Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

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Rainbow Six: Vegas presents a new team of Rainbow Warriors, as they take to the streets of America. The streets of Las Vegas are chaotic, an escalating terrorist siege in "Sin City" threatens to take world terrorism to new, uncontrollable heights. The future of global security hangs in the balance as you battle to defend classic Vegas locations and environments like Freemont Street, The Strip, and Casinos. Experience Las Vegas like never before through revolutionary next-generation technology as you work against the clock to keep one of the world's most recognizable cities from utter devastation. Next-generation AI - Encounter deadlier, more skilled enemies who work together as a group to counter every move you make Customize your multiplayer experience - Your character evolves as you play online, unlocking new equipment and achievements as you go

  • Play as a new leader with a new team - Tactics play a MAJOR role in your team's success, as each member comes equipped with his own skill set -- recon, heavy weapons, demolition, long range attack and electronics
  • Experience a new level of squad-based realism, as your teammates offer real-time tactical suggestions like busting through walls or hacking computers
  • Use tactical planning to maneuver through multiple mission paths, with high-tech equipment, like snake cams that tag terrorist targets to your teammates, prior to entering a room
  • Real-Time immersion - Real-time mission briefings, all in the midst of the most intense combat ever played
  • Motion-captured assault and recon techniques, for realistic gameplay animation - Fast roping, rappelling, window entry, blind-cover fire, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • BEST ever
    Wow, I hate squad based shooters, but this game is the best FPS I have ever played!!!! This is a must buy!! BUY IT NOW!...more info
  • Shooters delight
    Although I am a kid entering my fourth decade of life I feel like a kid again playing this addictive game. Playing this on hi-def tv is unreal. Great graphics. One of the nice things on single player mode is that the AI enemies don't spawn in the same place each time you restart....the weaponry selection is outstanding....however, this game needs larger maps if one is to use a sniper rifle effectively...I agree with some earlier reviews in that it would be nice if your charcter could jump....or crawl.
    One of the biggest things that bugs me about this game....and other shooter games in that the makers feel the need to have a that you have to agonizingly wait through just to play. This is true whether you are playing campaign or terrorist hunt....who cares about the freaking story line...most of us want to load the game and start shooting!! Online play is awesome....if you die you can still talk to the players who are alive...unlike in the GhostRecon games ( which are still my favorite)....more info
  • Same game as the first with very slightly improved graphics.
    I was addicted to the first Rainbow Six Vegas game and have been a huge fan ever since Rainbow Six Rogue Spear on the pc. The first Rainbow 6 Vegas would have been almost perfect if they did something with the graphics, which were pretty bland.
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2, we were promised from the developer's diaries that the terrorist spawns would be fixed so they wouldn't magically appear in front of your eyes and behind you.... WRONG, it's worse in 2 than in the first one. Same guns with a few new ones in the mix. I've read that the guns are realistic...I would have to disagree. The entire appeal to this game is the blind-fire capability and being able to rappel upside down while shooting a pistol into the head of anyone that walks below you. This makes for a slow-paced game which is good in it's own but for it to be a "Best Shooter" it shouldn't promote camping a corner or door and waiting for someone to come close and then blindfire that person in the face. Don't get me wrong...that's FUN but it does get old. Rainbow Six series has some of the best mechanics for room clearing techniques but lacks the fluid speed to pull it off, it does come close.
    In a perfect world we could combine all our greatest FPS (Call of Duty 4, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2, and Gears of War) into one mind-blowing game but until then, we will be divided into groups of fans who love tactical shooters and fans who love fast-paced realistic shooters and fans who love really bloody shooters that makes their loved ones cringe with horror.
    I rate this game on gameplay a 4.5 out of 5
    and on graphics a 3.5 out of 5 (handrails on stairs shouldn't be painted onto the walls just for an example)
    ...more info
  • The reason I bought a 360
    I have always been a Rainbow 6 fan (since Rouge Spear) but the series had fallen off over the past few years. A ton of sequels with little innovation or improvement led me to other games like Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell. When I played Vegas it was like re-discovering the series all over again. I immediately ran out to buy a 360 so I could own this game.

    Vegas takes all the best elements from other games and puts them together in a way that seems new. I love how you can now hug a wall for cover and poke out to fire. This reminded me of Splinter Cell and it's something I've always wanted in Rainbow 6. You can also repel and fast rope now. Your in mission command of teammates is flawless. Now your teammates actually act like top operatives instead of the "Special-Special Forces"... if you know what I mean. The story is told on the fly instead of through the before mission briefings which makes the experience much more immersive. The levels (both single and multiplayer) are the best designed levels I've ever played, especially Border Town. Speaking of multiplayer, you can play splitscreen (or online) co-op through the entire game.

