't stand the thought of another human being having to endure the pain (mental and emotional) that this goofy vacuum has caused me and my wife. This was an expensive vacuum for us and a lousy puchase.

    Like many of the other people who have written reviews - I'll never buy a Hoover again!

    Run from this vacuum (not even worth $25)! Don't fall for this one at any price - it will only cause you pain.

    ...more info
  • Buyer Beware! It's a Lemon!
    I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing. I just saw them when I tried to see if anyone else had the same problems with theirs--and it seems they all suffer from the same issues.

    This is my second Hoover. The first one I bought from a major electronics/appliance store and my husband bought the extended warranty. I had to take it in for repairs because the "dirt finder" light stopped working. I had to wait 8 weeks for them to fix and return it. When I got home, I plugged it in, and it still didn't work. We took it back and waited another 8 weeks for them to ship it to Hoover for repairs. Got it back, took it home, and -- you guessed it. It still didn't work. I took it back to the store and they sent it out for repair for the 3rd time. 8 weeks later, I got a call from the store that Hoover was unable to fix the unit and I could come in for a refund. It took them 24 weeks to tell me they couldn't fix it. It was a lemon.

    So we went to the store and used my refund to buy the Hoover WindTunnel 2. The hepa filter turned for about the first week and then stopped working. Every time you go to empty the container, the dirt gets backed up against the hepa filter, so when you unlock the unit, dirt spills out all over your floor. So I have to sweep up every time I vacuum.

    I cleaned out the Hepa filter myself (took over an hour) and then tried to see if that would help and it just won't turn and just got all clogged up again after a minute of use.

    The vacuum is also very heavy and hard to push. My mom was thinking of getting one and after I insisted she try to push it around, she agreed it was much too heavy for her to use.

    Another issue I had with the unit is that you are supposed to push a latch to release the bottom of the canister for easy dumping of the dirt. Mine no longer works, so I have to lift the top off the unit and pour the dirt out which causes a huge dust cloud. I have allergies, so whenever I vacuum or empty the unit I have to use a dust mask due to the large amount of dust that the vacuum releases into the air.

    So this week, after 6 months of living in denial that it might start working, I will return to the store and start another 24 week ordeal of shipping the lemon back and forth to Hoover for them to tell me that it is unrepairable. I can guarantee you that I will not use my refund to buy another Hoover.

    Don't make the same mistake I did....more info
    Don't buy. Just spent 2 hours trying to find the plugs. Sure enough it is the non-serviceable Hepa "so called" self cleaning filter. Appears the gear box that drives the HEPA filter sheared. Now clear but won't turn and "Self clean". I'm an engineer, and the engineer who designed this should be ashamed. DONT BUY A HOOVER. This was the second problem - first was the circuit board. Shop had seen a lot of that problem too. Couldn't keep the parts in stock!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Terrible Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum in January and had all the same problems as the other reviewers. I wish I had seen their reviews before I bought it. I will not bother to repeat what the others wrote about the clogged filter, etc. I do not recommend this vacuum nor do I recommend Hoover since I contacted them to get a refund or an exchange to a bagged vacuum and they were completely useless....more info
  • HEPA filter failure
    have owned this model for about 2 months and it is the first vacuum cleaner that I have ever had, that I have to vacuum each time we use it! The HEPA filter exit chute started clogging from day one and eventually the filter stopped rotating. We also had an earlier self propelled model U6630-900 that worked well, although the accessory hose stopped working some time ago. This is the last Hoover we'll ever buy......more info
  • I heart this vacuum!
    I don't normally write reviews for products, but after reading the reviews posted for this vacuum - I decided that I had to let other consumers know that this vacuum cleaner is awesome. It reached every corner, I didn't have to go over the same spot twice - it even sucked up those irritating threads that used to get me so frustrated that I would pick them up! I couldn't believe my eyes after I finished vacuuming - my carpets had a completely different shine and the colors were brighter. The control for the carpet height and hard wood floors was easy to use and it made switching from my hard wood floors to carpet a cinch. I don't know what the other reviewers were trying to vacuum out of their carpets but I am pretty sure that they might want to switch over to an industrial vacuum or a shop vac (or at least vacuum a little more than once every couple of months)...more info
  • P****d off I wasted $300!
    There isn't much more I can say that hasn't already been stress.Other than SELF CLEANING HEPA FILTER, yeah and the Titanic was unsinkable too! I wouldn't even give it the honor of 1 star if the review didn't make me.
    ...more info
  • Loved my old hoover, not so sure on this one
    First, the good news. For the first few months, this thing was awesome. Only complaint is that you have to clean it every time you use it and the seal around the dust cup is not very good.

