iRobot 5800 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot

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Product Description

  • Floor-washing robot that preps, washes, scrubs, and dries in one pass
  • Cleans under furniture, tables, and hard-to-reach places
  • Safe to use on most hard floors, including sealed hardwood, linoleum, tile, and marble
  • Simple to operate--fill tank, press "Clean," and empty tank when finished
  • Includes one 8-oz. bottle of cleaning solution; 1-year warranty
  • Features:
    • Floor-washing robot cleans sealed hardwood, tile, linoleum, and more
    • Can handle up to 250 square feet on a single battery charge
    • Uses water, water and vinegar, or Clorox Scooba cleaning solution
    • Preps, washes, scrubs, and dries; cliff sensor; 1 virtual wall included
    • Measures 14-3/4 by 14-3/4 by 3-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • Best gift ever
      My husband normally buys me jewelry for my birthday. This year it was Scooba. We have grandchildren that leave our tile kitchen Cheerios and raisen encrusted every weekend. When I leave for work on Monday, I turn on Scooba and return to a clean kitchen. Scooba is my favorite gift because it takes away the job I hated most. It does a very good job of getting the scuffed in stains. We use white vinegar instead of the Scooba cleaning solution. We have used Scooba about 75 times with no issues....more info
    • Over Priced and Doesn't Work
      We bought our Scooba last year. Right off the bat, we had the problems that most do... getting it to work. We got it to do that after pushing down the spring and priming it.

      We were in ahh of the thing for about a month or two. Then it stopped working. We completely cleaned it, primed and it still didn't work. Finally, we got it to work, by starting and then letting the top tank to drop. This worked for awhile, until finally, it just won't even turn on. So now it sits in my living room do much of nothing.

      Two other complaints... if even a little bit of water is left in tank, during your next wash it smells moldy. Also, finding the specific cleaner is impossible to find. Thus, you are forced to use other detergents (maybe why ours doesn't work). ...more info
    • 1 good wash, 2 fair, 1 awful = $100 per use
      It seemed like a good idea. It wasn't. It cleaned the floor well just once. The next time, it didn't cover much square footage, but kept going over the same floor and left water. The third time, it left more water. The fourth time, it left all its water.
      Even in the one good washing, it left the edges and corners dirty. ...more info
    • Works pretty much as advertised
      I've had my Scooba for almost a month. Initially, I had concerns about the battery which would deplete before using up the tank. I contacted customer support. Listening to the tape while waiting for a rep, I was told that the Scooba battery should be able to do several tanks on one charge. WHen I spoke with the rep, she told me to charge the Scooba overnight and run it each day for 3-4 days. After complying there was no change to the battery life. I contacted iRobot's customer support again and they shipped me another battery with no questions or hassles. The second battery works great. I am very impressed with iRobot's customer support. I was able to speak with a human within a few minutes of calling and they were very interested in making things right.

      With the new battery, my scooba can go through a couple tanks without recharging. Unlike the roomba, it is not designed to go over transitions (so it won't wash my carpets). Because of this, it does frequently get hung up on transitions and tell me that it's stuck. This has made it unlikely that if I turn it on and leave the house, it will go through a complete cycle while I am away. However, I think I can overcome this obstacle by purchasing another invisible wall. I'll try to remember to update this posting if it works.

      So far the Scooba has been very easy to maintain. the brush, filter and little sucky thing all come out and clean up easily. This little guy certainly cleans the floor with a lot less effort from me than my mop does....more info
    • Battery problems seems hopless
      As many other have complained about it kills it's batteries. It cleans the floor just fine, and though it's still work to keep the Scooba itself clean I like it when it worked. However it's first battery managed to clean the floor about a dozen times before it dies and would only run the Scooba for a few minutes. They sent a free replacement batter, and a re programmer, and new charging instructions. (don't leave it plugged in) contrary to the instructions that shipped with it. (leave it plugged in always).
      however the second battery only lasted about a dozen cleanings and then dies as well, now it's just an boat anchor in my closet....more info
    • If you want something that LASTS, do NOT get a Scooba!!!!
      Have you ever owned anything that, the minute it is out of warranty, everything goes wrong and the only response you get from the manufacturer is "you'll have to buy another one"? Well, trust me, THIS product is most definitely THAT kind of product!

      Though it worked wonderfully for the entire year after purchase from iRobot, now that it is a couple of months out of warranty, it seems to be failing like a 99 year old man who's seen more than his share of hardships!

      Now, I probably use my Scooba less than anyone, because I live alone and I only have a two-room economy appartment, so I've only used it once-a-week ever since I received it and took it out of the box. Just think what the more "normal" owner/user might have to look forward to if they have multiple rooms to clean every single day!

      Apparently, iRobot has unqualified "tweeners" working their tech support phone number, because they can't solve anything that is NOT covered by their standard answers "cheat sheets" and don't even seem at all concerned that it might be a design flaw that might need to be noted and looked at for future Scoobas!

      If the U.S. military has as much trouble with their iRobot products as us poor schmucks at home, then it's no wonder we have those "$3,000 hammers" on the congressionally passed budgets! Especially so when these "tweeners" at tech support all say the same thing: you'll have to purchase a NEW Scooba, but it'll be at a "reduced price"...which probably means it won't be a brand new Scooba, but one that has been refurbished the way mine could and would be if I were to simply send it back to iRobot.

      Once again, my friends, don't waste your hard-earned dollars on the iRobot Scooba. Not unless you're willing to buy another one at the end of your warranty and another after that, and so on and so forth, ad nauseum!

      This really makes those ultra-cheap Swiffer Mop systems a lot more desirable!...more info
      My scooba is sending a "charger has failed" message. I called iRobot and I was told the entire unit needs to be replaced. I bought the scooba less than 1-1/2 years ago and used it maybe 10 times. They told me they'll sell me another scooba for $374.99, as I am out of warranty. Please be very careful about purchasing iRobot. Be prepared to dole out $300 to $500 every 1-1/2 years, as it seems that is the life span. Me? I would never buy another. It's not worth one star. Hope this helps anyone considering a purchase....more info
    • Lifesaver
      At 73 years of age, I am about to have another low back surgery. With Scooba the kitchen floor gets cleaned very often. I had to go to bed for several hours after mopping or let the floor get very dirty. So far, my grandsons have run the Scooba whenever they come over because it is a lot of fun to watch. My husband says this is the best purchase we have made in a long time. What a wonderful invention! ...more info
    • Love it!
      I injured my back and have been unable to sweep or mop (and will probably never be able to again.)
      My husband gave me a Roomba 560 and a Scooba 5800 for Christmas, 2007. They are wonderful!
      The Scooba is very easy to set up (fill the tank with water and cleaning solution and push two buttons) and easy to clean (empty and rinse the dirty tank, remove the brush and rinse, remove the filter and rinse, remove the vacuum port and rinse -- these are all much easier than they sound - they just lift out.)
      I was skeptical about the cleaning ability of this thing because I have porcelain tile throughout my home. I didn't think it would work well enough to clean the grout and the tile (especially since the floor isn't smooth.) I was wrong!
      I was surprised at how well this cleans. The brush actually scrubs the floor. My husband leaves for work at 5:30 am (before I get up, of course) and sometimes spills drops of tea on the floor -- being a man, he doesn't wipe it up and it dries on the floor. The Scooba will get every bit of it clean. I use it at least once a week and am always amazed at how dirty the water is after it finishes. The cleaning tank and the dirty tank are completely separate so the only thing that ever touches your floor is the clean solution.
      Scooba can be used with the Scooba solution or with plain white vinegar. I have used both and far prefer the Scooba solution. I think the solution cleans much, much better. The only problem with the Scooba solution is that you can't find it in stores and have to order it on-line. I ordered it from IRobot and was able to buy several bottles at a discount.
      I have had only two problems with my Scooba, and one was my own fault. The first time you use your Scooba, you have to prime it. I did not do this correctly, so the Scooba would not run. After several tries, I figured out what I was doing wrong. You are given a sqeeze bulb that must be inserted into a small hole into which you force air. I did not have the bulb inserted correctly and a vacuum was not created. Once I figured this out, it was easy.
      The second problem was that my particular Scooba had a defective battery. It would stop before the cleaning tank had been used up. I called IRobot and they immediately sent me a new battery for free.
      This product gets five stars! It is easy to use, cleans very, very well, and IRobot stands behind their product.
      -Donna ><>...more info
    • Does the basic work, cleanup is tedious
      We have had the Scooba for 6 months now. It works pretty well. I cannot complain about its ability to wash the floor, however you must remove any obstacles (chairs, carpets etc) to reduce the interference. The only complaint that we have had is that it does require a good amount of cleanup after each use. I do like that you can use vinegar in place of the clorox, so we use that once a month. We run our irobot vacuum first (kitchen and digning room are ceramic tile). ONce done, we run the scooba, then go to bed. I would say this has been effective and only twiced did it not complete the job because it got stuck.

      ONe bit of advice for anyone that is purchasing this for the first time, DO NOT WATCH IT WORK. It is frustrating watching the pattern it takes.

      Overall I think it really works, and helps with weekly moppings!...more info
      I bought a Scooba six weeks ago. I was very excited. It washed one floor well. It died (a bad charger.) That's when the nightmare began.

      Yes, it has taken customer service this amount of time to get me a UPS label. This is just about the WORST customer service on the planet and they keep telling you the same lie over and over again. Two business days? Don't believe it.

      Also, they won't sent a new charger, they force you to send the entire unit back. More nonsense as there is nothing wrong with the unit--it worked perfectly the one time I was able to use it.

      Given the time spent e-mailing and calling customer service, I could have washed all of my floors for a year.

      It's a cool product but until the company gets its act together, you will be sorry you bought it.
      ...more info
    • iRobot 5800 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot
      It's a wonderful way to make mopping without human's efforts.
      The good time for using of the Scooba is then we are going out from the home.
      It has a good navigation and cleans more time in the especial dirt places.

      But I got it with relative weak battery, and it took a lot of time to recharge the battery.
      ...more info
    • A longer perspective: After one year, thumbs down for Scooba
      I loathe and despise mopping. Not only that, it makes my lower back hurt.

      So I was excited to buy the Scooba, about a year ago, from a company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here's what I've found over the year.

      At first, I loved the Scooba, and it worked well. But then I didn't use it for several months -- not intentionally, but sometimes when things aren't working you just sort of let them go.

      When I thought about why I wasn't using my Scooba, here's what I came up with: Scooba doesn't clean the corners, and it takes a long time for me to clean the Scooba, after it cleans the floor. When the Scooba was new, it was very clean and worked well. Now, the Scooba seems to not work as well because it's dirty. I do clean it between uses, but it's not squeaky clean. It leaves dirt streaks and little wet piles of dog hair behind on my floor. Maybe it would work better if I cleaned it more. But, how long do you want to spend cleaning the inside of your mop? Battery management is finicky. And my Scooba seems to have lost its ability to realize that it's done. It does not seem to go into "shut down" mode in which it cleans the tanks and insides and then beeps "done." Instead, my year-old Scooba will just keep mopping and mopping forever until it runs out of juice - even in a small room like my 6'x 8' bathroom. As my Scooba gets older it also seems to have a harder time with the modest irregularities in my floor. In short, I have to think way too much about this robot. Scooba is too much management and too much work.

      I'm going back to an old-fashioned mop. Simple. Fairly effective. No battery issues. Easy to clean. I've had it with babying Scooba.

      ...more info
    • Used it once and had to send it back
      I charged the Scooba per manual instructions and put it use on 1 floor. When it finished the battery needed to be charged again and when I tried to charge it I got the message that it could not charge the battery. I called IRobot support and they said to send the unit back in and it would be replaced under the warranty. I sent it in almost 2 weeks ago, but haven't heard from them since....more info
    • Really Works!!!
      Great product, used it as soon as I charged it up, I haven't mopped a floor since. Strongly recommended for linoleum or wood floors. Picks up crumbs and dirt very well. Very pleased....more info
    • Opening and Batteries
      The battery life is inadequate and opening the unit is counter intuitive. My wife had lots of problems opening the unit because you push the handle down to lift it up. It's a really stupid design on the handle. It works once you understand it, but there's no instructions on how it works....more info
    • Gets your floors 90% clean
      If you are lazy and don't like hand scrubbing your floors on a regular basis, the Scooba does a great job getting your floors 90% of the way clean. No, it doesn't do a perfect job, but they certainly look a lot better than doing nothing or using a Swiffer (Dry or Wet).

      My husband was very skeptical about this purchase, but he's seen the light. It's very convenient to use. If you go a while between uses, have a turkey baster or a sports bottle handy to squeeze the excess air out of the tubes. It can be a little finnicky, hence the 4-star review.

      However, overall we're quite pleased with the purchase and our white linoleum floors look much better than they normally do! ...more info
    • ?? Novelty Item ??
      Bought two years ago 8/06. Replaced six monhs later (warrenty) new battery a year ago.New charger 6 months ago.Stop working all together
      july of 08. Only repair available is replacementiRobot 5800 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot...more info
    • Great Product....WHEN IT WORKS!
      This product works wonderfully...when it is working. I bought this at Sam's and used it weekly for about a month and half before it quit. Luckily I bought the extended warranty at Sams. They sent it off and back...and same routine. This went on 4 or 5 more times and is STILL going on. I JUST got it back today so we will see if the "problem" is fixed.

      Bottom line: No product should be out of service more than it is in working condition. This product still needs a LOT more work. ...more info
    • love it, I HATE to clean the floor
      Vacuuming doesnt bother me, but mopping/cleaning my kitchen floor(hardwood) rarely happens (sad but true, and I have 3 small kids) so this is great for me. I use vinegar and it gets the job done in 45min. I have tried hoover floormate, and a steamer, and they always just sat in my closet(am I lazy? yes)
      only used a couple of times so i cannot speak to longevity, but so far so good, I recommend it....more info
      I'm lazy and my house is big so I was thrilled when I got this.
      The Good: you can definitely see the difference in how clean your room looks when this is finished. It's fun to watch too.
      The Bad: it is not good to have puddles left on wood floors, even when sealed. I don't care about puddles on our tile. It does not do corners.
      It get stuck too often and stops. What makes it get stuck, you ask?
      Some floor a/c vents. Our floor electric outlet. Even some corners. The worst are underneath the kitchen cabinet doors that are 2+ inches above the floor. It tries to get under them, it's too high and it stops. I have no idea how you could "turn it on and leave the house." I couldn't because I Know SOMETHING will make it get stuck. I love it anyway. ...more info
    • Good performance, poor longevity
      The Scooba worked well initially, but it has not stood up over time. An appliance this expensive should last for years, not months. In particular, the battery does not hold up and it is expensive to replace. I have had other reliability problems requiring calls to the manufacturer, or Google searches for maintenance fixes. In addition, cleaning the Scooba after use is not trivial. I have had a similar experience with the Roomba. Customer service is mediocre. ...more info
    • Died before completing first run
      My iRobot came in two days ago and I was really excited about testing it out. I charged it over night as recommended and filled up the tank with the cleaning fluid. It spun around a few times and the light started blinking red. It gave me an out of battery message. I plugged it back in to recharge it some more and then i got a "charger failed" message. After playing around with it a few times, i kept on getting the out of battery/charge failed message.