    The online adversarial play is the best I've experienced. It's always easy to find teammates or opponents to play with at any time of the day or night on X-box Live. It also seems that, generally speaking, there's a more mature crowd playing this game with only the occasional joker causing problems or being obnoxious. At first I was a little put off at having to earn rank to unlock the weapons I used in the single player campaign but then I came to appreciate that feeling of achievement of opening up new camo patterns and body armor that weren't available in single player. You can even take a picture of your face with the 360 camera and map it on your in-game character so everyone can see how ugly you are ;)
    This game is the best game I've ever played. I've had it for a few months now and played it for an embarassing number of hours yet I honestly can't think of one con to point out. If they just keep releasing new maps on the X-box Live marketplace I'll be a happy gamer for a long time. Get this game if you have an X-box 360... or get a 360 so you can play this game!!!...more info
    Game has great graphics and plays well. Only dislike was the difficulty in going from level to level when playing co-op. Once I figured that out the game flows and is a great deal of fun....more info
  • 2006 Game of the Year!!!
    Easily the most enjoyable game I own on the xbox 360. The ability to intuitively take cover using the left trigger is awesome, as opposed to the unnatural cover in the two ghost recon games. The weapons are awesome and very satisfying. The co-op modes are a-lot of fun too. My only question is why do all the terrorist speak such good English (profanity) with an American accent?...more info
    Rainbow Six Vegas is the latest installment in the tom clancy franchise. I did not used to play these kind of games i usually just play sports games but i though i would give this one a try. I bought it and have had a lot of fun ever since. The graphics and gameplay are prime for the genre. The only thing i have trouble with is saving on my xbox 360 console. ...more info
  • awesome game
    this game is awesome. if you like gears of war, u will like this......more info
  • An awesome tactical shooter
    This game is worth every penny. Challenging but not impossibly difficult. Good multi-player options including the optimization of your character that gets more weapons, armor and clothing as you rank up. AI just about perfect. Friendly AI isn't inhuman nor as dumb as rocks. Enemy AI for the most part is dumb but they make up for it with their good aim and their numbers. Single player game is very good. I recommend this game easily....more info
  • Frag and clear.
    I love this game. I have always been a fan of the R6 games, and this one is by far the best to date. The story is great and really pulls you into the single player game. I also love how you have the option to play through both the main story and the terrorist hunt mode cooperatively with a friend. This fun feature has added countless hours of replay value for me. The online modes are all very fun, and you will become addicted. Ranking up online and earning new gear is always great. There is nothing about this game that I don't love. It looks phenomenal and plays so well. I cannot wait until the next R6 game is released, but who knows when that will be.
    Bottom line: If you have a 360 and you love action FPS games, buy this. If you love online team-based FPS games, buy this. If you don't own this game, buy it.

    ...more info
  • I hope there is more where this came from!
    My partner and I played this game in the co-op mode on realistic. It was a BLAST! The graphics are perfect (especially on a 46" Flat Screen HD TV). It took us almost a week (we didn't play all day long...but during our downtime) to beat the "secret labs" level. The last level...was a little disappointing because it took us one try and about 15 minutes to beat. (We were hoping for another week of this game!)

    Highly recommended...I played Halo 1 and 2...and really enjoyed those games...this one is even better!! We were half way through Gears of War and stopped playing it all together to play all the way through RB6.

    We found the AI to be very realistic...and challenging. The enemy would actually charge at us, take up sniper positions, and flank our positions which made it even more challenging. I found several positions to set up as a sniper while my partner would search and clear. We found ourselves actually verbally communicating actions to keep each other alive. ("Frag-out," "Clearing," "Contact, right" "Suppressive fire")

    I like the controls for this game...yes, it would help to be able to sprint between locations. However, the one touch "change between" items was pretty impressive.

    Recommendations for future games: We work in and around South West would be pretty cool to have something with a "third world" feel. For example: Kids begging you for money and food, political unrest for what you are doing back on the home front, Improvised Explosive Devices, and an enemy who looks like everyone else in the local populace. (No that would be impossible)

    Four player Co-op on same screen, more weapons (RPG' for indirect fire), and more bad guys.

    I would love to have a game like this in a non-urban environment...or an urban environment with more innocent bystanders. Even more realistic.

    I do recommend this game... now I am on the hunt for another game like this one.
    ...more info
  • The best 360 game to date
    Rainbow Six Vegas is, by far, the best and most realistic military shooter available on the Xbox 360. The realism is a hallmark of Tom Clancy games and it in top form in this title. The gear you are allowed to use is all current or based on what may be actually used in the near future. The weapons are all very good representations of their real world counterparts. And despite the great selection all of them seem to have their own feel and style to them. The reloading drill animations are spot on and you learn early in a tactical reload will save you a good amount of time over an empty reload.

