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Red Steel is an exclusive Wii launch title that takes full advantage of the console's innovative controller and puts players directly into the action. Your fianc¨¦e has been kidnapped and her father - a Japanese mafia kingpin - murdered by a rival gang. The only way to save your loved one and defend your honor is to journey from Los Angeles to Japan and confront the Tokyo underworld.

Red Steel is an exclusive Wii launch title that takes full advantage of the innovative Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers and puts players directly into the action-packed first-person experience with the weapon in their hand - literally. An engaging storyline unfolds as you learn that your fianc¨¦ has been kidnapped and her father - a Japanese mafia kingpin - murdered by a rival gang. The only way to save your loved one and defend your honor is to journey from Los Angeles to Japan and confront the Tokyo underworld. By learning the ancient art of Japanese fighting with your katana and the focused precision of modern firearms, you will progress and adapt yourself to this foreign environment, where skills alone may not guarantee you victory.

Ubisoft gives players unparalleled control in this innovative Wii title.

Can Scott defeat the powerful Yakuza? View larger.

Use the Wii Remote to execute delicate but deadly sword moves. View larger.

Your pistol is directly controlled by the Wii Remote while you aim on-screen. View larger.

Firearms rotate to match your particular aiming style. View larger.

An epic tale awaits
Red Steel is an action-packed first-person experience for the Nintendo Wii that will put the weapon in your hands like never before. The engaging storyline opens in Los Angeles, as Scott Monroe and his fianc¨¦, miyu, arrive at a high-class restaurant. Scott is to meet Miyu's father, Isao Sato, an important business man from Tokyo. Suddenly, the restaurant erupts in a hail of gunfire as a group of Japanese mobsters (known as Yakuza) attack and try to kidnap Sato. Scott manages to save his future father-in-law. The Yakuza attackers run off, taking Miyu instead.

Scott soon learns that Isao Sato is the Oyabun, the Godfather of one of Tokyo's largest Yakuza families. The attack in the restaurant marks the end of a truce between rival clans that Sato had guaranteed. The Yakuza wanted to kill Sato and find his sword, the Katana Giri. The legendary sword was once used to punish dishonorable Godfathers, and has since become a symbol of peace. Sato was mortally wounded in the attack, but before he dies, he passes the sword to Scott in exchange for a promise to rescue and take care of his daughter. Scott has no chioce but to head to Japan and try to find Miyu.

Once in Japan, Scott seeks out Otori, a reformed Yakuza and an expert in the art of sword fighting. A friend to Sato and a man of honor and tradition, Otori reluctantly agrees to help. Otori trains Scott in the art of the sword. Meanwhile, another man named Harry Tanner teaches Scott all about the Japanese Underworld. Harry runs a night club popular with the Yakuza, and he uses his many connections to help Scott on his quest.

Eventually, Scott uncovers the man behind the attack of his father-in-law and the kidnapping of his fiance, a power-hungry young Oyabun named Tokai. With his mistress, Mama San (the head of the Geisha district and a female gang of Yakuza), Tokai seeks to take control of the entire Tokyo mafia. However, his real intentions are much darker and more mysterious.

With Otori's help, Scott must convince the Godfathers of all the remaining clans to join him in stopping Tokai. Kenzo, leader of the Financial Clan, Tetsuo, boss of the Game Fighting Clan, along with the heads of all the other clans - all powerful men, all harbor their own agendas and ambitions. Scott must convince them all to join him in stopping Tokai, but who can he really trust?

Control the action like never before
Red Steel uses the Nintendo Wii controller in ways not previously seen in a console action game. By turning the Wii Remote itself into your gun or blade, players can shoot and slice their way through Red Steels ample story mode. When first equipped with a firearm, the Wii Remote will automatically sense the location and direction of your hand and aim the on-screen weapon similarly. As you rotate your wrist to add flair and style while picking off enemies, the on-screen weapon will mimic your movements.

Equipping the sword is even more impressive. When Scott has the sword at his disposal, the Wii Remote becomes a sharp Kitana as players literally slash at their enemies and run them through. The play style is incredibly immersive, and lends a realistic element to action games that isn't often seen. As Scott becomes more comfortable with his weapons, so too does the player, and the moves they can pull off with the Katana improve in both accuracy and speed.

Multiplayer swordplay
As if an impressive story line and immersive control weren't enough, Red Steel also boasts a number of local multiplayer modes. In these modes, players can challenge friends to split screen battles in various locales to see who the real master is. Try a sword only battle royale without cover and the ability to heal. Or, set up a tactical battle with pistols and flanking schemes for you and 3 of your closest enemies. Whether teaming up or going "every man for himself," Red Steel multiplayer offers a fun diversion to the title's main story.

Red Steel is an impressive Wii launch title from one of the most innovative publishers making console games today. From its opening cinematic to its realistic and quick-paced swordplay, Red Steel is a riveting and engrossing title worthy of Wii owner's time and attention. After a few hours of mowing down enemies with your side-mounted pistol and whisper-quiet Katana slices, you'll wonder why action titles aren't all this simple and fun to play.