      I am trying to contact customer service for a replacement. Needless to say, I was very disappointed that it couldn't even do one round of cleaning before dying....more info
    • Works Well but Loud & Takes Some Time
      I got this for my wife because she had heard that this item worked well. We have ceramic tile on about half of the rooms on our bottom floor. I wanted to see my wife take a break from mopping every 3-5 days.
      Prep takes a bit of work, moving chairs and such. And the Scooba takes it's time washing and wiping. We normally will have to empty the unit once each time before it completes it's job. Clean up is pretty simple. Room controler does a good job of keeping the Scooba where you want it to work. The best feature for this item is the ability to do other things while it does it's job. Whether that's doing other chores or just watching TV, is up to you. ...more info
    • Avoid at all costs
      I used to be a strong proponent of Roomba products, and I thought the Scooba would work well, too. However, the newer products, both Roomba and Scooba, have very unpredictable battery life. It's not clear whether you should leave the batteries on the charger or unplug them, and it seems like the instructions are the opposite for both the Roomba and Scooba. This confusion caused my batteries to no longer hold a charge after only 10 uses. Customer service, which used to be very user-friendly, refused to replace a battery for free. I've been on a waiting list for a new water tank for almost a year because of difficulty opening it. It's a shame. I always used to recommend Roomba products to all my family and friends, but I can no longer do so with a clear conscience. While I still use my original model Roomba vacuum, I find it much, much easier to wash the floors with a mop than with the Scooba....more info
    • Disposable Product
      My 5800 worked about 15 times before a series of unrelated problems began. Check tank light, getting stuck in the middle of the floor, leaving a lot of water, etc. Finally, the Service light came on. I called iRobot and was told that once the Service light comes on, the unit is pretty much dead. They offered me 15% of a replacement battery, in case that was the problem, but the rep didn't sound very confident that the problem was indeed the battery. So while I was really excited about this product at first, my experience leads me to recommend anyone against buying it. Its cost per use came out to $20 per wash, at best....more info
    • Great Little Robot
      Here are the most critical actions when using this great device. One - before you buy, read the specs. Two - after you buy read the owners manual. Three - do what the owners manual tells you to do. If you do all of this, you will have clean floors without a lot of elbow grease on your part

      Let me explain. If you buy a Scooba that the manufacturer says will do 250 sq. ft., believe it. If your floor is really 350 sq. ft., don't write a one star review when the battery dies before completing the job. If you don't follow the instructions and prime the pump, don't write a one star review when the robot doesn't dispense solution. If you don't clean the device as instructed, don't complain when it gives you all sorts of warning lights and sounds. In short, use it as intended and you'll love it.

      Bottom line: I vacuum my floors with a Roomba and then I follow that with a Scooba wash and my floors have never been cleaner. Every couple of months, I get into the corners with a sponge, but that's about it. These are great products (Roomba AND Scooba) and they really do work. I use mine on linoleum, ceramic tile and slate without any problems.

      Suggestion: about every 4th use, run a white vinegar cleaning instead of using the Clorox solution. The Clorox does a great job, but I suspect that it has a small amount of something to make the floors shine, and this seems to build up and feel a little slippery under bare feet. No big deal, but the vinegar does seem to "refresh" the floor a little....more info
    • Robot Floor Washer
      Very happy with my robot. It does a great job on my wood floors, I only need to wash tight corners it misses. I normally give the robot a room to clean everyday and I have two dogs that drop hair and generally make a mess of floors. Easy to operate, just need to change the water out, rinse filter and recharge. It a good idea to clear the room of removable stuff, the robot has a easyer time with less stuff on the way.

      Issue-had an issue getting the robot to put down water at first. Was easy to fix just needed to prime the pump system with a little water. Just like a new water gun, you need to pump it a few times to get the water flowing. ...more info
    • Scooba saves you some work, but creates other work!
      We have a combination of linoleum, Pergo, and hardwood flooring, along with 9 rescued shelter cats & one dog. (Lots of fur & food flying!) I got my Scooba nearly one year ago and have been happy with not having to mop & wax for hours every week! Scooba does have to be re-filled a few times for more than one room being cleaned, and also takes time to rinse out & clean the rollers & other mechanisms to keep it in tip-top shape, but at least there's no more wringing mops & dumping buckets, or bending & kneeling to scrub! Regrettably, I'm only 5 days from my Scooba's warranty being a year old & ending, and I'm going to have to make a claim. About 2 weeks ago it began to fail, stopping only a few minutes into it's cleaning cycle & beeping like it needed to be charged, when it had been re-charging for hours. In other words, the battery apparently is no longer holding a charge, and it stops after running for only a few minutes. I guess I should be happy this happened now, while it's still under warranty, rather than dying on me after I have no recourse! I hope the next one lasts more than a year. Still, these robots are wonderful helpers!...more info
    • Actually works!
      Amazon's reviews helped me overcome my skepticism and to purchase this product. Despite being a computer programmer, something in my brain resists the notion that a little robot could effectively mop my floors.

      I'm happy to report that on my travertine marble floors, the Scooba works very well indeed! It takes a while to do its job and is only slightly less loug than a standard vacuum cleaner, but it manages to cover the entire surface area of the floor in its cycle and when complete, the floors are in fact very clean.

      Very impressed....more info
    • You have to love it !
      You have to love this thing. It seems everyone has a little trouble with it to start out with, but their customer service is right on the ball. The vacuum failed on mine the third time I used it. I called them up and had a brand new unit in 3 days.
      I guess the message here is that in spite of the problems, we all love the thing. The new one works great and my floors and my back have never been better. Thanks IRobot,
      ...more info
      I have nothing but GREAT things to say about the product itself. It does a fantastic job and now my kitchen floor gets cleaned far more often than I'd scrub it on my own.

      HOWEVER, their Customer Service and Warranty Repair policies leave much to be desired. It's a VERY long and drawn out story. But the short version is this...

      I received it as a gift for X-mas 07. Early April 08 the battery died. Warranty Repair dept. said they'd ship me a new one. I received an e-mail then saying it was backordered. After lots of phone tag and e-mails back and forth, I finally pointed out that they had them listed on their website as available and ready to ship.

      I finally got my replacement battery after almost a month. It was refurbished and not the same model as the one I originally had. I had a 100 minute battey, they shipped me a 50 minute battery. I did not find this out because they told me. I found this out by chance. After further research it was confirmed that they sent me a cheaper battery than the one I originally had. When I called, they basically told me too bad.

      I had to escalate this from a person on their 800 line to a supervisor and finally via a written request to a manager. The manager said that even though they have new 100 minute batteries on their website available, they would not send me one. I was stuck with the 50 minute battery. They made no apologies for sending the wrong one and in fact stated they knew they sent the wrong one.

      The particular SCOOBA I have was purchased because it came with a 100 minute battery. A less expensive model could have been purchased with a 50 minute battery, but that's not what I wanted. But it's now what I am stuck with.

      I also asked to have my entire SCOOBA replaced if that was the only way I could get my 100 minute battery replaced. I was told if I were to do that under warranty, they would replace it with a re-furbished SCOOBA and a 50 minute battery.

      I have since called my local news. They are investigating what happened and hopefully, I will get my 100 minute battery. That's all I want.

      After telling my Mom about my ordeal, she said she also had to have her battery replaced under warranty. When she looked, sure enough... they sent her a 50 minute battery too.

      The product is great. But if it breaks down... you will be downgraded to a lesser model.

      I'm really disappointed that a company with such a great product will not stand behind their name.

      As for me, I will not be buying the Roomba I so badly wanted and my husband will not be buying the Dirt Dog or the one the cleans gutters. It's really a shame.

      Buyer Beware. ...more info
    • Times change--and so do reviews.
      My old review is at the bottom. Unfortunately, with changes at iRobot, a new review is needed.

      My previous review gave Scooba 4 stars, and I explained that it's wonderful when it works, but has frequent mechanical failures.

      To me this was not a real problem, because iRobot technical support has been wonderful, sending replacement parts when needed and replacing the robot three times. I don't care if something breaks down if the manufacturer supports it.

      Over the past month that has been changing, and today made it official.

      I called iRobot not for Scooba, but for Roomba, the vacuum cleaner robot. I suspect that tech support has been outsourced. They were of very little help except to walk me through the troubleshooting steps which are outlined on iRobot's website, which I had already done. When that didn't fix the problem, I was told "Well, you'll have to buy a replacement."

      What iRobot doesn't seem to realize is that I don't HAVE to buy a replacement. I can also stop recommending their products, and that is what I sadly have to do today.

      My previous recommendation was based not only on the product but also on the quality of their support, which is essential when a product breaks regularly. After speaking with three people, including a supervisor, and being completely unable to divert them from their script or their desire to sell me a new robot, I no longer trust their technical support and therefore can no longer recommend iRobot products.

      Scooba is a great product, if a bit temperamental. I'll continue to use mine for as long as it lasts. But the next time it breaks, I expect no help from iRobot tech support.

      * * * * *

      The good news: iRobot support has been good enough to replace my Scooba twice. The bad news: it needed to be replaced twice. And the last time they had warehouse problems and didn't ship my replacement for a month.

      I really missed this little robot for that month. I've got one room with carpet (and Roomba takes care of that room nicely,) and the rest of my house has tile floors. I put two ounces of white vinegar in the clean tank, fill the tank with warm water, put it in a room and put a virtual wall in the doorway (or close the door if I want quiet,) and forget about it. Every day I do a different room. If I keep up with it, the vinegar is more than adequate to clean the floors.

      My first Scooba arrived the day after I'd washed the floors. I tried it out because I was curious, even though I knew the floors were clean. I ran it, then dumped out the dirty tank, and was surprised to see that the water in the dirty tank was black. It made me question my mopping skills.

      Eventually I figured it out. Scooba has an advantage over me. As it cleans, it puts down water from the clean tank, scrubs, then vacuums the dirty water into the dirty tank. The dirty water is never re-used. When I mop, I rinse my mop in dirty water then put it back on the floor. I'm picking up the dirt and then re-applying it, but Scooba doesn't do that.

      When I'm done I dump the tank and rinse it, then rinse a rubber port and a filter inside the Scooba, then remove the brush head and rinse it. I also wipe the squeegees with a damp paper towel. It's slightly more work than rinsing out a mop, but considering I've probably spent the last hour napping instead of mopping, it's not a bad chore. And vinegar is less than a buck a gallon, way cheaper than floor cleaner.

      Good Scoobas Gone Bad produce small floods by not picking up the dirty water, or ignore the virtual walls and go sailing into rooms with throw rugs, or don't put down any water at all. And if you don't clean it regularly it will get clogged up and jammed within a few weeks or less. The folks at iRobot are usually pretty good about fixing the problems.

      ...more info
    • Works Great
      Does exactly what it is intended to do.

      My kitchen floor (linoleum) and entryway (tile) haven't looked so clean since I bought the house new.

      With 9 grand kids I was tired of mopping the kitchen floor everytime they left. Now I don't have to. I simply turn it on and walk away. :)

      I have owned this bot for several months now and it has always worked flawlessly. The bot has even scrubbed up the dark stains in the linoleum that had accumulated even though I previously mopped quite frequently.

      The Scooba has worked so well I invested in a Roomba with which I am also quite pleased. Wife was a severe skeptic but has now been thoroughly convinced of the value.

      Welcome to the 21st century. :o)...more info
    • Not worth the hassle.
      Don't throw away your mop and bucket because Scooba is unreliable at best.

      Straight out of the box, I had problems getting it to start, then once it did start, it wouldn't put down any solution. In the first few months, after much prodding and coaxing, I could usually get it to run after several tries. But now I've had my Scooba for 10 months and it's completely useless. After 8 tries, I got it to run but couldn't get it to put down solution. It would run dry for about 3 minutes, and then the red power light comes on and it makes a sad little song and just stops.

      It is also very LOUD when it's running. I live in a 2nd floor apartment with wood floors and I only run Scooba when my downstairs neighbors aren't home because I feel badly about the racket it makes.

      I am so disappointed with my Scooba. I truly dislike washing floors, but at this point, I usually spend so much time trying to coax this machine into working that I just give up and mop the floor the old fashioned way.

      I gave it a fair shake, but after 10 months of living with Scooba, I have to give it two thumbs down. I'll probably try to sell it online for parts, to try to recoup some of my loss.

      ...more info
    • I love my Scooba
      I have white washed wood floors and white tile floors which need constant attention, which is pretty ironic because I HATE CLEANING FLOORS MORE THAN ANYTHING!! This is the best thing I ever bought. This gizmo has wildly exceeded my expectations. I am the type of person that periodically scrubs the floors on my hands and knees and I've never seen my grout look this good. It also cleans more often than I like to. ;)

      Well worth it. With regular use I'll never have to sweep or mop again.
      When the Scooba's all done, the floors sparkle and the house smells clean.

      Been using my Scooba for about a month, running it about once in each room once a week. I hope it stands the test of time because I now have five bottles of Scooba solution. It was impossible to find in stores so I finally gave up and bought the multipack online.

      Now I'm thinking of picking up a Roomba. I don't need to wash the wood that often so alternating between a Roomba and a Scooba would be ideal. Man, am I getting lazy!

      I do say you need to be careful cleaning the parts. They look like they may break pretty easily if you're not careful with them.

      Happy Scoobaing....more info
    • My floor has never been cleaner!
      I love this little robot! As others have stated, it doesn't do a great job of getting into corners, but after using it for a month on my tile kitchen floor, the grungy grout is getting much cleaner. And, since I'm just not that thrilled about mopping floors, having this little guy run once a week means my floor is much cleaner overall than it ever would be without it.
      It's quieter than my Roomba Scheduler vacuum, which is nice. Unfortunately, no local stores that I can find carry the Clorox cleaning solution, so I must order it online.
      All things considered, I'm really glad to have made this purchase....more info
    • .....
      I hate to mop, and this does a decent job...if it isn't broke, and after it's completely charged, and after you block off doors, move furniture, fill take a couple of times, and spend forever cleaning it afterwards. Oh Yeah, it's also loud and time consuming. But if mine didn't break every other time It was used, I would use it times a week. I could leave the house and come back to clean floors, no one to walk on them while wet, no missed spots etc....more info
    • Scooba works well, but...
      Overall, I'm happy with the product. However, here are two issues to consider:

      1. There is a valve that transfers the cleaning solution to the "sprayer"...which seems to get clogged each time. iRobot provides a syringe to clear the valve (looks like a rubber bulb syringe used for clearing a baby's stuffed-up nose) and it seems to do the trick. However, it took about an hour of frustration to figure this out.

      2. The Clorox cleaning solution is impossible to find. I've checked Target, Best Buy, Safeway, you name it! I've also ordered it from both Amazon and iRobot sites and received a ~5 week backorder notice and have yet to get my order. Bottom line, if you're lucky enough to find the solution, stock up!...more info
    • Scooby-DOOO Cleans Up
      The first Scooba I bought was refurbished and never worked. Naturally I was skeptical but with 5 dogs & 1 cat my tile floors have me desperate for a clean & nice smelling home. So I purchased a new one to give Scooba another chance... my Scooby-DO (his name now) hasn't quit cleaning since. I've had him over 3 months now and don't see him stopping (heaven help me if he ever does). My house smells GREAT after Scooby gets done cleaning my floors. You don't HAVE to use the Scooba formula they recommend, I use All Purpose Cleaner, Fabulosa & other nice smelling floor cleaners with no problems. Just don't use cleaners that create suds. I got the Dirt Dog to get the big stuff. With these 2 cleaners going around my house looks & smells like all I do is clean, just the effect I was going for. They are LOUD but they save me time & the backbreaking tasks of vacuuming & mopping. No more dirty mops pushing dirty water all around, Scooby picks up the dirty water & just leaves the clean nice smelling stuff. I give both of these items the utmost care & attention. Scooby-Do... I luv U!...more info
    • does a reasonbly good job but not reliable
      I read previous reviews before I bought my own. I believe that those who rated low could be because they expect the robot works the way as we see in sci-fi movies or expect it has similar sophistication of the robot from Honda that can dance or of the robot from Toyota that can pay violin. With $250 price tag, I think it worth the money I paid for the job it can do for me. The most important thing is that it can clean the floor without me. I push the bottun and then walk to the nearby park. When I come back, the floor is cleaned. It is true I have to clean the machine. But it takes a lot less time and efforts.
      The reason I give it 4 star is the battery life is not enough for a large area. I hope the unit comes with a spare battery and external charger so that I can let it finish the large cleaning jobs with two batteries.

      10 days later, I have to return it because no matter what I do, my Scooba refuse to turn-on the power. The company should improve the product quality....more info
    • not what i expected
      i expected more. it doesnt clean that well, it gets stuck so easily and it leaves uncleaned spaces. Not whay i expected at all. ...more info
    • 80% of the cleaning for 20% of the effort
      Based on using the Scooba the first time: it does actually work. Most of spots and surface dirtiness on my kitchen floor were cleaned up. It doesn't have the sense to keep scrubbing on a given spot though, so really sticky messes and deep stains still need human attention. Like the Roomba, it makes up for light scrubbing power by going slow and making multiple passes. It's good for 3 out of 4 moppings, but don't throw your mop away.