    The story can be a bit cliche and predictable, but is very serviceable. And it is unlikely you are looking for a Clancy RPG anyway. But the ability you are given to customize your character and gear online has a very RPG approach to it. The online play is amazing and the different modes keeps it exciting and fresh. You are able to play through against the enemy AI with your buddies or go head on head against real players. I don't understand why all current shooter's don't have a coop mode. Even then few have one as good and as well thought out as RSV's. This game also has healthy Xbox Live support with several map packs and game modes being released for it.

    The graphics are great and the environments amazing. The environments are not completely destructible but you can cause enough damage to make it very believable. The computer AI is spot on and very tough at times, as is the dialog they use. It is also wonderful to find the AI for your squad members is also very good. I have been playing this game since its release date and it is still extremely fun. There have been a few FPS games released since then that are as good but none are better....more info
  • RBSV2 a Winner!
    Very pleased with the latest Rainbow six edition. Action packed, cool gadgets and lots of mayhem. I do wish it had been longer and more varied locations like Vegas One had. Maybe UNLV arena fights within the monorail while traveling down the track. Hmmm.... ...more info
  • Why Did I Buy This?!!??!
    Do not buy this game if you've played Call of Duty 4!! The graphics & game play blow compared. You will not like it. ...more info
  • Fast, action packed, shooter.
    This is a great shooter with a good team mode that amplifies your range of options in inspired maps. Great multiplayer, not only online but also offline (split screen co-op mode)...more info
  • Great Game, Hard as Explative, but Great Game
    This game is like if they Made GRAW into A FPS... I own both, they are both two of the best games out and this is almost 2 years after they were released...R6V is much harder than R6V2.. I still like R6V better than 2, I just like the environmental settings and missions better. I could see people getting really frusterated at this game because there are times where you are pretty lucky to make it through a level and the check points are very few and far between sometimes...Also do not turn of your xbox during a cutscene when you beat a mission or you will have to re do it. The thing that this game does is forces you to either get really good or just flat quit playing it.... It doesnt really ease you into the hard stuff...Matter of fact almost right off the bat you get ambushed and all of your team and weapons taken away cept for a pistol. Then you get to go head to head in closed quarters with about 30 guys with shotguns and no save point, Most likely this is the players breaking point...Either you will nut up and get through it and enjoy the game and know what it is all about or get pissed and stop playing right there.
    ...more info
  • My First Clancy Game
    I have not played any other Clancy or Rainbow Six games. But I do own this one, and it was a lot of fun to play.

    There is a slight learning curve in the controls. But once you learn how to issue commands, the squad based tactics are a blast. Choosing the stance for your squad mates (defensive or offensive), having them enter a room guns blazing, or clearing a sector with a flashbang, it all adds up to a good time.

    This game does take some thought to complete certain parts. And in some situations you have to learn from your mistakes and adjust accordingly. You also have to continuously think about your squads stance, making sure they aren't in offensive mode, attacking everything that moves, when you're trying to sneak around. And you need to think about the tactics your going to use when entering certain rooms and stuff. The best part of the game is the fire fights, which can be pretty lively and entertaining. You will be making good use of cover throughout the game.

    Would recommend to any 360 owner looking for a fun game to play....more info
    I just got this for Christmas and had played it in the past and am still way hooked on playing this game. It is very strategic and makes you plan your attacks making it feel more and more like a swat team operative. It's not a game that you can just go rush into a room and expect to not be shot you have to plan everything out. The AI in this game is amazing in the fact that your terrorist are smart and do adapt to the situation again making it feel more realistic. I love the game controls for this game where you can you can take cover behind objects and shoot from there and also the amount of control you can have over your character. It's not just a point and shoot game you can zoom in and out there is inferred, night goggles, ect. This is a classic game one that everyone must have that likes first player shooter. I also would say how surprised I was when I played this online how many people were playing online it just goes to show even though there is a 2nd of this game people are still sticking with the original and for $20.00 its a great deal!...more info
  • A lot more fun than I expected
    I thought that a video game 1st person shooter based in Las Vegas was going to be over the top campy and silly. But I was pleasantly suprised to see that everything worked well and the game was very fun to play.

