Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Wireless Headset (Black)

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Product Description

Soft as a sigh, light as an undertone, slim as a murmur and as mobile as you are, the Samsung WEP200 brings Bluetooth to your ear. So wear its style for constant, comfortable communication.This product is designed for the following systems:Samsung SGH-D600;Samsung SGH-D600E;Samsung SGH-D820;Samsung SGH-E340E;Samsung SGH-E360;Samsung SGH-E370;Samsung SGH-E720;Samsung SGH-E730;Samsung SGH-E760;Samsung SGH-i320;Samsung SGH-X700;Samsung SGH-Z140;Samsung SGH-Z140V;Samsung SGH-Z150;Samsung SGH-Z300;Samsung SGH-Z400;Samsung SGH-Z500;Samsung SPH-I300.

Samsung's WEP200 Bluetooth headset is a lightweight communications companion to your mobile phone, weighing just 9 grams (0.3 ounces) and offering up to 4 hours of talk time. It includes the following features:

  • Bluetooth version 2.0 + EDR for enhanced data rate, faster pairing and connection, improved call quality and lower power consumption. Also compatible with Bluetooth version 1.2 and 1.1 devices.
  • Bluetooth Class 2 wireless connection to Bluetooth compatible device up to 30 feet away
  • Supports Bluetooth Handsfree and Headset profiles
  • Omni-directional microphone that clearly picks up your voice
  • Multi-function button to controls various functions including answering and ending calls
  • Integrated volume up/down control
  • Transfer between calls between phone and headset (if supported by phone)
  • Last number redial (if supported by phone)
  • Supports voice dialing (if supported by phone)
  • Call reject (if supported by phone)
  • Call holding and waiting (if supported by phone)
  • Microphone mute function
  • Color LED indicates status of connection and headset
  • Detachable ear hook fits either ear
  • Ergonomic design combines light-weight and comfort
  • Battery: Up to 4 hours of talk time or 70 hours of standby

What's in the Box
Headset, travel charger, charging case, headset hooks, user manual

Pairing Instructions
Pairing will create a unique and encrypted wireless link between two Bluetooth enabled devices, such as your Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth headset.

  1. Ensure that the headset is off (see Turning the headset on/off).
  2. Press and hold the Multi-Function button until the indicator light turns on in blue (approximately 8 seconds).
  3. Set your Bluetooth phone to discover the headset by following your phonea€™s guide. Typically, the steps involve going to a Setup, Connect, or Bluetooth menu on your phone and then selecting the option to discover Bluetooth devices.
  4. Your phone will find the Samsung WEP200 headset and ask if you want to pair with it. Confirm this by pressing the Yes or OK key.
  5. Enter a passkey or PIN, 0000 (4 zeros), then press the Yes or OK key.
  • Lightweight Bluetooth communication headset in black fits in either ear, offers Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
  • Omni-directional microphone that clearly picks up your voice
  • Multi-function button to controls various functions including answering and ending calls
  • Includes travel charger and charging case
  • Up to 4 hours of talk time and up to 70 hours of standby time

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing piece of gadget
    Really blocks out outside noise. People hear me better on the headset than on my phone!...more info
  • Bluetooth technology that actually works!
    I have never been impressed with bluetooth since the day it came out. Every single bluetooth dongle, phone and other bluetooth accessories I have bought and tried to use have been nothing but trouble for me. They would either not work or work so intermittently and unpredictably that I eventually threw them all out and swore off bluetooth...

    Until now. Enter the Samsung WEP200 mono BT headset. I figured I couldn't go wrong at the price it was offered for, even if I end up throwing it out like all the other BT dohickeys I have dealt with over the years. I haven't thrown this one out so far, so read on to figure out why.

    The headset comes in a very nice package which is far too large for the headset and carrying case. The headset is literally less than 2 inches long and weighs a small fraction of an ounce. Along with the charger/carrying case, the headset comes with 3 speaker covers/ear holds, an over-ther-ear hook, a wall-wart charger, and user manuals.