  • Take full advantage of the Revolution controller - Replicate sword-fighting movements and eliminate enemies quickly by directly targeting and shooting them
  • Execute deadly combo moves using multiple swords, or use firearms for longer-range attacks
  • Harness your mental power to unleash powerful attacks -- use the focus system to freeze time and effectively target several enemies at once
  • Learn the art of Japanese fighting, then take out your enemies -- or gain their respect and loyalty by sparing them
  • Challenge friends with various split-screen multiplayer modes to you're the real master

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun,Flawed, but yet highly aggrivating
    Red Steel is a game that is playable but only if you have the patience to not throw the game disc in the trash. Overall I give it a 3out of 5 because at times it can be enjoyable but the other 40 percent of the game is a miserable mess. The pros - 1. The game sounds good on surround sound. 2. The fire effects look great when the vehicles explode and it is also great to shoot the vehicles and have them explode. 3.A few environments look great. 4.The guns are pretty cool looking and work pretty effectively. 5. Regenerating health. Now for the long list of cons - 1. The controls are very buggy as you are slow to turn and move. 2. Some environments look like crap. 3. The frame rate drops in the middle of firefights and causes lag/freezes in the gameplay. 4. The sword fighting feels like a tacked on addiction instead of something that could of been extremely cool if utilized properly. 5. The enemies are sometimes hard to see where they are at. 6. You cannot run in this game which makes it hard to get to cover in some areas. Overall the game is at least worth one play through if you can find the patience to withstand all the negativeness around this game. I knew what I was getting into upon picking this one up and I have to say somethings were better than I had anticipated while other things in the game I was hoping for were worthless. Verdict - Not a must own and only few will keep this in there collection very long....more info
  • What happened?
    Red Steel had a lot of people pulling for it. Fans and advertisers piled on.

    So I'm wondering if the developers were paying attention to the hype.

    Red Steel, as far as the controls go, is a joke. Turning to and from enemies takes about 10 years. While other reviewers have claimed that the game does not demand quick turns, this is bogus. I found myself having to turn rather quickly. While sharp turns were not required as often as they were in COD3, they were necessary, especially about 30 percent of the way into the game.

    The swordfigthing, if you wish to call it that, should have been scrapped altogether. It sort of goes like: 1) You swing wii remote.
    2) some years later, your sword goes, "Hey! I think I need to move!" The result feels very unnatural, especially for a video game.

    The graphics, especially in Japan, were usually well done, but you can't decorate a piece of crap.

    And thats exactly what this game is. The only reason people like it is because they want to like it.

    Don't do UBIsoft any favors. They might make a sequal. ...more info
  • Fun but gets boring
    I rented this game cause I thought it's just reasonable to try it before I buy it. And I was right. This game was really interesting at first but I got bored two hours into play. It's repeatitive. I guess I'm not the shooting game type.

    Also it was weird how they didn't think of translating the Japanese dialogues into English. I speak Japanese so I understood what was going on but it just confused me cause this was supposed to be for North America release. Oh well I guess it doesn't really affect a gamer much but I thought I should just point that out anyway....more info
  • Red Steel is Goldeneye007 for wii.. Same graphics.
    At first I loved this game, the controls were good, easy to use, the wii controller was fun to use as a gun, and even the multiplayer was alright. After getting into it I realized how much of the same every part of the game was. The graphics are barely better than the Nintendo 64 Goldeney (i know wii isnt about graphics, but this is lame). You can see a characters gun THROUGH A DOOR! Jeez. Overall it's alright, but once there is a better FPS for the wii, this game will be forgotten....more info
  • This Game Is A Great First Person Shooter!
    First of all I want to say that this was the first game I got for the wii back when wii first came out and I don't know why some of you guys complain about the controls. It only took me 3 days until I was already a real samurai. This game actually has better graphics than most wii games that came out at that time. It has controls that are really fun and new. I also love the AI. It's very good and when one of your enemies is in your way just blow up a barrel and watch them fly. I think the story is simple but its done very well. I hope they even make a movie of it some day. It would be awesome. Since this game is so good all I know is the second one will be amazing! ...more info
  • Awesome, don't listen to these people that gave it bad ratings
    Ok, if you're too dumb to figure out the controls, that's your own problem, not the game's. This game is so much fun, me and friends have been enjoying this non-stop now that finals are wrapping up. It may take a little longer than average to adapt to the new controls, but it's a whole new system, a whole new way of gaming, and the controls are what adds to the fun level. Once you get the hang of it, it's beautiful. You have true control over your character unlike in other games. Excellent one-player game, and the multiplayer rocks too. It'd be nice if there were more multiplayer maps and maybe some AI bots, but it's still really fun. The 4 player multiplayer features a special mode that assigns a secret mission to every player (which is delivered via a soft voice through each individual's wii remote). SO much fun! Only you know your mission! If that isn't fun, you might be dead. I hope to see this mode used more frequently by other games. A BLAST! Try it out! And give it more of chance than some of these other reviewers. RED STEEL!!!!!...more info
  • Red Steel - Da bomb
    I read all the daunting terrible reviews and ignored them and bought the game myself.

