Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54-Ounce Jar

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Product Description

How virgin coconut oil is processed is the key to optimizing its taste, texture, color, and aroma. Within two hours of Nutiva's coconuts being chopped, the virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed. Contrast this with 99 percent of the coconut oil used today in cooking and body care. First, the coconut is chopped and left to dry in the sun for days. Then the meat is scooped out and sent thousands of miles to giant oil mills where the oxidizing coco meat is refined, bleached, and/or deodorized. Ironically, this product is often labeled as "certified organic. There is no comparison between Nutiva's cold-pressed, Organic extra-virgin coconut oil, with its light taste, pleasant aroma, and pure white color, and industrialized coconut oil, with its bland taste, faint aroma, and off-white color. Please note that any tiny brown specks found at the bottom of Nutiva's Coconut oil are from the coconut fiber and are indigenous to extra-virgin coconut oil. Please Note: Nutiva's Organic Extra-Virgin coconut oil is solid at room temperature and melts at 76F. No refrigeration required. 100% Organic. Nutiva Extra-Virgin Coconut oil is Certified organic, Made from fresh coconuts, Cold-processed, Pure white like fresh coconut, Tastes like fresh coconut, Has a fresh coconut fragrance. Hempseed and hemp food products have an appealing nutty flavor and are a rich source of omega-3, vitamin E, protein, and GLA.

  • One 54-ounce jar of pure-white, USDA-certified-organic, extra-virgin coconut oil
  • Cold-pressed from fresh coconuts within two hours of chopping; light true-coconut taste, aroma
  • Cholesterol- and trans-fat-free; non-hydrogenated; about 50% lauric acid for healthy metabolism
  • Use as cooking oil, butter substitute, shortening substitute in baking, and massage/body oil
  • Product of the Philippines

Customer Reviews:

  • If you like coconut, this oil is great!
    It has a slight coconut taste, but not overpowering. I originally first tried the stuff at Walmart, and it had no flavor to it at all, very bland.

    To combat some of the poor reviews I read on this oil, I think a lot of those are just due to people not doing their research before buying, and thus they're just being snippity pickeys. Obviously since it has a coconut taste, you may not want to use it for all your cooking needs. When I cook Italian foods, I use olive oil. When making something like mayonaise, I use canola oil. A little common sense doesn't hurt most folks. (It tastes great on toast with a little cinnamon sprinkled on it.)

    As for it being hard as a rock....I haven't noticed that. Scoops out very easily. But again, a little research, and you'll find that it is a solid until the temperature reaches approximately 76-78F, then it turns liquid. Thus, there shouldn't be much of an issue of "melting it" to cook something as one person stated. Any other type of oil you usually heat before you start cooking.

    It does work great as a lotion on your skin. It actually absorbs into the skin, and after it's absorbed, it doesn't leave an oily residue like you'd think it would. I would recommend doing it at night before bed, or if you have some time before going out or whatever, because it's not instantly absorbed. And a little goes a long way. Leaves skin very smooth.

    I've also started using this in my hair after I wash/condition it. Again, it actually absorbs into the hair and doesn't appear oily. I use it only on the middle to the ends. I've noticed my hair is softer, very shiny, and it helps bring out my natural curls without looking as frizzy. It also makes me long hair much easier to comb. Obviously, use in moderation, again a little will go a long way, a light coating is all that's needed. And, it washes out fairly easy. If you use too much, you'll feel it, and just do a second shampoo rinse.

    My dogs also get a teaspoon every day, and look forward to it.

    For those that say they're going to stick to butter, so be it. You already know that's bad for you. And margarine...even worse. I think it's high time people started looking back to the "old days" and other countries that don't have the health problems we do here in the "industrialized" world. Not saying coconut oil is the savior, but I think it's a good start.

