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Create a comet of pops! These Shooting Star Pop molds are larger than most so you get more pop in your Pop. Convenient base design allows for easy pop removal so you can take out only the number of pops you need to serve without running the entire base under water. The mold handles will catch drips as you eat and the plastic sleeves are insulated so you can set them out on the table and enjoy them at the end of the meal with without melting. Youll never need to shop for wooden sticks again. Set makes six 4-1/2 high shooting star pops. Instructions included.

Encourage kids to aim high while serving them healthy juice snacks with Tovolo's green shooting star molds. Simply fill the six stars with favorite beverages, attach the handles, and set them upright on their custom tray in the freezer. Because the molds are individually cast, it's easy to serve one or all six at a time and to prepare assorted flavors. Built-in drip guards also keep clothes and hands clean--now that'll make mom smile. Crafted of durable plastic with a cheerful lime hue, the molds offer a fresh, summertime look that can be enjoyed again and again. The entire set measures 7-1/2 by 5 by 8 inches. --Kara Karll

  • Set of six green shooting star pop molds with custom base; measures 7-1/2 by 5 by 8 inches
  • Crafted of durable plastic for years of fun icy treats
  • Fill with kids' favorite juice flavors and freeze
  • Innovative design allows removal of pops one at a time
  • Handles feature built-in sticks and drip guards

Customer Reviews:

  • One star off for design flaw.
    These popsicle molds are very cute and make cool star-shaped popsicles. I've had no trouble getting the popsicles out of the molds. The box recommends squeezing the tube slightly or running it under warm water, both of which really help. However, the aptly named drip tray is too shallow. Melted liquid accumulates and pours out of it after a while. You're substituting several small drips for one big one. Not a huge issue, but annoying. The only other thing is that it does take up a lot of room in the freezer (see the dimensions). Overall, I'm happy with them. The stand makes them easy to fill and they could be taken out of it when frozen for better storage ease. Maybe the drippy issue won't be a problem once this summer heat wave is over. Plus, it's great to make my own popsicles and leave out all the funky additives and coloring that are in commercial brands....more info
  • First yogurt pops a success!
    Just tried these Tovolo popsicle molds and loved them. The product is sturdy and easy to fill and freeze. I did have to run the sleeve under water to get the pop to release but I expected it based on other reviews. I only wish they would make a "mini" sized pop for younger kids. This popsicle was enough for a meal for my two year old.

    Used whole milk yogurt and pureed blueberries. They were a hit!...more info
  • Easy-to-use & safe-plastic popsicle molds!
    I researched quite a bit before making this purchase and I'm so glad I did! The Tovolo popsicle molds are fantastic!! They are easy to use, easy to clean and they have used non-leaching plastic which makes me very happy (I contacted Tovolo directly to confirm this)!

    The size of the popsicles is rather large -- but we've been making healthy fruit-yogurt smoothie pops at home and my three year old can easily polish off an entire popsicle... so the size isn't a problem!!

    Be sure to leave a half an inch or so when filling the popsicles or as they expand in the freezer they may spill over. That happened to us once, but the base captured the spill over so the clean up was really easy. They do take up quite a bit of space in the freezer when they are first freezing, but as long as you leave adequate space when you first fill them (so they don't spill over and get sticky), you can remove them from the base and tuck them anywhere in your freezer.

    This is a fantastic summer cooking "tool"... and we've been giving them to our friends as presents and so far, everyone else has loved them too! ...more info
  • Great Popcicles
    This works well. The stand is sturdy and keeps everything in place. The popcicles are nice and big. My only complaint, albeit minor, is that it takes up a lot of space in the freezer.

    Tip: I did have to run the frozen popcicles under warm water to get the popcicles our of the sleeve. ...more info
  • Love these
    I bought 4 sets of these star pop molds last month. At first when they came I realized how big the star tray was that you set the pops in, taking up huge amounts of freezer space since I make 4 sets at a time. After they were frozen though I realized all I needed to do was take them out of the tray and store them laying flat inside the freezer, taking up hardly any room at all. A wonderful bonus is that when a kid wants a pop I only have to run the ONE pop under warm water to get it out of the mold. All of my other pop molds that I have bought over the years I am always running warm water over the whole tray of pops trying to get out just one or two at a time. Overall I love these pop molds!...more info
  • great way to combat your popsicle budget
    i was worried that only the handle will pop out after the mold is set. as long as the content is completely frozen, the mold will slide out after running hot water over it for several seconds. it's kinda hard to eat the last bite since the plastic holder/cap gets in the way, but that's expected. if you want to make your own healthier popsicles, i highly recommend this item....more info
  • Star Pop Molds
    Product as described. Seems to be a durable product. We haven't been able to use them yet, hopefully soon!...more info
  • pops
    Love this product, well made and I can put juice or whatever liquid I want in them and they are great....more info
  • Messy Pops
    I was excited to buy these molds because they got such wonderful reviews, but I find that they are kind of difficult to eat, or maybe I haven't figured out how much to fill them yet...Anyway half of the pop drips uncontrollably onto the shirt of whoever eats them...Otherwise I like the way you can freeze them individually, and the shape is visually appealing, but I'm definitely not thrilled....more info
  • MMmmmmmm good
    These are awesome. The base holds the molds securely - I've yet to spill anything expect an occassional few drops in the base itself. The star shape is easy to gnaw at, and the whole thing gets thrown in the dishwasher after I've eaten the last one. No wasted sticks or extra costs for that. I can't same I'm a biter, but the the handles/attachments have held up well. Also, I've never lost a popsicle in the process; they always pull out (water helps). Oh, and a tip - you don't have to snap the handle onto the mold; just place it on there before putting in the freezer. If you snap it on, it's a lot harder to get off (but more secure if you have kids). I'm buying more Tovolo molds now....more info
  • Kids love them
    These are a great alternative to store bought popsicles. You can freeze any kind of juice to mix it up for the kids. They just love them. ...more info
  • Big fun
    My kids and my neighbors' kids love the popsicles I make with these. They are huge. Since they need to stand up in the freezer until frozen, you really need to make sure you'll have room for it in there, it's probably around 6" tall, and 5" wide. Also, when they're frozen they're really easy to crack. The plastic casing cracked when I dropped one on the floor, can't use it again. Run warm water over the outside to loosen the popsicle enough to get it out....more info
  • My perfect background dinner music
    Love to play this cd in the background for the meal and then again with a glass of wine afterwards to listen to the amazing collaborative genius. Great cd, phenomenal artists- highly recommend this one! ...more info
  • Love em...
    I have been making protein and fruit pops...that are great and healthy.