    Once you unpack everything out, you first set up the charger and charge the headset for a couple of hours. When the light on the headset changes from red to blue, you are good to go. I paired it with my Samsung Gravity in about 15 seconds and tested it out. I will have more to say about that test a little later.

    When the headset is turned off, the phone automatically detected that and switched to no-headset mode. As soon as I switch on the headset, the phone asks me whether I want to connect to it. When I say yes, it connects instantly and with no hiccups. No fuss, no muss, it just works! This is so unlike other BT accessories I have tried that this one aspect alone deserves several stars!

    Now for the hearing tests. The headset fits comfortably in the ear and should fit most people's ears with at least one of the 3 speaker covers included with the headset. Don't worry about the over-ear hook. It is a useless red herring that serves no useful purpose. Lots of negative reviews focus on how flimsy the hook is and how often it breaks. The fact is that you can not charge the headset with the hook attached to it, and removing and reattaching the hook for every charge will eventually break the hook, so just ignore the hook. Throw it away so that it does not even tempt you!

    The user manual contains pictures showing how to set up the speaker covers for the left and right ear. The settings work perfectly and the headset fits in my ear very securely and comfortably. I feel that I can play active sports with this thing in my ear if I choose to without it falling out. It certainly does not even move even when I vigorously shake my head from side to side or chew food vigorously. Combined with the lightness of the headset, this makes it easy to forget that you even have the headset in your ear.

    The headset has a prominent button on the outside which the user manual refers to as the multi-function key (and it is multi-function). You use that button to turn on and off the headset, to make and receive calls, to mute the headset, to place calls on hold and receive a different call, to pair with the phone, etc., etc. The list of functions that this multi-function key is capable of is listed in the user manual and deserves a careful going over. The bottom-line is that this is pretty much the only button you will use day-in day-out when you wear this headset. There are two volume control buttons on the side of the headset and their functionality is very intuitive.

    On the test I did, the headset was so clear it was as if someone was standing in my ear and talking to me. There was no noise even though my phone was on top of my entertainment center and I walking all over the room just to see what the range was. The manual lists a range of about 30 feet and suggests that there be no obstructions between the phone and headset for optimal performance. I did not get any interference even when I went as far as 15 feet from the phone and there were a few obstructions between the phone and headset. The sound quality was so good, in fact, that I sold my wife on this headset even though she never uses headsets because of an ear problem that makes most headsets unuseable for her.

    Even though the headset is less than 2 inches long and therefore, the mic is far from your mouth, the headset picks up your talking very clearly and none of my callers had any problem hearing or understanding me. In fact, most did not believe I was using a bluetooth headset.

    Before you get carried away, though, there are a few drawbacks you must be aware of. First of all, the multi-function button is a pain in the neck to master. All of its functionality depends on timed presses of this button (4 seconds to turn the headset on and off, a light tap to receive calls, 2 seconds to do this, 2 seconds twice in a row to do something else, etc. etc.). This can be quite confusing and also if you are not paying attention, you can easily end up turning the headset off when you intended doing something else and so on. There is no separate on/off button, so turning the headset on takes at least 4 seconds if it is off. This can mean the difference between being able to answer a call or missing it entirely. It would have been better to have at least a separate on/off button so that you don't have to press a button for several seconds waiting for something to happen.

    Also, the headset has very little free real estate on it between this multi-function button and the two volume control buttons, given the extremely small size of the thing. So, if you want to adjust the headset's fit in your ear, you have to be cognizant of how you grasp the thing and where you press on the thing. Luckily it hasn't required much adjusting for me, but if it does not fit your ears as well as it fits mine, this could be an issue....more info
  • My boyfriend loves it and so do I!
    I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he absolutely loves gift I ever got him I think. It was really easy to set up and the sound quality is fantastic! I can't tell the difference at all when he's using it and when he's not. It also has good distance because the only time I ever hear it crackle is when he's talking on it, has left his phone on the other side of the apartment and has forgotten and walked clear from the bedroom to the kitchen. He says it's comfy too.