      It comes with one electronic fence. It works, but uses two D batteries.

      Pros: the pieces are all nicely labeled with replacement numbers, and the steps to take when filling the tanks and cleaning the unit are also nicely labeled.

      Cons: Requires a special solution (readily available in stores, but probably not as effective as what you normally use) "or white vinegar". Cleaning it after use requires rinsing out the tank and two filters, not terribly burdensome, but more work than emptying the mop bucket. Unlike the Roomba, it will not recharge itself during a cleaning cycle (a docking station probably isn't compatible with wet surfaces). The battery charge is enough for a small room, at least. Unlike hand mopping where you might push the chair or litter box around, you need to get everything out of the way first for the Scooba.

      Bottom line: For people like me who can have a whole day ruined by touching a mop handle, the Scooba offers some relief. But it's not Rosie from the Jetsons....more info
    • Great Product
      Great product. Only negative is that it takes 4 hours to recharge which I find to be an inconvenience....more info
    • This model only ok, upgrade great!
      I was so excited to get this after absolutely loving my Roomba. I got it through an Amazon seller who had used it once so it was basically new. I loved it for the first month. It did a super job on the floors. It did leave them a little wet but since I didn't have to do the work, I wasn't complaining.
      By 2 months the battery was fried (apparently the unit hadn't been "osmo'd") and would only run 5 minutes. Because the seller had registered it under his name, there was no warranty. The thing was useless.
      Why am I writing a positive review? After a couple months of doing my own floors I decided to try again (with a warranty this time!) I upgraded to a 340 (equivalent to a 380... 850sqft). Wonderful and improved over the previous model! I can get the entire floor done in one cycle and the floors are practically dry with this one. It does a good job of avoiding the carpet and does not get caught on the 1/3 inch step up by our fireplace like the Roomba. We don't have area rugs so I can't comment on that.
      My advice... These things are great if... you get a new one with a year warranty and you spend a little extra for the upgraded model (more area and drier floor). ...more info
    • I hate washing floors
      This is no comparison to hand scrubbing, but it does a good job and you don't have to do anything but push the power button. I have pets and its a great way to keep the floors clean....more info
    • Robots Rule!!!
      Received as a gift and it sat for awhile until I realized I really didn't have to do much and Scooba does most of the work. Hey what a concept! So tried it and I love it! Just move obstacles, sweep a little, and let it go. It gets along walls, under counters, and into corners better than I do. It does a much better job of cleaning compared to me not getting to it at all which happened a lot. I haven't used it in bathrooms because it won't get around the toilet which is the most important area to clean so if I have the mop out might as well do the whole thing. I use it primarily for the kitchen and the laundry area. The Clorox solution works well and smells good, but vinegar and water work just fine if you want to save the money. ROBOTS RULE!!! Where's my Rosie and my flying car???...more info
    • Outstanding!!!
      I received this as a Christmas gift and can honestly say it is one of the best gifts I have ever received. I have recommended the Scooba 5800 to friends and family. They have all seen the results and all wish they could afford one. Great gift, great product. The only problem I had was when I first set it up, it was indicating an "error". There was a "baby snot suction" thing in the box which was not mentioned in the instructions but I finally found a small slip of paper in the instruction/warranty bag that explained this is a "primer" for the water flow. I used the suction primer and all is well -- with me and my floors. I plan on buying one for my parents, it is easy to use and lightweight. ...more info
    • This company rips you off
      My scooba stopped putting down cleaning solution after I had it about six months. I played email tag with technical support for several months after that, trying to fix it. Finally, iRobot said that I had a non-functioning unit, and the only way to get a new one would be to ship my existing unit back to them and pay $179. So, I'm already out about $300, and they want me to pay $200 more? I am extremely dissatisfied with the product and the company, and would not recommend IRobot products to anyone. ...more info
    • I'd give 3.5 if I could
      The Scooba 5800 joined our family as a gift to my wife. We already have a Roomba 550 which handles all of our vacuuming needs, so a scooba seemed like just the thing for our mopping nightmare. We have white linoleum floors covering about a third of the main portion of the house, and marks and spots would show up constantly making mopping almost a nightly job for my wife and I. Knowing that she could spend that time doing something else, this sounded like a perfect gift.

      When we first got the unit, it wouldn't work. A call up to the friendly iRobot people pinpointed the problem almost instantly and after a clever use of a turkey baster to clear the pump valve, we were in business. Using vinegar and water we set it to clean the floor and watched it as we did our Roomba when we first got it. Since we only had one virtual wall, we also wanted to make sure it didn't get on the carpet.

      It started in the center of the room doing its normal outward spiral followed by some room crossing and then some edge following. The thing that intrigued us about this unit is that, unlike the Roomba we were accustomed too, this seemed much more random in its choice of actions. The Roomba will adapt to its environment such as chairs and other furniture and will do its best to get areas clean. The Scooba, on the other hand, seems to favor a Random approach which will either leave ares touched only once or sometimes not at all.

      It was also marginally successful at drying the floors after a good scrubbing. It would scrub about 85-90% of an area, and only completely dry about 75-80% of the same area. The remaining area wasn't soaking wet, but there was some liquid still on the floor.

      We weren't expecting a mop replacement with this unit, just as we weren't expecting a vacuum replacement with the Roomba. In both cases we were pleasantly surprised by its capabilities and slightly puzzled by some of is simple limitations. Overall this was a great robot, but it may end up being replaced with a more advanced model in the coming years.

      * Good cleaning of a given area
      * Vinegar and Water provide a very cheap solution to the Clorox iRobot suggests
      * Rechargable battery
      * Good drying capabilities
      * Audible alerts to let you know what its doing
      * Very good at not getting on carpet

      * Size means it can't get into all corners
      * Doesn't dry all the areas it mopped
      * Won't get off many black scuff marks caused by shoes, but will get some
      * Very random and not very adaptable cleaning behavior
      * Would like to see a better vacuum feature to get lint and other small particles off floor...more info
    • Scooba 5800
      Battery is what I concern most. It can only run around 30 minutes after fully charge. It has better to have "scheduler" and "home base" options in next generation...more info
    • Love iRobot Discovery, but not impressed by Scooba
      I have owned an iRobot Discovery vacuum clean for years, almost since it was released. I am pretty happy with it so when iRobot released Scooba I decided to go for it. Unfortunately Scooba has been a disappointment. I find that the area it is able to clean on a tank is far too limited. I am also unimpressed with the quality of cleaning, especially when it comes to corners or any area that is not wide open. At the end of the day I found myself going back to manual cleaning. I am a great fan of robots in any form and of automated anything in general (I am a 30 something computer engineer, which probably explains it). However I still expect the machine I buy/use to do a good job. Scooba is sadly not one of those....more info
    • everyone should have one
      I love the scooba as much as i hate to mop! have used it on different tile floors and on glued laminate (irobot does not recommend it for all laminate flooring types, test a spot first) It works great with some small notes... of course it cannot clean in corners, deep tile grout will not get cleaned as well as flush tile grout, the cleaner has an odor, but a good clean odor that disappears after its dry. if you can leave some water on your floor for a few minutes without it being absorbed by the floor, the scooba should work fine.

      Previous comments complained of shortcomings that have been addressed.

      Mine came with the squeeze air bulb and instructions to blow out a little valve 3 or 4 times before the first use or after the scooba has been stored for a long time. irobot calls it priming the pump. This avoids the check tank warning light on the first use.

      The owners manual lists alternatives to the scooba clorox floor cleaner concentrate. You can use white vinegar and water, or just water. The included floor cleaner works great though.

      Despite the brand name, the cleaner contains no clorine bleach.

      If your area rugs have much thickness at all, the scooba just bumps them and heads the other way.

      scooba does an excellent job cleaning and is fun to watch, i would recommend it to anyone with hard, sealed flooring....more info
    • Once it goes, it goes!
      It took us a little bit to get this running, something about a turkey baster needed to prime the hoses (included with the upgraded models apparently)???? But now that we have it going, it goes and goes and does a great job...I love not having to mop anymore!...more info
    • Disappointed
      This one is not as good as I thought. It leaves a wet trail, I have to go behind it and dry the floor, and it gets stuck easily, so I have to baby sit and make sure is doing its job. I will actually like to return it....more info
    • Wow, that floor is clean!
      Okay, so I bought an original Roomba back when they first came out (I'm an early adopter type) based on the ravings of a close friend of mine. He told me, "I've cleaned out it's dust bin and found it sucked up AA batteries!" So, I bought one and let it roam around the house...WOW was I impressed. AFTER I've already cleaned the hardwood floor by hand, swept, swiffered and spot wiped...the Roomba still comes back with a bin full of dust bunnies. So, I'm SOLD on the Roomba. But this isn't a review on the's on the Scooba.

      All the while, I've had a kitchen floor that admittedly gets neglected. It's about 150 square feet of travertine tile with about 1/2" of grout between the one-foot squares. fortunately, its the type of tan stone tile that completely hides the dirt, so it was easy to let it go. I do a lot of cooking and it's intevitable that something minced always finds its way under foot. Looks arent everything. Even though I couldn't see the dirt, my white socks would get dirty on the bottom! I would get down on my hands and knees and scrunge some of the tiles with a sponge thingie, but would get pretty tired of that after abotu 1/2 an hour. Oh, well, maybe my socks are cleaning the floor enough?? At some point, I decided to try the Scooba. I bought the least expensive one...mostly because I didn't know there were other models. A lot of the difference is in how big a floor it will cover and since mine is small enough...this one would do.

      I filled it up with cleaning solution and warm water and let it have its way with my dirty floor. As with the Roomba, you want to watch it for a while...then let it just do its thing as you go for a hike or some other activity that is more enjoyable than scrubbing your kitchen floor. When I got back, the little bugger was just sitting there with a "How'd I do?" look on its face. I emptied the "dirty" side of the tank and I was amazed at how black that water was! I'm really a pretty clean guy, but you've GOT to be kidding me! The Scooba did an AMAZING job!!!

      Just as a test, I dampened a white paper towel slightly and hand scrubbed some of the typically worst tiles...about 6 feet of them. The paper towel came up as clean as new. There was NO dirt on the towel. I almost felt guilty throwing it away! The Scooba scrubbed the entire floor and sucked up all that dirty water into its tank. Sweet. I now run it about once a week when I'm about to head out for a mountain bike ride. It gives me a clean floor and I can get back to enjoying life.

      Some additional info: The tiles are pretty bumpy and I wondered about that before I bought it. Y'know where the tile is kinda rounded on the edges, but higher than the grout? NOT a problem. The Scooba handles it perfectly.

      The second best household product I've purchased...just slightly behind the original Roomba!...more info
    • Scooba review
      We have both the Roomba and Scooba and are more than satisfied with both. What time savers they are and they clean very well....more info
    • Will Try a second one
      The wife and I have severe back problems and the doctors tell us that we can't push a vacuum or mop so I bought this plus the vacuum model 560. This vacuum is absolutely outstanding. I dumped a bunch of stuff on the carpet to see if it would miss anything and it didn't, and when done it reutrned to the home base and connected to the charger. This floor washer didn't work at all so I am returning it to Amazon but selected a replacement vs. refund because the vacuum works so good. Maybe I just got a bum floor washer so I'm willing to give the washer another try. ...more info
    • scooba is awesome, need work on the directions
      I bought scooba for my wife,(a working mother of two) who is always complaining about the state of our floor. She was excited when she received it until she attempted to use it. After following the written directions and spending about 4 hours to fix the "check tank message" she was about ready to toss me and Scooba out the back door. It was only after calling the support center that it was discovered that the written instrcutions failed to tell you one very important fact. You need to prime the Pump with a ear bulb or basting bulb. The priming bulb was not including with our Scooba (the did later send to us) but thankfully as parents of an toddler we had a bulb from her and we were able to "prime the pump" and got Scooba up and running. She has used it now four times in the last 2 weeks. My wife is happy and tells everyone about her new "maid" who is on call 24/7. Thank you Scooba!...more info
    • Scooba - great once we got it working
      After several startup troubles where we kept getting check tank error, we had to call irobot support who kept us on hold for 45 min or so before we could talk to someone. The support person send us a dropper kind of device to push air through the knob that pulls water and after that scooba has been working very well.

      We are a roomba owner as well and roomba was very easy to setup compared to scooba. However now that it is working after 15 days of struggle, we are happy with what it does....more info
    • never mop again!
      long time roomba user so I was ready to try the newest gizmo and it's great. Best use when I'm out of the house and put the dog in the carpeted bedroom with the door closed. Faster drying would give the Scooba five stars but that's the only drawback. Use vinegar and water for inexpensive alternative to Scooba liquid....more info
    • First Time User and Addicted!
      I just bought this today after debating for a while. I charged it for 8 hours and ran it in my kitchen. It was simple to set up, and easy to operate. I had a little trouble getting it to start, but that was because I accidentally filled the dirty tank instead of the clean tank with the water + solution. Once I realized that I made that mistake, it worked perfectly!! It did a decent job. The only complaint I have is that it does not get the edges/corners. To give you an idea of how clean it gets your floors: I mopped yesterday with my Swiffer Wet. Today, when I ran the Scooba (aka Betsy!) the dirty water that came out was BLACK. I then took a wet paper towel and scrubbed a section of my floor. There was a some barely noticeable discoloring on the paper towel. And I scrubbed really hard! I am tickled pink, and I think I'm going to invest in the Roomba as well!...more info
    • Not worth the money
      I bought this hoping it would help me keep my floors a little cleaner without me having to get down and scrub them as much. It didn't even get the floors half way clean the first time I used it so the next time I tried it I followed a recommendation of someone on here that said she sprayed a bit of cleaner on the spots before running the machine. That time it did better but still did not get the floor as clean as a "dirty mop" as they call it rubbed over it quickly would have. After that didn't work I returned it and was told by the customer service girl that they have had a lot of people return it so apparently it's not just me. I did find that it didn't even clean the 200 sq ft area it claims to clean on one tank. I sectioned off about 100 sq ft area of my kitchen for it to clean and 45 minutes of cleaning time later it didn't even clean that properly and my floor was not that dirty to begin with. The water coming out of the "dirty tank" wasn't hardly cloudy so obviously the machine was not doing it's job since my floors had dirtier water left on them!!!

      In the end don't bother buying this thing, it's a waste of time and money. In theory a great idea but just falling way to short of the mark in real life use....more info
    • A good idea, but wears out quickly
      I bought a Scooba a little more than a year ago at Target. It seemed to be the answer to all my mopping problems -- and it was in the apartment I lived in (500 sq ft of 80-year-old floors that hadn't been very well cleaned over the years). I got my floors clean enough that I was comfortable with my kids playing on them (and their clothes weren't always black from the floor). That was the first 3 months of ownership. Then, we got a better apartment with a newer floor (only 5 years old and had been cleaned regularly in that time period). My Scooba worked fine for another 9 months. One week after the 1-year warranty expired, I went to use my Scooba and the fan was stuck. I took the robot apart, unjammed the fan (taking about an hour), then it worked fine. I went out of town the next week and my husband tried to run the robot -- fan jammed again. This time, we couldn't ever get it unjammed enough to actually run. It would try to run for a few minutes, then the "service" light would come on. After trying for another half hour (but not taking the thing apart because I didn't have the time to spend an hour+ to fix it), I gave up and bought a mop. In a half hour, I'd gone to the store, bought a mop, come home and mopped my kitchen floor (including the edges and corners that the Scooba doesn't reach).

      Bottom line: There's a 1-year warranty for a reason. If you fork out the money, just expect it to be a 1-year investment -- and that's running it several times a week for the first 3 months, then once a week or every other week for the last 9 months. You won't get much more out of it....more info
    • works great
      this product works great. great for all wood floors and hard surfaces. :)...more info
    • Less than happy
      I am not pleased with the Scooba. I have a tile floor in my kitchen - which obviously is the floor that needs to be mopped the most often. Unfortunately Scooba can not handle the grooves between the tiles and thinks it is off balance. I spend more time fixing and resetting it then it would take me to simply mop the floor myself.

