Sharp CV-P10LC Portable Air Conditioner 9,500 BTU

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Product Description

Sharps new CV-P10LC Portable Air Conditioner is easy to move from room to room. It provides quiet cooling with sleek and attractive styling and a PlasmaclusterTM ion generator. Use it as a dehumidifier to remove up to 60 pints of moisture from the air in a single day. A fully featured remote control with LCD display allows you to control the unit from anywhere in the room. The flexible exhaust hose and window adapter kit allow window installation and venting of the hot air, while keeping rain and insects out. 9,500 BTU, EER 9.4

  • Portability : 4 Easy Roll Casters allow the air conditioner to be moved easily from room to room. The flexible exhaust hose and window adapter kit allow easy venting to the outside.
  • Full Function Remote Control with LCD Display : Control every function of the unit from anywhere in the room. The LCD display shows all of the current settings. Change the mode of operation, adjust the fan speeds or activate the timer.
  • PlasmaclusterTM Ion Technology : Activate the Plasmacluster Ion generator to release positive and negative ions into the air.
  • 60 Pint Dehumidification : Use the dehumidify function to remove up to 60 pints of moisture from the air every 24 hours.
  • Automatic Oscillating Louvers - Allow you to sweep the air across the room for better distribution and comfort.
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Quiet!!! FIVE STARS if Bucketless Design works as advertised...
    (3 stars for quiet design, 2 more stars if it will remove condensation via the vent hose and not require a bucket or water draining during AC operation)
    (3/29/07 update: Ran the Sharp for 3+ hours and the unit expelled most of the condensate out the vent hose as the internal tank only had 2-3 ounces of water collected.)
    Picked up the Sharp CV-P10MC 10,000BTU @ Costco recently however the weather has not been warm enough here in the NW to thoroughly test the unit out yet.
    The unit is indeed very quiet however I'm concerned that it may require regular draining of collected condensed water during AC operation as my short 30 minute test collected 4-5 ounces of water. (I have a Windchaser portable AC unit that never seems to collect more a few drops and never stopped because it needed draining or required draining)

    Sharps manual states it removes up to 60 pints of water a day in Dehumidification mode only, which requires regular draining of the internal collection tank (4-5pint capacity) or the attachment of an external bucket for longer uninterrupted operation.
    In AC mode, Sharp's website and manual states:
    "Bucketless Design. No water tank to empty.
    The built in condensate disposal system sends the water out of the exhaust hose. "
    "This air conditioner evaporates water condensed during cooling operation within the unit through the exhaust air outlet. Although water flowing sound way be heard, this is normal."

    I assume the Sharp AC unit will not require and external water collection bucket or internal water tank draining when run in AC mode only.
    My Windchaser portable AC unit (purchased last year)never once needed any condensate water drained during the whole season. The Windchaser manual states that it removes the condensed water through the air vent hose via an evaporation process that also cools the internal compressor unit. I assume this is the same type of process Sharp is referring to in its manual however the proof is in real life use.

    To anyone who has used the Sharp portable AC unit last season; Please report back and let us know if it removes condensate water via the vent hose in AC mode and DOES NOT require you to stop the unit to drain water on a regular basis or require an external water collection bucket.

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  • finally, a portable air conditiner that works
    After getting bit with a 25% restocking fee from another retailer on the Soleus MAC12K, I decided to give the Sharp CV-P10LC Portable Air Condtioner from Costco a try.

    First off, the manual was pretty well written and detailed. The instructions were clear. It took a while to install the window venting kit because it was a bit more complex than the competition's. It was a marked improvement over the other venting kits that I've seen. There were foam insulation to plug the gaps from the window and fits almost perfectly. Also, you would have to remove the screen from your window for the installation.

    It was close to 100 degrees today and when the unit first turned on, I can feel that it was starting to cool the room. One key feature is the horizontal louvers can be set to automatically move up and down to distribute the air to cool the room. One press of a button and it can be set in the desired position, particularly useful if your bed is close to the ground as other units cannot adjust the vertical air flow but just sweeps the air side to side. Another plus is that it's not as noisy as the other models that I've tried (Sharp claims 36DB in low fan mode). You don't have to turn the volume up to watch tv. One thing that is missing is that the remote does not display the current room temperature.

    This item would get 5 stars if it were cheaper. But even at $489.99 it's well worth it.

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