Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed, 5-Pound Bag
Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed, 5-Pound Bag

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Product Description

Enjoy Nutiva's 100% Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder. Hemp's superior 66% edistin and 33% albumin protein structure is the highest in the plant kingdom, making it the Gold Standard of Plant Protein. 37% protein Because Nutiva cannot legally grow hemp in the United States, we must rely on Canadian farmers to produce our hemp crops. Shortages of organic seeds often occur due to weather or because surging sales outstrip supply. cold-processed oxygen removed These steps ensure freshness and help protect the delicate Omega-3 fatty acids. It's part of Nutiva's commitment to "Nourishing People and Planet." Shelled hemp seeds (or hempnuts) taste similar to sesame or sunflower seeds and can be added to almost any recipe. Ingredients: 100% raw shelled hemp seeds. Storage: It is best to keep our seeds refrigerated and air tight. If you purchase a bulk 5-pound bag, consider adding a pound to a container for daily use, and seal up the 5-pound bag and place it in the freezer. This will help protect the seed quality.

  • One five-pound sealed bag with oxygen removed to preserve omega-3
  • Raw, shelled, USDA-certified-organic hempseeds
  • 33% protein; 9% omega-3; rich in iron, vitamin E, and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid)
  • Add light, nutty flavor to cereals, smoothies, salads, breads
  • Legally grown by Canadian farmers

Customer Reviews:

  • Even My Husband Loves Them
    We love the taste & texture of these seeds. I put several tablespoons in our salads & my husband has started scraping out his salad bowl with a spoon! Perhaps the people who did not care for this product are simply not used to the somewhat different taste of raw nuts & seeds, compared to roasted?...more info
  • Tastes great and very healthy for you
    I put it on salads all the time and have eaten it plain and it tastes great....more info
  • Versatile & Delicious
    Whether sprinkled on veggies, cereal or mixed into smoothies, this hemp seed is the best. My young daughters even enjoy eating it plain with a spoon. It's unbelievably good for you too!...more info
  • great product, great price
    I got the hempseed at 32$ for 5lb, because there was an offer of 10$ off. So lucky. It tastes wonderful. With this I have added new variety and nutrition to my raw vegan lifestyle. I am very happy with purchases at Amazon. Now this product is unavailable, I figure it is really popular. Wish I had ordered two, and wondering if they will offer such good price again in future....more info
  • Nutiva Hempseeds Bulk
    If you like hempseeds like I do. This is your best buy. Amazon has the best price. The seeds came fast, fresh, and are terrific. To me they smell and taste even more fresh then the retail packages. The 5 lb bag comes vacuum sealed. I took 5 mason jars, packed them in and put them in the freezer. I have a big bag in the refrigerator. I toss these seeds all over my salads. :)...more info
  • Excellent but price jumped from $36 for 5lbs
    Last year I bought this same product when it cost $36 for a 5lb bag using subscribe and save. Now, it's nearly $60 for a 5lb bag which is why I gave it just a 2 star rating. Would've gave it a 1 star, but it is an excellent product. Too bad the price doubled....more info
  • Strange Label
    I was ready to buy these seeds and I figured I would see what Nutiva actually charges. $54.99! BUT the packaging is different. Why does Amazon sell the same product with different labelling? Is it actually the same product or are you paying less for a cheaper version? Just a question that should be raised since companies are in the habit of caring about their bottom lines over our bodies....more info
  • A Superfood
    The Hemp Seed is absolutely delicious and healthy at the same time. It fits into a raw food diet. A great value....more info
  • All your essential amino acids in a little seed!!
    I love Nutiva Hempseed!! Not only are they a delicious whole food, chock full of raw nutrients, but these little seeds are so versatile - you can use them in so many dishes. Sprinkle them on fruit and vegetable salads or soups, use them in smoothies, create a creamy dressing with them by blending with water and your favorite herbs and spices or just simple blend with water and strain for nut/seed milk. ...more info
  • Tastes weird
    I roasted it but it still tastes weird, in a bad way. I wouldn't buy this again. The quality of the product is good, hence the 2 stars, otherwise, I would have given it 1 star because I just wasted my money on this product....more info
  • A favorite protein source staple in our diet!
    After first trying this great product from small package bought in health food store, I quickly realized we need to stock up and save. Here comes amazon with the great auto-ship feature which keeps our stock perfectly replenished each 6 months. The seeds come fresh and tasty. I love them, my 7 year old daughter loves them too, we take several teaspoons straight every day, I wouldn't want to loose any tossed over the salad. Taste is better than hemp oil. Perfect protein and EFA source without sacrifice to the taste!...more info
  • Good product for protein, fat and carbs
    I have been using this product for about it a year. It is great in protein shakes as well as meal replacements. It adds the good nutrition that is needed...more info
  • Essential!
    We have been eating hempseeds for sometime - they are an essential part of our diet. I genuinely notice a difference physically when I eat them along. This is a good price and we have gotten good quality from Amazon. PLEASE SHARE SOME WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!

    We must work together to make this available to the USA INCLUDING the farmers. We live under an oppressive, authoritarian regime which, only a few years ago, would have attacked you for eating what is literally "birdseed". Wild!

