Wella Ionic White Light Activated Tooth Whitening System

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Product Description

Ionic White with it's revolutionary Light Activated Ionic System. The harmless blue light activates the gel and supercharges the painless whitening process. It's that easy! It does both the front and back of your teeth so you can have a whiter, brighter smile.

  • Light activated ionic stystem
  • Harmless blue light activates gel
  • supercharges the painless whitening process.
  • Whiten front and back
  • Brighter smile
Customer Reviews:
  • The BEST Product On The Marklet!
    I have tried EVERY over the counter produt available to whiten my teeth from years of coffee and tea stains. None made a noticable difference, even the expensive gels injected into a tray (carbamide peroxide, which my dentist told me will damage the enamel), but I tried it anyway. My last shot, before having them professioally whitened was this product. It worked! I see the poor reviews, but if the easy to use instructions are followed, you will see a NOTICEABLE difference! ...more info
  • Save Yourself the Trouble and Look Elsewhere
    I received this item as a Christmas present, and before I even had the chance to use it, the LED lights shorted out. The instructions direct you to insert the provided 9V battery and test the light. Well, the light came on for all of 1 second and then quit. I tried a new 9V battery to no avail.

    To make things worse, the seller, "As Seen on TV", refuses to exchange the product and have been a nightmare to deal with. Stay away from both the product and seller!...more info
  • dont buy this
    i bought this produce at a local walmart store, it was 15$ so i thought i would give it a try anyway... it may only be 15$, but thats exactally what i lost... dotn try this, it doesnt work at all!...more info
  • Horrible
    This product didnt work at all for me. my teeth arent that yellow but i wanted them to be just whiter. Well it was a waste of money and not to mention all the swishing with the ionic white paste. DONT BUY THIS...more info
  • Their marketing hurt them, IMO
    I bought this product off of an infomercial more than a year ago. It worked. I believe IW would have been a big success if they had not made extravagant claims, and had sold refills. They incorrectly said it tastes minty (the flavoring must not stand up to the ingredients in it - it tastes like any other peroxide product. They told people that it came with a two month supply of gels - and when it arrived, it had one treatment (they recommend using it every two months). Who wouldn't be peeved? Oh, yeah, there is the mist to use. But it is ineffective. Then finally, you couldn't buy refills. You could only subscribe to an automatic billing, and they would bill you monthly, and supposedly deliver every other month. Seemed like a planned ripoff.

    Now - how did it work? Well, the infomercial claimed that it was 21 minutes to a whiter smile. That was not wise. First, it's going to take almost an hour to do the first time. One treatment is three sessions of loading gel, using the light for 2 minutes, swishing for 5 minutes, rinse, reload, and repeat. It takes time to do. Then, the whitening takes time too. They say in the packaging that your teeth might keep getting whiter for a week. When I looked in the mirror after I did it, I was quite disappointed. But then the next morning in my normal grogginess, my eyes were startled. My teeth were whiter, and I wasn't even looking for it.

    A caveat: it can be hard on your lips. Put on some heavy stiff balm on the lips before you put the thing in your mouth, and then try hard to get your lips as far forward from your teeth, and the light, as they will reach, before you turn it on. ...more info
  • Best I've used
    After trying quite a few items to whiten your teeth, stumbled upon this one and gave it a try. As luck would have it, turned out to be the best of the bunch! Naturally the dentist would be the way to go if money is no object, but can't beat the price for touch up at home....more info