    Cheers! ...more info
  • coconut oil
    I love this product. I smells fantastic, tastes great, and is super healthy. I am starting to lose weight from eliminating butter and using this product instead. Coconut oil is great for your thyroid, it never gets rancid, and grilled onions, mushrooms, and just about anything fried, except eggs, really tastes great! This is the new butter for me, and I feel good about it because I know it's good for my body!...more info
  • Great product
    I have tried many different brands of coconut oil, and my kids like this the best, I found even better price on, use LOV684 to get $5 off your first order. they also have free shipping on orders over $40......more info
  • The best price!
    This is a repeat purchase for me..I cannot be without this delicious and healthy alternative to cholesterol or trans fat laden oils. Great on toast and for adding flavor to rice and vegetables!
    Search the Internet and read all the good news about organic coconut oil and how great it is for your body's well being....more info
  • Love this stuff
    I am sold on this item. From a cooking point I knew it was good for you after reading about it in forums... However was hesitant when it came to putting it on your skin for moisturizer etc.. After trying I must say it works great. I thought it would be greasy but really its not. Plus the smell is great. The other day my sisters dog was spelling my head for ever. I thought it was so funny. Anyways this product is great and it has a nice subtle taste to it as well. Works great for anything including greasing a pan for eggs to making Thai dishes. You name it.. you can use this product....more info
  • Awesome, Multi Use Product!
    I purchased this product. I use it for everything from cooking to skin cream. It is everything that the Coconut Oil Miracle Book says it is. So far, So good!...more info
  • A cut above the rest!
    This is my favorite coconut oil for the following reasons...

    it is delightfully fragrant
    the smooth texture
    tastes like it should...coconutty :)
    fries and cooks and bakes like a charm
    delectable hand cream

    My only complaint is that one side (approx. 1 cup) was empty. I hope not to find that problem in future purchases....more info
  • Best Deal Ever!
    You are not going to get a better deal on any Coconut Oil product. The best use? Put a teaspoon of coconut oil into your morning protein shake, along with organic berries and a teaspoon of almond butter. It will taste great, optimize your overall health and keep you energized well until lunchtime. I repeat, don't hesitate to purchase this excellent product at an excellent price. ...more info
  • Coconut Oil is fast replacing all other types of oil and at times butter
    I have not always been a fan of coconut stuff in the past. I would throw away coconut candy rather than eat it. My nose would wrinkle when coconut was used in grand cookie/cake decorations. I could tolerate coconut drinks because their was no texture issues to deal with, but I wouldn't order a coconut drink on my own. So what is a coconut aversion mom gonna do when I hear great things about coconut oil. I resisted trying it. But I finally tried it. Guess what, this is a great oil to cook with, and as a butter replacement to bake with. It has a light flavor, not overwhelming and is fairly tolerant of higher frying temps. Slightly higher than cheap olive oil, and slightly less than the extra virgin olive oil. I have even used it as a skin cream on my daughter's excema. Only coconut oil and udder cream will work on her skin. Everything else makes it burn. My teenage daughter has used it as a make-up remover with great success. We love it so much it looks like we will be going through a 54 ounce jar in about one month. I give this product a definitive thumbs up....more info
  • Wonderful price, wonderful product!
    This is one of the best coconut oils. Nice aroma! The cost of this huge container is the BEST I've seen. I bought similar oils for about $13 for only a mere 16 oz container. I will be buying this brand always....more info
  • A great deal!
    This coconut oil is of great quality and the price is great. I paid $10 for an 8-oz jar in the local stores!

    I love cooking with this product. Scrambled eggs seem to come out very fluffy.

    I will warn new users to not use coconut oil on very light foods, as the oil does have a slight coconut taste and fragrance. In other foods, the taste disappears completely. ...more info
  • Always stocked in my house
    I love the buttery taste/texture of this coconut oil. We use it for everything from baking to sauteing to just whipping up a frosting or homemade "buttery" spread. It does have a coconut inspired flavor, so if you are looking for total neutrality, another brand may be best....more info
  • coconut oil
    I use coconut oil whenever i can in my cooking. Its good for your heart, your immune system , and your metabolism. Coconut oil does well with high heat cooking, without the negative health aspects from high heat that other oils have.

    In addition to moisturizing effects, coconut oil promotes skin elasticity. I use it on my skin as well.