    Day 1 - pop it in, hate it, can't get into it, hate controls, want to return it
    Day 2 and 3 - play hours nad hours of zelda, no red steel
    Day 4 - go back to Red Steel, get into the controls, get used to them, starting to really enjoy teh game
    Day 5 - more Red Steel, it only gets better as I progress, getting new guns and learning new sword moves
    Day 6 - I can officialy say I love Red Steel and that everyone out there needs to get used to the controls and you'll love it, you HAVE to give it a chance, its a game that requires getting used to, but the work is worth the reward. I love this game and think everyone should pick it up for sure....more info
  • Guns and Swords...What more can you want?
    Red Steel is one of the best Wii FPS (first person shooter). When you play it for the first time, you will definitly be frustrated, but after you play for about 20 minutes, you'll get the hang of it. The main story is that your fiancee is kidnapped and your future father-in-law is murdered by the Yakuza, which is sort of a Japanese mafia. But the best part of the game is the gun and sword fights. The Wii-mote responds very well to your gun and sword movements. The nunchuck lets you move around, jump, and crouch, while the Wii-mote lets you ajust the camera, throw grenedes, shoot your gun, and attack with your sword. Overall,this is definitly one of the best Wii games out on the market right now....more info
  • Okay concept, Poor execution
    The thing about this game is, it really is a solid idea. There is no better way to utilize the Wii's unique controls than with a shooter with a bastardized "bullet time" and sword controls. But that is where the good ends. The game is frustrating. Bottom line. The action is broken up by sword fights which feel awkward and control even worse. There are combos but don't even bother to learn them. They have no use outside of the training dojo where you learn it. Often times, in fact, I found myself getting angry because the wiimote wasn't even registering my simple sword movements (like, uh, swinging it).

    The gun play fares slightly better as it is easier to control and sometimes really fun altering time with the focus technique. You will, I repeat, you WILL die because of some issue where the wii remote thinks you wanted to turn around when really you didn't and will take many bullets for it.

    In short, rent it if you can and only if you think you have the patience for it. It's not even the learning curve that is difficult, it is just the unresponsiveness and unforgiving controls that bumble along when you want to stride. I ended up giving up almost through the end because the wii mote simply wouldn't respond in a critical sword battle. Its infuriating!!!!

    Hopefully the rumored sequel will have these bugs fixed. Until then, it's not a must play....more info
  • Does anybody know how to write good conversation anymore?
    Why do game developers spend endless wads of dough on graphics and almost none on decent writing? These games don't have to have the utter blandness of a Jean Claude Van Damme throwaway film. Halo, Half Life, Max Payne, Ratchet and Clank all prove that.

    But the writing for this title is dreck. Combine that with endless encounters with dumb people holding guns, and even more dumb people holding katanas (that I don't just blow away with a shotgun?!?) and you have wasted fifty bucks.

    The Wiimote is the one saving grace of this game. It's a vastly superior control for first person shooters than the traditional Xbox/PS3 controller. It's the closest thing to mouse-and-keyboard gaming possible.

    Buy a Wii first person shooter. Just not this one. ...more info
  • Too much Hype
    I picked up this, dbz, and zelda on the launch. I tried this one first and could not get into it at first, the controls are hard to get used too. After playing zelda some i went back to this game and got used to the controls. Beat the game and haft to say im dissapointed with this game. I really wanted it because of the hype, but even using the sword was a let down to me. I thought that atleast the sword fighting would be a nice innovative touch, but it let me down. With all the hype that this game got it turned into another halo 2 (story mode, not multi)...more info
  • worse game ever
    bad graphics, poor story, too easy, after play RE4, don't waste your money in Red Steel, aburrido!!!! pesimo!!!...more info
  • Decent first try.
    Okay, where to start. SO the story is a little overplayed, your girlfriend's been kidnapped and you need to fight an army of thugs to retrieve her. A little overdone, but whatever.

    The controls are revolutionary, yes, but they still suck. I'm not saying guiding your character around is difficult, and the movement while shooting becomes fairly easy. What I am referring to is halfway into the game your point of aim starts to hop from one place to another, not wanting to stay in the center. It's almost like there is a deadspot on the screen where the game can't figure out where you are pointing. I thought it was my controler, but my second wouldn't work either. I thought it was my sensor bar, but it stil happened on a friends Wii. I think it's just an error in the game and one of many. Accuracy is a huge thing when a game gives you the option of shooting a gun out someone's hand and this just ruins the idea.

    I've had to replay many of the levels countless times because I wasn't standing in the right place when a cut scene started so it wouldn't run and I couldn't proceed. I've also encountered AI that duck for cover, press an attack while I reloaded, and other great tactics but I've also encountered some that would allow you to walk up to them and slice them at point blank.

    Which brings me to the sword play. While pretty cool at first, it became infuriatingly difficult later on to the point where I put it down for a month because I couldn't get past a boss. The problem is the response to your actions and how inaccurate they can be. A vertical slice will be seen as a horizontal swing, which really sucks when trying to line up a combo.

    The game has a generally rushed feel to it, like the developers were struggling to make the release date. It's unpolished and buggy and iriitates the hell out of me, something I never thought I would say about an Ubisoft product.

