Hoover S3341 Constellation Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

The Hoover S3341 Constellation Bagged canister floats on air, which allows it to safely glide along on all types of floors. The canister is of all steel construction. The powerful 12-amp motor gives you the suction power necessary for all cleaning needs but is also very quiet. The Turbo Power Nozzle allows you to get hard to reach dirt in your carpet. The Breathe Easy system with Hepa filtration bag traps 99.9%of all particles down to .3 microns. This deluxe tool set gives you everything you need to clean. The tools feature coarse hair bristles that are tough on dirt but gentle on floors. The tools include a 12-inch hard floor nozzle that can be used on hard wood, slate, tile, marble and linoleum floors. A 6-inch upholstery brush can be used with or without brushes and a crevice tool. The tools all fit at the end of a 12 feet stretch hose and a telescoping wand that adjusts from 23 to 39 inch which gives you a full 15 feet of cleaning reach.

  • Powerful 12 amp canister vacuum cleaner for all floor surfaces
  • Durable steel construction; floats on air for easy, lightweight maneuverability
  • Hard-floor nozzle, TurboPower nozzle, upholstery brush, crevice tool, and dusting brush included
  • 12-foot stretch hose; telescoping extension wand; HEPA filtration
  • Measures 14-1/4 by 14-1/4 by 15 inches; 2-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • best vacuum,lite ,easy and powerful
    This vacuum is so easy to get around with. It is like pushing a feather duster around, but very powerful. If you have a bad back and can't push those heavy up-rite vacs anymore then I recommend this hoover....more info
  • Cool in theory, but dumb in real life
    Like others, we had one of these when I was a kid. It was fun to play with but miserable for vacuuming.

    Its suction is not impressive--too much of that 12 amps go into keeping the thing aloft (and scattering dust).

    Worse, the hovercraft action only works well on a perfectly flat (and preferably hard) floor. Too easily, the base gets hung up on any change of level--tile-to-carpet, wood-to-rug, its own cord--and, as often as not, the machine tips over. You either have to go back and free or right the thing, or--out of exasperation--drag it across the floor on its side. It isn't especially good about moving around furniture and gets hung up or tips over, which is especially annoying in small rooms.

    There's a good reason this design never took off....more info
  • Have patience
    Just got the Hoover Constellation, mainly for the floors and dusting. Love the little guy, but agree about the cord winding problem. Figured it out! Turn it off, tilt the canister on its side and it'll wind around in no time. Also takes patience learning to maneuver thresholds and it coming up behind you too fast on floors. The trick is to take advantage of the great length on the hose and not yank it too fast. Would appreciate ANY and ALL suggestions on use! Overall, it does what I want am quite happy with the product. ...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned!!!
    I've owned so many vacuums in the past ten years & they all have been nothing but trouble. I haven't owned this one long, but so far it is fabulous. Has amazing suction & is so easy to vacuum. It's not heavy at all & it just glides behind you. I would be careful with the on & off switch it seems like you need to be gentle. It flips up & down but doesn't feel very durable. Wrapping the cord is no big deal to me I just put it in the closet with cord piled on top. The cord is wonderful it's extra, extra long. You will love this vacuum!!! ...more info
  • Jane Jetson would be so jealous!
    okay, this is the cutest little vacuum cleaner ever! i had just vacuumed with my old dirt devil, which was sucking (but not literally), when i decided to buy a new vacuum. when this one arrived 3 days later, you should have heard the amount of dirt it picked up that the dirt devil had left on the floor. and did i mention that it is soooo cute? the non-retractible cord isn't that big of a deal. if you've ever had a vacuum with one, you know that they always break anyway. just take the hose off and leave the power on, and spin it around until it reaches the wall where it's plugged in. one other slightly annoying thing is the fact that the handle won't stand up by itself. it won't go any straighter than it's shown in the picture, but unfortunately becuase it's on rollers, it won't lean against the canister as shown, either. i store them separately in the closet, so not that big of a deal. and it really is quiet. and it has never hit my ankles. for an inexpensive little vacuum, i'd say it's grrreat....more info
  • Gimmick w/ bad ergonomics
    The float on air thing works okay, but if you are going over both rugs and flooring, it can get flummoxed and stuck. It also tends to get caught up in its own cord. The vacuum suction works well, but the handle ergonomics are pretty awful--no real grip/hold and it curves at an awkward angle, twisting your wrist. Finally the metal straight pole fits into the plastic part with just friction--it comes apart while you are vacuuming!...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever !!!
    I've owned several vacuums in my life, but the Hoover S3341 Constellation Bagged Canister vacuum is by far the best I've ever owned. This baby is powerful with lots of suction. And for a vacuum that works that well, I was truly amazed at how quiet it is! It advertises as "it floats on air" and it does...no pulling it around. I've owned upright vacuums and you can't get under the furniture, but with this canister vacuum, you can. And it is compact enough to store away easily. It also has a nice long cord which I love. I don't have stairs in my home but this vacuum can easily be carried if necessary yet it is a durable piece of equipment. I highly recommend it to everyone. ...more info
  • Not bad for the price
    It's easy to assemble from the quickly delivered box.