    The only downsides were (1) the $20 rebate offered over Christmas never delivered...still waiting without holding my breath for that and (2) it's really small. Which wouldn't be a problem unless you're prone to losing small things (which,, but luckily he's always found it again :)...more info
  • Good for a cheap headset
    Bought Samsung headset thinking it would be very compatible with Samsung phone but not true. Pairing drops sometimes while on a call - on/off button takes a 8+ seconds to work - a little too timely when in a rush. Overall though - was cheap and does the job most of the time....more info
  • Great sound and clarity however
    The earbud is uncomfortable, and the detachable ear hook breaks when you take it off in order to recharge the headset. Total design flaw right there. The sound clarity and range is great, but the hook problem is what prevents this headset from being perfect....more info
  • WEP200 Bluetooth
    The volume on this earpiece is not good and it doesn't fit well at all. The part that goes over the ear broke after three days. I don't care for this earpiece at all. ...more info
  • Earhook Moan
    This product works well until the ear hook breaks. I read a review (or maybe it was some reviews) that warned me about that. I just thought, "I'll just have to be extra careful with that hook." Alas, I failed. The hook broke right around where it connects to the device. I just ordered some Jabra ear gels so...

    Other than that, it's tiny, light, cheap, and sounds just fine on both ends. All of which are useless if it won't stay in your ear!...more info
  • Poor Fit
    The sound quality of the WEP200 is actually very good but I cannot get the thing to stay in my ear...finally gave the earpiece to a friend....more info
  • very happy with the headset
    The earpiece is comfortable - the sound is perfect - charging is a breeze - no complaints at all. ...more info
  • I love it, I use it everyday, Highly recommended
    I have had this device for 2+ years. It has gone through 3 phones and is still going strong. Stays connected to just about any phone. Throw away the ear clip, this thing is meant to be just a small unit that holds in your ear. It fits in your pocket with your phone and fits with sunglasses. It is not meant to be worn all day; which should be a crime anyway, robo-ear is rude people. Volume is great. Only downside is when attending large conference calls during lunch it doesn't stay in while eating. Battery is incredible, still holds a charge for a whole weekend....more info
  • Great little headset
    My previous headset was a cheap Jabra. Had significant problems with sound quality, dead air time, echos, etc. When I saw the Samsung WEP200 on Amazon for $5 (after rebate), decided to try it--still didn't expect much. I was wrong! The sound quality is SOOO much better than I was used to. The battery life has been great so far. Overall, I am most impressed, & would gladly pay the $25 list price....more info
  • Perfect!
    Its loud, its easy to put in the ear, its compact! I love it! It comes with an ear hook but I don't have to use it coz it fits snugly in my ear. When I wear my hair down, you won't even know its there. When I wear it, I forget its there coz its very light and comfortable....more info
  • Horrendous lag. Annoying latency. Doesn't fit.
    If you are thinking of using this for computer gaming forget it. I tried it with World of Warcraft on an Inspiron E1705 running Windows XP Media Center Edition. Lag in Wintergrasp was horrendous. When I turned off sound effects, lag completely disappeared.

    There is also a 2-second latency in game and in Ventrilo.

    Better drivers might help, but the box does not inlude a driver CD, and I cannot find drivers online.