      My living room is wood and the Scooba does work alright there. However the slightest thing can get it stuck. For instance we have speaker stands - the Scooba will run up on the bottom of the stand which is only 1/8" high and gets stuck.

      If you don't have tile floors or anything that would get in the way then you will probably love the Scooba but it doesn't work for me. I love my Irobot Vaccuum but will probably look into returning the Scooba.

      ...more info
    • Horrible Customer Service at irobot
      My irobot scooba was a handy little thing, when it worked. When it stopped working, however, I learned that this robot is only as good as the customer service behind it and the customer service at irobot is very very bad.

      The irobot worked about as good as I expected.
      1 - It cleaned the vast majority of of my vinyl flooring very well with minimal pretreatment for dried on 'stuff'.
      2 - It pushed a lot of dirt up against the baseboards and cabinets. I guess this is to be expected but I hadn't expected to have to go behind the robot wiping along the perimeter of the rooms. I'd clean the perimeter and the baseboards at the same time so not as big a drawback as it would have been if I didn't also have to clean the white baseboards.
      3 - Floors took longer than expected to dry. The robot has been broken for a while but my recollection is that took well over an hour for the floor to dry after the scooba was done.
      4 - It worked as well with vinegar as it did with scooba cleaner.

      Customer service was much, much worse than I expected.
      Earlier this year I forgot to turn the scooba off before I picked it up to carry it up the stairs to do the upstairs bath. The wheels came down and there they stayed. When I went to clean all the error lights/tones went off and the service light stayed on. After round after round after round of increasingly irritating automated email communication with irobot their solution to the issue was to tell me that I needed to buy a new robot. I think not. This was my first foray into buying a house-cleaning robot. I know the products are new. I was willing to deal with issues. I am not willing to deal with a company whose approach to issues is to tell me to 'buy a new one'. ...more info
    • Even better than I'd hoped for!
      I have both a Roomba and a Scooba. (When a Dustba comes out I'll be first in line to buy it!) For me, cleaning chores have always felt like, well, chores. I had a weekly cleaning person for a number of years, but that got very costly. I find most housework boring but not overly taxing; however floors are the hardest for me to get motivated to do.

      While it's true that these robots may not clean quite as thoroughly as a person who vacuums or mops for the same duration and frequency, the robots literally take fewer than 2 minutes to set up and then they work for 25-45 minutes with minimal supervision. It takes 3 or 4 minutes to clean the brushes, etc., and put them in their chargers for a few hours before they're ready to go to work again. I have a 2500 square foot house with two adults, three kids and two dogs (one of which sheds constantly) and try to run both bots once or twice a day. Though I have the lighthouses to keep them contained to certain areas, I prefer to just let them loose (the scooba stays on flooring or tile though; it automatically turns around when it hits the carpet) Between them they manage to hit virtually everywhere every couple of days.

      Having the Scooba wash my floors every day keeps them a whole lot cleaner overall than I do by mopping grudgingly every other week. Ditto the Roomba and vacuuming.

      I wouldn't necessarily recommend either of these to clean freaks who give the corners a white glove test at the end of each run, but for my money they are a pretty cool way to keep our floors clean and presentable.

      Speaking of money - Even if these little suckers only last me a year, I'll have gotten my money's worth. $2.00 a day to have my floors vacuumed and washed with minimal effort on my part? A bargain, for sure. Even better - my warranties are automatically doubled to two years because I paid using AmEx. My cleaning lady used to cost $60 for one day a week...

      Final thought - Do these robots do a more thorough job of vacuuming and floor washing than humans can? No, but they're pretty close. Are they easier to motivate and do they handle the jobs without whining? Yeah, and they win that one hands down! ...more info
    • Cute, but ultimately poor quality item & company
      I've enjoyed having the Scooba clean my apartment floor. It's noisy, slow -- but still more fun than doing it myself.

      No, there won't be millions of Scooba devices being sold any time soon -- it's just too cumbersome to maintain and operate. As you can see from other reviews, iRobot's product reliability can be quite poor, perhaps because their non-military products are in fact manufactured by an Asian toy company. To compound iRobot's poor build quality, they typically insist on customers shipping their (frequently) defective products back at their own expense.

      While I'm sure we'll have devices like this ubiquitously in our future -- they'll probably be a lot easier to maintain, more reliable, and I doubt they'll be made or designed by iRobot.

      I've had a number of defects with this unit. First, the rubber wheels needed to be replaced weeks after arrival with minimal use.

      Secondly, the power supply was defective. Since it arrived, there was something clearly loose inside of it. I never made much of it, until realizing it sounded metallic, and probably posed a fire hazard. I didn't contact them until after the warranty period had just ended (90 day refurb), and they strictly refused to do anything about it. Instead, they insisted upon a whopping $40 to replace a $5 power supply that was defective on arrival.

      And that's ultimately the rub: iRobot markets their consumer products as "practical, reliable" and "innovative solutions" -- but if you dig deeper -- they're not. Instead, they're merely high-margin, unreliable products sold under an Asimov-cloaked guise of "robotic" high-tech. The company brings little ownership to actually deliver the brand promise they promote and capitalize upon.

      In short: buy it if you want a cleaning robot that works adequately, and you don't mind that you may be throwing it out shortly after your warranty expires. Depending on your frequency of use (and iRobot's fat margins), you may be better off just hiring a decent housekeeper with your money - and holding until more established consumer electronic companies make quality products that work well and last more than a year.

      Personally, I won't ever be buying another one of their products -- and I honestly can't recommend them to friends who value quality manufacturing and responsible service....more info
    • Robot Floor Cleaner
      Overall, very impressed with the robots performance. It's loud though (the vacuum), so it's annoying when you are in the vicinity of the robot while it is cleaning. You don't need to buy the cleaner that they tell you to use, just spray an approved cleaner onto the surface to be cleaned and just fill the robot with does the trick....more info
    • I couldn't get it to work
      I simply could not get this product to work. After an hour of it constantly telling me the tank was in trouble, and disassembling and reassembling the unit, I would up throwing it in the trash. Maybe if you get one that actually works, it's good.

      I do love the new Roomba vacuum, so ymmv....more info
    • Perfect little machine
      I had Brazilian hardwood installed in the downstairs of my home--about 1,000 SF--but I had no desire to mop it myself. Fortunately, I found Scooba. It's a great little machine, but you definitely have to learn how to use it.

      Once you figure it out (harder than using a bandaid, easier than brain surgery), it's fantastic. I have a cat that sheds all over the house, and Scooba picks up every hair I don't get first. This means I have to deep clean Scooba's brush and various orifices on a regular basis. But that's fine wih me. (NOTE: It might be a good idea to also buy a Roomba, so you can use it to vacuum your house first, THEN the Scooba.)

      Love this machine. And because my floors are always spotless, it means I don't track any dust from my floors onto the carpet upstairs. The high-end Scooba is the best investment--runs a long time (two 45-minute cycles per charge), and it's well built....more info
    • Recertified Scooba almost like new
      This is my third Scooba. It comes in the big, fancy OEM box with accessories. Other than the Scooba cleaner bottle being only half full, everything else checked out. There was a 3" area of the Scooba body that had an .25" abrasion through the blue paint, showing white underneath. Otherwise it was perfect and looks as well as works like the new ones, for less than half the price. Good deal!...more info
    • Greatest thing ever
      This thing is great. I love how I can leave for work and come home to clean floors. It is easy to clean. The instructions on getting it to start working are a little confusing. My scooba did not put down any liquid the first time I ran it. Online it suggested to squeegee the valve to get it started. Once I did that it has run perfectly without any issues....more info
    • Roomba and Scooba--what a team
      Yes, I'm lazy. I hate washing the floors. I hate the look on my husbands face when I ask him to wash the floors. So Scooba is perfect for us. Ours didn't include instructions on how to prep it so my husband took a guess and it worked straight away. Cleaned my tile floors nicely. Not great on a charge but just put up the virtual wall and do one room at a time. Even with continuous recharging, it's still easier than doing it yourself. Thanks irobot!...more info
    • It works !
      I decided to write this review after 3 months of extensive use of my Scooba with at least weekly run.
      I have good experience with my Roomba 4210 and iRobot in general when I had problems with my Roomba.

      My Scooba did not work right out of the box, it did not squirt any water at all. This is the no. 1 complaint from Scooba owners. Here's what I did following many tips from other reviewers:

      1. Use syringe to squirt water into the blue "nipplet" - the little nipple insertion where the water drips from the tank to the base.
      2. Pour half cup of water on the floor and let scooba run over it.

      After doing those two tips, the scooba pump started to work and I watched this robot prep,wash,vacuum and dry my floor without blinking my eyes. Amazing. The Clorox Scooba solution is also good for linoleum and most tiles.
      The only drawback for the Scooba 5900 is its limited coverage, inability to work on textured tiles and noise but in overall I'm very satisfied. Roombareview is also full of knowledgeable people to help you with your robots. Good job, iRobot !...more info
      Do not expect to just take it out of the box and run it.
      It is doing a great job, but for routine maintenance and minor problems it needs you to understand well its operation and act consequently.
      For instance, my wife runs it, but I use to clean, empty, refill and recharge it.
      We love it. It cleans perfectly ceramic and hardwood, without putting down too much water that would spoil it. We use it everyday after meals. It picks up dirt parts too (we have three YOUNG children!).
      It does what our Roomba cannot do. When the floor is humid or wet (spills), the Roomba dirt bin gets too dirty, because the dirt sticks to it. So the two are complementary.
      Battery not so long, but enough for our medium size kitchen and bathroom on one charge. We did not buy the second battery, because we would need another charger, and both would be half of the cost of the Scooba! And we do not buy a second Scooba, because it would be too much stuff around....more info
    • Scooba is a good little worker
      I purchased Scooba Steve (so named by my son) along with a Roomba. I use the latter almost daily, but the Scooba is only put to the job about once a week. I have Spanish tiles in my kitchen and the slightly uneveness of the tiles is a bit of a challenge for S.S. It does a better job of cleaning if I virtual wall off half of the area and cut down on the solution. This is fine for me. I only have to make sure the kitty toys, shoe laces, recycling, etc. is up from the perimeter of half of my kitchen! I have no regrets about my purchase....more info
    • Scooba to the rescue
      Had to prime innitially to get it to work. Does a very good job on Linoleum. Does not do the edges very well....more info
    • I love this
      This is the best household helper I have ever found. It picks up everything from dirt to pet hair and once it is through cleaning the room smells so fresh. I would highly recommend this product to anyone....more info
    • I heart my Scooba
      I was a little leery at first about purchasing a Scooba after reading reviews. The reviews seemed to either be "I loved it" or "I hated it" so I decided to take my chances and find out for myself.

      I must say this is one of the best purchases I have made to date. I adore my Scooba. As a stay at home mom to a toddler and being pregnant with my second, this thing is a dream come true. Add two dogs and a cat into the mix and I was having a very hard time keeping my floor clean before. But not anymore!!

      I use my Scooba on linoleum and hardwood flooring and my floors have never been so clean. The cycle is much shorter than I anticipated and dries fairly quickly as well. I use white vinegar in mine now that I am out of the cleaning solution and it cleans well with it. And yeah, sure, it is a little loud, but it is actually much quieter than my vaccuum and so worth it when you see how clean it gets the floors!

      The only thing that threw me for a loop was setting it up. I knew I would have to prime it, but it never specified where the valve actually was on the Scooba to prime. After some research on the Scooba blog, I was able to get it primed and in use right away.

      I love my Scooba and it was a great investment for me and my family....more info
    • Received Defective Scooba
      The Scooba did not work. I followed all of the instructions to set up the Scooba, but when I clicked start, the Scooba would move around for a few seconds and then the "I'm Stuck" light would flash. I tried this on several floors of different materials, all of which are flat, and I got the same message.

      I'm a Roomba user and was excited about this, but very disapointed that it didn't work -- QA should have caught this.
      ...more info
    • good product but too costly
      This product does a nice job but it's finicky.

      Pros: good battery life (when it charges), cleans floor well, does good job on my tile floors

      Cons: it's finicky. Sometimes does not fully charge, also tank needs to be primed if not used often and that's a pain. It's also slippery when wet. (which it will be after use) It flew out of my hands, hit my leg, and made a big gash in my leg.

      I paid $75 for this at Target on a markdown. If I had paid over $100, I would be upset with the product. ...more info
    • List Price is Wrong! Should be 100 less
      This Amazon listing is the Scooba 5800, the lowest cost Scooba, which lists for 299 not 399. The 399 is Amazon's "list price" as I post this

      See the manufacturer's website for the correct list prices. The better model 350 lists for 399 on the manufacturer's website (model numbers don't make sense because the 350 and 380 are better than the 5800 and the 380 is better than the 350). The differences are how many square feet they can do and included accessories....more info
    • If you are busy, you NEED this robot!!
      I am seriously in love with "him." While he doesn't do a real big area, and I could have used one that does, for the extra money I just run it a couple times. I have a HUGE dining/kitchen area and I don't even worry about blocking off (I did block it off the first time as I wanted to make sure that it got every inch.) Now I just let it roam around on its own. I've been running it once or twice a day. Usually after lunch and supper. (I have a 9yo, 3yo, 1yo, and babysit a 1yo as well, so my floors get bad after meals!)

      I did not have ANY issues setting this thing up. I charged it and filled it and ran it. That easy. Didn't have to prime it or anything! I turn it on at nap time and get my school studying done! And then at bath/bedtime for the kids and come downstairs to clean floors. It has even restored some of the shine that has been gone from chairs and highchairs and toys being drug across the floors.

      I will come back in months to go with a long term review on this but as for a new product I HIGHLY recommend it!...more info
    • Expect it to break eventually ... but even then you have replacement option from iRobot
      If you're a single guy who likes gadgets and hates cleaning house, iRobot products are true blessings!

      I have tiled floors downstairs in my condo and purchased a Scooba to see how it would go. I made my purchase on eBay. This was a big mistake. It was advertised as "new, not a refurb" but I suspected otherwise because the serial number sticker was missing when I received and opened the box ... that was the chance I took by buying it at a discount, right? Well, the missing serial number turned out to be a problem because after 1 month of heavy use, it had electrical problems and I didn't have a serial number for warranty coverage. Read on, there is a happy ending here:

      Despite what other reviewers said about iRobot's support, I had no problem reaching them and you shouldn't too, if you don't mind being put on hold for about five to ten minutes (hint, doing something else while using a cell phone headset during non-peak hours ... you can call them on Saturdays). I got through on three separate occasions. First time, they provided some suggestions to fix my unit ... didn't work. Second time, upon my asking of their out-of-warranty repair services (there aren't any through them, but you can google some repair services), iRobot responded with an offer for an out-of-warranty exchange: $179 + S&H + tax. Third time, I called back to accept offer. All three calls I did were through their normal tech-support phone routing.

      IRobot's out-of-warranty exchange included a 1-year warranty on their replacement unit, which you will absolutely need if you're a heavy user like I am. Though my condo's tiled area is small (about 900 sq ft), I still need to run my Scooba 5800 four separate times to get the whole floor thoroughly ... Scooba 5800 has a small capacity and I have a lot of obstacles in my floor plan. If you don't like this part, then spend the extra $100 to $200 for their higher capacity 350 or 380 models (I have no idea how they came up with their model numbering sequence). With the smaller capacity with the 5800 model, there is the hassle of cleaning the brush, cleaning the removable filters, cleaning and refilling the tank between each clean cycle but it's MUCH easier than sweeping and mopping the whole floor yourself since the Scooba parts that requires cleaning are rather small and you can do all this rather quickly in a tiny area on your kitchen counter.

      Scooba is a bit noisy, about as loud as a handheld vacuum cleaner, and this noise will go for the full clean cycle of about 45 minutes. But if you clean when you're at work or clean at night with your bedroom door closed, the noise should be no problem.

