4moms Cleanwater Infant Bath Tub with Digital Thermometer

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Product Description

The 4moms Cleanwater Infant Tub with Digital Thermometer brings a fresh approach to infant bathing. The unique design enables running faucet water to create a gentle circulating flow within the tub, cradling baby in clean, warm water. The fast responding digital thermometer makes it easy to set and maintain a comfortable water temperature, so baby stays warm throughout bath time. The water resistant backlit display is color coded to indicate when the water is cold (blue), warm (green) or hot (red). A graphic Comfort Zone, which is part of the display, and audible high temperature alerts take the guesswwork out of monitoring the water temperature. With the additional benefits of sidewall drains through which dirty water is continuously expelled and a contoured bottom that enables the tub to be used in single and double basin sinks and all bath tubs, this Infant Tub from 4moms will make infant bathing easier and more enjoyable for both parents and babies.

  • Digital thermometer makes it easy to set and maintain a safe and comfortable bath temperature
  • Water resistant backlit display is color coded to show when water is cold (blue), warm (green) or hot (red)
  • AlwaysFresh System directs clean, warm water from faucet around baby and continuously expels dirty water
  • Contoured bottom enables use in single and double basin sinks and all bath tub

Customer Reviews:

  • A step up from other tubs
    We love this tub makes bathtime cleaner, safer, and easier.

    With this tub you run the water continuously into a reservior area (which I assume moderates temperature changes). As the water flows into the tub it goes over a temperature sensor. If the temperature is too hot the display will turn red and beep. The water flows into the wash area and then out a hole in the side. The tub says it is designed to fit in double basin sinks, but we haven't tried that.

    With our previous tub I would run the water continously anyway since I wanted to rinse my son with clean water, but then the tub would fill up to unsafe levels. Also, everytime you adjusted the water flow you'd have to carefully monitor the temperature to make sure it didn't get too hot.

    We had the Fisher Price aquarium tub before and our son never fit in it correctly. He loves bathtime and this tub makes it so much less stressful....more info
  • Not Worth The Money
    This tub is a wonderful idea but a poor execution. The water runs right over the LED screen -- which is not water tight. So even if you can get the unit to work (ours did not, even with a change of batteries, all we could get was the message screen) water will eventually leak into the unit and cause it to fail.

    The tub is large for a "baby" baby, and the overflow hole needs to be larger. The unit is also HUGE and clunky. The "backrest" is made of flimsy styrofoam material and chunks of it can be removed at the slightest nick of a fingernail.

    I was excited to get this tub, but bummed when it proved to be such a poor design, which ultimately failed. We still use the tub, but removed the batteries (which were a shock hazard) and use an instant-read thermometer to gauge the temp. I could have done the same thing with a far, far cheaper tub.

    Don't waste your money....more info
  • One of our best baby buys
    OK. We didn't buy this ourselves, but we put it on our registry. We love this tub and are sad that soon our girl will be too big for it. This tub has been great. It has definitely been one of our top baby items.

    We love that there is always clean water in the tub, and the reservoir keeps the tub water from getting to hot or too cold too quickly which is great since my daughter tries to grab for the hot water handle. If she ever did turn up the hot water, the alarm on the tub would go off, and the initial pool of clean water would temper it before it reached my girl.

    My only real complaint about this tub is that it slide around in our double sink if nothing else is under it.

    * Easy to use and fits easily in our double kitchen sink.
    * Temperature control is great! No cold water, no scalding water.
    * Allowed us to bathe our girl standing at the sink till she gets too big.
    * Always clean water.
    * Easy to drain, rinse, and refill when pee/poo happens in the tub.
    * Padded tub seems comfortable and very safe

    * Probably bad if you are trying to conserve water under drought conditions.
    * Bulky to store
    * Slides around in sink (put a washcloth under it to stop that)
    * Wish there were a bigger version for older infants