    Since i use alot of coconut oil, i have tried many brands. Nutiva is the best brand by far....more info
  • Finest Quality, Fabulous Price
    Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil is the finest quality coconut oil. The flavor is wonderful. I use it as cooking oil, as an ingredient in many dishes, on toast, and even to moisturize my skin. This is an essential product and the 54 ounce jar from is a great value....more info
  • This is great oil
    This is wonderful oil with a hint of coconut flavor. I was nervous when I first received it as I thought I had ordered unflavored coconut oil, but decided to give it a go....awesome! It doesn't fight with or overpower the foods you are cooking in it, rather lends a very mild, subtle dimension to every dish. I haven't tried it on my hair or skin yet, but I understand it is great for that as well. Try it. You won't be sorry. ...more info
  • Is there anything you can't use this oil for?
    I think not!

    OF course it is great for all the things people have mentioned, but I have found it particularly wonderful as a facial CLEANSER. I massage a good bit of the oil over my face and neck, let it sit for a few minutes while I brush my teeth etc., then I take a warm wet cloth and wipe my face. The excess oil comes off with all the dirt and makeup that was on my face (even the water proof mascara) and it leaves a nice light film of oil that makes my face glow, and for ONCE in my life I'm free of blemishes, even during those particularly difficult times of month! I'm in love! Next time I'll be ordering a gallon size!...more info
  • Can't Beat Nutiva's Organic Coconut Oil for Taste or Texture
    I first tried coconut oil last fall after reading The Coconut Oil Miracle (***highly recommended book***) and Nutiva's Organic Coconut Oil was the first I tried. It spoiled me completely. I've since tried two other brands and NOTHING tastes as fresh and light as this oil. It has a nice coconut flavor and personally, I love the taste it gives fried eggs and even pancakes. I also used it to make a pie crust (after chilling the oil slightly to compensate for the friction of working the pie crust) for a coconut cream pie and it was out of this world--flaky and delicious!!! Like another poster, I also like it spread on a toasted English muffin and then topped with a light drizzle of honey.

    Our family has changed our eating habits in the last year and now we use only 3 fats: 1. Coconut Oil 2. Butter 3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (but only raw---never with heat!!!!--use the coconut oil or butter for fried & sauteed foods). Our general health is much improved; my husband's cholesterol levels are finally dropping (after YEARS of using "SmartBalance" and other "healthy" spreads that just raised his cholesterol).