      As stated by some reviewers, you will have to watch Scooba the first time it cleans. It doesn't like computer cables, electric cords, etc., on the floor. In the end, I had to tie-tie them and tuck them snug against the wall or tie them up high on my computer desk. If you don't watch Scooba during it's first clean cycles, expect it to catch on cords and pull on them ... even had a PC mouse get yanked and murderously dragged on the floor. (I like to think it's just some machine-on-machine rage.)

      Bumping into things isn't a big deal if you have cheap furniture like me. If you have a glass menagerie collection in a sturdy bookcase, you don't have to be too worried. But if you have a delicate display case for your glass collection, then I'd worry if I were you ... or at least think of a better home for it.

      If you have a dog or cat, you'll love seeing Scooba's (or Roomba's) effect on them. Scooba runs a series of pre-programmed patterns in a seemingly random order. It's mesmerizing to watch it, even for humans. In the end, every spot of floor should be covered by Scooba at least three time, thus ensuring it's pretty clean. You may have to manually hand wash with a brush any tough spots that you see after Scooba is done but you don't have to worry about the other 97% of the floor. For corners and dust stuck against the wall, you'll have to do a quick sweep with a broom to push it into the center where Scooba can gobble it up. As for mopping in these areas where Scooba can't get, I never have to worry about that since all my gunk and light mud tracking that needs cleaning is more centered in the floor where Scooba can get it.

      Scooba's stair detection works like a charm. I use Scooba to clean the lower surface level of my coffee table (collects house dust) and that is about six inches off the ground ... NEVER fell off once.

      Over time, you will become emotionally attached to your iRobot products in much the same way folks become attached to iPods. It becomes part of home environment. Hence, you will become VERY irate when it breaks down. I think iRobot underestimated the heavy use their products get put through. For instance, me being slightly OCD, before house guests come by and given at least a day's prior warning, I always put Scooba through it's paces. I honestly don't think Scooba was designed for that level of use, so if you're like me, you as a consumer will want to protect yourself and make sure you're covered by a warranty at all times, whether it would be with the original purchase or with an exchange arrangement (like in my case). There are lots of moving parts in iRobot products so you definitely want to cover yourself. But even then, it's worth it if you can use your free time for better and more productive things (I'm an hourly contractor so less house clean means more billable hours). Also, if you hire a maid to clean your floors for a year, it'll be much more expensive than the price of getting replacment Scoobas each 12-month period. Don't believe me? Do the numbers yourself. $179 + S&H + tax + inflation adjustment per year is much cheaper than the lowest priced maid service ... and you don't have to worry about anybody mucking around your personal belongings when you're not there watching them. As for the continuity of iRobot's replacement program, IRobot has worked hard to capture the market share they have, so I wouldn't expect them to do away with their out-of-warranty replacement program at a price point that is probably profitable for them ... just think of it as a leasing program that they're offering you.

      As for me, I'm getting a Roomba for my carpeted upstairs and a Dirt Dog for my garage and patio (has same cement floor texture as my garage), all with warranties of course. I am truley impressed by iRobot's ability to provide value at their price points. I have so much time now, as you can see, that I can write these lengthy reviews on Amazon!
      ...more info
    • it works
      after calling service and them telling me to pierce something so it would put water/cleaner down it has worked very well. have used it on some cheap laminate floors and those seem to show wear on the edges like delamination. I think it was due to water collecting in joints....more info
    • My new best friend
      We hav owned Scooba for about 8 weeks. I purchased it after getting a green light from hubby to get it as an anniversary present. Who knew that the 8yr mark was the robot-mop anniversary? I was in shock at the sticker price, because we are more of the hearty handshake kind of gift-givers.

      Upon arrival, it didn't work. I had read all the reviews and tried to prime it myself with a turkey baster. After a few failed attempts, I called Jennifer at IRobot customer service. She was awesome and dropped a nasal apsirator thing in the mail. But by the time I had hung up, I evidentally did something right with the turkey baster and scooba was working like a champ.

      We have a VERY small kitchen. It is the thoroughfare to the garage and the backyard and we have two small children who run through the space approximately 875,000 times an hour. I could never keep the back and white checked vinyl flooring clean. Scooba was a last ditch effort to try before ripping out the floor for tile. But I still would have had to keep the tile clean...

      anyhow, I have used her 4 times a week or so since arrival. It's amazing. I am very impressed and I'm a bit of a clean freak. She gets the floor cleaner than it has ever been. The only way previously the floor shone is if I scrubbed with a magic eraser every inch, then mopped, then mop and glowed. Now the floor gleams.

      I have a confession though. I am not one for manufacturer's recommendations. I use Lysol, windex, comet, whatever on my floor even though scooba VERY clearly says not to and that it will void the warranty. I prefer to live life on the edge however. The little bottle of cleaner it came with lasted about a week, and I had tons of cleaning supplies in the house and didn't want to wait for new cleanser to arrive.
      I actually think Lysol works the best, with a bit of comet sprinkled here and there if we have a particularly dirty section of the floor.

      I clean the filter and the little tubey thing after each use and have cleaned out the brush twice since owning it (once a month.)

      I am a happier person. My floors are happier. My kids are happier because I'm not freaking out about the dirty floor. I'll let them cook with me again and not lose it when an egg drops on the floor.

      I have not tried it on our hardwood. It doesn't seem necessary to me so far, because it does such a good job in the kitchen and bathrooms.
      I also want to add that we are landscaping right now so she has been used a lot this past week since there is a thin layer of brown dirt over everything.

      she rocks. I'm okay never getting another anniversary gift again....more info
    • Can't live without it!
      I wanted a maid--Scooba was a compromise. After having a baby, I just don't have time to do the floors as well as I should for a crawling 8-month-old. I LOVE Scooba. It cleans the floors so well that even a scrutinizing baby can't find a crumb to put in her mouth. I've been able to do three average-size rooms to one charge. It's true that the Scooba doesn't get the farthest recesses of the corners, but it does do extremely well, and I can pick up anything left with one finger. The only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is that it's pretty thick, and thus unable to go underneath most of our furniture. So, I tidy up with a Swiffer. It can go under the bed but not the couch or coffee table. You should see how much dirt this thing picks up, even though I run it weekly on every floor in our house (we have all hardwood floors and tile). I saw a review that said it has trouble on tile floors with grooves, but that hasn't been our case. It does the kitchen floor wonderfully. The cleaning solution is not too expensive, and you can always just use water and white vinegar....more info
    • Love That Scooba
      This is the most incredible machine!!! I wasn't sure it was going to work for me because my kitchen floor is deeply textured, and cleaning with a mop never got the dirt out of the little crevices in the flooring. As a result, I've had to clean this floor with a brush..on my hands and knees. But the Scooba actually gets into all those indentations and crevices leaving the floor unbelievably clean. Yes, I still have to scrub tight corners which are too small for the machine to enter, but it sure beats crawling around on my knees to scrub the whole floor. Now all I have to do is fill the Scooba, push a button and leave it alone. Cleaning the Scooba after each use is quick and simple because all the parts just snap out. If I could give this item more than 5 stars, I would. ...more info
      I bought this product 14 months ago. While it was working, I was not impressed: it's very loud, doesn't get in corners, battery doesn't keep a good charge (30 minutes then recharge for hours) and I always had to run over it again with a mop. After about 4-5 months the battery quit and the company sent me another one at no charge. However, now it's 2 months after the warranty expired, and the motor has died. The company offered to send me one at discounted price, but at roughly $300 a year, I said no thanks. Don't waste your money on this expensive, sub-quality product till the makers can get it right....more info
    • Product Won't Hold Up
      I bought this product 14 months ago. While it was working, I was not impressed: it's loud, doesn't get in corners, cleaning pattern doesn't make sense. After about 4-5 months the battery quit and the company sent me another one at no charge. However, now it's 2 months after the warranty expired, and the motor has died. The company offered to send me one at discounted price, but at roughly $300 a year, I said no thanks. I have no use now for the case of cleaning solution that I bought. I went to a steamer mop which works better in every way. Scooba is a good idea but it's still in the beta phase. Don't waste your money on this expensive, sub-quality product....more info
    • Don't Bother
      The product performance is marginal, at best. The big issue is a new $70 battery every 7 - 8 months, around 30 cleaning cycles. One more battery and we will have bought a new Scooba.

      Bring in a commercial firm every 3 months and you will save money....more info
    • This is the model 5800 - only cleans 250 sq. ft.
      Nowhere on this product page does amazon tell you that this is Scooba model # 5800, which is good for cleaning a room approximately 250 sq. ft. or less. If I had known this, I would not have purchased this model as I have a great room with hardwood floors which is 18x24, or 432 sq. ft. Way too big. Also, I have a very open floor plan, and there are four different ways to get into my kitchen, which I guess means that I would need four virtual walls to keep the Scooba cleaning that one room. (Which seems to be the way to get the room clean before the charge runs out or the dirty tank fills up and you have to recharge/empty/refill and start all over.)

      On iRobot's website, this model is described as "ideal for cleaning smaller hard floor surfaces". So I'm packing it up and sending it back. And I'm bummed because I was really looking forward to using the Scooba... I'm sure it's a great product for someone with maybe a kitchen that has an actual door and four walls, it's just not going to work with a home like mine. Maybe the Scooba 850 would work, but $500 is a little more than I'm prepared to spend right now for a gadget like this....more info
    • Good once you get it working
      I really like the Irobot Scooba but it took me several times to get it to work properly. I almost returned it, thinking it was broken when I first got it. I ended up going online to the Irobot site to get instructions on troubleshooting. I have to "prime" my Scooba before it works properly (it's no big deal once I learned it). It cleans great and dries very quickly. I haven't pulled out my mop since I got it. It's alittle loud if you're trying to watch TV or have a conversation in the same room but not too bad. I would recommend it to friends. ...more info
    • Have Many Pets- I Love It!
      I could not sleep early one Sat. morning and turned on the TV in the bedroom and there was an info-mercial on Comedy Central (about 5am). I had heard of Roomba and had also heard some time back they were coming out with a "mopping" version. I hate info-mercials but was very interested in Scooba for the below reasons:
      I have several rescued pets. I removed all carpet when I bought my house 2 years ago and have wood floor in the living room and sheet vinyl everywhere else. I have a handicapped cat who has small wet "accidents" and I spend SO much time spot mopping, then 1x/week using one of those big and heavy Hoover carpet/bare floor cleaning machines.
      Maybe they have worked out the system kinks, but my Scooba 380 worked immediately. I got the package deal that also included the charger, cleaner, 2 virtual walls, and suction bulb. I followed the quick setup guide and the thing took off and cleaned my entire master suite while I was in the kitchen.
      After the initial cleaning, it takes me about 2 minutes to do the tank, brush, filter, and suction port cleaning. Today I did the bedroom, hallway, living room, and cat box room. Probably because my floors are completely smooth and flat (sheet vinyl) it did a great job and dried in no time. It even did well on the wood floor.
      I do not have kids or anyone else in the house (1700 sq. ft.) so I can't comment on lots of people dirt, but I am totally satisfied with this product. Since I spent so much time vacuuming and mopping, I now set the Roomba loose, then the Scooba- it frees me up to do other household tasks that would typically get put off because after vac. and Hoover machining, I would be tired (I have back problems).
      I would say that if you expecting a super fast "quick fix", this probably is not for you. But, if you have lots of bare floor and pets and spend too much time vac. and mopping, I highly recommend getting the deal I got with the free Roomba. I got it on the iRobot site- it was a GOOD deal of $ ($499) but considering ALL the time I spend doing these tasks, so far it is SO worth it to me! (I also used the Pay Later option with 6 months no interest!!)

      UPDATE Aug. 28, 2007- about 1 month after my original post...just wanted to follow up after the "newness glow" has worn off. Both Scooba and Roomba are still working perfectly. Having spent so much $ on this, I decided that even though I'm pretty sure their statement about ONLY using the Clorox Scooba cleaner solution is part of their exclusive co-branding deal, I didn't want to risk it. I used the 15% off coupon that came with the original order and got a box of 9 big bottles- pretty good price. I am still figuring out the exact range of the virtual walls and have mainly used them to sub-divide the large living room and converted garage area. Overall, I am still 100% pleased with my purchase....more info
    • For the lazy, maybe. For the super busy, OH YEAH!
      Product for the lazy? Maybe. Product for the super busy..OH YEAH! One person claimed that this product is purchased to cater to laziness. Uh, I beg to differ! I work 8 hours a day, take care of my 98 year old grandmother, 4 year old daughter, husband, 2 dogs, do all the cooking, cleaning, gardening, and home maintenance. If I can save an hour or two not vacuuming and mopping I'm happy. Lazy no, busy yes! With that being said, I LOVE Scooba and Roomba!

      I always read the reviews before I buy a product. When you read that many mixed reviews you have to believe that some of the people are committing operator failure, some are misunderstanding the true function/design of the product, and a few just got a true lemon.

      I'm a habitual cleaner. Two hairy dogs, a four year old and allergies! Needless to say I vacuum and mop every day. I'd seen Roomba for years but when they came out with Scooba I started doing my research. I took the plunge and bought a Roomba and a Scooba.

      Love, love, love, both. But Scooba is awesome! A true time saver. We have a 200 square foot kitchen with vinyl flooring and it does a great job. It does leave some moisture on the floor, but not enough to complain about. It leaves no more moisture than a regular mop.

      As for the complaints about noise. Yes, it produces noise. Duh, it has a motor. How many motors do you see that don't produce noise? Does it interfere with television watching or phone useage? NO.

      Complaints about start box came with instructions and a bulb syringe to use to prime the the pump. Maybe older products that have been sitting on the store shelf don't have those instructions. The instructions were simple. READ THEM first. Don't freak out if the thing travels in a circle every now and's supposed to do that.

      Maintenance...rinse out the tank, rinse out 2 small parts, clean the lint trap and you are done. 2 minutes. What's the big deal. It takes longer to rinse out your mop and wash out the bucket.

      For a large floor you will have to refill, but for 200 to 300 square feet you'll be good with one fill up.

      Saves so much time I actually had time to sit down and write this review while Scooba is cleaning my floor.

      I can't vouch for longevity since I've only had it a short time but so far so good.

      Still not sure?....Get it locally then you can easily return it if you don't love it.

      ...more info
    • FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!
      WOW. This product is FANTASTIC. I don't understand the negative reviews. Maybe those folks like to clean their floors by hand.

      This little gem cleans our floors BEAUTIFULLY. We have two cats and a golden retriever. The dog sheds a good bit - I don't even sweep any longer. I just put 2 ounces of cleaner in the Scooba and fill with warm water - and let it go! It leaves my floors sparkling and surprisingly dry. Picks up the dog hair, the sandy dirt he tracks in, and the bits of cat litter our kitties walk away from the box with. I could not be happier!

      The first time out of the box, it has to be primed. This IS in the instructions - there is a quick start guide with terrific pictures and instructions. You put a suction bulb (comes with the unit) over a valve and squeeze. If the unit isn't used for a while and doesn't work, you'll need to prime it again. This hasn't happened to me yet.

      Cleaning the machine is a breeze. It's brilliantly engineered to be very user-friendly. The parts are well-labeled, for replacement. There are only three parts to clean and they are VERY easy to remove, rinse, and replace. A lot of thought went into this machine.