    The earpiece is too large for my ear, even without any of the included rubber adapters. The ear loop barely holds the headset on. ...more info
  • Almost perfect for me...
    Good sound, small size, good price but the headset would not stay in my ear unless I purchased the Jabra eargels as stated in other reviews. Otherwise I would have to buy another headset that fits over the ear which can interfere with glasses....more info
  • Nice headset priced right
    This bluetooth headset is tiny compared to others I've researched. I purchased it for my daughter, and she loves it. It paired easily with her Env2 Verizon phone. I called her to test it and I could hear her clearly and she reports she can hear well on it too. There was no feedback noise or echo. She reports that it is very comfortable, and she has been wearing it for long periods of time without a problem. The standby time is 70 hours, so it doesn't have to be constantly charging. Great product....more info
  • Great little headset!!!
    I shopped a while to find and affordable, reliable BT headset. I wanted a Jawbone, but they are just too expensive. Plus I wouldn't use it enough to warrant spending the money. I found this one and like the fact that you can use it without the earhook and it's compact design. It is roughly the size of the top half of a normal person's thumb. It really pics up sound wonderfully and is very easy to use. I recommend this to a first time bluetooth user to someine who is used to using bluetooth and wants a better set. The mic is good, but will pic up some noise. I was using it while I was raking leaves and the person I was talking to said it was very lousd. So it is sensitive, but pics up voice crystal clear....more info
  • Bluetooth wireless headset
    Love it! I just need to learn how to use all of its features! :-)
    Thank you!...more info
  • good value
    I purchased this bluetooth after reading many reviews. I just want to add a few comments that would have helped me understand the product better. First off it takes almost 24 hours to charge. It does not state this in the manual. Second, if you have never worn an in ear headpiece, it takes some geting used to. It does not fit my ear well even though it comes w/ 3 cushions. I don't see that much difference in the sizes. Also, I am a gum chewer so that plays a big part. The earbud won't stay in when I am chewing gum. It does come w/ an over the ear hook but you need to remove it every time you charge the unit. The hook is lightweight but I can see how it could break as noted in other reviews. Because it is in ear I think the sound quality is better on our end. People you are talking to can still tell that you are on a headset. Overall I think it is a very good value for the price. ...more info
  • Great headset
    I've been using the Samsung WEP200 for a few months now, I think its a really great bluetooth headset. I've been able to sync it to my Blackberry Curve, as well as, my Sony PlayStation 3, and switch between the two without any issues. The WEP200 sounds much better than the jawbone 2 I briefly owned. Its surprisingly small size really makes it easy to wear for long durations. Battery life is a bit weak, it will die within minutes of the initial warning tones, so make sure you charge it regularly.

    carrying case
    big, easy to access buttons.

