Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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Product Description

Braun Oral-B Advance Power 950TX Bright, Basic Rechargeable Power Tooth Brush, Ultra Speed Oscillating Brushing Action, Unique Cup Shaped, Soft, End Rounded Oral B Brush Head, Lasts 1 Week Between Charges, Recommended By More Dentists Worldwide Than Any Other Brand of Power Toothbrush.

  • Healthier gums - over 60% gingivitis reduction
  • Pulsating signal after two minutes recommended brushing time
  • Rechargeable battery will last approximately 20 minutes or 5 days of brushing
  • Limited 2 year warranty
  • Gets hard-to-reach areas

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it! My teeth feel so clean!
    I love this tooth brush. My dentist told my I was brushing too hard manually and cutting grooves in my enamel. With this unit I don't need to use as much pressure to feel clean. I can't wait until my next check up to see how I am doing. I like the 2 min timer.

    PA Biker...more info
  • Made me have faith in some companies again
    This product has restored my faith that some companies are ethical. They know how to make excellent products at descent prices. This product has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. When I use it I actually feel like I just left the dentist office. I have noticed that my teeth are noticeably whiter and more healthy after using the product and I frequently hit the 2 minute timer because this product is addictive and fun to use. I have used Sonic tooth brushes before this and have found their electric tooth brushes to be utterly useless. I even ended up throwing away my $129 sonic tooth brush. This brush not only cleans well, it can be easily cleaned, and can be easily upgraded with different attachments. I am anxious to try the floss head soon as I hear it is also well rated and does the job it is supposed to.

    I highly recommend this product. As stupid as this sounds... thanks Oral B. ...more info
  • Great toothbrush
    This toothbrush is just as good as the Sonicare one it is replacing, and for a lot less money! ...more info
  • Oral B Vitality D12513 Precision Clean Power Toothbrush Review
    I bought these for my grandchildren ages 6 and 9. They love them because they make their teeth feel so much cleaner. Mom and Dad like them because they're convinced that their teeth are cleaner and healthier. So Mom and Dad went out and bought their own.Oral B Vitality D12513 Precision Clean Power Toothbrush...more info
  • Works fine.
    Works fine but could be a little slower. Rattles your teeth if you aren't careful. Would buy again....more info
  • Great Product
    Product well worth the cost. Holds a charge for over two weeks. Easy to grip handle. Very quiet....more info
  • Great product
    Great for the price and they do a good job they charge well and they hold their charge a long time. IF you want a good electric tooth brush this one is great. ...more info
  • I don't know, seller canceled the order with no reason
    seller canceled order with no reason. Stay away from shifty 3rd party amazon sellers...more info
  • Nice toothbrush
    Even though he already has a more expensive Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush that he keeps in the medicine cabinet, I bought this inexpensive electric toothbrush for my husband - one that he could keep in the shower (I've always liked having the option to brush my teeth while taking a shower).

    I asked him how he likes this new toothbrush and he says it is really great. In fact, he says he somewhat prefers it to his other rechargeable toothbrush because this one has a really comfortable brushing speed and is easy to hold onto.

    Thus, it is a nice inexpensive rechargeable toothbrush and at this time he would recommend it. However, we haven't had it long enough to determine how well the battery lasts. The other Oral-B that he he's had for years (probably 7-10 years) is still amazingly working well with the original battery; yet that toothbrush was probably over $50 at the time....more info
  • broke down after 12 days but got another that's great
    It worked great until yesterday when, after 12 days of use it wouldn't shut off, and now it won't turn on, it's kaput.

    This is an update, I got a new one that works fine, we are very happy with it now. ...more info
  • Fantastic first electric toothbrush for the money!
    After being scolded by the dentist one-too-many times that I wasn't brushing in circular motions and that I haven't been giving my wisdom teeth enough attention, I recently decided to jump onto the electric toothbrush bandwagon, but at the same time, I had no desire to spend half a truck payment on one with "sonic" cleaning or five-way floss/torture heads. Over the past month, I've found that this Oral-B Vitality, which is actually manufactured by Braun and bears a small Braun logo, cannot be beat for the money! It does just what I need it to, has a nifty compact recharging station with no exposed metal contacts, and my mouth hasn't ever felt cleaner.