      We use it almost daily. We come home from work, turn it on, and let it clean our floor while we relax and read the paper. We refill it once to cover the house. We enjoy our squeaky clean floors - and we LOVE our Scooba!...more info
    • Good idea, poor execution
      For one 13x24 room, the tank would be full of dirty water about halfway through, and it would have to start over. Then, it would have to start its cycle all over. Cleaning two rooms would take five hours. Would NOT recommend this product. ...more info
    • leave too much water in floor
      It leave too much water in floor and I have to dry it up with towel. ...more info
    • Scooba keeps my floors sparkling clean! :)
      I've had a Roomba Vacuum for years and absolutely love it so I decided to take the plunge and get a scooba for my kitchen floor. I was using one of those disposable wet jet mop pad things and found them useless because the pad gets dirty in about 30 seconds and you end up just pushing the dirt around your floor. The thing I really like about Scooba is that only clean solution goes on your floor and after being scrubbed by the revolving brush, gets sucked up into a separate tank. Trust me when I tell you you'll be amazed when you empty the dirty tank and black water comes out. I can honestly say my floors have never been cleaner with scooba. Clean up only takes about 5 minutes and consists of rinsing the clean & dirty tanks and a few parts under water. Highly recommended and a lifesaver!...more info
    • Turkey Baster Needed?? DIdn't work, tech sup not helpful -
      Bad experience. The unit would not dispense washing fluid. Called Tech support. Tech Support is not open past 5 PM on west coast. Called on weekend. Tech support said I needed to clean the unit using a TURKEY BASTER to blow out a one way valve. I do not have turkey baster. I wanted a replacement from IRobot, but would have to pay shipping costs myself. I tried to get a GMA from IROBOT - No luck. Irobot email would not work as they wanted. Returned back to Amazon. (Amazon does fine.) Irobot now has sent me a non requested replacement without battery & charger. Now trying to contact Irobot to return, but the tech support group is not open on weekends. -- I can understand a quality problem occasionally, but their support and NEEDING A TURKEY BASTER TO FIX A VACUUM IS COMICALLY ABSURD. ...more info
    • Clean White Floors
      I am 67 years old and have health problems that make mopping a REAL problem. The scooba is a dream come true for me. My floors have not been this clean in a long time. The advertisement is absolutely true in that it does not move dirty water from place to place, but cleans it as it goes. It takes me less than 5 minutes to clean and put it back on the charger. How easy is that? If mopping is a problem for you, this is the cleaner for you. The cost of scooba is a lot in the beginning, but looking at clean white ceramic floors is worth the money....more info
    • Worth every penny . . . .
      This cleaner does a great job at moderate cleaning. If you wait until your floors have lots of dried crud on them, maybe it won't get it all up. But, the convenience of turning this thing on before you go to bed means that you shouldn't put off cleaning that long. ...more info
    • not worth the money
      I bought this at the same time I bought the Roomba. While it works better than the Roomba (which I gave 1 star), it still has too many problems. I think the main reason people buy the Roomba and Scooba is to cater to their laziness and/or lack of time. (For me, both!) Unfortunately, by the time you charge the Scooba, clean it, fill it with this many parts solution and that many parts water, lock it into place, (etc., etc.), you could have mopped the floor yourself and still had time to prepare a 5 course meal. Way too complicated and doesn't clean well enough to make it worth the effort....more info
    • Decent product, could be better
      I hate to sweep and mop so I figured that the Scooba would be a great product for me. The fact that I can use white vinegar instead of the branded cleaning solution is definitely a plus. The only problem with the Scooba is that it does not get into corners or small spaces....more info
    • Add me to the list of fans
      I own two Roombas but I was skeptical about the Scooba. I figured it would be a lot of hassle, kind of like those rental carpet cleaners--with the tanks and all. But, after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try.

      WOW! This thing really works! I've run it with both the Chlorx solution and vinegar. Each works well. I could not be more pleased.

      Buyers should be aware that it may not work right out of the box. You have to 'prime the pump' prior to the first use. This is not covered in the manual. I had to go to the company's website to find instructions for this process. But, you only have to do it once

      Now, my floors sparkle while I do other things!...more info
    • My tile floor has never been so clean
      This is a great tool and dispite being a clean freak to my surpriseI found dirty water in the waste water tank after multiple floor cleanings. My floors seem to stay cleaner longer and scooba is fun to use. I even got great results using plain waterin place of the cleaning solution. And a bonus with 5800 over the 5900 model is this machine can be used with white vinegar or as I mentioned already plain water. The 5900 wants to see either the cleaning agent or vinegar. I enjoy this robot as much as my roomba....more info
    • Robotics in its Infancy
      Robotics are predicted to take over most household tasks in the future. But, at this point, we are still in the first generation of practical robots, and they aren't perfect by any means. We have two short-haired dogs that shed like crazy, so we use a Roomba and Scooba to keep the hair down to acceptable levels. They both clean while we are at work. Neither replaces a thorough manual cleaning. But, it is SO wonderful to come home at night after a rough day and not have to vacuum or mop to live in a fairly clean house. These are good for special situations, but are not replacements for manual cleaning....more info
    • Best $250.00 I have ever spent!!!
      I had wanted this product for a long time and was finally determined to get it when my sister-in-law told me how great it worked for her. I dropped hints, both subtle and not-so-subtle, to my husband and after about a year and a half, the scooba arrived on Mother's Day, 2007. I could not be happier with this little guy. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old and this makes my life so much easier. For those of you that have kids, you know how gross the kitchen floor can get (dropped popsicles, spilled juice, kids running in and out from the pool) and with the Scooba, I have a clean floor every morning. It's great. It won't get corners, but that seems insignificant once you see what it will get. Taking a minute to finish up the corners, yourself, is no big deal. I highly recommend this product to anyone who likes to have a clean house, but just doesn't have that extra time on most days. This product definately serves it's purpose above and beyond my expectations. I LOVE IT!!...more info
    • Pat
      I am very happy with my Scooba. Before it just killed me to mop, now I just sat in a chair and watch it work. ...more info
    • Could not keep the house clean without I robot
      I am disabled and have three large dogs. Keeping the floors clean is a challenge. Not keeping them clean is....yuck. I run the GREEN dog romba every day and scooba a room each day. They do a great job and I save energy for other things. I use the scooba on my wood floors with a oil-free wood floor cleaner recommended by the installer. I did have trouble getting the scooba started. But customer service walked me through the start up and I was on my way!

      P.S. Do not expect a perfect job, DO expect a good job....more info
    • I love irobot
      After roomba's excellent job, I couldn't wait to try scooba. I love scooba too, it made my kitchen floor shine and clean. Finally, I am out of the mopping job I hate most....more info
    • 5 Stars for Scooba
      I live in Las Vegas where the majority of our floors are tile and there is dust everywhere all the time. Scooba does a wonderful job on our tile floors. Scooba does often try to stray over onto the carpet that I find annoying because he gets stuck and leaves tire marks on the edge of my carpets. Other than that I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who hates sweeping and mopping as much as I do. ...more info
    • pergo floors!!
      Has anyone used scooba on pergo flooring? my flooring leaves wet marks with a mop.
      i would love to buy a scooba,im not sure if i should....more info
    • Love it!
      I bought this product one month after getting a Roomba for Christmas 2006. I love not mopping the floors with a Swiffer any longer.

      I had no problems whatsoever getting my Scooba to work. I just read the directions and it worked fine. We have an older linoleum floor and it's white. It gets every inch clean, except for the corners. I'm not complaining about cleaning the corners, why would I when the bulk of the work is done for me.

      I would buy this as a gift for anyone....more info
    • Scooba Review
      As a happy owner of a roomba I bought a scooba - about half of my home is tiled and the scooba seemed just right. I use the roomba on the wood floors and the scooba on the tile. Basically everything has worked out pretty well.

      The scooba gave me a bit of a hard time out of the box - it was reluctant to go to work. I kept getting a "check tank" light every time I went to fire her up the first time. I worked through the troubleshooting procedures in the manual, and after a few half starts, it kicked into gear, did a good job, and has not given us any further trouble. So first recommendation is if you run into a problem keep working through the procedures described in the manual multiple times before you throw in the towel and call tech support.

      As far as a cleaning bot - it works quite well. I am very happy with how it has done the tile. I would not recommend using this guy on regular wood flooring or parquet. It lays down a fair amount of liquid as it cleans - I can't imagine I would want that much moisture delivered to a wood surface. Get a roomba for your wood! But for anything you are willing to wet mop, the scooba I think will deliver as promised. I usually set it up when I'm leaving the house for work, and when I return home the floors are clean! Nice!...more info
    • Don't be tempted by the novelty...
      Like many others here, the unit did NOT work right out of the box! The Check Tank button repeatedly lit, despite following all the "tips" for addressing the problem. Finally sat on the floor next to it, hitting Power, Power, Clean everytime the check tank button lit. After 20-30 button hit cycles, it finally started up. Lets see, its 11 pm now, it started cleaning 2 hours ago. I figure by morning the kitchen, (less than 100 sq feet!) might finally be cleaned! If I had gotten off my backside, I could have swept and mopped the kitchen, and vacuumed and shampooed the living room carpet! Steer clear of this useless "toy."...more info
    • Just okay
      My husband bought me Roomba and Scooba for Christmas this past year. At first, they were both amusing and amazing. We have stopped using Roomba. We have all hardwood floors with tile in the bathrooms. Roomba has seriously damaged our wood floors. I think that it gets something stuck on the rubber wheels and drags it along. Scooba is nice, but the floors are no where near dry when it's done. It's good for laziness, which I am, but I think for now I'll just stick with my regular cleaning routine....more info
    • Wow. Scooba is great
      What a great tool. We live in a house with seven dogs so we do a lot of floor cleaning. Scooba makes it so easy it's almost like not having to do the floors at all. It would be nice if the unit came with a remote or it sensed when it was going to need service, which usually happens when it is on the other side of the room. Then you either have to wait for the floors to dry or leave foot prints on them to get the scooba. Other thsn that its really works great. I highly recommend it. ...more info
    • A great product - and a big help for the elderly
      We have both the Roomba and Scooba and are very pleased with both. Each has its limitations, but what doesn't?

      I purchased the Roomba over a year ago for an elderly friend who has back problems. We didn't expect it to equal more powerful vacuums, and it doesn't; but it does do a much better job than we anticipated. Since it is easy to use, he runs it more often that he could vacuum, so the net result is good. A couple of caveats: the small bagless bin and filter do need to be cleaned often (which is not hard) and, although it will pick up pet hair, hair tends to jam the rollers. (If you get a red status light that is not explained in the manual, look for hair wrapped around the ends of the two rollers -- voice of experience!)

      I expected the Scooba to leave dirty water on the floor, but it cleaned beautifully because of the separate tanks for clean and dirty water--which is more than my mop offers. You don't necessarily have to sweep before using it if the particles on the floor are not too large; it is designed to pick those up. It cleans quite closely along straight edges, but of course, being round, it doesn't do corners. I do recommend the special cleaner; it does an excellent job and is concentrated. Be sure to empty and rinse the tanks after use; we failed once and ended up with slime in the tank - more voice of experience!

      These products work best on uncluttered floors, but they have been amusingly clever while navigating tighter spaces.

      Both products make a useful contribution to housekeeping tasks. They are a godsend to people dealing with time restraints or physical limitations.
      ...more info
    • Worst Product I Ever Bought
      I have owned a Roomba for several years, and have been very pleased with its performance, so I was very excited to purchase the Scooba. However, it has been the worst purchase that I ever made. The first one that I received would quit working every time it bumped into furniture or the wall. iRobt did send a replacement, but it only works about half of the time. The other half of the time, it does not vacuum up the dirty water, so it leaves the floor dirtier than before I "cleaned" it. I have contacted iRobot for help, but none of their suggestions have worked. Honestly, I would throw it in the trash if it did not cost so much....more info
    • Wow who knew it could work this well...
      I bought this yesterday, charged it all night and had a test run this morning... WOW!! My husband and I watched (in awe) as it went through it's entire cycle. It did fabulous. We have three kids and two Great Danes and, right now in Indiana, lots of mud and dirt being tracked in. We have cream porcelain tile in our kitcen and it always looks dirty. This Scooba did as good a job as when we mop ourselves. Of course you may have to do some touch ups every now and then around the edges and in tight corners... but it did great. Part of the secret is that it is always cleaning with clean water and "scooba" solution. We were very impressed with the battery life also.

      Don't forget to prime the pump when you get it (before the first use). I read this tip in one of the AMAZON reviews and it also had a reminder in the box. Believe it or not I still forgot (I was so excited to get it going). I will not work if you don't do this the first time. (light bulb moment) I remembered that I was supposed to prime the pump (instructions in box for this) and it worked beautifully.

      Plan to stay out of the room for awhile so the floors can dry when it's finished.

      This is one of those purchases that you stand back and say WOW this was totally worth it!!

      ...more info
    • Amazing
      I bought a Scooba after I purchased my Roomba. They both work so well together that not only is my house cleaner but my asthma has went down as well. The Scooba is nothing less than amazing, my wife and I have a concrete kitchen floor and hardwood in the rest of the house. We let the Scooba go non-stop for several days between charging and now that the entire house is clean we run it every 3 days. :) Hands down awesome. ...more info
    • multi tasking
      I received my scooba and really love the fact that I can be cleaning my floors really well and doing other things at the same time. Dont think I've ever liked a gadget this much....more info
    • Unbelievably wonderful.
      After using my Roomba for a year and loving it, I decided to splurge and buy Scooba. Wow! I think I love it even more than my Roomba! I turn it loose in my large kitchen every couple days and go upstairs and forget about it. When I return, I have a gorgeous, shiny, clean-smelling floor. Once a week, I wrap a damp washcloth around my Swiffer mop and go around the edges or my kitchen and deep in the corners--but the rest of the floor is spotless and shiny ALL THE TIME. Scooba is a miracle.

      I did have a little bit of fussing with it right out of the box. I had to prime the pump to get it going. My only suggestion to iRobot is to go ahead and include the instructions on priming Scooba in the box instead of making people go to the iRobot website to troubleshoot. Obviously, from reading the reviews, you ought to expect that the customer will have that problem. Fortunately, that's the ONLY trouble I've ever had with it! I've never had to prime again and it works flawlessly. I'm very impressed with Scooba!...more info
    • Should work right out of the box ... but don't hold your breath
      I ordered the Scooba thinking that this would be a great Christmas gimmick for the family. What's better than a toy that mops floors? Trouble is, the unit did not function ... would not spray the cleaning solution after about 3 feet of travel. I called iRobot Customer Service and they had me squirting water into valves and passageways trying to flush out the system. No luck. I visited a Scooba internet discussion forum board and read all the posts, and discovered that I was not alone. It would seem that a pretty high percentage of machines do not function right out of the box.

      Being unable to get the machine to work, I paid to send the unit back to iRobot, and they sent a new one. THE NEW UNIT DID NOT PERFORM EITHER. Again, called iRobot Customer Service and they had me squirting water into valves and passages, cleaning this, adjusting that ... all to no avail. This time iRobot emailed me a UPS shipping label to send the unit back. I made sure that the customer service agent understood that I expected to receive a functional unit this time. It must work right out of the box. No excuses.

      The THIRD machine arrived at it too did not function properly. It would dry up after about 3-6 feet of travel. I visited the web discussion forum again and did A LOT of reading. I have performed many checks and flushes with this unit, finally discovering that the clean water tank does not vent properly (forms a vacuum after a little water is pumped out) and no cleaning solution will flow. Today I left the clean tank filler cap off when I started the machine and it seems to be working just fine.

      When it works, it works great.

      My issue is why should I have to engineer workaround solutions for this machine's shortcomings? IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK THAT A $300 MACHINE FUNCTION PROPERLY STRIAGHT OUT OF THE BOX? I don't have to do carbureator adjustments on my new car. I didn't have to engineer repairs on my new central vacuum system when it was installed. New should mean "perfectly functional", shouldn't it?