    You just slide the wands into each other and into the vaccuum.

    I thought I'd need screw-drivers, etc, but, no. Very easy.

    I immediately vaccuumed the whole house up in five minutes - It's sooo easy and light-weight to pull along, unlike my last canister.

    It vaccuums up coffee grinds from the kitchen floor, hair off the bathroom floor, and, snippets of paper from the carpeted scrapbook room.

    A larger piece of paper did get caught in it, but, I just pulled it out..
    no problem, and, another time, some piece of pebble got caught up in it,
    but, I managed to remove that, too.

    It makes a loud sound, whenever something gets caught.

    There's an 80/20 percent chance that you'll get stuff vaccuumed up
    from the edges - where the carpet/floors meet the walls.
    Sometimes, I have had to remove the nozzle and edged along the walls, that way.

    It does move quickly, and, yes, it might bump into you - but - that just takes some practice maneuvering.

    I agree with the drawback about the cord not being retractable - but -
    I just wind it up, and place it on a nail, in the utility closet, if I am too lazy to wind it up around the vaccuum itself.

    No biggie.

    I don't know how it would compare to the $800 plus vaccuums, as, I've never owned such expensive ones.. This Constiallation is the most expensive I've ever had - and - I do love it ... It's quick, fast, and, picks up nicely.

    Plus, I love the way it looks. ...more info
  • of course it is cool
    Bought this to replace a very old (15-20?year) little Eureka mighty mite canister vacuum cleaner. I was wanting to upgrade. One reason was to get nicer attachment with soft brushes for our wood floors, and a turbo brush that might work OK on our few rugs and one set of carpeted stairs. Initially, I had even been checking the Miele's out, but just wasn't quite prepared for the Miele's cost.

    It is heavier than the old plastic little Mighty Mite, (but I suspect not heavier than any of the other higher-end canisters I was looking at for months). I like that it is a bit taller, so I don't have to stoop down so far to pick up the very nice and convenient large handle. Without wheels, of course, one has to pick it up to move it when it is off and not floating. But, since I was worried about the old hard plastic wheels on my old cheap mighty mite, having to pick this up does not irritate me. (Of course, a modern canister would have better wheels than my old vacuum)

    It was surprisingly quiet compared to our old canister vacuum cleaner.

    Suction is fine, and much better than our old vacuum. To wind the cord (and unwind when I start) I un-attach the hose (easy), turn it on, and let it float while I unwind or rewind things. However, this could be improved with a retractable cord. (or just store it unwound. Since we keep it in a closet, that is fine with me). Cord does seem nice and long.