    battery life...more info
  • Great Product for the Price
    I've had my WEP200 for nearly 2 years now. My only issue with it has been the size. Like others, I've lost it several times. Beyond that, this is an amazing piece of electronics. Mine has been washed and dried (when I forgot to take it out of my pocket) at least 15 times now, and still works as well as the day I bought it. Clarity and volume are great. The person on the other end can hear me fine as well. Can't comment on the ear clip, as Samsung did not sell it with one when I bought mine. Definitely worth a look....more info
  • Annoying all around
    There are some very annoying aspects to this ear piece. First, as others have stated, the ear loop is extremely flimsy and only lasted about a month. I don't know what Samsung was thinking, but you have to snap the ear loop on and of every single time you want to charge it. And thats another annoying feature. Number one it does not use the same charge cord as Samsung phones, so you have to take both with you if you're going away. Nokia uses the same cord. On top of that, the ear piece has to fit inside a charging device that connects to the cord. So the ear loop must be removed each time. And you have to use the ear loop since the ear piece does not stay in your ear at all... Sound quality is ok but not enough to make up for the shortcomings....more info
  • Does not stay in ear
    This bluetooth falls out of my ear constantly. What's more annoying is that when I push it back in, I inevitably push the button to hang up. The behind-the ear addition breaks so easily that it isn't even worth buying a new one for 5 bucks (I knew it was fragile, as other had said so on reviews, so I was extra careful--still broke). I would not recommend this item....more info
  • Keeps loosing pairing
    I can use it a few times then it won't work. Have to shut it off and turn it back on. Maybe I should have spent more because at this rate--it's junk....more info
  • BlueTooth Defective
    The BlueTooth I ordered was defective. It would not program to my cell phone and stay connected. I believe this was a used product sold as new because there was no wear and tear to the outside of the device. However, I was able to send it back and received a free replacement at no cost to me....more info
  • Great Bluetooth headset.. It's made in Korea - Not CHINA..!!
    I love this Bluetooth headset. My brother also has this headset. It's a great set, that I bought a pair for my parents for the holiday. This set stays in your ear well and doesn't feel likes it's going to slip off. This product is QUALITY MADE IN KOREA. NOT CHINA.!!!!
    Definitely Recommend this Product..... **But a word of note. DON'T LOOSE YOUR CHARGE CASE. BECAUSE YOU CAN'T CHARGE WITHOUT CHARGE CASE.**...more info
  • mikaldt
    This thing works great, no complaints, check out the video review, that says it all....more info
  • The
    I'm very impressed with this little wireless headset. It is small, works well, and is very convenient. Those I speak with say they cannot tell the difference when I'm using the headset or talking on the cellphone....more info
  • greatly underperforms
    The sound garbles badly and the battery runs out within an hour. Very neat looking headset but not functional....more info
  • Very compact, Samsung doesn't stand behind their products
    It's really a very nice compact unit. I tried others and they were very uncomfortable. This one is very comfortable. It was mentioned by other reviewers, there were 600 reviewers so I don't know the total. I also read in one of the reviews that other people have replaced the ear bud itself and it stayed in place better. The ear clip is evidently made of very inferer material. On 1st one I purchased the clip broke after removing it and replacing it a couple times. Samsung would not replace it. You must remove the ear clip every time you put the unit in the charging box. Samsung sells the clips for $3 so I guess that's how they make their big money. Actually the charging system is a stuppid design. It should have been made so you could leave the ear clip on when you charge it. I dropped it and it took me 5 minutes to find it, that's how small it is. The biggest problem is Samsung not fixing the problem and not standing behind their garentee. I gave 4 stars, but am going to change it to 2 just because of Samsung not replacing the $3 clip. I must add that did stand behind Samsung's product, even if Samsung wouldn't....more info