      By the way, DON'T ORDER THIS FROM AMAZON. If you get frustrated with the Scooba and want to return the machine, you won't be able to after 30 days. Read the Amazon return policy! My suggestion: order from Hammacher Schlemmer. You'll pay a little more, but they have a lifetime return policy, no questions asked. (So what is "lifetime" for a Scooba? Hammacher gives the Scooba 4-years). Hammacher has been in the mail-order business for many, many years. They have an excellent reputation....more info
    • not happy!
      Bought one and did not work, returned for another and also did not worked.
      I called for assistance and tried and tried but ended returning it. I also bought one for my daugther for Crhistmas and told her not to even open the box and try it, so returned too. Amazon had credit me for one W. Robotic but still waiting for the credit on the one I bought for my daugther. I bought 2 together and returned them also together. Don't know why I am not getting the credit. Bad experience... ...more info
    • Broke in a few weeks
      I wanted this to work, since I have a house full of unglazed, porous, beige ceramic tile floors with white grout (no, it wasn't my idea). It would be a full-time job just trying to stay ahead of the ground-in dirt that rapidly shows up. And the Scooba did work, at least on the superficial dirt, the first time I used it. Unfortunately, it failed on two counts: it couldn't get out the ground-in dirt; and it broke within a few weeks. To be fair, not much else--short of getting down on my hands and knees and attacking the floor with a scrub brush--gets up the dirt either. But the clincher is that after only a few uses, the Scooba's cover stuck closed and couldn't be reopened without a big struggle. Then getting it reclosed again proved almost impossible. Add this fight to the normal hassle of dealing with all the fiddly little parts in the device, and it just became unusable. Oh, and when it did work, it tended to leak spots of dirty water and leave occasional black "skid marks" on the floor....more info
    • Scooba Rocks!
      I liked my Roomba, but love my Scooba! Yeah, it's not perfect, but with two little kids and two big dogs, my house is never perfect. There are a couple of places it gets hung up under our kitchen cabinets, and it doesn't get all the way into the corners, but generally it does almost all the hard work. Our house has travertine floors throughout, and it takes a really long time to mop all of them by hand. Now, I just take Scooba from room to room and let it go. With the dogs, I was worried about dog hair clogging it up, and I do have to clean Scooba's brushes fairly often, but it does just fine. (I use Roomba or a dust mop to pick up the big chunks before Scoobaing.) It was a Christmas present to myself, and I love it, as does my (once skeptical) husband.
      ...more info
    • great
      I love the Scooba. It's a little loud but it is very efficient....more info
    • Great once you get it working
      This was EXTREMELY frustrating to get to work properly. Be sure to prime the little valve or else it won't work correctly. I only knew to do that after going to the iRobot site because in the book that comes with it it doesn't mention anything about it. It took a bit of work to get working but now I think it was worth it.

      I have a 13 month old, 2 cats, and a puppy in a house that is entirely wood flooring or tile. This saves so much time and effort leaving me to do other things. It is a bit loud, sounds like a hair dryer is going. Goes over the area several times and I've never had a problem with it not getting things clean. Its amazing what it picks up and you don't even notice is there....more info
    • Beats mopping!
      I despise mopping. I hate it. Too much work - sweeping (and not getting everything), then the mopping, and the waiting for the floor to dry, blah blah blah. So, scooba seemed like a winner, and I ordered it.

      And boy, it is a winner! It's super easy to use, and I don't have to do any work to clean my kitchen floor. Yippee! It does miss some dirt around the edges, under the counters, but it certainly doesn't bother me (that's easy enough to fix with a sponge or damp rag), and it does a good job on the rest of the floor. My mopping days are over! ...more info
    • Good Product - Poor/Incomplete Setup Instructions
      We are happy with the results of the product, but spent days and hours on the phone with Customer Service to get it to work for the first time. Appparently, there is a check valve that needs to be flushed with a turkey baster before the first use or it won't work at all. We were told that they now include the turkey baster and instructions in the new shipped units, but we had a very frustrating experience. Otherwise works great. We have all tile, so not sure how it performs on other surfaces.

      A must in Florida!...more info
    • Truly labor-saving inspiration
      This is a second vote for Scooba's satisfying the 80/20 rule and not doing corners well. It will also clean but not free 3-year old hardened mystery blobs glued to the floor. A Swiffer wet cloth or sponge & plastic putty knife can easily get the stuff Scooba misses. Scooba's parts also have to be cleaned before it's put away. Nevertheless, it is truly a labor saving device and, for the clutter-challenged like me, an inspiration. I get so tired dealing with the clutter that I don't have energy left to mop the floor, which is probably like the retired navy person's. I HAD to sweep before the first run because of the over-sized junk strewn across the floor. That said, Scooba cleans what it does clean better than I do. As it motors across the floor, it vacuums up grit, kitty kibble and the occasional candy wrapper; sprays cleaning tank solution on the floor; scrubs with its rotary brush; and then squeegees the floor fairly dry behind it. It uses only clean water for the "mopping." It wanders seemingly erratically around the kitchen but covers many areas repeatedly, giving time for the cleaning solution to work and the grunge to soften up. It's hysterical watching it circle a table leg to get all the grime. My Scooba dispensed cleaning solution correctly the first time out because I used the little baby syringe (included)to "prime the pump" (per directions). Scooba stopped twice during its 45-minute cycle because the vacuum/lint filter was completely clogged and needed to be rinsed and reinserted. Unfortunately, the error light showed "check tank," so I had to diagnose and fix the real problem (not difficult) myself. The next day I let Scooba loose in the bathroom, crossing my fingers about its fate under the claw-foot tub. Late in the cycle, Scooba complained. Hair clouds, long undisturbed dust and escapee toilet paper had accumulated into a soggy mat under one wheel such that Scooba could no longer move. "Check tank," indeed, but again E-Z to fix. When Scooba finished, the bathroom scale was reflected in the floor. That's why I said Scooba was an inspiration. If all I have to do is keep the kitchen floor free of major junk/gunk, I won't have to pre-vacuum, and I can then run Scooba much more often than I ever tried to mop. You'll find yourself staring at the floor and ignoring the clutter. Four stars for cleaning; five stars for a lot less effort making the place look like normal humans live here....more info
    • Scooba is great, iRobot service STINKS!
      Let me start by saying I have a Roomba and I love it. I've even had some problems with it and iRobot was wonderful about resolving them. (That was last summer, however.) Knowing that, I was thrilled when I received a Scooba for Christmas. I found a couple of glitches, but nothing I couldn't work through - until today.

      I assumed that virtual walls that come with Roomba and Scooba would be compatible. That is not the case. Scooba only recognizes its own virtual wall, so if you have multiple areas to block off, you'll need to get another one or get creative. It's not a big problem, just something to be aware of.

      Second issue is that my kitchen is not overly huge, but it is a decent size and my cupboards jut out in the middle like a peninsula. For whatever reason, I can't get Scooba to do the whole floor in one cycle. It either can't get around the counter or the tank isn't large enough. The error seems to depend on where I start it, so it's likely a combination of both. I don't mind doing it in two cycles, however, so that's not a big deal, just something else to be aware of.

      Overall, I'm happy with the unit. As some reviewers have said, it doesn't get the corners. It certainly does a better job than I would, however, so that doesn't bother me. I'll hit the corners as necessary as I always have.

      It does get footprints and basic dirt off the floor. The first time I used it, I was shocked at how dirty the water was. Especially since I thought my floor was clean.

      As far as using their formula, I don't mind that. It's not that expensive and I use so much less of it than I would any other cleaner if I were mopping myself that I think it will actually be a cost savings in the end.

      If you own a Roomba, you should know that the Scooba is quite a bit louder. I think one reviewer suggested it's like listening to a hair dryer. That's a pretty good description of the noise level. I start mine when I'm leaving the house or if we'll be in the basement watching tv. I definitely can't run it if I'm in the next room because the noise is distracting.

      Here's what I feel is a big deal - iRobot's "customer service" has declined dramatically since last summer. My Scooba stopped working this morning, so I followed the users guide and found the problem is with its vacuum function. The manual says to call iRobot, so I attempted to do that. First, I had to go through a phone tree that seemed to be in an endless cycle asking the same two questions. It took me three separate phone calls and over 6 minutes in the last call just to get to their hold music. Then, I sat on hold for 17 minutes before I got a person. After all that, she couldn't find my registration because I had not done it online so there was no email address to key to. (I registered my Scooba by sending the registration card in the mail in an effort to eliminate SPAM from them. BIG MISTAKE!) After another 7 minutes of searching, she finally asked me what the problem was. As soon as I told her, she said I had to return it because it was defective. Here's the clincher - because they couldn't find my registration, I have to pay the postage to send it back. After 34 minutes on the phone with them (in just this one call), I was not impressed. Fortunately, my husband bought my Scooba at Linens N Things, where they believe in customer service. I called them, brought the Scooba to the store and walked out with a new one in under 10 minutes!

      After reading some of the reviews here and on some other sites, I'm finding that defective units are not uncommon. So, my recommendation is that if you are willing to risk having to return it if it's defective, go ahead and buy one. (There are definitely some perks. I may be annoyed now, but it's better than mopping!) Just make sure you buy it from a store with a customer friendly return policy so you never have to call iRobot. They are not worth the hassle....more info
    • What A USELESS Product!
      I received a Scooba for xmas. Boy was I excited!! We were never able to get it to work (even after calling customer service and trying all their "fixes"). The problem was that the check tank light would never go out and the scooba simply would not move nor wash. So we took it back to the store and got another. Guess what?! The 2nd Scooba had the same problem and after spending literally hours trying to get the thing to work, buying a bulb syringe, and following customer service suggestions, it still doesn't work. Customer service said to mail it back and they would replace it under warrenty. The problem here is that I have to PAY to send it back, to get an expensive item replaced under warrently that has NEVER NOT ONCE worked. What is wrong with this picture? I don't recommend going through the hassel. Definately easier and quicker just to wash the floor myself!!...more info
    • neat little cleaner
      When we opened it and put it together, there was a disappointing couple of hours when we had to wait for the first charge. When we plugged it in, it said "check tank", but there was nothing wrong. After a few searches on the internet and taking the tank on and off, it eventually started working.

      The Good:
      It really works! While rated for about 200 sq. ft., ours does 400-500 feet pretty well. Also: effortless. Spend a few seconds filling it up, a couple of minutes cleaning it out when done, and push a couple of buttons in the middle.

      The "not so" Good:
      Loud - sounds like a hair dryer going around. Requires a little floor prep: sweep first, or get a roomba to get the dust bunnies first. The Scooba WILL catch dirt in a small trap, but it's not that big. It cleans pretty well with the Clorox solution, but does OK with the vinegar suggestion as long as it's not too dirty. Also: it was temperamental out of the box.

      On the whole, don't let the bads out-weigh the goods. Pretty neat device!
      ...more info
    • Great idea, but I received a lemon
      I read all of the Scooba reviews on another site, and one reviewer there said they purchased Scooba knowing there was about a 50% chance their particular robot would be a lemon. This site had a greater percentage of favorable reviews, so I took the chance.

      Unfortunately, our Scooba was a lemon. Even with four highly trained professionals (two engineers, a computer analyst, and a physician), we couldn't get Scooba to perform its basic tasks. It frequently had error messages implying that the full tank was empty, and even when we got it to run, it wouldn't put down cleaning solution. So essentially we received an expensive Roomba.

      The online help site wasn't very helpful (the suggestion for the "empty tank" error message was to "hit the Scooba firmly on its side with the palm of your hand" - as you can imagine, this method failed miserably).

      The most disturbing part (and the reason we returned it instead of exchanging it) was that although our kitchen was within the square footage requirements, it is oddly "E" shaped, and Scooba ignored an entire third of the kitchen.

      We were very disappointed, and for the time being, the antiquated bucket & mop system will have to do. ...more info
    • great product
      Don't know how we lived without it.
      Works well on tile and hardwood floors.

      We bought the roomba after 2 weeks with scooba.
      the two seem to get along well.

      they also entertain our pets.
      ...more info
    • scooba do
      I have had "scooby" for a week and love it. My house is all tile floors and now they gleam! My initial use ...I cleaned and mopped kitchen by hand, then put scooby to work. Water was mud when Sccoby was done cleaning my "clean" kitchen. It does take a long time to charge (But Irobot sells a quick charger). Luckily it uses very little electricity to charge. Easy to use, easy to clean it, and amazingly thorough mop job. Mopping has gone from a chore to a breeze. I also have the Rhoomba so am the queen of multi-tasking - vacuuming one room, mopping another, and online myself! If you have hard floors - you are crazy to mop them yourself. Let Scooba scrub them for you. Also check out the write up in Feb. issue of Home & Garden magazine.

      ...more info
    • Surprisingly good
      I had considered both the carpet cleaning robot and the floor cleaning robot, but after much investigation it seemed that the carpet cleaning robot would be problematic to implement in our house with two kids, as there were reports that it could get hung up on various types of trash and objects on the floor left by our kids, who never clean up, and so it was of dubious use. Also considering the volume of dirt and cat hair, I thought it would be pretty ineffective, and we would have to vacuum anyway.

      On the other hand, the floor washing robot made sense. Whether you use a mop or a robot, you still have to clear and sweep the floor, and so it seemed that the robot might do a better job, as it would go over the floor multiple times and then dry it.

      When I first tried out the robot it wouldn't work, and the check tank light would go on, in spite of the fact that it was full of liquid. After wasting many hours, and looking in the manual and on line, I found out that the fluid line needed to be primed with a turkey baster. After two unsuccessful attempts (the robot would run, but would not put down liquid) I forced the fluid through forcefully and then it worked just fine. I wished that they had simply put in a special instruction for priming a new Scooba. It would have saved me much time and aggravation.

      It did our tile bathroom floors and kitchen floors remarkably well, though it really can't get to the edge or in corners. You can't use it on wood floors that are affected by water, as it leaves a lot of liquid when working. It did not stop on our rug as claimed, and so we had to put up physical barriers in addition to the one invisible wall unit that comes with the robot. I only regret not getting the larger Scooba. I bought one advertised on Amazon for 199$, not realizing that it only did 250 sq ft, which is a little less than our kitchen floor, and adjoining corridors. In any case, it is a surprisingly efficient machine. I will have to see how long it lasts....more info
    • Fantastic Help for a Boring Chore
      With the huge success of the Roomba, iRobot turned its mind to another task. How about washing kitchen and bathroom floors? Here's a chore that should be done weekly - but in many households it barely gets done once a month. What if a little Roomba like robot could handle floor washing chores?

      The Scooba came out with great fanfare in 2006. We bought one quickly, as we are so fond of our Roomba units. It was hard waiting overnight for it to fully charge before we gave it a run through. We carefully filled it up with the right amount of cleaning solution and water, and hit the clean button. It said 'check tank'. We did this a few times, then started hunting on Google for "check tank scooba". Voila - this happens with ALL Scoobas, because you have to prime the tank. It's simple to do - but surely they should have explained this in the manual! Once we primed the tank, it worked PERFECTLY.

      Roomba owners will find that the Scooba seems to move "slowly" - but there's a reason for this. In a single pass it has to lay out the cleaner, scrub, suck it back up again, and dry it a little. It's not like it does one pass to put out the cleaner and then another pass to clean it up. It's all done at one time, on one pass.

      The Scooba uses the same random-movement technique to eventually hit all areas of the floor. The floor isn't 100% perfectly dry when it does a pass - but neither is your floor dry if you use regular mops. You have to wait for it to air dry. We found that this dried more quickly than when we do it by hand - when it finished with one area and moved on to another, the first section was dry in about 5 minutes, so before the Scooba had even finished its full run.

      We were very impressed with how clean it got. My boyfriend walks around barefoot and could notice the difference immediately. It's a round unit, so it can't get into corners, and for a super-baked-on stain it didn't get it all up until a second pass. But heck, the purpose of this thing is to take care of the general cleaning of your floors. You're still going to do certain things manually, like pick up a soup bowl when it spills :) It's just like with the Roomba vaccuum - the fact that my Roomba goes around the carpet every day, picking up all the general stuff, means my carpets look great on a daily basis when I wake up with no work at all on my part. I still do steam clean them once a month or so, to get up the more ground in stuff. But that cuts my chore load WAY down, to have the daily work done.

      Not that we're running the Scooba daily! Once a week seems plenty for a kitchen floor for me. If you're a clean freak and want to do it daily, have at it. We all have different levels of cleanliness we like to maintain.

      The unit takes their cleaner or vinegar, so if you don't feel like buying their cleaner, you have an option. You can't dump just any cleaner into the unit, because most cleaners are meant to be rinsed out with water afterwards. This one is a one step process so it's different - the cleaner goes on and then is sucked up. There's no "rinse" stage. That seems reasonable to me, that you have to buy a cleaner meant to be used in that manner.