    Try this coconut oil and do yourself a favor and order The Coconut Oil Miracle (Previously published as The Healing Miracle of Coconut Oil)so you can understand why it not only tastes so good, but is so good for you!...more info
  • The Finest Organic Coconut Oil
    Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil is the finest coconut oil available. It's taste, texture, and purity is addictively delicious. I use it to make salad dressings, sautee with it, put it in smoothies, drizzle it on yogurt (creating a creme brulee-like crust), and use it as a spread on english muffins...try adding raw honey on top of it for a taste sensation. When you discover the health benefits of coconut oil, you'll understand why this product is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family when you feed them....more info
    I love my VCO. You can use it internally or externally-for just about whatever-cooking, baking, lotion, face cream, shine up hair, etc, etc!...more info
  • Very Impressed
    This coconut oil is wonderful. I use it as the shortening in my bran muffins and then as a spread when I toast them. I also used it to fry yellow squash. The combination of flavors were awesome.
    Even used it on my hair as the best hot oil treatment ever.
    After reading the benefits of coconut oil, this product will be a staple in my household.
    ...more info
  • Healthy and Versatile!
    Coconut oil has so many health benefits, it's really incredible! We switched from using mainly olive oil to using this coconut oil for cooking, after learning that cooking with olive oil at high heats changes the chemical make-up of the oil into a health hazard. I had never used coconut oil before, and now I use it for everything! Coconut oil can be substituted for butter since it is a saturated fat. I use it for baking, stovetop cooking, and as a moistuizer for my skin (it works great, isn't real greasy, and it doesn't contain synthetic toxic ingredients like conventional lotions.) The 54 oz size is a great deal! I can't wait till it's back in stock!...more info
  • Tastes like is should
    Fantastic and natural and smells like coconut as it should. Not processed like some others. If you order coconut oil and it has no taste beware. This has a mild coconut flavor thats delicious but disperses nicely when you cook. The best oil out there. ...more info
  • Excellent Quality at GREAT Price
    I have tried quite a few different brands of Extra Virgin Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil and this has got to be one of the best. I use it for everything....frying,sauteing, baking, skin lotion, hair. It works really well on my kids' dry skin, and they love when I apply it to their lips because it tastes and smells yummy. The health benefits of this product are's really a "Super Food". I have researched prices online extensively and Amazon has the best deal on this oil. ...more info
  • Coconut oil
    This is the best deal I have found for organic cold pressed coconut oil from fresh coconuts. It smells and tastes wonderful and is good for eating and massage....more info
  • Amazing Oil
    I think I will always use coconut oil from now on. It is just amazing. Since I can't get oil in Istanbul, I actually wish I had bought more of it. This brand of coconut oil is smooth, creamy, and sooooo delicious....more info
  • Great product
    This product is clean moisture! It's great for your skin, hair and cooking. It has a gentle scent - - not "commercial" coconuty smelling. It's great for using straight out the shower on wet skin and straight out the jar. It melts easily and cleans up easily....more info
  • Best Tasting Coconut Oil I've tried!
    I have ordered and used several big name coconut oils and this is the first one I have been able to eat straight out of the jar. It is economical and tastes great. Wonderful coconut flavor. I also use it on my skin and as a deep conditioner for my hair. Mixed with sugar it is a nice, natural exfoliant scrub.
    If you live in a warmer climate it is definitely easier to use as it stays mostly liquid. However when mixing it with anything cold it does harden up so takes a little extra time to deal with.
    If you don't want your coconut oil to taste like coconut - like some reviews I've seen - you should probably skip this purchase. ...more info
  • Great product!
    I use this for everything- from cooking to hair care to body care. It is truly an all round product. My 4yr old daughter loves it on her hair which by the way has completely cleared a dry scaly festering wound she had on her scalp. Her hair is so soft (we are Africans by the way) and it tastes great when added to noodles and the likes.
    We love it!...more info
  • Very good...but not the best
    I just received this product. While the smell and taste are nice, I still prefer the brand Spectrum for the richest taste and smoothest oil. The Nutiva Coconut Oil is a bit grainy and doesn't have the intense flavor and fragrance of Spectrum. I'm not sure if that is indicative of better processing, a higher quality coconut, or what. At any rate, we go through a lot of it, and the price for this is hard to beat....more info
  • Best Coconut Oil On the Market
    Excellent quality coconut oil for an exceptional price. I couldn't find it cheaper anyplace else. This is the best brand I've tried. Would highly recommend....more info
  • Fabulous for frying!
    This is the most favorful coconut oil on the market. I am really pleased with it's performance in the skillet. Try frying shrimp in it! You won't be disappointed! Even the house smells good afterwards.
    Highly recommend!...more info
  • Yum YUM Healthy Coconut Oil!
    Not only is Coconut Oil really healthy, it tastes great. Awesome for cooking, baking, and just plain spreading on bread! Make sure to get the unrefined for that coconut taste.(extra virgin)
    I am sure there are a million other uses too.....more info
  • Healthy and Tasty
    I'm on my second jar and we love this stuff. Originally bought for popping popcorn (fantastic) we soon started using it as a butter substitute for just about everything, toast, veggies, frying eggs or fish. I've had people who hate coconut anything love the mild sweet taste for popcorn. Between the coconut oil and the agave nectar found here I don't know which I'm happier with....more info
  • A Wonder
    A friend of mine recommended this product to me. She said she'd lost 20 lbs in a matter of months just from using it. I was skeptical, to say the least. I'd heard all of the bad stuff about coconut oil, but I was curious enough to research. In the meantime, another acquaintance told me about a mutual friend who'd lost 75 lbs from using Nutiva. After that, I was more than curious--I wanted to try it.

    I'd tried a different brand of coconut oil before and was not impressed. It was very grainy and hard. Nutiva is very smooth. It's got a beautiful creamy texture and is very white. It also doesn't leave a smoky smell in my home--in fact, I love the way it smells when I'm sauteeing food.