    I recommend this game. Last I looked I saw it was selling used for around $[...]. A very good purchase for less than $[...]....more info
  • The Best Game so Far!
    I love this game. The online multiplayer is awesome and VERY addictive. The fact that you can personalize your online character with your own face is hillarious. I have both my eyes closed, so when people see me on-line it looks like I am shooting with my eyes closed. Very funny.
    The single player games are just as fun. The movement is very quick and smooth. The few glitches are so funny sometimes we (online Friends and I) have to take pictures with our cellphones to email to our other buddies. I can't wait for the new maps....more info
  • Pretty good, probably worth it, at least on XBOX 360
    I started this game just after completing COD4, so I was a little disappointed in that this game is slower. The background graphics are good, but I was spoiled by COD4's superrealistic AI and character graphics, which now sets the bar. The game was overall a lot of fun but very frustrating at times- save points were very far between and you would often, very often, have to restart from the beginning after making it very far into the scene. Especially frustrating after successfully strategically placing your men and carrying on a successful "mini-assault" which could take several minutes only to bite it with a stray shot and having to start all over again. The pace was fairly quick in the beginning and this was not so much a problem for the first third of the game. Then things would really bog down and that frustration would set in. They could have installed a LOT more save points. Also, as conservative as I was with deploying my men, by about a half way point I found mysef more often than not having the men hold and I would go solo. This was due to the fact that even as cautious as I was, the guys would constantly be shot down and then I would eat it while trying to rescue and heal them, got pretty annoying many times. An occasional time or two was okay, but it got too repetitive and annoying. I found too that it would move things along to have them make the tactical entry, and then I would quickly have them fall back. I almost only gave this one a 3 star, but in all fairness it kept my interest level and did entertain.

    There were a couple glitches, one being that a few times while throwing a grenade through a window, the grenade would stop and freeze in the opening (usually not going off either). Once it go off after I had completed my mission and returned to check on it. What was up with that??? Also, on the xbox 360 controller, while switching between weapons on the buttons, many times my night vision would activate as well, without touching the right button. That seemed to happen quite a bit at the most inopportune times. They could have lightened up on the profanity and the use of the "F" word by the opponents was inappropriate altogether.

    As for pluses, I found the camera snake very handy and marking opponents for priority killing was cool. The incendiary grenade made for some "special" kills too and seemed to have more impact than the frag grenade. ...more info
  • what does on your 6 mean?
    Excellent. Ubisoft improves the R6 franchise and bests the Ghost Recon franchise. I compare this game directly with GRAW, since both are Ubisoft squad-based FPS. My criticisms are extremely minor.

    - Excellent visuals and varied levels and maps.
    - AI: excellent enemy AI and friendly AI (they don't run out and commit suicide immediately like GRAW). The AI of both sides creates some furious firefights.
    - No forced GRAB COVER!
    - No thousand distracting blips all over the screen as in GRAW. Only as many as you need.
    - Command options are simple and straight-forward.
    - good variety of weapons, attachments and items. each weapon has it's own unique visual reload and makes it's own flavorful sound.
    - lead voice actor is a hick adding good flavor.
    - was never stuck to the point where I had to consult the internet.
    - check the product placement posters, one is of former heavy metal show Uranium hostess Julyia.

    - uses Unreal engine which is excellent except for the unrealistic deal where you can get shot an infinite # of times (like in Gears of War).
    - no exact button/stick mapping.
    - still can't do something as simple as jumping. Jumping is fun. More fun than just walking.
    - sniper riffles seem to all have the exact same stats.
    - voice acting in general still sounds weird. Ubisoft France needs to hire some actual American voice actors.
    - no SAVE ANYWHERE and checkpoints are spread out wide so you will be repeating the same crap over and over and over again....more info
  • Best FPS I've ever played
    I absolutely love this game. The action is exiting and feels real, and tactics are a must if you want to complete your missions. Definitively my all-time #1 FPS....more info
  • Good Tactical First Shooter
    The game itself is a typical First Person shooter. However the tac ops that are available for your team add a sort of realism to it. Though I find I place my character in places that negate my teams ability to cover my six. I find the game refreshing when I am looking to knock off a few bad guys. My only complaint would be the IR and NV goggles display. Not realistic enough but still doable for game play. Fun and exciting to play!!!...more info
  • Pretty good... I wish GRAW employed the things that make this game great
    This is a pretty good game for shooter fans. The guns are for the most part accurate, the cover system is excellent - why can't games like Call of Duty 4 have cover systems like this game has? Heck, why can't Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter have cover systems that are as easy to use as this? The graphics are ok, although fall off bigtime when compared to games like Call of Duty... although your character looks fantastic when behind cover. Teamates AI isn't great, but better than some games. Most of the time they do the right thing. Ending is terrible. But I don't buy shooters really for the story, I buy it because I want to shoot terrorists....more info
  • 1 star this game is HORRIBLE
    I have a very good reason for hating this game it flat out sucks. the basic theory is its a tactical shooter in which you hide behind cover. theres hardly anything to hide behind. often you will shoot at enemys only to die in one shot. SEE IF YOU GET HIT ONE TIME YOU DIE! awful design once i went down to an alley on a rope and got killed countless times before my feet hit the floor. horrible game design. a complete waste of 63 dollars. THIS GAME IS HIGWAY ROBBERY. please rent befire you buy. ...more info
  • Great Game
    Got this game for my son because all his friends have it and he wanted to play live with xbox360. He has fun playing with it for hours and would also recommend his other favorite Gears of War. He likes to switch back and forth with his games until Halo 3 comes out....more info
    I'm a new xbox player. I bought mine, february 2007. I bought RB6 Vegas, Gears of War and Call of Duty as shooters.