    Save yourself some aggravation and pick up Farcry or Call Of Duty instead....more info
  • Innovative is the key to fun.
    Although the movie scenes in the game are the only shoddy part the game, there are many innovative characteristics this game includes: the remote is the crossheir on the screen and may be zoomed by moving the contrilling away from the player, and a semi-zoom is halfwayf between the player and the length of his or her arm. At any rate, the movements of the player dicatate what happens to Scott, the main character in Red Steel, and is certainly fun when the player may open doors and shoot a gun as if the player really were shooting a gun and opening doors. The speaker on the remote is exciting to hear when the player may reload the gun. Amazing....more info
  • Great Game, must buy
    Overall this game is fun. I played it at my cousins and yes it is different which makes it fun. However, it does take a little while to get use to but it is fun and i would recommend it. I gave it a 4 star because one a wii is required which is hard to get right now, and two the controls could be a little annoying/getting used to....more info
  • Sure, its got issues but don't be a hater
    Of the four launch games I purchased for my Nintendo Wii (Zelda, Call of Duty 3, Red Steel & Rayman Raving Rabbids)-it seems puzzling that R.S. is the one I have logged the most hours on. (Due in part-I'm sure, to the fact that Zelda T.P. seems a little intimidating to me at the moment). Red Steel seems like a fairly shallow game at first-average in every way that it is possible to be average. You would think given the fact that it's steeped in Japanese culture and set in the underground world of the Yakuza that it would be bristling with style and flair. Surprisingly this is not the case. As a matter of fact-at first glance Red Steel seems like a generic first person shooter you might find in a bargain bin. Stylistically it's just about as "meh" as they come. However-that being said, the game's graphics are still very pleasing and can be very colorful and bold at times. (By the way-don't judge the character models on amazon's supplied images. These must be from an earlier build of the game because the in-game models look five hundred times better) As I played a little farther into the game though,Red Steel began to dig it's claws into me and what I found was a fun, entertaining fps with good gun play, a nice variety of weapons and a unique targeting system. In short, Red Steel's style short comings have nothing to do with it's ability to entertain on multiple levels. But sadly there is a problem with Red Steel, and that my friends is the busted sword fighting. The ability to fight enemies with a Japanese blade is one of the initial things that was supposed to set Red Steel apart from other first person shooters. Now that I've had the unfortunate pleasure of playing these bits, I honestly wished they hadn't been included. Sadly, these segements unfairly puts a damper on the whole game. In short, the sword fighting bits are terribly unresponsive. Swing your heart out with the Wii-mote ladies and gents, you MIGHT get the on screen action to follow suit. But more than likely, the game won't register your moves-or the on screen follow-up will be so delayed as to throw off your timing completely. Try getting some of the special moves you earn to work on an enemy in the heat of battle. I've had rocket science exams that were easier. In an otherwise fun game, these sword fighting bits feel broken & ill conceived in every way. In fact, you be cruising right along having a blast gunning down enemies with various weapons-then suddenly you reach a sword fighting segment and the game comes to an earth shattering halt. Why, oh why couldn't they have fixed this before the game shipped!? Another gripe I have is the fact that even though you are given new sword techniques and tips for fighting-they mean precious little little in the end. Just to check on a suspicion I had-I fought several enemies in a row by merely dodging their attacks and countering with the most basic slash possible, no technique, nothing fancy what-so-ever. Guess what? I had more luck doing this than if actually trying to use a skill! How pathetic is that? Honestly. I've heard rumors that a Red Steel 2 is already in development and I hope that this is true. I'd love to see another one. But Ubi Soft had better fix the completely broken sword controls before they even think about releasing a sequel. If they can do that, then maybe we'll have a truly worthy game to play. It's disheartening to see an otherwise fun game get overshadowed by its worthless sword fighting segments....more info
  • Frustration
    At first I thought this game was going to be awesome. Sadly I borrowed it from a friend and only kept it one day. It was that bad. The controls are just so uncooperative and annoying. I would just be running along minding my business and then he would point his gun at the sky and start running in circles. Not cool. I think the designers were on the right track at some point (sword play, kicking over tables for cover) but lost their way when the actual camera angles and all that came into perspective. Why do you have to keep the camera level and run/duck/shoot/slash? Why not have a fixed POV and then be able to look around if you need to? I suppose if you have patience (lots and lots of patience) then buy this otherwise do yourself a favor and get something else that wont make you want to throw your controller across the room. ...more info
  • Tons of problems and glitches, but somehow still fun to play

    There's a good chance that if you've got a Wii right now, you've already got a hold of Red Steel. The game has become the Wii's biggest third-party launch title, and second only to Zelda overall. Ubisoft's been putting hype on Red Steel as the Wii's big FPS outing for some time, although critics and players have been less than receptive with the final product.

    Don't go into this game expecting a shooter on par with Gears of War or even anything much more than Goldeneye 64 for that matter. In all reality, if you take the Wii controls out of Red Steel, what you have is one of the most lackluster FPS's in years. The graphics aren't even close to Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube, so this game is definitely last-gen in terms of presentation.

    But the fact of the matter is the Wiimote is here in full force and the gameplay is what truly matters. Unfortunately, while it may be Red Steel's saving grace from being bargain bin trash, it can also be one of the most frustrating of aspects. Aiming with the Wiimote is not the immediately intuitive experience people have been lead to believe, and numerous problems surround the implementation. One of the most notable things being that the aiming system is very glitchy, apparently at the fault of the game, not the Wii. Many point to Red Steel's rushed development cycle to be out at launch as the game's biggest fail point, and it seems that may likely be true. Having your reticule randomly jerk around while trying to precision aim a headshot is well beyond annoying. On top of that, various other types of glitches are present in the game, such as AI errors and game freezes. It seems obvious this game shouldn't have been released when it was.

    However, take all this with a grain of salt. Red Steel does deliver in providing a refreshing new FPS experience, despite its many shortcomings. Its flaws will certainly turn a number of gamers away, but just as many are likely to truly enjoy the game despite it's problems. When it's working correctly, the aiming system is an amazing new way to play, albeit turning your character can be a bit of a chore at times, depending on your sensitivity. As you learn to shoot well with the Wiimote, you'll find that if you can handle higher sensitivity levels with accuracy, the game will become much more enjoyable. In other words, hardcore players on high sensitivity are going to have a better time than those stuck on low so they can hit anything. It follows thus that this game gets better as you the player get better, an interesting aspect of this and many Wii games.