    The main factor is that it floats, which is rather cool. It floats on my wood floors and my rugs. I haven't checked out the turbo brush yet on my carpeted stairs (which are really dirty with dog hair and was always impossible to get the edges and corners clean with trying the upright).

    Seems sturdy. It was easy to open to change the bag. (I haven't changed the bag yet, but did open to check insides).

    ...more info
  • Simple and Efficient
    Excellent vacuum, simple design and good suction = winner! We've been going through vacuums at a rate of about one every 3 years. They always loose parts, bit by bit, and start smelling or need expensive repairs. We've had vacuums from $50 to $450. At $150 shipped, this one seemed worth a try, and we're glad we did! We have both carpet and wood floors, and it works equally well on both. The air powered beater bar works surprisingly well on our medium pile carpets, and it adjusts easily between floors. It is a bit on the smaller side (width), but I discovered that it makes vacuuming the stairs a breeze. So far, that is the biggest plus I've found: the hose is plenty long to reach up all the steps, and the width is just right, so I can clean each step in one single sweep, no sweat! The round steel ball design is fabulous, I hope we won't find a way to break this canister (no wheels to fall off!)... The simplicity of the (one and only) on/off switch is fabulous, the wrap-around cord is a bit bothersome, but hey, at least the retraction feature can't break. The telescoping wand is easy to use, fairly lightweight and all parts simply connect by sliding them on firmly, so no pins or grooves to break. The hovering feature of the canister makes up for any slight heaviness of the hose and wand. It is so easy to use, my 3-year-old helped vacuuming today without any problem! Carrying the entire vacuum is also a breeze, it's really not heavy or cumbersome. Also, the hepa bags are great, there is really no dust escaping, which makes for a really clean, odor free house. I last vacuumed on Friday, and I haven't had to dust at all! So far, this is our first week using this model, and we have high hopes that it will continue to serve its purpose as well as it has due to a simple, sturdy design and no-frills, well-designed features. ...more info
  • Cool Vacuum
    This vacuum is the 1st appliance the whole family has been excited about purchasing and using. In previous purchases vacuums were just a necessary utilitarian purchase, but this was one utilitarian purchase in which the whole family got a bit giddy upon using it for the first time.

    The omnidirectional suspension mechanism truly makes one more efficient when vacuuming. I've never vacuumed the whole downstairs so quickly, because the constellation would just follow me around effortlessly.

    Problems: The vacuum does have trouble going over thresholds, but no more so than the old wheeled Hoover canister we used to own. If the user gets a running start the canister will fly over the threshold with a little bump sort of like a speed hump on a residential street. Throw carpets are a bit a problem and require the user to lift the vacuum over the edge.

    We were concerned about other users reports of winding the cord, but found the cord could be easily wound if the hose is detached and the canister is spun winding the cord until it reaches the wall plug. This is a bit more effort than the old Hoover canister, but not too much because even the old canister did not retract completely all the time and required some attention to get it to retract all the way. ...more info
  • Awesome little vacuum.
    This is a really well made vacuum. I remember having one as a kid and it's still made the same way. Metal parts, very simple to put together and take apart and unlike other models, comes standard with all of the attachements you need.

    Because it exhausts through the bottom to create the floating feature, it can blow dust around if you drop into the middle of a pile of dust. The key is to start in one corner of the room and make your way across. Also, be gentle. The floating feature makes it very move very fast across the floor.

    It doesn't have a motorized beater bar like an upright vacuum, so if you have very dirty or thick pile wall to wall carpet, it won't pick up deep down particles. I have hardwood floors with area rugs and it works great.

    This is also a very quiet vacuum, so you won't go deaf from using it. The only drawback is the non-retractable cord. I don't mind winding it myself, but a retractable cord would be nice....more info
  • Not all high-quality materials
    We were very excited to get our new Hoover s3341, through Amazon. It came about 2 days after we ordered it and we put it to use right away. I am not kidding when I say that it broke within 15 minutes.