    These are awesome pop molds, I highly reccomend them.

    The only downside is that you need a good amount of shelf space (height) to accomodate them.

    Don't forget to run the pops under hot water to make them slide out easier when you want to eat one....more info
  • Health Help or health threat?
    I was very disappointed to find out that this product is made in China. Given all the headlines about poisonous items originating in China, the lack of honest oversight there, and no knowledge of the seller Tovolo's practices if any to test the quality and safety, I remain nervous about the molds. In terms of design, I like them. I like that they are individual, come with a stand for the freezing period, and can be washed in the dishwasher. I wsh I could feel confident about my family's safety as I use them....more info
  • Awesome
    These are very cute and well-designed! I have a typical freezer and had no trouble fitting the tray. From the picture I was worried about the popsicles tipping over, but the tray holds them in place nicely. As far as the popsicles being too big: they turn out about the same size as any normal, commercial one. Definitely recommend!...more info
  • Make your own drippy popsicles
    I like that I can make my own popsicles now. I takes up a good amount of room in the freezer until the liquid freezes. Then you can take them out of the base, taking up less space. Also, it gets quite drippy and can break apart at the end. Not sure that is too much different than any other popsicles though. Liked my own well enough to give another as a gift....more info
  • Lose Weight on Popsicles:
    I swear you MUST buy these if you are tring to lose weight. Buy your favorite flavor of Crystal Light. Mix it with less water than the directions suggest. Drop some diced fruit into each popsicle form. Add the (strong) Crystal Light and freeze the pops. Something about the flavor and the texture is totally satisfying. Trust me. You will lose weight. Bon Apetite!...more info
  • Great product
    We wanted to have popsicles with no sugar - just fruit juice and these molds make that so easy! My kids enjoy the shape - the clean up well and are easy to use. Great product....more info
  • Great Quality and Easy to Use
    Love this item, easy to fill & comes out with just a little warm water. Very durable plastic!!! MY KIDS LOVE THEM....more info
  • pops
    got there in good time, but the only issue i have is that it does not ship to Apo Ae...more info
  • Nice
    Very impressed with these. Just run a little hot water on the outside to free up the popcicle....more info
  • Fun, Delicious and easy to use
    These popsicle molds are great. I think they are a great design and well made. My 3 1/2 year old son helps puree the fruit and pour it into the molds. He has a great time, can't wait until they're frozen and is quite proud of contributing to our meals and snacks. Following the simple instructions is key - leave a 1/2 inch of head space when filling and use warm water and gentle pressure when removing....more info
  • great ice pops
    We love these. My daughters love their ice lollipops and I like being able to give them a treat where I can control the ingredients. I water down 100% juice (using flavoured sparkling water gives a little zing), also use stoneyfield smoothie yoghurt drinks diluted with a little milk for a yummy frozen yoghurt treat. Very easy to use, healthy and good to the environment too....more info
  • Fantastic Popsicle maker
    INDIVIDUAL Popsicle Molds like these are the only way to go. These are durable plastic (think original Tupperware popsicle molds), have a smart design (easy for kids to take out one at a time), and are easy to store after frozen, (the base is for holding them upright while freezing, once frozen they can be taken off and piled up in a bin). I like that they are INDIVIDUAL because I can fill one or two up with some leftover juice/smoothie, etc. I fill them to about a quarter inch to the top, never had a problem with too much melt/drip....more info
    We love making popsicles with these molds. They are a great size and a fun shape....more info
  • 5 stars for price and ease
    After looking around for a while, these are the best priced and most durable pop molds I have found. My kids love them and I love that I can fill them with 100% juice for popsicles that are healthier and cheaper than store-bought. Run them under warm water and they pop right out. ...more info
  • Just what we wanted.
    These popsicle makers are great. The kids were very excited about the shape. Remember to leave a small air space at the top for expansion. They take up a bit of room in the freezer but can be taken out of the holder after they are frozen. We like them alot....more info
  • good, but too big for 2 year old
    My 2 year old likes to eat popcicles. This pop mold is pretty and good,
    but it is too big for 2 year old. Otherwise we like this pop mold....more info
  • Love them!
    My molds came the other day...
    I LOVE these molds!
    I love that I can pull one out at a time.
    I love that I can wash one mold and refill it when I'm ready.
    I love that DS is eating fruit pops when he wouldn't eat pieces of fruit.
    Yes, they're more than the ones I got at the dollar store... but totally worth it! I was worried (until I got them) the molds would be unsteady in the tray... they're totally steady and I expect these will last many summers....more info


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