      Downsides? Well, the not-get-into-square-corners issue, but to be honest I don't know how you could fix that. If you made a smaller Scooba it wouldn't be able to clean a large area. If you made a square Scooba it would get stuck in spots. I think they did the best they could, and humans still need to do a few detail items to help out. That seems like a fine situation to me, to have a Scooba do most of the work!

      Highly recommended....more info
    • not happy
      purchased this as a gift for my daughter for chrismas. They can not get the thing to work. they have followed all the directions and it still does not work. not happy with this product at all. over prices for something that does not work....more info
    • I'm in love!
      I've had my Scooba for just four days, but have cleaned every non-carpeted floor of my house with it. It cleans very well in the areas it can reach, which are usually about 85% of a room if you move small pieces of furniture and other items out of the way. You still have to wash corners by hand, since Scooba can't reach, but that is easily done with a sponge. The water that came from Scooba's dirty tank was almost black, since I had not mopped for so long (there just isn't a good time to make the floor wet and slippery with 2 small children around). I'm very happy with it, and would highly recommend it. I feel as if it relieves me of the problem of having dirty floors with minimal effort and time on my part - so I can spend my time doing more pleasant things. It is important to clean the brush, hoses, and filter after every use, but this is a small task, and well worth it. My kids also enjoy having a "robot" around. My daughter has named her Lily, and my son shot her with his laser blaster the first time she cleaned our floor. Overall, a winner - I highly recommend it!...more info
    • Scooba Loves Hardwood
      I just got my Scooba for Christmas and love it. Our house is mainly hardwood floors, and with two kids and a dog, there isn't a whole lot of time to scrub the floors. It's got an edge detector so I can let it clean the upstairs hardwood without worrying it's going to tip over the top of the stairs, and it works great on my kid's tiled bathroom floor. I still do a deep cleaning every couple of weeks to get the corners and baseboards, but I use this every couple of days to keep the floors picked up. Scooba does a great job navigating the house and corners, and is easy and fast to use. For busy people or just those that hate mopping (and I'm both of those), Scooba is a great way to keep your floors clean. ...more info
    • Perfect for busy moms or animal owners with Tile floors
      I got this for $240 plus a free roomba when iRobot had a sale for $240 just before Christmas, (also got 9 bottles of cleaner from their website for $24 shipped free) I was amazed. I wanted it because I have a large tiled lanai that my kids (ages, 2,3 & 8) along with a puppy play in during the day, the puppy loves to drag in mud and everything and I was constantly cleaning it everyday because I didn't want my kids playing out there till it was clean. Now I just put roomba out there first (if it's really dusty or dirty), then scooba and in no time it's all of all, I can be doing other things....with 3 kids, there's always so many other things. Only problems I've had is that our lanai is so large that I had to break it up into two parts, but that wasn't major. It dries so much quicker than when I have to mop by hand and clean up is so much easier than with mop, just a rinse here and there and presto it's clean....more info
    • My scooba - oh, how I love thee.......
      I never take the time to write reviews, but I just love my this machine! I have 3 toddlers and a husband who contantly are spilling sticky things on the floor and tracking in dirt. I really hate mopping and have little free time, so I really was hoping this was the answer.
      I had the same probelm as a few mentioned before, the check tank light kept coming on when I first turned it on. I rinsed out the dirty tank, popped it back in and that seemed to do the trick.
      I give the kitchen floor a sweep to get all the cheerios off the floor and turn the scooba on and *viola* A very clean floor. I run it every 2-3 days and each time my floor looks better. My mother says my floor looks like it did when I first bought it! I use the white vinegar and it does a great job. Its not the quietest machine, but I've gotten used to it. It takes @ 45 minutes to run.
      I'd say the scooba does a better job then using a mop, but not quite as good if you got down on your hands and knees with a rag. I can live with that. I got it for $240 when it was on sale, but I would willingly pay the list of $299 for it. ...more info
    • Gotta Love it!
      I wanted this initially just to be able to say there was a robot doing my kitchen floors. Seriously, I am very impressed. I rated it 4 stars because the machine can't do corners (it's round) and it didn't get quite as close to the cabinet edges as I would have liked. I had a little trouble with start-up, had to prime the pump - but once it got going it was wonderful. I think if one did a good cleaning on the floors and then used this machine for daily or weekly maintenance, it is ideal. I hadn't mopped in a while, so this thing had its work cut out for it. Afterward, I took a white flour sack dishtowel, got it wet, then wiped a couple of areas to check and the towel came up clean - so Scooba did the job. The machine was easy to clean, and all the parts came off and went back on as promised. I was amazed and a little ashamed at the gunk it got up.

      Just ordered the Roomba Discovery, we'll see how that goes. ...more info
    • Love this robot, be patient
      When my Scooba 5800 arrived I was thrilled, but a bit skeptical, could it really do the job? (I went with this one so I could clean with vinegar too.)

      It really does a nice job, granted I have to clean up just a bit when it's done (dog hair, water, etc.) but it leaves those floors pretty dry, drier than when I mop! I have used this on my tile and bathroom vinyl and my kitchen with all of the corners. Sometimes it does get caught on the ventilation register or try to run on the carpet, but usually it is "smart" enough to figure out this isn't right and goes in another direction.

      I did have issues with it at first and almost had a fit because it kept beeping and saying "check tank"--I filled it and emptied it, put only water in and tried all kinds of things. Took the brush & filters out, etc. Then I washed the sensor with a damp cloth...Still "beep, beep check tank". It was driving me insane!! (Mind you it was New Year's customer service for 2 days...I couldn't stand it!)

      So---I would suggest after you get the solution in and you've turned on the power, pushing down on the top of the tank and then push clean...keep pressure on until it begins to run. I had to do this a few times after. I don't know if the sensor had an issue or what.

      I have 2 kids under 3, 2 large dogs, and 2 cats---I would highly recommend it at this point. I never thought I could fall in love with a robot, I thought people were a little silly to name theirs, however my 3 year-old named ours, of course after her!

      Hope this helps anyone with an issue!...more info
    • Do you have a water softner???
      If you have a water softner, you may want to only use white vinegar in your scooba or use about 1/2 of the solution the manufacturer recommends. Upon opening my scooba, I followed the directions, turned it on & nothing happened. it didn't work. The "Clean" light and "Check Tank" light were both blinking green. The website & manual had nothing on this problem. After spending an hour on hold, I got through to customer service. They had me flush out the scooba & the line that puts down the solution & we fixed the problem...There was foam in the line that lays down water, & when this happens, the scooba simply won't run. Since I now know this, the scooba 5800 has worked like a charm & is absolutely FABULOUS!!! You can see your reflection in my floors! It the best gift I've ever received!!! It was well worth the call to customer service to get me problem straightened out! I highly recommend the product & recommend that if you buy one & have a problem- Call customer service! In about 5 minutes they can take you through a few steps that will get you on your way to having the cleanest floors you've ever seen! ...more info
    • Love my Scooba!
      Thank you Scooba! I've had my Scooba for about 6 months now (5900 version). It works great. I have tile floor, and nothing ever replaces hands-and-knees scrubbing of the grout, but overall this machine does better than regular mopping. It also cleans much better and leaves less water than my Hoover Floormate. My floors now get done a couple of times a week, which has made them look an awful lot better than they ever did before Scooba. It's great for cleaning up spills too.

      The only down side is the amount of space that the Scooba will clean. I have to do my floors in two runs, but that's ok, it beats me mopping. Also, it doesn't get the edges or the corners well. I run Roomba first if the floor needs to be swept, then let Scooba rip. My husband loves it too. What a time saver! Roomba and Scooba have improved my life and my house has never been cleaner....more info
    • Doesn't Work.
      I just returned this to Amazon. My husband and I tried to get it to work right. It worked once. The second time, the light came on and it never worked after that. Definitely not worth $200.00. (what we paid after promotions)....more info
    • I give it a C+
      I think that this is a fantastic little device. I would keep it and use it expect it would only be good for one room in my house. The problem is that it really gets hung up on rugs and while it tries to get off the rugs it displaces an excessive amount of water around the rug leaving a real mess. Since my entire house is hardwoods with rugs (except the tiled bathrooms which I am skeptical it will work on at all) this does not work for me. However, I think that it did a very good job in the kitchen which has a lot of difficult angles to clean. I just took the chairs out the kitchen and let it go......more info
    • You don't have to buy the cleaning solution!
      I really like this... it does sometimes leave more water than I like, but I can live with that!

      I like that you can charge it intact - without removing the battery. It does get "stuck" more often than the roomba, but maybe it's more sensitive purposely because of the water factor.

      I've called customer service a couple of times - they are awesome!!

      You don't "have" to use only the scooba solution - you can also check your manual for the vinegar/water ratio - it works just as well as the solution. The solution was hard to find! ...more info
    • Very pleased with robot and customer service
      I was impressed with the ease in which the Scooba operates. Every part is clearly marked on the machine and the directions are uncomplicated. The first time I used my Scooba, it started out working fine. But then the "Check Tank" light came on without any apparent reason. I opened and closed the tank, making sure it was securely locked and it started right up again. I left the room and, when I returned after the cycle was completed, the floor was VERY wet. When I emptied the dirty tank, there was barely any water in it! It was obvious that the vaccum system that squeeges the floor and sucks the dirty water back into the machine wasn't working properly. I called Customer Service and they were very helpful and immediately sent out a replacement part at no charge to me.

      Actually, it turned out that the machine was working fine. When I opened and closed the tank, the vaccum portal had some water around the opening and didn't seal properly when the machine started up again, making it impossible for the machine to create enough suction. I recommend that anyone having this problem wipe the vaccum opening free of any water or debris and close the tank carefully to assure a proper seal.

      I've owned my Scooba for a couple of weeks and have used it several times since without any problem. It gets the floor much cleaner than I would myself and I love knowing its cleaning my dirty kitchen floor while I'm taking care of business elsewhere. After the cycle is completed, I take an old towel and, using the moisture left on the floor after the cleaning cycle, mop the corners with my foot. It's quick and easy! It goes under my baker's shelf without any problem and cleans the dog's feeding area beautifully. One rainy morning, the dog left muddy footprints all over the kitchen floor so I put my Scooba to the test and it passed with flying colors!

      I think I'm in love! Prior to getting my Scooba, I paid my teenage daughter to do the mopping and other house cleaning for her allowance. Believe me, I'd much rather be the employer of "Scooba," my personal and pleasant Merry Maid! She does a MUCH better job and she doesn't grumble and complain when I request that the floor be mopped. Scooba hums instead of whistles while she works, which is music to my ears! (I'm giving my daughter her notice this week.)...more info
    • Very Disappointing Purchase
      We bought Scooba filled with high hopes . . . my sister and her husband own a Roomba, and have always said great things about it.

      Our experience with our Scooba was filled with disappointment. I was at first very excited about the simplicity of the directions. We got it charged up, emptied our living room of furniture, filled up the tank, and started it up. At first, it refused to start altogether. We followed the troubleshooting guide in the manual and on the website (not incredibly detailed), and got it to start a cleaning cycle. However, it would not put down any cleaning fluid. It finished the entire cleaning cycle with a full clean tank. I followed the troubleshooting instructions on the website for that . . . nothing. I e-mailed iRobot after following all of the website steps, just as the website instructs.

      It's been over three weeks, and I've heard nothing from iRobot about my issue, and despite having gone through the entire set of troubleshooting directions three times, I'm still stuck with a non-functioning Scooba. I've had my fill, and I'm returning it today.

      Buyer beware....more info
    • Absolutely Worth the Money
      I have two children (1 and 10 year old boys) and three large dogs (great dane, mastiff, and shar pei), needless to say keeping floors clean is a struggle. I also happen to have an obsession with clean floors.

      Every floor in my home is hardwood. I run it twice a day (once per level) and now all of my belongings are no longer covered in dog hair and I can walk around in bare feet without feeling yucky. If it only went up and down steps it would be perfect!

      Another bonus side effect is that, when you run it every day, it keeps all that dust and dirt from just floating around your house and clinging to other stuff so I have to clean less often in general.

      I suppose if I got out a bucket, sponge and set of knee pads I could do a better job but really who needs that in thier life? I do suggest moving or stacking things like dining room chairs as the scooba'll get all tangled up in the legs and shut off.

      The only annoying thing was, when I firtst tried to start it up I kept getting the check tank warning for no apparent reason. However, a quick search on the irobot site gave me a solution to the problem. (you have to use a turky baster to force water through the pump to get it going)

      This is the best $300 I ever spent. ...more info
    • Not bad on my linoleum & hardwood floors.
      It meets the 80/20 rule. It does 80% of the work that you would do if you did a thorough, good clean yourself. However, I usually don't do a thorough good clean myself on mopping floors since I left the navy.

      obviously, make sure that your floor is swept before starting Scooba. (I use my Roomba since I am doubly lazy..) Scooba won't get into the corners, but neither do I when I mop.

      The point is.. I don't like mopping. Neither does my wife. The hardwood floors never get mopped. I have a dog & 2 cats. Thus, the kitchen floor always looks like &*$(#! most of the time. Now it doesn't. It looks great. I'd suggest it for people that hate mopping & just want someone (or thing) to do it..

      The first time I had scooba clean, it ran, but no water came out, and ittold me to check the tank, so i fiddled with it (pulled it apart & put it together again) and it worked. perhaps I didn't put the little rubber tube in right or didn't snap things together right the first time.

      It works great on mud, dried food & dried spills. It missed some hardened, caked on gunk that would take a bit of scrubbing with a brush, or, scrubby part of your mop, but I didn't expect it to get those. In my case, it got up things like hardened jelly & stuff, but whatever the trash can has been grinding into the floor for the last couple years, it couldn't get up.

      When you are done with Scooba, you do have to empty it out, give the tank a rinse, and clean the brush & a removable tube, to me though, thats easier than cleaning a mop. Though some people don't clean their mops, I would strongly suggest it with scooba.

      You also need to buy their special cleaner, which to me, isn't that bad, since if you didn't use it, you'd be using another cleaner anyway. Scooba is quite efficient, as well. it uses 1/8? cup of cleaner and a quart or so of water on my floor (200 Sq. ft). If I were mopping, I'd be using more of both. I tried vinegar, which did pretty good, but the clorox appears to work better. I bet if you used Scooba more often, then vinegar would be fine.

      The best time to use Scooba, in my opinion, is right before leaving in the morning, watching the TV downstairs, or going to bed (provided that 45 minutes of hair dryer sounding noise in another room doesn't bother you). That way the floor is dry when I come back to it. Some people have complained that it leaves the floor too wet after a mopping, but, to me, it appears the same as after when I mop myself.

      so, in summary, if you just want the floor mopped. get Scooba. If you a perfectionist, its not for you....more info
    • No good for irregular tile floors
      We are big fans of Roomba--we use it all the time.

      Waited for Scooba 1.1 to come out--the 5800, that is. Got one a couple of days ago.

      We have Mexican clay tile floors as well as hardwood floors. Lots of floors to clean--where we live in Carnegie, PA (outside Pittsburgh) is in a house built as her home and architect's studio by one of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin students, Lorene Lamar Shannon. We got it in an estate sale and are slowly renovating.

      The Mexican clay tiles are about 9" square, and there is about 1/2" of grout between them. They vary in thickness, and some are a bit higher than others.

      Scooba gets stuck on any vertical offset between tiles of more than about 1/8-3/16"--most of the time it will stay stuck for about 20 seconds and then get itself off. There are a few places where the vertical offset across the grout is almost 1/4" and Scooba simply can't get past such an obstacle. Where there are bigger bumps, Scooba will get stuck and not be able to get off; usually it give up and says "I'm stuck" but I timed it sitting in the same place for 4 minutes; I guess it thought it was still moving forward. I tried putting some weight on the back of Scooba to give it better traction, but that made things worse, it's more of a clearance problem than a traction problem.

      In other words, it won't clean my tile floors. I called iRobot to see if they had any suggestions, but they really didn't; they said to try working with it some more (did), but I will be returning it.

      Scooba is expensive but worth it if it actually worked; but I don't think we'll be paying $20,000 to redo all our clay tile floors just so Scooba can scrub them.

      Maybe version 1.2 will scrub my floors; when it isn't stuck, it does a great job....more info