    The vaccuum apparantly sucked up something hard (perhaps a tack, or dime somewhere), which subsequently busted off a piece of the plastic rotater inside of the turbo nozzle.

    My husband, an industrial designer, commented on the short-sightedness of making the attachment's most critical part out of plastic.

    The turbo nozzle now makes a crazy high-pitched noise if turned on and the brush no longer rotates, thus making the turbo nozzle (the most essential piece of the vaccuum) useless.

    I called Hoover to see if we could get a replacement, and after holding for 24 minutes found taht they are out of replacements for the turbo nozzle (coincidence??) and don't have any clue when they'll get more in stock.

    Boo. I'd love to keep the little guy, because it is really fun to use and has great suction. But, it seems like a bad idea after it breaking upon first use.

    Makes you kind of sad to read that the model designed in the 40s lasted for 50 years, and the model designed in 2002 couldn't even last 40 mintues. They REALLY don't make 'em like they used to!

    Good luck.

    ...more info
  • Constellation
    When we recieved the vacuum it was all scratched up. Overall it is a good vacuum. It wasn't worth returning for all the scratches....more info
  • good suction but several negative features
    We bought the constellation and then returned it for a refund. We have all laminate flooring thoughout the house and at first were very satisfied with the strong suction of the vacuum. However, I soon grew tired of the thing slamming into furniture and even into ME. It floats almost too effortlessly! If you work too fast with it the canister sails quickly towards you or anything else in its path and WHAM. It does not leave marks on furniture, but it's rather a pain (literally) when it bumps into your ankles. Another thing I did not like was the fact that it will blow pet hair and dust bunnies into the air that are hiding under furniture. I keep a pretty clean house, but underneath things pet hair and dust collect in between vacuumings. When I begin vacuuming and get near a dresser or couch with the canister stuff from underneath these items starts blowing into the air. The third thing I did not like about it, and probably the thing that most annoyed me, was it has no retractable cord. There really is no easy or convenient way to store the cord once you're done vacuuming. We returned it for a refund and plan to buy something else....more info
  • Just what I wanted
    35 years ago my husband and I received a Hoover Costellation as a wedding gift. Over the years we replaced the cord and the hose and an attachment or two, but the machine just kept on going. About a month ago it stopped working. I was shocked, but then figured 35 years of service is pretty good. I immediately went on line to try to find another one. I was delighted to find one at Amazon. The new Constellation is much lighter in weight and more powerful too. I hope to have it another 35 years....more info
  • Interesting design but. . . .
    We purchased the Constellation because we have always had reliable service from our Hoover appliances and wanted to try the Constellation's novel "floating" feature, but this did not make up for its heavy weight and awkward shape. It is especially difficult to rewind the long cord around the base for storage; a retractable cord is almost a necessity with this design. The machine does have good suction and the metal parts will probably last forever, but if the floating capacity ever gives out it will be like dragging around a canon ball. We had to return it. We finally settled on a Panasonic MC-3920 which is tiny and lightweight and does a good job on our hard-finish floors. For carpets we use a Eureka upright....more info
  • Hoover Constelation vacuum
    We had these cannister vacs years ago and I was looking for another because it floats and I do not have to keep pulling it behind me all the time I am cleaning my floors, etc. ...more info
  • Nice style, well made, works great!
    I am SO happy with my purchase. I have exclusively hardwood floors and this vacuum is a dream. The motor is much, much quieter than my just retired 10 year old Hoover, and it glides across the floor effortlessly - a gentle tug by the user and it glides (seems to float) in the direction you tugged. HEPA filtered bags! (I have allergies, hence no carpets). It is sturdy and well made, and though made of metal is much lighter than my previous plastic hoover. I think it will be easier to keep IT clean as well, my previous hoover had many crevices on the surface into which dust/dirt eventually settled that was impossible to remove. If you have all/mostly/lots of hard floors, you can't go wrong here.