    All in all, we have loved this tub. Our girl gets excited when she sees us setting it up....more info
  • Bath time
    I love this tub and I feel confident knowing the water is just the right temperature for my baby...more info
  • Small, dirty-water tub
    One of the main reason I got this was for it's clean water flow. But the tub is so small, that my daughter (average size at 3 months) actually blocked the drain and the flow around the tub. So dirty water pooled up. The thermometer is helpful because it gives a view of acceptable temperature....more info
  • Complete waste of money
    I was recommended this infant bath tub and read decent reviews so we gave it a shot. I am very dissapointed. The rubber seals leak which makes this tub a mess. ALL of them leak, which made bathing our child for the first time a nightmare and almost a waterpark experience.
    To be fair, the thermometer feature is nice and the concept of the tub is great, however, the quality of this product is beyond shameless. Returning it is another ordeal. I strongly suggest that you buy one of the safety first or fisher price kind. Bottom line: you can bathe your infant in a bucket if you are safe and diligent, dont fall for the "fancy" features of these type of products which appeal for the parents interest to seek the best for the baby. Unfortunately, this tub doesnt come even close. ...more info
  • Fresh water for baby
    We bought this tub for baby #3 as the one his sisters used previously was looking pretty rough. I love that the baby gets fresh water for his bath. So often the little ones go potty in the tub and then you have to rinse it all out and start over. This takes care of that problem. The thermometer is great. Even my 6 and 3 year old can tell when the water is too hot or too cold. I only gave it 4 stars because it is difficult to store. We ended up hanging it from a hook in the laundry room. It will not fit under the sink so you're challenged to find it a proper home. I was also surprised that other sites wanted to charge between 30 and 40 dollars to ship this tub. Amazon had free shipping so I bought it here!!...more info
  • Didn't realize how great this was...
    I am a first time mom so I had only used this tub. The other day I gave baby a bath at my mom's house, and used another very popular tub, and man -- this tub is so much better! I didn't realize how great it is to have fresh water flow into the tub until I tried to rise off a sudsy baby in a regular tub. This product works as advertised, and I'm very pleased with it. One thing though: the digital thermometer got wet and doesn't want to work anymore, but that doesn't bother me. It was useful at first for me to get to know what temperature is appropriate, but is not a necessity. I still rate this tub 5 stars! (plus I consider it my fault for soaking the thermometer)...more info
  • It has been very useful!
    My husband and I love to bath with very hot water. We were worried about not been able to tell the right temperature to bathe our baby, considering our high tolerance to heat. This tub has been great for us, as many times lukewarm water feels to cold to us, but we know that its just the right temperature for our baby.

    Once he outgrows this tub I'm going to buy the faucet termometer from the same brand.

    The only thing that I dislike about this tub is that it leaks so I end up wasting more water than what I would like....more info
  • Good product
    The product is good and does the job, the heat monitoring features is good which i personally like. The size is good and the baby is comfortable in it. The outlets are placed in 3 locations which allows for easy control of how much water is present in the tub.

    The improvements could be :
    a) It does not show the actual temprature of water in the tub, but the flow in, this kind of brings us down to testing with our hands at times, so you might as well go for a cheaper tub without temp control. The temprature sensors should be moved to the bottom of the water flow side which gives a better picuture of the temparature of water flowing to the baby side of the tub.

    The outlet flaps are little flimsy and came off easily exposing a hole, though it was no big deal putting it back.

    Overall i would recommend this product since the temprature control turning color based on the temprature adds to the fun for the parents to give baths more than anything else. ...more info
  • Good but could be better.
    Likes: Works awesome if baby pees in water, can just drain and refill. Love the cup attachment. Works awesome. Love the safety feature of the slots in the side to prevent overfill. Works PERFECTLy over a double kitchen sink.

    Dislikes: slots in sides cause baby to have sore fingers from sticking there fingers in there. Baby moves around quite alot. I would recomment what the other mom did and put a bath spunge in. I actually use the same sponge for my son. I have a big baby, at the size of birth he was the size of a 3 month old. And even with his size, he moved around quite a bit. THis bathtub doesnt last long, sizewise. Not ment for a big baby, but not a newborn either. The temperature guage isnt nessasary. I never have even used it. You get a feel for what is good for the baby or not. ...more info
  • solid

    Our son finally outgrew this tub at around 10.5 months -- but he's tall. Overall, the tub was great; like other reviewers, since there is some small room for improvement, I won't give it 5/5, but it was VERY good overall. It fit into our twin-basin sink perfectly. I thought it was strange at first that the water temperature was taken at the inlet channel, before the reservoir, which then overflowed into the main tub; but it worked out, although we kept the temp at the high end of the 'comfort' range, around 97-98, to account for the cooling and the cool air temperature at our place.

    There are 3 drainage holes from the main tub -- the high one unsealed, the two other with grommets. The grommets are not perfectly waterproof, so the tub HAS TO BE IN A SINK OR TUB. We learned this the hard way.