    Now the bad. Like everyone else says, the Hepa filter is a major issue. The thing totally clogs up with dirt, stops spinning, and then the gears strip on it. Once that's done, its off to the repair shop. Three months and the unit is no good. The HEPA filter does NOT self-clean. Ok, the big parts fall out, but pet hair and fine dust plug this thing up fast and hard. You'll be amazed at the amount of dirt stuck in this thing if you try to clean it out yourself.

    Its a great vacuum for a couple months, then its worthless....more info
  • I'm disappointed!!
    The first one I received was returned and a new one received because they said the main circuit board went bad after just using it about 5 times. We have had nothing but trouble with the second one. The dust and dirt spills out of the container when we go to empty it. The filter is always plugged up. This causes no suction in the vacuum which means I have to empty it and get all the dust and dirt on the floor again. The dirty red light was on all the time. I have a turbo Hoover self propelled vacuum for 4 years or more and just love it. I thought the Good HouseKeeping magazine would stir me right and the new technology would help me have a cleaner house. I have astma and lung cancer. Also it is not self propelled. ...more info
    Wow! Never wrote a review before, but would like to lend a helping hand for the next person considering buying this unit. DON'T BUY IT! My last vacuum was a Hoover Windtunnel self-propelled vacuum. I loved it with the exception of the self-propelled function breaking twice. I figured I would purchase the newest and best Wind Tunnel 2 Complete Bagless Upright w/o self propelled. I'm strong...I don't need it, I thought. Well, that would soon prove to be the stupidest choice I ever made. It is hard to push this vacuum at times. I vacuum daily. I have a daycare business with children here every day. I like my floors clean. I have babies that crawl on it. I have many pets also. Most do not cause a problem with pet hair. The dog is a non-shedding bred. The parakeets scatter bird seed and small feathers each day that need to be picked up. The other pets do not have issues with pet hair/debris. Therefore, pet hair was not the reason I really purchased this vacuum. I just like clean rugs! Well, I wish I came here first to read the reviews. I wouldn't have done it. I have the EXACT problems the other review-er's have! The dirt finder light does not work! It turns on the "dirty" signal upon turning on the power to let you know its lamp is working. That's it. I purposely run the vacuum over small, but plenty of debris, and NOTHING! Says it's "Clean" all the time. I can hear the debris being picked up, but no "Dirty" signal. They're right. Within the first week of purchasing...the so-called HEPA filter was not turning, clogged with dust and being blown EVERYWHERE while I choked trying to clear it. It makes a loud "popping" sound which I cannot figure out where it's coming from. It comes and goes. I think it has something to do with the motor of this vacuum. It has moments when it sucks really hard and other times when there is no suction at all with the hoses. I am a fanatic! I clean this unit after each vacuuming. There's little dirt to empty. It all seems to be trapped in the HEPA filter which I cannot clean. I have resorted to taking my old Wind Tunnel to vacuum the HEPA filter as best as I can. Then it worked for a little bit, and happened again 1 week later. Hoover claims they have no complaints from other customers regarding these identical problems! Who are they kidding? This is the first time I purchased a vacuum through an on-line site (another mistake I will never make). They were a great company, but don't take the vacuum's back. You have to have it serviced at the closest repair center (thankfully, for me, is 5 miles away.) Now, tell me why I should have to take a month old vacuum for service? It's not going to fix these problems....it's the terrible design of the unit! I will never buy another one of these again! Lisa Ranzino, Sewell, NJ ...more info
  • Do not waste your money
    Bought this in September and have to take it in to the shop less than 4 months later for the same reasons as listed by many below....more info
  • HEPA filter transmission is DOA
    The "Lifetime" "Self Cleaning" HEPA filter does not clean itself and can't be replace by the consumer. Once the filter is plugged, this poorly sealed beast blows dust all over the room when you turn it on.

    As others noted, it sounds like the gears are stripped when the filter cleaning mechanism is engaged. The filter jerks and moves irregularly or not at all. The transmission is made of plastic and flexes when engaged. What an idiotic, cheap design.

    Took it in to be repaired and the shop was full of Windtunnels with repair tags.

    A poorly engineered product. Clearly a Lemon.