    What sold me on this product was that I read you could eat it on toast. I thought that was weird, but decided to give it a try. The first time I tried it like that, I had meetings all day. I am ALWAYS hungry, and always snacking. I really eat about every 2 hours. Well, that day, about 5 hours had gone by before I realized I was hungry! I thought it was a fluke since I was so busy that day. A few days later, I tried it again. And once again, several hours went by and I wasn't a bit hungry.

    I am convinced there is something to weight loss with this product. I've already lost 15 lbs in the month that I've used it. I would (and have) recommend this product to everyone....more info
  • Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil
    I am very happy with this product. This was my first time to use coconut oil and I am very happy that I bought this size. Delivery was quick. I will definitely order this again....more info
  • Superior product!
    I have just recently begun using VCO for nearly all of my cooking. After purchasing two books on the benefits of coconut oil, I have purchased several different brands of oil. The Nutiva Organic EVCO is by far a superior oil with a delightful flavor. The price from Amazon if you are a Prime member is the best I have found for this quality of oil.

    I began eating the oil mixed in about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese because I read on a forum that cottage cheese has properties which help the body assimilate the oil. Since then I have expanded to many other uses. I use the oil to sautee garlic, onions, peppers, etc for all of my soups and stir frys. I spread it on toast and add it to my corn bread.

    In just the first week of eating coconut oil regularly I noticed that my chronic aches in my joints and muscles subsided. My skin is smoother and blemishes began to disappear. I began using it as a topical ointment on my hands, feet and face along with knees and elbows. It is a much better skin conditioner than almost anything else I have used.

    I found that it also works great as a conditioner for all of my wooden cooking utensils and I rub it into my cutting boards to condition them. It is far superior to mineral oil!

    I have introduced the oil into my husband's diet also. He has been a Type II diabetic for about 15 years and just turned 77. He is beginning to notice positive benefits also. He particularly has noticed more mental acuity. He adds the oil to his morning cereal and spreads it on his toast and really enjoys the flavor.

    I am so happy to have found this wonderful Nutiva oil and appreciate its many benefits. I find it kind of addictive. I now look forward to adding the oil to more and more foods and it seems to make nearly everything, including eggs, soups, stews, casseroles, muffins and breads more delicious. I highly recommend the Nutiva brand of Organic EVCO for a huge variety of uses. To those who think it has too much coconut flavor - well, I guess you can't please everyone. Try it and decide for yourself. The health benefits are worth it! This oil has given me a new energy and improved my health so positively that I would recommend it to everyone.

    The only downside I can mention is the plastic container. It would be better if it were packaged in glass, but hopefully all those anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties of the oil will negate the use of a plastic container ;-)...more info
  • Nutiva is the best!!
    Nutiva is the best, I love the flavor and the benefits. I find I have a lot more energy and can do way more in a day then I used to. I love this product and amazon has the best prices. ...more info
  • The best!
    Wow...this stuff is great! I use it instead of butter on my bread and baked potatoes. You can also use it to make chocolate. And, a great skin moisturizer. I will definitely order more....more info
  • Love This Stuff...
    I order 2 of these at a time and get the free shipping. Coconut Oil is really good for your health and well being...don't believe the negative hype. Do your own research and you'll see. This stuff is amazing. I even give it to my pets to keep them in great shape....more info
  • Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil
    I have tried several brands of coconut oil, but find Nutiva to be the best. I use it instead of butter on toast, for low temperature frying, as shortening for baking and is excellent as a skin moisturizer. By ordering from Amazon sellers I can purchase 54 oz for less than the health food store price of a 29 oz....more info
  • Good price top quality
    We use coconut oil instead of butter and shortening for baking and on the table.
    This is one of the best for texture and taste.
    The price is very good, and the delivery fast....more info
  • KimTufford
    I first bought the coconut oil for making soap, which I still do but when my husband saw that I had it, he tried it for cooking and now we both use it! ...more info
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
    I buy this regularly at Whole Foods for about $30. The price of this was slightly less, and I didn't have to pay shipping. Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a miracle food. I put a tablespoonful in my morning tea, cook with it, and even eat it off a spoon. It curbs my appetite, and helps my blood sugars (I'm diabetic). If you like the taste of coconut, you'll love this product. Nutiva is one of the best tasting VCOs around. ...more info
    This is amazing. I like it better than all other coconut oils. Of course it tastes like coconut. I don't want to use oils that are so overly processed and refined that they taste like "nothing". I don't understand why the coconut flavor bothers some people. If you don't like coconut, find a different oil.