    2nd Review w/Suspcription Purchase Method
    We have been delighted to have hemp seed finally taken off Schedule 1 Controlled Substance (along with heroin, etc.). I know that is insane to even write this but that is the nature of the degenerate and immoral drug policy barons from the DEA and ONDCP - to twist reality and prohibit what are supposed to be free American citizens from obtaining some of the best food known to mankind beause their pseudo fear of people smoking flowers(and then engaging in violence against these same peaceful, free human beings). NUTS indeed!!

    In any event, we have started using the suscription method. This is a great price compared to anywhere else that I have found. It actually takes 4 mos for us to go through 5 lbs. Therefore, I signed up for 2 mos and simply skip one. I will give very great KUDOS to Amazon for how they have set this up - at least for this product, both the product and the system work great!

    Greg Logan

    ...more info
  • Nutiva hempseed is delicious
    I throw this hempseed on salad, cereal or just eat is straight. It is wonderful and Nutiva's service is excellent. I'd recommend getting a 5 pound bag and use it everyday. You can always freeze part of it if you don't go through it that fast. We invite a lot a company for dinner. I throw the seed on salads. It is very attractive as well as tasty and it draws attention. People love it.

    ...more info
  • Delicious!
    These are wonderful added to smoothies or to cereals. I'm sure they can be used in many other ways. They are very healthful and were recommended by my doctor. I will not be without them....more info
  • Hemp Seeds For My Raw Food Diet
    The hempseeds are great! I wasn't able to buy them locally and found that buying them through Amazon not only was affordable, but excellent quality! I will continue to purchase many of the foods I need for my Raw Food diet at Amazon and it's partners....more info
  • Succulent
    Like most good things (unpasteurized dairy, unpasteurized almonds, medical advice not sponsored by drug companies, gold and silver coin as tender in payment of debt, a government that follows the Constitution etc), hemp seeds are almost illegal and hard to get. Thank God for Amazon! These are the best hemp seeds you are going to get, short of growing your own, which, as we all know, would be illegal in the land of the free....more info
  • Ghanja
    How refreshing it is to know that we can turn to Amazon for all our fresh Marijuana needs! No more hoping to come across a large hidden field of tree sized dope shrubs just off of the road while on the way home from work! Perfect for wedding receptions, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations - you know, all those fun times when you just have to dig that pit in the back yard, and take out a chainsaw and wood chipper and engorge yourself on a large slab of smoked seed pate. Slice up those leftovers, and you'll have sandwiches for weeks. Thank you Amazon!

    Sarcasm, just like comments about Underhill Farms products! Will Amazon editorial Fascist allow the sword to cut both way? I doubt..........more info
  • perfect transaction
    I buy from this source regularly and heartily recommend price and service! and quality of product, of course. Tiptop account, Thanks!...more info
  • Excellent
    I am a firm believer in the health benefits of Hemp. This product is the best I've found. The delivery was very prompt and efficient!...more info
  • Healthy Hemp Seed
    Hemp Seed is such a healthy product, and Amazon's got a great price.
    Thank you!...more info
  • Nutiva hempseeds
    I'm very happy with the shipment of Nutiva hempseeds. They arrived fast, and were vacuum packed, which preserves their freshness. Nutiva's hempseeds are high quality. And vacuum packed nuts and seeds are the best! I will order these again, when I run out, and I have recommended them to family and friends. Hempseeds are very nutritionally dense and make a great addition to smoothies and salads. I have a nice tabouli recipe for hempseeds in my Little e-Book of Raw Holiday Recipes....more info
  • Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed, 5-Pound Bag
    This item was brought up in a forum with a link to Amazon. I've dealt with Amazon before and I've never been let down, Thank you Amazon for the great deals and excellant service! Anyway, this seed is tasty and nutrient packed. I've since read that hemp seed is some of the best food we can give ourselves. ...more info
  • hempteriffic
    Nutiva hempseed is fresh and goodtasting. I use it to make salad dressings, milk, smoothies and I sprinkle it over my food to give it a crunchy nutty taste as well as nutritional value and fiber....more info
  • hemp seed quality
    Hemp seed was equal to other more expensive sources but still has a fair amount of hulls in it...more info
  • love it!
    I ordered this when it was on sale for $32 and this product couldn't be beat at this price. Fresh and very tasty....more info
  • Lucky me!
    Sometimes health discoveries, (wonders), are simply amazing. Hemp seeds are helping me turn my health around because I'm nurturing my cells. How I know is because I don't crave or binge on junk food and sugars like before, as well as "diet" products, and I no longer feel like I'm starving. This became forefront to looking for real food, other nutrition
    "secrets" and, basically, gave me motivation to come out of a slump I was
    in while not looking after my health like I should have been. A good friend threw me this life-line which I gladly pass on. had the best price with the free shipping so I'm sticking with good people, and powerful nutrition. My overall health is only getting better day by day, and a good outlook itself becomes good medicine. Do the research, you'll be amazed. Lucky you for discovering hemp seeds. A. prouty...more info


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