30251 Hepatech 251

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Floor or shelf model 3 speeds for rooms up to 17x18. 205 CADR with mechanical filter change calendar. ODOR Magnet technology. Includes separate ionizer. . Indoor air pollution is more of a problem than ever. Fortunately Hunter air purifiers capture a wide variety of airborne particles and irritating allergensincluding smoke pollen dust mite detritus mold spores and pet dander. If you suffer from allergies asthma or other respiratory problems a Hunter air purifier can help you breathe easier today!. CADR Certified Rating For Rooms Up To 17 x 18 205/Smoke 205/Dust 205/Pollen . Changes The Air Up To 6 Times Per Hour . Separate Washable Pre-Filter (Carbon Pre-Filter Optional) Ionizer With Separate On/Off Switch . Mechanical Filter Change Reminders . Portable Design For Floor Use . Whisper-Quiet 3-Speed Hunter Fan . 5 Year Limited Warranty