Munchkin Baby Food Grinder (Colors May Vary)

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Product Description

Munchkin Baby Food Grinder Know exactly what goes into your baby's food with the Munchkin Baby Food Grinder. Make it all natural - just fill the grinder with everything your baby needs and loves, grind, and serve. Quick, easy, and compact, this product is great for travel and requires no batteries. Instructions and recipe booklet included!

  • Makes homemade baby food � at home or on the go!
  • Expands food choices beyond what's offered in jars
  • No batteries or electricity needed
  • Replaces expensive commercial baby food
  • Ideal for 6+ months

Customer Reviews:

  • Healthy food is the most important thing to me. I love this food grinder!!!
    I want fresh healthy food for my baby to give him the best possible start in life. I was feeding him organic baby food from a jar but it is so runny and It just didn't seem right, I wouldn't eat food from a jar everyday. I love this munchkin baby food maker, it's easier than you think. I choose organic veges from the market and steam them with purified water and process them with this food mill. Making your own baby food rocks. It is so much easier than i though it would be and you get the satisfaction that you are feeding your baby fresh food that you created. This Munchkin baby food grinder works well for all veges/fruits once they are cooked or are soft. If you wanted to make harder food into baby food like chicken/barbecued steak or uncooked veges, I would stick them in the blender first, of course with a blender the chunks always get stuck to the side. This food mill would just refine the puree to a point where there are no surprise lumps. Slow cooked meats wouldn't need a blender first.

    This is definitely a must have for all parents introducing solid foods.

    I love the Munchkin Baby Food Grinder!!!!

    ...more info
  • Liked it at first but metal is started to wear and get into the food
    I really liked this product when I first got it. I figured it was worth a shot for $10. When food is soft, it is very easy to use. However, it is really difficult to use when food is not quite so soft. You really have to push down on it and it hurt my hand.

    I had to stop using it as of today though (about 3 months after my purchase) because I noticed that the metal is starting to wear and it's turning the food a nasty shade of gray/green. I only noticed this because I used it for an apple yesterday and a pear today. I tried cleaning it really well but it didn't help. I'm really upset that I might not have noticed this before with heavily colored foods (like green beans) so I may have been feeding my baby metal-tainted food. :(...more info
  • It's fine for what it is
    We bought this at Whole Foods for $10 2 years ago. We used it for my daughter for months, and now we're using it for my son. We put the small pieces in the same basket we use for bottles, etc, in the dishwasher, and they always come out fine.

    I agree the food is not smooth, but this is essentially a "ricer", not a food processor. We've made all kinds of stuff in here, and use it every day. Prunes especially come out with a texture the babies like, but we've done peaches, apples, pears, carrots, sweet potato, green beans, peas, you name it for first foods.

    I've never had anything leak through the bottom.