    You can use this for grilling, frying, baking, sauteeing, greasing & flouring a cake pan, and all other places that you'd use butter or a Crisco-type product. Just be careful on the baking because this melts at a low temperature.

    It is amazing as a skin softener, a hair conditioner, a leave in hot oil treatment, make-up remover, eyelash conditioner/glosser, shaving "cream", lip softener, cuticle oil, nail conditioner, bath oil, after bath oil, massage oil (add a few drops of essential oil if you wish), etc. Speaking of massage oil, this is an excellent product for "adult activities" . . . as a perk it is definitely edible.

    If you have dry feet, slather this on, rub it in, wrap your feet with plastic wrap, cover with socks, and go to bed. In the morning your feet will feel nice and soft.

    This can be used on leather such as shoes, jackets, and purses. Because it's clear, you can use it on leather products that have decorative stitching that you can't cover with regular colored polish. (In fact, I just bent over and put coconut oil on my black leather shoes with my fingers . . . the only clean up needed was to rub my hands together.)

    I've even used it on my wood furniture to obtain the same results as furniture oils. I have used it to grease hinges and mechanical parts. I have heard that you can use it to add lustre to pearls but I'm too chicken to try it on my good stuff.

    I know people that have used it as a laxative (in large quantities) and a diet aid. When I eat about a T. a day my skin is softer and my wrinkles are less noticable.

    I keep finding new uses. I'm sure you'll find some, too....more info
  • Lovely Product for Hair and Skin!
    I must admit I haven't tried cooking with this oil yet, but I'm certainly looking forward to it. Instead, my review will focus on using Nutiva Organic Coocnut oil as a beautifying product. I bought the 54-ounce jar for using on my hair and skin. So here's what I think of it as part of a beauty/skincare/haircare regime.

    This is a fantastic product at a great price. Sure, you could get a jar of coconut oil at the grocery store but it's quality wouldn't compare to Nutiva coconut oil which is food quality, organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined. I was so excited when this product arrived that I tried it out immediately. The first thing I noticed was the lovely smell. The product smells good enough to eat straight out of the container and I admit I did taste a bit while applying it to my skin and hair. My other observation is that it melts so easily in the hands and applies so well to both hair and skin. My less expensive, refined Superdrug coconut oil cannot compare to Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil. The cheaper coconut oils have hard, white bits in them and do not smell like actual coconut. Nutiva is smooth/silky and melts easily in the hands without leaving behind white balls/clumps that the cheaper refined coconut oils have. I love Nutiva so much that I emptied all my cheap Superdrug coconut oil into the rubbish bin and scooped some Nutiva Coconut oil into the little Superdrug canister and put it in my bathroom for easy access. I am using Nutiva a few times a week on my body and hair. Before bed, I scoop some Nutiva onto my hands and rub my hands together causing it to melt. It melts quickly and I rub it onto my skin and hair (can be applied to wet, damp, or dry hair easily). I saturate my hair with it and use a shower cap to do an overnight heavy oiling treatment. In the morning I shower as normal and shampoo or condition it out using a clarifying conditioner. This creates beautifully silky, shiny hair and skin! There are so many benefits to the body using this oil. I highly recommend it and hope that it will always be sold on Amazon....more info
  • Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil, 54-Ounce Jar
    The Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil, 54-Ounce Jar is superb. We use it in the kitchen (for cooking, baking + pastry crusts), and for our skin and hair. See: "The Coconut Oil Miracle" book.