    You better be a fan of the nunchuck if you want to enjoy Red Steel, because you'll be working that little thing's accelerometer to death. The simple downward flick motion is probably the most used command in the entire game, controlling everything from reloading, picking up new weapons, and opening doors. While one might worry a bit about mapping so many things to a motion, it generally works out ok, minus maybe the rare case you want to reload while standing on a gun you don't want to pick up. The nunchuck and Wiimote movements respond well and feel good in Red Steel, and smaller features such as the reload sound from the Wiimote speaker are nice additions.

    We can't forget about swordplay now, as it does play a major role in Red Steel's single-player. Unfortunately, the controls aren't 1-to-1, and don't always translate perfectly. Your movements translate based on the way you swing. Swing to the left, your character will follow with a left swing, usually. In the end it's a good combat and control system, hurt more by AI issues than anything else. The AI during sword battles seems to always be either way to stupid to put up a fight, or so ridiculous you have to play kind of cheap to win, usually by simply breaking their sword with power moves, something that's often way to easy to do. What's truly disappointing is the sword battles make no appearance in any form of multiplayer. Two-player duals seem entirely doable and would help give the title some much needed replay value, but they remain absent for unknown reasons.

    Speaking of the multiplayer, how does Red Steel fair as the Wii's first 4-player FPS? Hate to say it, but not well. The steep learning curve makes it not so pick-up-and-play as most shooters. The options, characters, and modes are also extremely limited, with no unlockable content. The killer mode is the only thing of true interest to speak of, a mode where players get special orders by answering their Wiimote as a phone. However, it doesn't seem this mode was too well thought out, as there are a few implementation issues. Still, it's a novel idea that hopefully will make a future appearance.

    Red Steel is a tough game to review. On the one hand, the game is horrendously flawed and was almost certainly rushed out of development too early. On the other hand, despite a long list of glitches and problems with the game, it was still a very enjoyable game. There's certainly not the replay value to recommend a purchase of it, and I feel many will find themselves disappointed if they shelled out $50 for it. However, I myself am not severely regretting my own purchase, and I think many will find an enjoyable experience to be had here. Because of the learning curve, I can't recommend simply sitting down for only a little while and trying it. I'm going to highly recommend everyone Rent It and try to beat in a free weekend. Feelings on this game are going to vary all across the board, so do yourself a favor and sit down and play it for a good while before you judge. The game grows on you, and the innovative experience is worth playing through. Some will love it, some will absolutely hate it, but either way the game gives some really high hopes for Red Steel 2....more info
  • Great Fun, But Not for Everyone
    Is this a great game? Well, it depends on what you're looking for. Personally, the only thing I look for in a first person shooter is "how many people/things do I get to shoot"? This game does not skimp on its targets, and the A.I is decent enough to keep the combat interesting (but not so good that you die every other try). People have complained that the controls never become second nature, but that was not the case for me. After the second level, I was moving, aiming, ducking, and firing fine.

    One of the most novel aspects of the combat is the ability to slow down time. With this feature you can shoot your attackers five times before they ever fire a shot. This feature also allows you to shoot the weapons out of your opponent's hands. This is especially useful when it comes to group attacks. If you are attacked by a group, and you shoot the leaders gun out of his hand, the whole group surrenders. For me, that never stopped being satisfying.

    Lastly, the game allows you to use a sword as well as guns (though only at certain times). The swordplay is innovative, fun, but at times frustrating. Some of the opponents are just down right hard. But learn enough moves, and use them at the appropriate times, and you should be fine. I found the sword fights to be just as much fun as the guns.

    This game was, for me, exactly what a first person shooter should be. It was a lot of fun, and well worth a purchase. Though most of you will most likely be content simply renting the game.
    ...more info
  • New Innovation to a classic Genre
    This game is one of the top 3 games I bought for the Wii. It is a fun representation of what FPS will be like on the Wii. Though it has its glitches here and there, it is a fun new experience to use the Wii mote like a gun and a sword to defeat the Yakuza you face through out the game.

    With this, I am going to add that this is a great game to get into considering that a sequel is in the works and there have been talk of online play so, it is good to practice and master the training of the dojo.

    Overall, this is a game that can keep you occupied if you have multiple people for multiplayer and it can give you a one time only experience. Depending on your view and quility of the game, this is more fun then quality. It is early for the Wii launch so things will improve.

    with the power of Wii Connect24, who knows what else will be added?

    [...]...more info
  • Disturbingly Hard To Control
    I haven't gotten past the first level because the controls are so bizzare in this game. Buy something else and don't be this cheap....more info
  • Shoot 'em up with a few twists courtesy of WII technology!
    Great game but could be even better.

    I really like the aspect of the otherwise typical search and destroy adventure game that allows you to point at the screen in the direction you wish to go or look/view. That's unique among games and controllers, courtesy of the unusual WII technology. But it could be even better if it allowed you to attack your enemies, grab items, move them and use them by using those same new abilities unique to WII. In other words, why not allow some form of hand-to-hand combat rather than just shooting the weapons? There may actually be a way to do that I haven't yet figured out, but I don't believe so.