    I would buy this again. I am not sure how, if at all, this is any different than the kidco one....more info
  • Sore Hand
    I think this product gave me carpel tunnel syndrome or something. Man my hand is killing me. I tried it for the first time today, assembly was nothing since it was all put together. I used all frozen foods, boiled the veggies, thawed the fruits. I used yellow squash the first time, no biggie. The texture seems a but chunky though for my baby who has yet to eat his first solid. So I just ran it through the grinder again and added a bit of water.
    I then tried some boiled green beans. That was a bit tricker. The little strings from it would stick to the grate and I had to keep pulling them off. My hand was getting tired of pushing down on the holder and turning the knob with the other hand. I had to put the beans through the grinder at least 5 times. Very very time consuming!
    The last thing I tried was thawed peaches. Lets just say my hand is so sore I can barely type. Now they were not thawed ALL the way but almost all the way. I cut them up in little bites and grinded away. The juice was leaking from the bottom. Messy. I think I am going to buy an electric one and forget the manual kind. I have an apple on standby to be grind up but forget that. I will just eat that myself.
    Only good things that came out of this purchase is the little food pouch thingy that came with it. I stuck a half thawed peach in it and my 4 1/2 month old practically sucked that thing dry....more info
  • Works well
    This product works well and seems to be very durable. Our baby had some fettuccine alfredo last night and she loved it. We like our old grinder better. It was easier to use. But I can't find one like it....more info
  • Wonderful Product!
    Great product! Highly recommended. It grinds through soft foods and soft cooked meats with ease. Easy to take apart and clean and very small to keep in a diaper bag etc..for travel....more info
  • Unexpected Results
    I had purchased the Munchkin Music Cube and on a hunch bought the Baby Food Grinder. On appearances, the bright plastic grinder doesn't look like a serious food grinder- but it is. This product performs just as the manufacturer states it will. It was a good hunch purchase. Good value for the price....more info
  • more difficult than I anticipated
    When my first child was little, I had a manual baby food grinder that worked wonderfully but it has been many, many years since I had it and I don't remember the brand it was. I assumed that this grinder would work just as well. It hasn't. First, I can't get the metal grinding plate off all. Since I can't get it off, I use a bottle brush and a toothpick to clean what I can't reach. It grinds very soft foods well like previously frozen fruits and veges and bananas but when trying to grind things like steamed zucchini, it is very difficult to push down and grind at the same time. I did remember that the manual grinders did leak a bit from the bottom but I just placed it in a flat bottomed Tupperware container to catch the juice. I really wanted to use a manual grinder but after 2 months of using this one, I think i am going to take another reviewer's recommendation and purchase a hand blender and use for the next few months....more info
  • Can't remove grate!
    I only used this grinder twice. The first time, the grate got stuck after grinding the food. Once it gets rotated and locked into place, the grate isn't coming out again. The grinding of the food wedges the grate in place even more.

    I thought, ok, no big deal, I will just leave the grate in place and disassemble the handle. I couldn't get the grinder clean! Bits of food were left stuck everywhere.

    After going through this twice, I threw it away. I wanted to use something simple and not be a gadget obsessed mom. I'll buy a mini food processor now that I can use for other food prep after the baby is grown....more info
  • B Claus mother
    I feel this grinder in not all that I thought it would be. Hard to operate and hard to clean.

    ...more info
  • A waste of money, seriously!
    Ok, so first of all, this grinder is so poorly designed! You cannot put in or take out the grinding part, like it says. It's hard to turn the handle while pushing down. You can only grind up enough for two feedings for a younger baby and maybe one for the older baby (under one). Oh, and did you notice a fresh apple and vegetables in the picture?? Well, it doesn't grind hard fresh fruits and vegetables!!! The blade isn't sharp enough. The only thing it grinds well out of uncooked fruits and vegetables are bananas. If you read the instructions it keeps emphasizing the fact that the best foods to use for this are cooked foods and canned fruit. They give you a few recipes and every one of them that has apples as an ingridient emphasizes that you use apple sauce! So what's the point of this again? You can buy a small electric food grinder by Black and Decker at Walmart for $[...] bucks....more info
  • Good job for the price
    I purchased this item and then came home and read the reviews. I almost returned it, and then decided to give it a shot. I'm glad I did. Most of the other reviewers complained that it leaked. It does, but I just sit it in the sink to grind. Then there were complaints of the force you have to use to grind the food. I don't think that's the case at all. I think the key is the grinding motion. You have to push down on the green plastic part while grinding with your other hand. If it becomes hard to push, you simply keep grinding until it becomes easier to push. I believe most people are trying to grind it too fast. Also, I believe some of the complaints are because people aren't using food that has already been cooked. If you want to grind up a food such as squash, it is common sense, I think, that the food be cooked until soft. I just ground up cooked corn that was cut off the cob, and it ground up great.
    Also, I think the thing to keep in mind with this product is price. It is only $10!
    I feel that for under $10, you are getting a great product that does what it is supposed to do: grind up cooked foods in quantities suitable for feeding to a baby. ...more info


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