    Amended 8/27: I have discovered one frustrating feature to this vacuum. There is no easy way to wind the power cord for storage. It has a place where it belongs, at the base of the ball-shaped canister, but actually winding it is a real pain. I needed to detach the vacuum head, and somehow manage the tubing over my shoulder since I need two hands to wind (it's hard to explain!). I wrapped it around my neck (like a big snake in a tourist photo) and kept it there while clumsily winding. It's awkward, to say the least. That being said, I still love my vacuum. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I was skeptical at first about buying this vaccuum, I didn't think a canister vaccuum for $200 would be up to par. But I am so glad I took a chance. I love this vaccuum. I have hard floors throughout my entire house, except for a decorative rug in the living room. I works beautifully on the hard floor surfaces. I wouldn't buy this vac if you have alot of carpeting. But for hard floors it is amazing. It really does float on air, and it is very powerful. The only thing that could make this vac any more conveinent would be a retractable cord....more info
  • It Sucks..... But That's What It's Made To Do!!!!
    We have a Dyson for the carpets, but it's actually heavy and not easily used on stairs. The Constellation actually fulfills quite a niche. It's quiet, has very good power, well made components; and floats easily from Pergo/Wooden floors to carpet.

    The Constellation is well made and is not like most cheap plastic models on sale in large box stores.

    I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Easy to Use Vacuum
    If you're familiar with "air hockey," you can imagine how the Constellation moves. It glides on a cushion of air, and therefore moves around very easily. However, this wonderful feature has a drawback you have to get used to; if you set the Constellation down in a pile of dust, the dust in the immediate area gets blown around. The way to avoid this is to vacuum from a clean area, toward a dusty area, always keeping the vacuum behind you, in a clean area. This may sound like a pain, but I find it easy to do, and the ease with which the Constellation moves makes up for having to adopt a new cleaning method.

    In 1970 I was given a 1950's vintage Constellation that had been in continuous use. I used it happily until 2004, when it finally broke down. That makes about 50 years of service. In all those years, the only maintenance was a new cord.

    When I started shopping for a replacement, I was sadly disappointed. I looked at everything on the market, and found shoddy materials and hard-to-use products. I finally settled on an expensive Ghibli designed for industrial use. It has a long cord, large bags, good suction, and is sturdy. But it doesn't follow me around like the Constellation did.

    So, when I saw that Hoover was once again making the Constellation, I bought myself a brand new one. I was afraid Hoover might have made negative improvements, but most features match the original, and all materials are sturdy. The one disappointment is the heaviness of the tube (wand). Luckily I had saved the attachments from my old Constellation, and was able to use my old, light-weight alluminum wands. I have only wood and tile floors, with a few throw rugs, so when I vacuum, I use only the crevice tool. By doing this, I can instantly switch from floor to furniture to cob webs, without changing the attachment. Having the light-weight alluminum wands makes it much easier to lift the wand to ceilings, light fixtures, and picture frames.

    The new Constellation follows me around with zero effort. Wherever I go, it is there behind me, so I finish vacuuming a lot faster. Other vacuums I have used are constantly getting caught on furniture, forcing me to lift or move them, or tug on them, often resulting in the vacuum tipping over.

    The Constellation has a long cord, so you're able to vacuum a large area without plugging it in again. It also has a rubber rim around the middle, so if you bump it against a wall or furniture, there's usually no damage. The suction is powerful, so be careful around Legos and other small toys. There's an easy-to-reach adjustment that allows reduction of suction, making it easier to clean cloth surfaces. Noise is typical of other vacuums. You have the option of using HEPA bags (more expensive) or plain paper bags.

    ...more info
  • Hoover Constellation Review
    I love the way the Constellation Vacuum Cleaner floats on air when you pull it around. It is so light that I almost enjoy vacuuming. I also like the adjustable wand that makes it more comfortable for both tall and short people to use. The only change I would like to see on the Constellation would be a retractable cord....more info