    This was so much better than the other tub that we bought, an adjustable EvenFlo thing that was impossible to put together....more info
  • nice concept but poor quality
    i was so excited to use this tub. i like the concept of this tub but for a couple of use, the rubber stopper started to loosen and started to leak! also the temperature screen failed and went dead. very disappointed with this item. however, i'm still using this but i use a digital thermometer to check for water temp. check other products first before buying....more info
  • Best Tub For a New Mother
    I love this tub because of the temp guage! My daughter is 4 months and we have used this tub almost every day since her unbilical cord fell off. This is my first child and I love the temp guide and color info- blue is too cold, green is good and red is too hot. It also beeps if the temp goes above 104 F. We got a temp duckie that gives the water temperature and it was a joke. With this tub you know exactly the best temp and the yucky water goes out the side for cleaner water to bathe in. I love it and recommend to all my friends!...more info
  • Best invention ever!
    So we started out with the Rainforest tub and were very frustrated with the dirty water. We stumbled on this product one day and thought it was worth a shot. It was the best $40 we spent. It works exactly how it says it does and baby loves it too.

    I read the other reviews and want to address some of their concerns about the tub.

    Complaint #1: Baby does not fit...
    Well My son is 7 months old and weighs a healthy 20 lbs, and he fits just fine. He will probably out-grow it in a few months, but will be realy for big boy bathing. Since he is no longer 12 lbs., the dirty water does not drain properly on the opposite side of the drain. But just slight wiggling of the baby or just some paitence and the problem is solved.

    Complaint #2: Plugs leak...
    I have had this tub for almost six months and plugs work perfectly. If the plugs are leaking, it may be from improper care of the product...letting water sit, not getting all the soap out, leaving a wet rag on the plugs, leaving it in the sun.

    Complaint #3: The thermometer breaks...
    Again, I have owned it for six months and the thermometer works great! I run the water from the faucet gently and water never touches the device, keeping it in perfect working order. If you are running the water over the thermometer(which is silly because there is a reader in the water flow that reads the tempature away from the electronic thermometer) on full blast, yes I can see why it would break.

    In conclusion, as long as you are not using this product irresponibly, It works exactly like it claims. The best tub on the market and 2nd to the boppy, I think one of the best baby products out there....more info
  • good bath tub
    Relative to other bathtub products, this tub deserves the top score. However, I gave 4/5 stars because there is room for improvement. Nevertheless, I recommend this tub to others

    Highlights: fresh water feature is wonderful for keeping water clean and keeping water at a comfortable temperature, built in thermometer, small storage caddies

    Improvement needed:
    1) need insert or other option for small babies (my baby is 8 weeks, average size, and slides all over the place requiring two people to bathe her: one to hold her and one to wash)
    2) add second drain / overflow hole. The one existing hole sometimes gets blocked by baby or wash cloth causing water level to rise
    3) increase reservoir opening. our tub spout pours half into the baby tub and half into surrounding tub...more info
  • baths in the sink
    We have a large sink in our bathroom and this fit perfectly on top. We had to buy a little hose (about a foot) to slide over the faucet and direct the water into the little container of the tub. The set-up will take max 3 min, and we had our son at a normal height for his baths. It was easy to manage the bath routine by one parent.
    We've tried other infant tubs but none fit over the sink.
    So, with a measuring tape, and some calculations this could be a GREAT tub!
    However he did grow out of it after a couple of months!...more info
  • Garbage after 2 months
    Loved it until the thermometer broke after 2 months use. Also, lining scrapes off very easily. Bummer!...more info
  • Love the Clean Water
    This bath tub has been in use for over three months at our home and we appreciate it every night. We place the tub over a standard double-basin sink and it fits perfectly. The temperature sensor is very helpful - I cycle the water through at a good clip, so the temperature in the bath is really not any colder than the sensor states. The digital sensor is definitely worth the extra money. Also, the shape of the tub makes it really easy to turn baby over and wash her back. She just kneels on the non-slip pad and dips her hands in the reservoir. Most importantly, though, the tub is very simple to clean if baby goes to the bathroom in the bath. With several outlet holes in the tub, we can pick baby up and I have clean water in the tub before baby even gets cranky about leaving the warm water. Our baby loves bath time and I think it is largely because this tub has made it so low-stress from the beginning. I only wish it was a little bit larger, as our child is tall and she is outgrowing it far too soon. ...more info


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