    Believe me when I tell that I prefer RB6 instead of Gears. Probably because of the reality instead the SCI-FI of Gears.

    But the fact is:

    - Amazing Graphics
    - Amazing Sound
    - Amazing Gameplay

    I didn't play other game until I finished, and I'm waiting for the sequence with no changes. That's it! There's nothing on this game that I think that need to be changed! PERFECT!...more info
  • Amazing
    this is one of the best games i have ever played. mutiplayer is most fun. single player is brilliant but hard. graphics are brilliant. playing story mode and terrerist hunt is the best. attack&defend is real good when your attacking or defending. all of the levels from single player are on multiplayer aswell. if you were to buy this game(which i would recommend) is you get the xbox live vision camera for face maping....more info
  • Fantastic game..very addicting..
    I am so glad that I purchased this game, its amazing. Everything from graphics, sound, gameplay, level design,and weapons are great. Its very customizable, you can even create your character to look like you. Also it has an option to be a female, which most games I play do not have. The split screen co-op mode is fantastic( my favorite mode). The graphics are very realistic and well designed. You have the choice of choosing your difficulty, realistic is my favorite,the ai is more developed, but it can also be more frustrating. Also there is extra maps available on xbox live, which can add extra gameplay. The story mode is very good as well.Even after completing the story mode and terrorist hunt, I continue to play this multiple hours every week. Overall I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys this genre....more info
  • A review for 2009 point of view on this game
    I just recently purchased the original Rainbow Six Vegas, 3 years after it's initial release, and seeing how most of the top reviews are from '06-'07, I figured it would be a nice change of pace to give this a review from today's point of view.

    The price Amazon is currently charging for this game is a knockout steal; much lower than MSRP. At the current pricing, about $9 lower than MSRP, if you're thinking of buying the game, just do it. If your only criteria to owning the game is that it needs a lower price, just get it. If you think it's a game you'll enjoy, at this price it's definitely worth it.

    The graphics, compared to games today, look dated. Character models lack detail seen in today's games, but for a game released in '06, this would have looked awesome. Some of the flight sequences while arriving at your destination are amazing. Unfortunately when you're actually on the ground things don't look anywhere near as good. But again, be a little more lenient in your graphical requirements and you should be able to enjoy this game despite the "dated" graphics.

    Sound work is very good as well. I'm playing with surround sound and you hear people walking behind you and gun fire sounds as realistic as you game released today. There is some music there, but it's in the background. It never really gets obnoxious or in your face. The only sound effects I find annoying are the one armed bandits in the casinos are always making noise and that, I suppose, is authentic Vegas.

    Gameplay is typical first person shooter with a Gears of War style "hide behind an object and blind fire" mechanic. Blind fire in RS: Vegas, however, is aptly named as actually pulling a shot off and killing an enemy in this way is difficult. This mechanic, of course, doesn't seem to be "blind" fire for the computer, as it seems even on the normal difficulty setting enemies can be DEADLY accurate with blind fire, sometimes frustratingly so.

    Multiplayer isn't bad either. There are a ton of options available, which includes Co-Op via Live (co-op can be done local split screen as well). My only gripe with playing the co-op story mode is that it lacks the story. You can play through the levels together, but when you would normally be receiving information in the chopper or wherever, there is a prolonged silence. Take the first flight sequence in the helicopter. You have someone in the passenger seat, briefing you on what is going on and what you are getting into. In co-op multiplayer you sit in the chopper with... nothing. The other gripe with co-op multiplayer is if everyone in the party dies, you start at the beginning of the mission. In the beginning this isn't so bad as the missions aren't TOO difficult, but later in the game this can be an exercise in frustration given how the end sections of a mission ratchet up the amount of enemies coming after you.

    One big complaint I have is enemy pop up. I will play on-line with my father in co-op, we will completely clear a room and move on... only to occasionally have enemies pop up in the rooms we just cleared, killing us from behind. I've actually witnessed enemies popping into existence. I would prefer a set amount of enemies on a map in standard locations, however Ubisoft opted for random appearance and MOSTLY random location of enemies.

    Overall I think that this game for $20, for those who aren't too graphic obsessed with games and enjoy first person shooters, is a decent choice. It wouldn't be my first choice in aging first person shooters (I may give that honor to GRAW 2 instead), but it is a solid choice....more info
  • Unrealistic and frustrating gameplay
    I bought this game based on my previous experience with Rainbow Six games for the PC and on the reviews here, but I'm finding this game extremely frustrating. You start out with yourself and two AI helpers (barely enough to mount any sort of tactical operation - I'd say four would be a bare minimum). However your two accomplices are soon taken away from you and you're on your own in a situation that virtually ensures that you'll die - a situation that no small unit commander in his right mind would allow to continue. This happens over and over again. Unlike the old Rainbow Six games this one is highly unrealistic. Not only that, but the save points are so far apart that survival is virtually impossible. The tunnel mission is particularly frustrating as you're alone and with only a pistol and you have to rescue your comrades. Ridiculous!