    Also, this 54 ounce jar is a better buy--not only because the purchase contributes to less packaging waste on the planet--but this larger quantity calculates to more cost effectiveness per ounce. ...more info
  • nutiva organic coconut oil
    Good for you and a great price. Try frying sweet potato slices in this. It's better than candy....more info
  • Coconut Oil
    This product is supposed to be very good for you. But you need to make sure that you like coconut flavor...because it will add a little coconut flavor to your food. It is a little annoying that you have to melt the oil everytime you want to use it. But if you want the health benefits it is worth it. I haven't used it long enough to recognize any changes or benefits in my health....more info
  • I wouldn't cook with it, but it may have medicinal applications
    I do not understand the people who say that they cook with this product. It has a strong coconut flavor and aroma that would only be good for deserts, if you want that. I tried it in split pea soup that has a pretty strong aroma of its own, and found it quite unworkable. Also, coconut "oil" is one of the most saturated fats in nature, so I'd rather just use butter for most things since it is not nearly as saturated. Yes, it may not contain trans fat, but that's about all that you can say for it.

    You cannot "eat it out of the jar" as someone avered because it is so saturated at outside air temperatures that it is rock-hard. It may possibly work for psoriasis or as a hand cream, but remember that your body will smell strongly like coconut if you use it as a salve. I'm pretty skeptical right now, but I have two jars so I am trying some non-culinary things to use it up. ...more info
  • Very pleased so far
    Aside from digestive issues, I have suffered from adult acne in recent years. I have noticed a correlation between stress and breakouts (and that familiar female response once a month) however I have not yet found a complete system which had worked to eliminate my acne.
    After reading of coconut oil and Lauric acid, I have put it on trial... and have thus far experienced some impressive results..! It took about 8 days before I noticed the large cysts subsiding, and they have stayed away now for several weeks. Even my monthly cyst is keeping in check. Who would have thought rubbing your face with coconut oil twice and day and taking it internally would make the oily patches on your face actually improve? It seemed a little counter-intuitive, but so far I am experiencing some very clear skin... for the first time in years... Of course, I believe in coupling the outside assault with an internal one, so I have been taking the coconut oil daily (usually on bread or I just add it to cereal) as well as a wonderful greens mix (powder) and a pro-biotic. Of course, water is paramount, and I drink plenty every day, but I always did... Finding your balance is the most important thing - what is right for some is not always right for all - I will report back in a few months to let you know if the coconut oil has continued to impress me....more info
  • Great Stuff!
    I've only used this once for cooking--we don't fry many things, But I use it for a body cream, and love it. It seems very greasy at first, but it soaks in in about 5 minutes and makes skin soft and smooth--and you don't smell like a coconut. I recommend this highly!...more info
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
    Great to put on your skin, cook in and I even make sugar free chocolate with it by melting and putting cocoa and splenda in it, delicious!...more info
  • Tastes great; is it really healthy?
    Love the taste, great for stir frys as well as a great additive to smoothies. I'm in two minds over the health issue though; searching medical journals only seems to show a vast majority of negative results (this stuff *is* mostly saturated fat after all) with a huge number of hits on sites which frankly sell this stuff. I don't know but I felt the need to balance all the glowlingly positive reviews...they jury is still out on whether this stuff really is good for you (hydrogenated coconut oil certainly isn't...this stuff is hopefully different)...more info
  • Putting pure coconut oil in a PLASTIC container???
    This is awesome coconut oil, but it is packaged in a PLASTIC container. Plastic can leech into the product. What is the point of putting a health food in contaminating packaging? Change it! Glass is far more acceptable, and will not will not contaminate the product with the estrogens from plastic. We people who use coconut oil will definitely recycle it, like we do everything else.;)...more info
  • Outstanding value, superior taste
    We've been buying our coconut oil from Whole Foods as well as other health food markets, but we decided to give Nutiva coconut oil a try mainly because of the price offered on Amazon. To our suprise this oil has exceeded our expectations! It smells wonderful and tastes good too. It is at least on par or superior to the products purchased at Whole Foods and health food stores but at a much lower price. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to family and friends, only problem is that most people are still sceptical of the health benefits of coconut oil. When I mention the use of coconut oil, most people just shake their heads and respond that they're not into "crazy fad diets". Too bad, their loss....more info