  • Handy little bugger
    Very well designed, better so than larger headsets. The charger is clever. Controls are relatively easy, and no one knows you're wearing it. Sound quality is excellent....more info
  • Audio good, disappointed with the clip
    At first, I was very pleased with this product. It was light and small. The only concern I had was the ear clip. I was thinking that the other reviews were unfounded because I was being careful.
    Unfortunately, I was wrong. The portion of the clip that attaches to the headset split inside of a week, sitting in my shirt pocket....more info
  • WEP200 plus the Jabra Ear gel is the setup!!
    This bluetooth unit works great (from this seller - another I purchased elsewhere had a cpl of minor issues) - no complaints about the functionality, sound , pairing or anything. My Blackberry Pearl uses voice dialing and this unit supports that (helpful while driving). However, order some jabra eargels and throw away the brittle over the ear hook (it's useless). I use the medium size (molded type OEM Jabra EarGels Ear Gels Jabra JX10 C120s C100 C150 Ear Boom Bud Aliph Jawbone 1 & 2 Jawbone2y Samsung WEP200 WEP300 WEP350 WEP500) ear gel and it holds the unit in my ear perfectly (even jumped on my motorcycle to run down to the store and it stayed in at 45 mph w/no hint of coming out). You have to remove the eargel to charge the unit but that's a small price to pay to be able to wear it comfortably and securly for an average 8 hour day. ...more info
  • Great unit Ear Hook will break over an over
    This unit works great. Sound quality is excellent. Here is the catch. You must take off the ear hook to charge the unit. In doing so, you have a high probability of breaking the ear hook. You will also break the hook if you put it in your pocket. I liked the sound quality so much i overlooked the ear hook issue and purchased TEN extra hooks. I am down to 2 hooks after 2 months. Save your money and buy something else....more info
  • Samsung Bluetooth headset
    The size, sound is great,and it is compact. However, this style did not fit well in my ear and constantly dropped while driving. Bought two, lost two....more info
  • WEP200-Small can be good.
    I have enjoyed using the WEP200 and have purchased this device several times. Because it is small and I travel for my job I often misplace it. It is comfortable and once in awhile I find myself looking for it and find out its still in my ear. Good battery standby time and my calls are clear. Not good if its windy, a lot of ambient noise in the area, or the airconditioner is blasting in my car....more info
  • Not worth the money
    Although the sound quality seems to be OK, I can not keep the darn thing in my ear. It falls out constantly, even when I am just sitting still in the car. Very aggravating. ...more info
  • good for 1st one.
    This is my first bluetooth. it works well from what I can tell, the range is good. battery life is good, sound qaulity is good. The only problem I've had is the over the ear clip broke the second time I used it....more info
  • Amazingly wonderful at a ridiculous price
    I have tried many bluetooth headsets - some as high as $ 100. - and this by FAR is a superior product. First of all - I have small ears and have found any of the others that go in the ear to be far too uncomfortable. The ones that hook over the ear are far too unstable. This one is soooo comfortable that I forget I have it on. I am in and out of the car A LOT and it never falls out. It charges quickly and has a very good standby time. One drawback - if you talk a lot it does not hold out for more than four hours. Also- there is a charger for the car and you WILL want it so buy it at the same time because it is impossible to find anywhere else. IMO - the short talk time is just a minor hassle when armed with the charger. I ran mine through the washer by accident and just bought a second one. It works so much better then anything priced higher. Sound quality is excellent and I have never had a complaint that the person I am talking to can't hear me clearly.