    Rainbow Six: Vegas is a game for the hardcore FPS fan and it seems to me that it's unsuitable for anyone else. I've tried reducing the difficulty as much as possible but the same frustrations occur time and again: I get killed not because I'm bad at FPS games but because the game is set up in such a way that death is virtually guaranteed even when your actions are tactically correct. If this is what this franchise is turning into then this is the last Rainbow Six game that I'll be buying....more info
  • Rainbow Six Vegas... You're favorite first person shooter, (you just don't know it yet)
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas for the Xbox 360 is the 5th generation of Rainbow Six games. With over 30 realistic weapons, high tech explosives and cool gadgets, it's safe to say that you'll never go bored with this title.

    I won't spoil you with details relating to the story line that goes along with the Campaign mode. All you need to know is that the campaign mode for this game is a lot of fun. The enemy AI is intelligent so it won't be a run and gun experience for you. They'll flank you, dodge bullets and throw a few flash bangs. You'll have to play smart and shoot accurate to move through the levels. Great enemy AI with cool weapons, rappelling, night vision, snake cams and well laid out levels, the Campaign mode really is a treat to play.

    Now most of you however will purchase Rainbow Six Vegas for its online capabilities. This is what I want to focus this review on. You first build your character, changing body build, facial features and camo to your liking. Choose your primary weapon, pistol and 2 of your favorite Gadgets/explosives and your ready to play. You can search for a quick match, a custom match or create your own. When you create your own match you have the ability to lock weapons, change match time, change the amount of respawns and more. You can have up to 14 players per session although there is an option to have 16 with the "dedicated server" option on. This reduces any lag issues, however the person who is hosting the match cannot play.

    Once you get to playing you can unlock new weapons and camo every-time you rank up. There are ten enlisted ranks and seven officer ranks that you have to go through until you reach "Elite" which is the grand daddy of all ranks. Currently there are 10 ways to enjoy online play... Survival, Team Survival, Sharpshooter, Team Sharpshooter, Retrieval, Co-op Terrorist Hunt, Attack & Defend, Co-op Campaign, Assassination, and Conquest.

    Every weapon and explosion sounds really cool and the music is very well produced. Graphics are amazing but not as good as Gears of War or the highly anticipated Halo 3. Don't let this detour you away from this game though. The graphics are more than adequate and it looks as it should on the powerful Xbox 360.

    I highly recommend this game. It's a challenging but fun first person shooter that will have you wondering why you didn't buy this title it a long time ago. For your enjoyment, I have included a complete weapons list for Rainbow Six Vegas... Enjoy!

    Sub Machine Guns: MP5N, MP7A1, UMP45, P90, MP9, MAC 11
    Light Machine guns: MK46, 21E, MG36, M249 SPW
    Assault Rifles: 552 Commando, AK-47, Aug A3, FAMAS, G36C, G3Ka4, M8, MTAR21, SCAR-H CQC
    Sniper Rifles: M40A1, SV-98, PSG1, SCOUT TACTICAL
    Shotguns: M3, SPAS 12, 870MCS, XM-26 LSS
    Pistols: MK.23, USP40, Glock 18, 92FS, Raging Bull Desert Eagle
    Explosives: Frag Grenade, Flashbang, C4, Breaching Charge, Smoke, Incendiary, Tear Gas
    Gadgets: GPS Device, Motion Sensor, Radar Jammer, Shield, XM50 Gas Mask, SF10 Gas Mask.

    C'mon... You're using the same weapons and explosives that the police, swat and special forces use to this day. Glock handguns, Remington Rifles, Heckler & Koch sub machine guns and more. Why don't you have this game yet!?...more info
  • great fps
    I love all rainbow six gamnes . but this one is set apart. exellent gameplay single and on line .on line playing it seen a little confused at beguinig after 2- minutes plying you get used to it. but lot of fun. this title and graw 2 are the best ever on tactical warfare games. recomended boths...more info
  • Really awesome game
    this game really accelerates the feel of the legacy that is Tom Clancy's rainbow six. it really was one of the best games that i have played although it was painfully short on the normal game difficulty. the second should really answer some questions, so i would get both of them to really get the full game story which lacks a little in RSV as the story is bitted together whith the picture-in-picture briefings that don't really make any sense, though the point of any given mission is to kill the terroist. This is made more exciting with the variety of ways to enter a room and clear it etc. the commands are really just fantastic with the variety of ways to get to a certain place or room, which really just makes the overall game 4 stars since the story and motivation don't really shine though the graphics are simply amazing. ...more info
  • love it
    i realy love this game ,my grandson playes it on line ,i have not a yet,but i do plan on doing that....ron...more info
  • Good game
    This game was GREAT when it first came out, but with big action titles like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 out this game will slip into the dusty shelves of ignored games. The multiplayer is great, but has since been overshadowed by COD4....more info
  • Ok game.
    This game being the first Rainbow title on the 360,it had a lot of hurdles to jump.Gameplay is good,graphics are good,but there are subtle things that experienced gamers miss from the previous Rainbow titles on other systems.
    Online play is fun,but getting a lot of kills and playing a lot of games just to unlock a new camo color?..please.