    Overall an above average game, perhaps a three and a half star....more info
  • Better than expected
    I was leary of this game because of the poor Gamespot review, but I got it as a Christmas gift and decided to give it a try. And I'm glad I did. The controls take a bit of practice, but they work well. You have to use subtle movements of the Wiimote for good control. There is a delay to the sword swinging, but its not bad. The graphics are decent and the story entertaining. I love the atmosphere-reminds me a bit of Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox. If you like first person shooters then this is the one to get. I finished Call of Duty 3 on the Xbox 360 and I liked Red Steel more....more info
  • not as bad as they say.
    this game is pretty good actually.
    sure the control is bad. but you get used to it eventually
    i cant really tell you about the story because i didnt really pay attention. i payed attention to it at first but it is VERY boring and VERY generic
    the graphics arnt BAD but they are not GOOD either but graphics dont make a game right?
    the sword fights are NOT good they barely recognise your movement. you can win a fight by swinging around you can play while reading a BOOK when your fighting.
    The music is VERY GOOD i love the theme.
    so i think you should buy this game. its underrated...more info
  • Would be a good game.. on the gamecube..
    Red Steel has been hyped since its E3 demo many months ago.

    I'm sorry to say, that the game has not lived up to its hype.

    The graphics.. meh. Then again, this is the wii, and the controls must be good, right?

    Unfortunately, this is where red steel falls flat on its face. The controls have a bit of "lag" to them, that after having used the Wiimote for more than 5 minutes, gets UNBEARABLY FRUSTRATING. Forget about moving and shooting at the same time!

    I wanted this to be a good game.. but it just wasn't to be. Better luck next time, guys....more info
  • How Much Fun is This
    This game is pretty awesome. I really like the shooting and sword fighting. The only think that I didn't like is if you play to long you will get dizzy. Just play in shifts and you will be fine. Overall this game rocks. Hope they make a two....more info
  • Nothing special here except the controls
    The controls will sink in and it'll become clear how great first person shooters will be on the Wii, but Red Steel has first generation game written all over it. This game wouldn't have half the bad rap it does if it weren't so hyped prior to launch, because nothing could live up to that. It's a decent but glitchy shooter that Ubisoft tried way to hard to stylize, and they should have spent more time ironing the bugs out and focusing on multiplayer.

    The sword play goes from a nice distraction to annoying really quickly (honestly, you just want to pull your gun out and shoot those guys). It's all "gesture" based, so the sword doesn't move the way you move the remote. You "swipe" the remote in a certain way, and it's like you'd pushed a button on a normal controller. So dispel any notions you might have of freeing yourself from the pre-programed attack motions of every other game.

    The gun aiming controls would be perfect except they inexplicably spaz out from time to time. When it happens, you can hit the menu button, and move the Wii system cursor around just fine. But come back into the game and it starts jumping around again. So it's not my remote, my sensor bar or my Wii that's the problem -- it's the game. It's not consistent, but it happens enough to be annoying.

    I can ignore the awful voice acting, and poorly drawn cut scene images. But since there's so much room for improvement in the game, I have to complain about them. I'd rather have no voice acting, no cut scenes and heck, no plot if it was a solid shooter. Sadly it's not the case.

    Ubisoft tried too hard to be different here, and it's just too apparent their talents would have been much better utilized in other areas. The whole "focus" system (sort of a stop time effect) is awkward to pull off and makes taking out a group of enemies too easy. There's a whole earning respect points business that feels forced, and I'm constantly wondering why it's in the game. Also, it feels cheesy that you can just hide behind a box and magically make all your bullet wounds heal. It's not that a traditional "health box" would make much more sense, it's just too easy to hide and heal. When you do die, if it's at the beginning of the level, you have to sit through whatever speech there was prior to play every time -- Really annoying when you sit through it five times and keep getting sniped by some guy you can't find.

    Some of the weapons are cool, but you can only hold two of them, so it's a constant juggle as you try to guess what gun you're going to be able to find ammo for later. The sniper rifle is just awful however, and deserves to be mentioned. Instead of zooming the entire screen into a snipe view like every other shooter, the whole screen fades so it is too dark to see, except for a tiny cross hair that you have to move around. It forces you to scroll all over trying to see anything. Also, instead of detecting where you hit an enemy (giving headshots more damage for example) they opted to cop out and just make the sniper rifle kill in one hit regardless of where you hit people. It's sad when Goldeneye -- an early N64 game -- has more features and thought behind it than this. They could have just ripped off it's features and had a better product.

    The multiplayer mode has no computer controlled opponents, so unless you happened to get 3 extra remotes and 3 extra nunchucks, you aren't ever going to play it. I haven't yet, and probably won't be able to any time soon.

    Aside from all that, it's still a fun FPS when you ignore its faults. Busting into a room and taking everyone out can be exciting, especially when you start accidentally blowing up cars or whatever they are hiding behind. If you're really starved for a Wii FPS (and have $50 to burn) give it a shot, but honestly you're probably better off renting it....more info
  • Great gaming experience
    I am glad to see some favorable reviews below. I thought I was the only one that thought this game rocked. I was pretty shocked to read the very mediocre reviews form the "experts" like gamespot which gave this game a 5.5

    Most of the "experts" seem to base their opinions mostly on the control scheme. I admit at first it was a bit unwieldy, because instead of using a control pad or 'joystick' to aim the gun/reticle, you use the remote to point. As such it did seem a bit too sensitive, but once you play for a while you get very used to it. At least I did, it felt almost second nature to me. The sword fighting is a bit janky but still good, your motions doesn't necessarily translate to what happens on the screen.