    Purchased based upon Hoover's reputation for quality but they won't make it right. Boy did we get Burned.

    Anybody interested in a class action law suit?

    If I'd known Hoover is owned by Maytag, I never would have bought their product - given what they did to their employees in Iowa when they moved operations south of the border.

    One star because I couldn't give it ZERO.

    Welcome to the internet, Maytag / Hoover. You're no longer going to get away with treating people like the dirt your products are supposed to clean up....more info
  • best functioning vacuum cleaner
    i recently purchased a Hoover U8371-900 Windtunnel 2 Complete Bagless Upright & I am so impressed with it's performance & versatility. I had no problem assembling the vacuum cleaner. it feels a little heavy but so far hasn't been a problem for me b/c it has a convenient handle for carrying the vacuum upstairs. I can't believe the suction this vacuum has. it picks up so much more than my previous vacuums & it's so easy to empty out the bagless container. the self-cleaning filter so far has worked with no problems. the tools that come with this vacuum work very well. i am able to vacuum my stairs with the extension hose & the pet hair attachment works well at picking up my dog's hair off of the sofa. overall completely satisfied with this product. kind of embarrassed at how much dirt this vacuum picked up the first time i used it. couldn't believe i had so much in my carpets!...more info
  • SUCKS but Sucks
    I read the other reviews here but thought I could handle the problem they described and bought it anyway. I mean how bad could it be? It's half the price of the Dyson.
    It's bad. When we took it out of the box - we couldn't get the canister to latch. After fussing with it for a while and mashing a rubber seal down, we were able to get it to latch - however - the parts feel cheap and when you put it in - you're not sure that it is latched. The latch feels and looks like it will easily break.
    Physically - it's lighter (21.5lbs without attachments)than the old Kirby we replaced (25.5lbs), however it feels three times heavier when you push it. Actually pulls down on your shoulder. It's 5 times harder to push.
    Beater bar isn't strong enough. Would stop on our carpet till we raised it all the way to high. Finally, after running it for 10 minutes, it started making a whirring noise and we smelled smoke (burning rubber.) We couldn't see a belt anywhere and I have no idea how the beater bar turns.
    It did get up a lot of dirt, but like the others, when my daughter went to empty the canister - it fell apart and dumped all over the place. (I didn't tell her the problems the other reviewers had. It was sort of funny having the prophecy come true.)
    One other observation was that the rotating HEPA filter thing sounded like a poorly constructed wind up toy with a smooth place in the gears. It makes a grinding noise, a little lighter grinding noise, and then back to the grinding noise.
    Nice try by Hoover, but a failure. Taking it back tomorrow. ...more info
  • Think twice
    I wish that the above review had been available when I bought this vacuum! I too have the problem with the hepa filter getting dirt into it. This happened the very first time I used the vacuum. Also a big reason I went with this model is the dirt finder feature. Which doesn't work. It does work on the Eureka models but they don't have one available to purchase with this feature right now. I am currently in talks with Hoover. They sent me a reply on 10-19 saying they were looking into it. Today is the 27th and still no word. (By the way, they give you no phone number to call. You have to email.) I can't believe I am out 350+ bucks. My vacuum is not losing suction but it STINKS to high heaven. The bucket to empty it is very awkard. No handle and you have to wash the pre filter thing everytime you use it and then you have to let it dry. I hate this vacuum....more info
  • Worst Vacuum Ever!
    If your living environment is in the country with exposure to dirt, mud, animal hair & normal household dirt or dust, this vacuum is not for you! This machine is poorly designed & does not perform as advertised. Suction is so great it pulls dirt, debris & hair up through the collar cone filter & directly into the sealed HEPA chamber. Once the chamber plugs full of debris, the vacuum looses all suction & ability to clean. There are only two options for cleaning the chamber, once obstructed - take it to an authorized shop or dismantel the machine yourself. No one wants a vacuum that must be 'repaired' after minimal use, or one that must be repaired after every use. It clogged up before I could complete two rooms & although the initial obstruction was cleared, the unit now plugs up before finishing one room. Hoover appears to have no desire to fix the design flaw or make it right with anyone who foolishly spent money buying this product - Hoover will not accept a return, or provide an exchange to another vacuum in their product line. A word of advice I received from the authorized service shop that repaired (cleaned) the vacuum - this type of problem seems common with Hoover bagless models, especially the new windtunnel 2; don't buy anything but a bagged Hoover product. ...more info