    Being a Rainbow title,it's mostly in-doors,but some of the maps are rather large,and while it make take a few seconds to make it across a doesn't lose what all the Rainbow Six games have.
    The cover system is good,but I would have liked to have the lean function and the ability to use the D-pad to open or close a door quietly(like on previous Rainbow Six titles)...more info
  • great MP game
    almost the only xbox MP game i play. great game. in fact, i think all my xbox 'friends' are due to this game (and a couple pc rollovers)...more info
  • 11 Months later this game is still awesome
    Most likely if you are reading this, you just got your XBox 360 and are looking for games to buy. If you have had an XBox for sometime and don't own this game, you probably are into stuff like Viva Pinata and the like. Not that there is anything wrong with those games. But I digress.

    I bought this game the day it came out and can honestly say that I still play it on a regular basis... The other games will give you a review of the graphics and sound and what have you, so I don't need to get into that. Look at the ratings, nearly everyone gave it a 5 star rating. This game is amazing, and a perfect blend of realism and fun in a video game.

    I got Halo3 because everyone had it. Don't get me wrong, it has some cool features especially the multiplayer method of putting matches together, that is cool. But I don't dig the aliens and lasers nonsense. Maybe I will be into that in the year 2319 or whenever it takes place and when we are fighting aliens, but in the mean time, terrorist taking over casinos is more likely. People continue to play this game, and even when GRAW2 came out people shyed away and came back. The Halo hype is wearing off and people are returning to R6V.

    Do yourself a favor, get this game....more info
  • Best Clancy game from any series
    Great game, great game, great game. Rainbow Six: Vegas takes the best parts of the Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, and Rainbow Six series and pulls them together into one of the best and must have games for the 360. The graphics are top notch. The location being in Las Vegas casinos, gives a new dimension to the genre. The story mode is fast paced, varied, and engrossing. The terrorist hunt is fun as can be. When you layer that with a top notch multiplayer platform, this is must own for genre fans and maybe for anyone. If you like Tom Clancy, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, or shooters in general, head out now and pick this up. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Get ready to die....a lot.
    Very difficult game. And I mean VERY difficult. Personally I have no issues beating games like BioShock or Call of Duty series type games while dying minimal times. So far I am two acts through Rainbow Six Vegas and I imagine that I have died at least 50 times. Whether it's due to my partners dying or myself, I die a ton of times.
    The cover mechanism of this game is superb. The graphics are superb as well. The weapons are incredibly realistic, and what you will find is that since they are so realistic, the aiming is much harder than other games.
    I found this game to be very frustrating. I love the story, controls are good, it just seems like guys randomly pop out a lot and you die a ton. Other than that, a very solid game and one that will take you a long time to beat!...more info
  • Descent
    I thought it was a pretty solid game, but there was nothing new and unique about it that would set it apart from anything else I've played of late. Gears of War, Call of Duty 3, both were better than Vegas IMO. That said - it was entertaining enough and worth the play time....more info
  • UBI you did it again
    Really this and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 are equals. However online game play is different as is campaign. But I own them both and don't regret spending the money....more info
  • Best tactical shooter ever ... ?
    Yup, could be as Ubisoft does it again.

    I've played through all the other Rainbow Six games numerous times and Vegas is by far the best. Without a doubt, it's the best AI I've ever seen in a game. The bad guys know how to shoot and elude you and don't always do the same thing twice when you have to repeat a section.

    Graphics are killer, game play is intense, sound is amazing and the weapons rule.