    The only two very minor cons that I think people should be aware of are related to battery life and the two-minute timer. It's probably true that the battery will last 20 minutes between charges, but I've found in daily use that if I don't hang it back on the recharging station after every other use, the bristles spin a bit slower than they do when the battery is fully charged. Not a huge deal, but my time is precious in the morning and I want maximum RPMs, so I prefer not to completely empty the battery beyond the manufacturer's recommendation to do so periodically. Also, I can see the two-minute timer being great for those who have a bad habit of not brushing long enough, but I find personally that I typically brush for about 2-1/2 minutes, even if I'm trying to rush, so it would be nice to have a way to turn the two-minute timer off. The timer isn't a light or a beep, but rather the toothbrush "revs" its engine down and back up a few times once two minutes have elapsed, which makes brushing ineffective over the course of those one to two seconds of revving and thus again wastes precious seconds. Again, not a huge deal, but a way to turn it off would be nice. Otherwise, this toothbrush can't be beat!...more info
  • bought 2
    Bought one for my wife....she raved so much about it, I decided to also buy one...good quality product that we both enjoyed....We both wish we would of purchased these years ago.....Amazon price was 25% lower than local stores. also got free shipping by spending more than $25.00 total purchases. Very fast shipping.......more info
  • Great product
    My wife and I love our new toothbrushes. The timer is helpful so you know you have brushed them for the right period of time. Also the brush head is the right size so you can reach every tooth, front and back. My teeth have never felt this clean. Plus I am using less toothpaste....more info
  • Some nice features
    Oral-B products are always good. What makes this one stand out from the pack is the two-minute timer that changes the speed momentarily to let you know that you've been brushing the minimum two minutes. The price is reasonable (although replacement heads don't come cheap). Still, in the war for good dental hygiene this is a formidable weapon....more info
  • Good product
    Does the job well, I can feel a difference in my gums after I use this vs. a regular toothbrush. The one I bought from Amazon.com broke: you have to be careful not to drop the brush or hit the head of the brush on anything. The head of my brush started coming off and eventually came off completely (it fell in the sink once and then it just started getting looser and looser). The good thing was that Oral B sent me a new one, free of charge, after I called them. I'm being more careful with my new one, and so far so good. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    Im very pleased with this toothbrush. Its cheaper, Fast, Very portable, and does the job well. Just put this on your teeth and let it do the work for you. You get that smooth dentist feel on your teeth every time. Buy it. ...more info
  • Toothbrush
    I purchased 2 toothbrushes over a year ago they both are still working great. My husband and I now have better cleanings at our dentist. This brush has a 2 minute timer the recommended time to brush. I have purchased the replacement brushes at Bed Bath & Beyond but the dentist has them for sale also. ...more info
  • Excellent toothbrush for Price
    What a wonderful brush, with spin power! It cleaned better than my 6 yr old Oral B ultra and that was $90 back then so this one I spend $15 (with coupon and special) bought two, one for me and one for my wife. So it was free shipping. What a deal! Thanks Amazon...more info
  • Good for the price.
    For around 15 bucks, this rechargeable brush does a good job. My teeth feel cleaner compared to using a manual brush. I haven't used any of the more expensive ones (those over $100), so can't really say how this compares to those. However, compared to manual brushing, this is easier and more fun to use. So you actually look forward to brushing, which I guess has to be good for your teeth in the long run.

    As for the brush head, I think its small enough that it can reach those wisdom teeth at the back, but its large enough to fully surround a molar. To get a feel for how well it scrubs against my teeth, I gently pressed it against my tongue and I must say it does a much better job than a manual brush.