    For under $ 30.00 give it a try !!!!!

    To find the car charger (couldn't get the insert product link to work) - type in "Car Charger For Samsung WEP200, WEP210, WEP410 Bluetooth Headset"
    ...more info
  • Finally, an earpiece that works for me and my phone!
    After several tries I finally found an earpiece that not only fits my ear (I have small ears) but works with my Samsung phone! It does sometimes feel like it might not stay in, but I've never had it fall out while moving around. Of course I don't try to jog with it in either. Sound was excellent once I stopped putting the phone in my back pocket. This may have been an issue with other earpiecs as well, just didn't know any better. Volume buttons are easy to use, on/off button works great, and the little charging/storage case is wonderful! Now when my cat decides it looks like a play toy, she can't destroy the earbud as she has in the past! ...more info
  • sounds good
    although these have good sound and work well they broke within two days and very easily from just trying to put it over the ear. I think they should be made a little more sturdy....more info
  • Works Great
    Bought two and each paired fine with two different phones. Clear, interference free, reception and people on other end say it sounds the same as when I'm talking on the cell phone. Very comfortable to wear, so much so I sometimes forget its in my ear....more info
  • Works great!
    I love my new bluetooth! It is so small and fits nicely in my ear, very comfortable. The sound is clear, the only complaint I've heard is if I'm talking outside in the wind. I am extreemly happy with this item and would recommend it to anyone wanting an afordable bluetooth....more info
  • Useless! Clips keep breaking
    Won't stay in ear without clip. I've now broken 5 clips. I've wasted time and money. Samsung should be ashamed--right thing to do would be to offer an improved clip free of charge to customers...or at least sell us a replacement part that doesn't break! I'm frustrated that I now have to buy a new bluetooth....more info
  • Samsung bluetooth
    Good product at a great price. Pros: you can hear good, they can hear you good, setup is easy, it's small and not noticable, charges quickly and probably doesn't use that much battery to begin with. Cons: the ear piece hurts!! The 'cushion' helps hold it in a little, but not much. The poster who advised to buy the Jabra eargels is on to something. However, it stays in good enough as is, it's just pretty uncomfortable, and that's fixable with eargels. Final commemt: Worth every penny. I purchased it from a reccomendation, and I will reccommend it as well. Get eargels....more info
  • Not too good, not too bad
    First off, three stars on my scale means pretty decent. Am not going to waste your time with an extra elaborate review. One of the video reviews here should tell you that it fits well and does not fall off unless you are performing a circus act or riding a twisted roller coaster. The weight is also perfect. However, you need to make sure you do not bury your cellphone in your pockets under lot of other things. It hurts the reception. The battery back up is not the best, and wind is the biggest problem. IF YOU LIVE IN OKLAHOMA DO NOT BUY IT. If it gets windy, the other person can hardly hear anything. ...more info
  • Bluetooth wireless tec.
    When the samsung WEP 200 first came out I bought it. At the time it was $79.00. I thought it was great no more fumbling to answer the phone while driving. I lost it but samsung had a sale I could not believe the price $24.99 with a twenty dollar rebate making the total 4.99 so I bought two. I told my wife they were great but she did not like hers it had a lot of static when talking. I to had a lot of static and when I would call a name it would not recognize. I was very appointed I don't know if their reconditioned but I would not recommend. And I am still waiting for my rebate. ...more info
  • Best and least dorky on the market!
    Samsung makes the best and least dorkiest bluetooth devices on market. The unit comes with multiple ear piece fittings for those of you with bigger or smaller ears. It stays in the ear very well but don't think you can run with it or jump as that is not what it's made for. Excellent product, already have one and going to get two more at this price and rebate!...more info
  • Very satisfied.
    This is my first bluetooth headset and it is basically what I thought it would be. Sound quality is very good, both for the mic and earpiece. Slips out of my ear a little too easy for my taste, but overall very good....more info
  • Great
    It's a great bluetooth.. good size, not too tiny so you'd lose it but definately not huge on your head.. and it's comfortable.. the only thing was when i bought it it said i'd get a 20 dollar mail in rebate, and i never got the forms for the rebate.. but it was still worth it...more info
  • Great Product
    This works excellently! It's a lot smaller than most and the clarity is great! Love this!...more info
  • It works great, but.....
    The WEP200 is the best of several "in ear" headsets I've tried. Its sound is clear and transmission is great, as long as I hold it in my ear. By the way, look carefully at the pics in the Amazon product description: Don't see the odd protrusion on the side of the red rubber speaker "gels"? That's because it is supposed to be stretched over the deep grove on the inner ring of the speaker post: Reverse the "gel" so its inside faces you with the speaker also facing you, stretch the band over the speaker and down to the groove. Now the gel itself will be like an attached cap, just swing it "closed" over the speaker. Similarly, the small "c" shaped end of the hook fits into the same groove and the "gel" band helps to hold it in place.
    Unfortunately none of it works for me. The hook is supposed to fit (forward and top) over your ear, it doesn't on me. The rubber "cap" is supposed to fit in the ear canal opening. I can't imagine who the Samsung engineers tested this design on. I don't think I have unusually small ear openings (6 ft., 200 lbs.) but in trying to reach some method of using this excellent device I tried Jabra gels (don't fit, again too large), then I carved out the center of a gel from my Shure earplugs and that came closest to working. I can imagine a gel with an extended taper that WOULD fit and be quite secure. However I don't know of any like that on the market.
    The basic problem on the WEP and other Bluetooth monaural headsets is that the speakers are TOO LARGE. They don't have to be that big with today's tech, but it is cheaper to use that size I suppose, instead of designing around a smaller more efficient speaker. So it goes.... These devices just aren't worth the hassles they cost from poor design. I'm off to pick up an old fashioned Bluetooth headset that sits OVER the ear, not in it.
    Afterword: A couple of days later, still futzing with the WEP, I discovered that the "Hook" by itself (no gel or rubber cover) works fine at holding the device at, not in, the ear canal opening. It feels quite secure that way although I wouldn't want to try jogging with it. So I'm using it after all, just threw out all the gels and red rubber covers. Just remember the hook fits over the top of the ear from the front. I'd up my rating to 5 stars if possible....more info
  • nice!
    Works as described. No complaints on performance.. I am heard clearly and I can hear the caller fine.. Easy use on voice dial.

    I wish it would work to use the built in MP3 feature of the phone - Only works for phone use... but I cannot complain because I wasn't looking to see if that feature was available....more info


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