    Yeah, I liked this game ... a little....more info
  • Get the full package and buy them both now!
    Just going to say...if you don't own this game buy it, then turn right around and buy Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I thought this story was complete and gave you enough, but then the second one really completes it. Plus if you are on the 360 the experience and rank you gain through this keep for Vegas 2. At this point buying just this first game isn't enough, but as everyone else said, it is hours of truly exciting gameplay....more info
  • Great game
    This is one of the most realistic games i have played for the xbox. The online line play is great and there will be 6 new maps coming soon. i would recommend this game to anyone that likes to play first person shooters. BETTER THEN G.R.A.W. 2 ...more info
  • Tango down
    The story mode has an ending that leaves room for a sequel, A LOT OF FRICKEN ROOM. But other than that, it was a great game, it's not as beautiful as other games out their, such as Gears of War, but it does feel nice to have people die without having to put a whole clip into them. The single player mode is why i got the game, but the multiplayer is why I keep playing. My advice is this: If you want a good tactical shooter, with great multiplayer, buy this game....more info
  • Oh yeah
    Definitely one of the sickest games on the 360. Good story mode and good multiplayer....more info
  • The Next Gen Rainbow
    I'll just get to the point...Graphics are obviously incredible especially when you play in HD, Gameplay is a very good step up - even though it's clearly imitating Gears of War with it's health, blind fire and cover system. Sound is about average for the next gen consoles, but you over sensitive marshmallows that can't handle frequent "adult" language might wanna set your parental setting to: Don't Buy This Game, Idiot! Theres alot of swearing especially when you're Terrorist Hunting where sound effects will consist of guns discharging, enemies swearing hilariously (I thought so) and explosives occasionally going off.

    I know it might be considered too late to be typing up a review on RSV, but it's worth it. I originally bought this game when it came out in 2007 and I loved it immediately. It was different from all other R6 titles prior to it and stands out well amongst first-person-shooters. With an awesome multiplayer and a seriously challenging story mode, you'll be hooked. It took me a week to beat it on realistic (a chapter a day) and trust me, you're gonna need alot of patience, accuracy, cover and strategy - which is definitely what the programmers intended to extract from you. Buy and enjoy.

    By the way, those of you that like to play for achievements might have a ridiculously frustrating time trying to unlock "Special Operations". It's the only one I'm missing and is known for being glitched TERRIBLY....more info
  • Must Have
    I beat the game in a few days on normal difficulty, then went onto online play, which completely got me addicted to the game. Can't imagine another game being better than this. Most definitely the best shooter i've ever played....more info
  • Rainbow Six Vegas - Set-up for sequel
    The game was a blast to play. The final battle was far easier than I would have expected and I was somewhat disappointed when it was over. In fact, I was still moving from cover to cover thinking more terrorists were going to pop out somewhere - especially after the seemingly large number of tangos that took over Dante's Inferno.

    The ending is a drag. . . No real set-up, no closure just a single line designed to pimp the sequel. I am OK with game sequels and many are better than the originals. But I do like it when the game I am playing at least reaches some level that ends rather than awaiting resolution later (although I already have my copy of RS: Vegas 2).

    Gameplay is easy to learn if you follow Jo's instructions in Mexico. The complexity builds so that you're not killed all the time from the outset. You cannot let your teammates die - which is slightly unrealistic - and to prevent that from happening you have an unlimited number of revival shots for them - also unrealistic. Your team never runs out of breaching charges, flashbangs, or ammo and, as such, make great bait.

    You, on the other hand, can easily run out of things if you don't notice the stock-up crates placed throughout the game. I was new to the RS franchise and did not really notice the crates initially and, instead, took the weapons from dead tangos. Not a bad plan, but not the best plan either (although, it did seem odd that there were supply crates strategically located throughout Las Vegas for use by special forces teams).

    A number of battles seem ovewhelming and the team can end up dead pretty quick. The game requires some good small unit tactics to avoid these replays and provides you with the tools necessary to make it happen.

    The only glitch I found was when i backtracked because I believed that I missed something and it re-set my save point to an earlier one but would not re-save again when I passed the later save point.

    Overall, it was a fun an rather satisfying game....more info
  • Great game but requires a lot.
    I played this game first on a tricked out 6000+ AMD system with 4 gigs ram and 512 meg video card. Ran beautifully and fell in love. It's a LOT of fun, looks great and the gameplay is awesome.

    Having said that, I purchased for my computer and had many problems with lockup, slowdowns and such until I turned settings to 640x480. I am running it on my personal computer which is a 3500+ AMD Athlon 64, 1 gig dual-channel 400mhz ram and a 256 meg 6800GT Video card. I can run every other game on the market with at least medium to high graphics in 1024x768 mode. Watch the requirements as this game seems to require a fairly high end computer. Other than that great game, lose one star for higher than normal hardware needs....more info
  • Viva las Vegas!
    The newest in the Rainbow six franchises is the best one yet. A good FPS with awesome graphics and game play. The real world tactics are very accurately depicted. This game is true to its military route, fire team hand signals, MOUT room clearing, fast roping and repelling and tactical formations. You get an array of real world weapons. The setting this time is Las Vegas. This adds to the coolness factor. Sometimes it's hard to get an accurate bead on your enemy but it's a minor problem that is easy to shrug off as you're playing. One of the best shooters and if you're an online games this one is defiantly up your alley. This is one to buy for sure....more info


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