    I thought the whole storyline and scenarios were very clever (one stage even had you trying to escape from an amusement park while being hunted). The graphics I thought were very good. In some of the harbor scenes, the shimmering waves were amazing, and the little attention to details such as the scratches on the elevator doors, was a nice touch. I do admit to being a bit disappointed that the graphics in this game aren't like the ones you see on the official trailers for Red Steel. But the way some of the reviewers are talking about the graphics you'd think they were reviewing a playstation one game. One can only get excited to know that the graphics can get even better.

    The bottom line is that out of the five launch games I got, Red Steel is the one that I keep coming back to the most, because to me it is FUN. I don't care what the reviewers think, that's the way I feel....more info
  • Neat idea but bad execution
    When Nintendo first announced their new machine which featured different controls than previous systems, many thought that it would become a novelty machine: fun for awhile but what else can you do with it? It was inevitable that we'd get a FPS with the S also doubling for a "slasher" and it is certainly vastly different than previous FPS's I've played but it's just marred by gameplay problems that I wish were fixed. Ultimately to me, Red Steel is an example of a game that was too fast, too soon.

    Story: You play Scott-san, who gets caught up in a gang battle among the Yakuza when his fiance is kidnapped and her father is killed. You then have to unleash the proverbial can of worms on everyone. In a way, it's one of those kind of stories that I don't really get caught up and pay atttention to it but rather just learn enough to get by. Unlike some storylines where you get riveted, this is one where you'll probably be somewhere and go "who was I supposed to meet here anyway?"

    Graphics: It's one of those kind of games where you can tell that it's next-gen but stack it up against others and it clearly shows its relatively new age. The levels are well-done, enemies don't have that ugliness look where they're really pixel-y but yet it almost looks...bland as if there's nothing that's like "holy [...], this is a next-gen title." But the minor stuff such as small details from fountains to small explosions are handled well.

    Sound/Music: I wasn't even paying attention to the music that much but when I did it sounded fine. Big and fast paced when you meet enemies and low-key everywhere else. It's like other games I've played where you get so caught up in it that the music kind of disappears. The voice acting was decent and never felt hammy or considerably overdone.

    Gameplay: Here's where it falls apart. Essentially your nunchuk controller is for movement using the analog stick, Z is crouching and C is for jump while waving it makes you reload When you're in a sword battle, moving it makes you parry/block an enemy sword slash. Your "Wii-mote" controls your gun. Hold B to aim and A to fire. You also get to have grenades and if you move your whole remote forward, you create a zooming motion for better accuracy. The problem is that turning tends to be either too slow or too quick and when you're aiming and turning it gets worse. Then they are times where I try to zoom but it doesn't and sometimes your aiming reticule gets "stuck" on the top of the screen and it doesn't reset it for later, you have to actually drag it down.

    How's the rest of the game? It's quite alright and the controls are easy to understand without being overtly complicated but it's just executing them right is where it gets tricky. For some the game will completely fall apart here, for others it's just a minor nuisance. The enemies though have good AI at times, ducking and using things for cover while other times it seems they go on suicide runs going right into your line of fire begging for you to kill them. It's not a difficult game but when you're being shot from all over the place, it's pretty easy to lose health, which you generate Master Chief style by staying in one spot for a few seconds.

    Should you buy it? It's up to you really since like other games it's either a game only a few GET or you just think it's horrid. There is a good game here, it's just not as polished as I would like it to be....more info
  • hard at first then great fun. Feels like you're in an action movie!
    Within the first 15 min.s of playing this game I thought to myself...what did I buy? This is horrible and frustrating! Two things, first I wasn't used to the Wii controller yet, second, I certainly wasn't used to how Red Steel plays. I post this as a warning to those who easily give up. Some reviewers of this game have sighted the controls as being "broken". They certainly are not! By hour 3 of gameplay you'll be killing bad guys and sword fighting like a Samurai. As moves and features are added further into the game, it becomes even more fun. The level designs and style of some of the later missions are wonderfully perfect to match the mood. I felt like I was in a Hong Kong action movie. Give it a chance, especially if you're new to the Wii, you can't play this game sitting down! ...more info
  • Interesting Controls
    Red Steel is the first FPS game for the Nintendo Wii. It uses comic book style storytelling to portray the story of an American man who gets mixed up with the Yakuza. You basically use the Wii Remote to aim on the screen and shoot and the nunchuck to run and reload. The graphics are nice, but are nothing too exciting. The controls are interesting. It is hard to explain it better than that. You'll either really like it or really hate it. I like it. The music is the most awesome part of this game. The actually got a live Japanese sounding band to come in and record all the songs in a studio.

    All in all I enjoy Red Steel. I think people just need to learn how to tweek their setup on the Wii. There are setting possible to adjust the sensitivity of the Wiimote and I think most people are just missing this function. Once the Wiimote is calibrated properly, Red Steel turns out to be a really enjoyable game. I'd recommend that if you are a Nintendo fan and a casual fan of first person shooters that you give this game a look. I know most people are saying to stay away from it, but you'd really be missing out on a really good game. ...more info
  • This game is so sick!!!!!
    This game is one of the best I have played. I got a wii for christmas and got this for my b-day on 12/31 and I play it more than any game I have, including call of duty 3, Wii sports, and madden 07. The gameplay is awesome and extremely fun. It also is filled with a cool variety of guns to use, fun gameplay with the swords, good settings that vary a lot, and a fairly good plot line. Red steel puts you in the life of an ruthless man who has to deal with the Yakuza to get back his fiance and the possibilities of fun are endless....more info
  • A lot of hype; doesn't deliver
    Everyone seemed really excited about this game; supposed to be a great launch title, etc.

