Hoover S3345 Constellation Brushed-Stainless-Steel Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Features Powerful and quiet 12 amp motor Floats on air for excellent mobility. Turbo Power Nozzle Breathe Easy System with Hepa Filtration Complete set of attachments for all your cleaning needs.

  • Stainless-steel canister vacuum cleaner with powerful 12 amp motor
  • Cleans carpets and all bare-floor surfaces; lightweight for easy mobility
  • Turbo power nozzle; HEPA filtration; 16-foot stretch hose; telescopic handle
  • Hard-floor nozzle, upholstery brush, dusting brush, and crevice tool included
  • Measures approximately 14-1/4 by 14-1/4 by 15 inches; 2-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great for Combination floors
    I have mostly hardwood floors as well as area rugs in a few rooms. I also have a long hair cat who loves to roll around on the rugs. This vacuum really surprised me, although the head is not electrically powered, it really grabs all the fur! I was a little concerned that the canister would float out of control into walls and furniture, but it didn't. Suction is great, like a shop vac, and unbelievably quiet!! If you have mostly carpet I may stick with an upright, but if not, this is the perfect all floors vacuum....more info
  • HEPPA????
    Got this vacuum direct from Hoover for a lot less than anywhere else. Replaced a top of the line Bosch - way too much to spend on a vacuum! The Hoover has very good to excellent suction. If you have anything more than floors with area rugs and very short pile carpeting - you will not be impressed with the turbo brush head though. It slows down considerably on just my braided rugs, but, does a decent job. Something more plush - it would not do - invest in a vacuum with a powered head for that. Decent tools but attachment to the rack and the rack to the machine is a joke; expect them to fall off constantly. You cannot put the rack and tools on the wand and use the vacuum - they must go on the machine. Unit is quality made, relatively quiet (nothing like the Bosch which was just a hum a high speed)good cord length, minus an auto rewind - but I have found they all eventually fail anyway. Power switch is flimsy and I expect to have to replace it in a year or less. Ours came with a kink in the hose - which resulted in a small hole - Hoover was excellent though - a call to them found a new one with us within two weeks. Here is the big kicker though - it comes with HEPPA filtration bags (must be more than one design, as the one with the machine was different than other Hoover brand ones I purchased here on Amazon)so it will clean the exhausted air down to 99.999% - PROBLEM is the vacuum is designed to exhaust air out the bottom and float on it. The powerfully exhausted plume does a great job of hovering the machine, but, it also means you are blowing anything on the floor up and into the airspace. If you do not vacuum a path where the unit can follow - you are blowing alot of "stuff" all over your room before it ever gets sucked up. On a wood floor - it can clear a large area of dust quick just by blowing it all over. Kind a negates the benefit of the HEPPA bags and I have noticed it. Keep this in mind if you have any allergies at all to what is on your floor. ...more info
  • HARDWOOD FLOOR VACUUM styling quiet...and it floats!
    The Hoover web site calls this a hardwood floor vacuum, and for any hard smooth wood floor (linoleum, pergo, and vinyl floors as well) it's a dream. It really floats, and you can pull it around with its long suction hose really nicely. Surprised me with both its suction and its quiet hum when working. It cleans my hard knap throw rugs, too (wool rugs with a short fiber, not a shag). The only problem I've found is the inconvenience of the cord winding, but I've gotten used to it. BUY IT FROM HOOVER'S WEB SITE...just $120 complete for the stainless version. In short, I love this thing for what it does great....more info
  • Stylish vacuum cleaner with some design and quality flaws
    This is a stylish vacuum cleaner, and I like the way it floats on air (however, one must be careful not to sling it into something by moving too fast). It also has a lot of power. However, it makes significantly more noise than I would have expected, and the tiny dust filter got clogged within less than a minute and had to be cleaned repeatedly when I used the S3345 to clean up after sanding a sheetrock wall. I think the dust filter is too small, and it would be helpful to have a button for reducing the power of the motor for this kind of activity. Another problem area is the on/off switch, which needs so much force that I am always afraid to break it. This problem seems to be getting worse, although I haven't switched my S3345 on and off more than 20 times so far....more info
  • Just what I've been looking for!

    I have had a really difficult time finding a real vacuum cleaner.
    One that really works on hard surfaces (tile & hardwood).

    I already have several uprights including a new Oreck ... for carpet. However, they are too much trouble to assemble for hard surfaces and use on upholstery.

    I have a Sears canister which is not worth a dime.

    I am delighted with the Hoover!

    ...more info
  • Hoover S3345
    This vacuum will suck up everything. It works like a breeze and cleans deep leaving a clean air smellin the house. It does talk time getting used to it and the floating effect. Make sure and buy the HEPA replacement bags. I purchased the wrong ones that are paper, it is recomended to use HEPA bags for cleaner air return and for better vacuum use.

    Hope this helps....more info
  • Disapointed
    This vaccum works very well on our hardwood floor. I'm satisfied of that. But it has two vital faults : 1)There is no wire-tiding up system. One has to intertwine the wire manually on the bottom. This final job is very arduous. 2) It drifts too much when working. Sometimes it is difficult to control its direction. Finally, it is rather a problem instead of helping. ...more info
  • Great Product
    This is just like the one my mother had when I was young. The floating on air feature works really great. I have a disability that makes vacuumming difficult at times. This moves easily and if it accidentally bumps my ankles, it doesn't even hurt. For me that matters a lot. It is also a nice looking machine so I don't feel so bad if it is sitting out when I have company. Actually it ends up being a conversation piece of sorts. I actually enjoy using it....more info
  • Constellation-al ain't sensational
    Hoover S3345 Constellation Vacuum Cleaner works fine on wood floors. It does a good job with the small brush and crevice tools also. BUT, it is ineffective, virtually worthless, on carpet, I should have read Consumer Reports first. I am very disappointed with this product. ...more info
  • Great lightweight Canister Thats Quiet and Has Good Suction
    I bought this vacuum last month after looking at Sears and other Hoover cannistors. My mother had one of these canisters when I was a kid and I always liked the fact that it floated around the floor versus having wheels.

    My wife was sceptical but she now loves her new vacuum. She really likes the fact that it doesn't leave marks on the carpet.

    Power nossle works fine and is powered by air versus powered therefore big items can get stuck versus being chopped up by a electric motor powered brush nozzle.

    The vacuum is very quiet and light which is a big advantage. You can actually have a conversation with the vacuum on versus our Sears which you couldn't hear anything with the vacuum on. It is also rather light and can be brought up and down stairs easily.

    The cord wraps around the center easily but their is not and automatic rewind reel. The hepa filter appears to work well and has not contributed to dust in the home.

    The hose is nice and long and has a telescoping handle which makes sucking up spiders and flies on the ceiling a snap.

    I am surprised that this unit is not more widely available given its quality and useful utility....more info