    Turns out that Red Steel fails to deliver like Dominoes during a hurricane. The graphics are meh (Ubisoft could have done way better), and controls are a bit awkward. This isn't because of the Wii controller itself... having played Zelda and Wii sports, I can say that the controller works very very well. So I am inclined to think that the bulkiness of shooting in Red Steel, and the fact that using your sword is more like clubbing a baby seal then fighting with the grace of a master samurai, has to do with the game design, not any fault of the controller. The storyline isn't that amazing either. Pretty straight-forward neverending quest to save your girlfriend (brownie points if you got the pop culture reference!), shoot a lot of Japanese people in the process. Nothing innovative to see here, move along now.

    It could have been a lot better. I'm selling this one back to EBgames and getting Trauma Center instead. Disappointing launch title. ...more info
  • OMG!
  • Great attempt
    This was a great launch title attempt for the Wii. It showed the capabilities of the motion sensor controls. The game really does respond to your hand motion, in terms of the aiming of the controller and the swinging of the sword. Even the throwing the grenade is pretty cool. That being said, I think the game was not tested before it was released. There are several times where I try to turn left and the game starts spinning. Kind of annoying I think. The graphics are not good, not at all. I understand that the Wii creates the games for the playability and the fun of motion control, but the view stinks. It feels like you are looking through some sort of concave like lens, hard to see.

    Video's could have greatly improved the story line, instead they do still motion, sort of comic book style. Other things drive you crazy as well. It was a great idea, I hope other companies explore the capabilities of the Wii like this game did, but polish it up a bit....more info
  • Under rated
    This game should be rated M! The gangsters always cuse and extremly intense and violent. The sword fighting is really lame. The controls are really hard(unless your really good at the wii). So I say DO NOT GET THIS GAME!...more info
  • it wasnt bad
    i rented this game at blockbuster and one big problem was the control sensitivity. i would try to aim at a guy and then i would do a 360 degree turn, while the guy was shooting at me. another thing was that the graphics could have been a bit better. other than that, its a great game...more info
  • New controls are the only thing this game is good for
    If this were your standard FPS it would get terrible reviews. The sword doesn't match how you swing the wiimote, it just swings a direction when you swing. There are only certain times when you can use the sword. The controls aren't perfect but they're decent....more info
  • Fun Only One Time Through
    I bought this game a little while back even before I had a Wii. It seemed like the only shooter that was good for the Wii other than Call of Duty 3. The game itself was really fun the first time I played it. After awhile, though, it starts to slow down. The gun controls were very good, especially when using pistols and other small weapons. The sword fighting is another story. At first it is pretty fun, but you soon begin to dread this "minigame". They try to make it interesting with "Respect Points", but you can't even use these points to buy anything. In the end, this is a respectable game and will help people grasp the shooting controls of the Wii and have a little fun in between.

    P.S. I personally would suggest The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess or Call of Duty 3 over this game, but that's just me....more info
  • Dommo arrigato Nintendo!
    I had read a number of reviews that slammed this game for its controls and graphics.

    Ok, the graphics are middle of the road, nothing special.

    The controls, incredible! Sure it takes a few minutes to get the hang of it but once you do it all just seems to work. The sword fights are also interesting enough to keep a person occupied.

    I gave it 5 stars overall and consider it a worthy first person shooter that makes excellent use of the unique WII controls....more info
  • Find your inner Flailing Hamster
    This game has a lot of promise, but the controls are painfully bad. I cannot fathom how many 5-star reviews this has received, especially when many of them comment on how the controls are difficult to master, can get stuck, and can be very frustrating. Not to mention that when the controls get stuck in "turn left" or "turn right" mode, it can be nauseating to watch.

    Personally, I'm simply not interested in spending hours mastering the basics of a game that should be intuitive. Using the Wii controller to imitate swinging a sword should be completely natural. In this game it is just the opposite. Part of the problem is that they put both the camera "look direction" control and the sword control on the controller, and they don't play nicely together. It ends up that you have to use what I think of as the "flailing hamster" mode to swordfight, and that takes all the fun out of it.

    The gunplay is mediocre. I've played much better on the PS2, and am spoiled by the GTA series to the point that I expect the aiming mechanism to be just as fluid and simple.

    The graphics are surprisingly dated. Again, they're weak compared to the typical PS2 FPS. I don't really care about "pretty" graphics, but these are poor enough to deserve mention.

    It could be that this game really needs a standard PS or XBox type controller, with lots of buttons and two joysticks. Too bad. It would be a fun game. I'm really looking forward to the Wii game where I can put down the shotguns, Uzis, and BFGs and just hack at a few bad guys with a sword.

    My advice: Save your money and wait for something better....more info
  • Arm injuring fun! I played until my arms hurt... And I still want more.
    A little clumsy at first, however, after 30 minutes I began to move as if I was in the game. Great game, Great concept for interaction. I see room for refinement of the sensitivity of the Wii remote and nunchuck, in a long series of follow up to this great game....more info


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