    The 2-minute timer is helpful, although I go about three minutes to satisfy myself....more info
  • Oral-B Precission Rechargable Tooth brush
    It was a present from me to my husband and he is very pleased with it. ...more info
  • Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Recharfgeable Electric Toothbrush
    Excellent looking product with a wonderful cleansing action from the brush. This is the 3rd Braun toothbrush I have owned over many years and would thoroughly recommend them for reliability....more info
  • Oral-B Vitality Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
    Why on earth did they modify the physical shape of the interface between the brush and the charger from the "standard" fitting on earlier units? Maybe there's a technical reason that is not obvious but the change precludes using earlier charging bases that provide for brush storage. The brush unit itself is fine and I would recommend....more info
  • Better than Sonicare or Interplak
    This is the fourth electric toothbrush I've owned in 7-8 years, and is by far my favorite.

    I did love my Interplak brushes, which came recommended by my dentist as having the best cleaning action, but they were not durable (hence "brushes" and not "brush"). They say the key to getting an Interplak to last is to not use toothpaste, just dip the brush head into some Listerine. Sorry, but for me that wasn't a satisfying brushing experience.

    After two Interplaks died, I moved on to Sonicare. That brush is more durable. My husband is still using it. But when I went to the dentist and told the hygienist who cleaned my teeth that I used a Sonicare, she said that must be the reason my gums were bleeding. In fact, she said pretty much every patient she sees that has bleeding gums is using a Sonicare. I don't think she means that no one can clean their teeth successfully with that brand of brush, but apparently it fails a lot of people.

    I did find the Sonicare to be a very tough toothbrush to use because of what I'll call "the splatter factor." I couldn't brush some areas of my mouth very thoroughly without spraying toothpaste everywhere. I can't count the number of times I had to change my shirt after brushing in the morning. Because it was difficult to maneuver, I probably didn't brush my gums the way I should have.

    So, my dentist recommended a Braun / Oral B brush. Initially, they recommended a brush that cost more than $100. It had all kinds of bells and whistles, including a digital display that you could affix to your mirror which would tell you how well you were brushing. I decided to first try the Braun technology with this super-affordable model, partly because of my experience changing brushes over the years, and partly because the Oral B web site claimed the exact same plaque removing power (I think 97 percent) for every single brush they offer, regardless of price.

    This model has absolutely NO bells or whistles. It doesn't even have the standard LED light on the handle to show you when it's recharging. It just has one button that turns it on and off. That's all I need.

    A couple of key differences between the Sonicare and the Oral B brushes:

    1) With this Oral B brush, I can use REAL toothpaste.

    2) The entire brush head rotates, not the individual brushes. For me, this is more comfortable. It also takes the splatter factor down to about zero.

    3) Both brushes have a 2-minute timer, but whereas the Sonicare shuts off after two minutes, this Oral B brush gives a pulsing signal at two minutes and then keeps going. For me personally, this is preferred, because I rarely finish brushing in the two minutes allotted. When I'm done, I hit the power button.

    4) The standard brush head is smaller than some. That is by design -- you brush one tooth at a time rather than sweeping the brush across your teeth -- but some might prefer something with more coverage.

    It's been several months. My gums are healthier and the battery is going strong. I just bought an additional Vitality brush for my preschool-age son, who's finding it very manageable.

    My one real complaint is the same one I have had about every electric toothbrush I've owned, which is that you have to remove the brush head and rinse off the brush mechanism after each use. If you don't, you get a raunchy build-up in that area. I guess there must be something that requires the brushes to be engineered this way, since it's the way all the manufacturers make them. Just be aware of this as you care for your brush.

    BOTTOM LINE: You aren't going to beat the value of this brush. It's outstanding technology at a terrific price (and the Amazon price is $3-5 less than what you'll find at retailers)....more info
  • Why not get it?
    I love this toothbrush. I was skeptical at first since it was really cheap but I must say, I'm VERY impressed with this brush. This is my first electric toothbrush and I love it. I can't stand brushing my teeth the "old fashioned" way anymore lol

    Get it! It's cheap and you won't regret it....more info
  • the periodontist saw a difference!
    I purchased this toothbrush 6 months ago after my first visit to the periodontist, when I was told that some of my pockets had turned into "5"s (I'm fairly young, so this was not a good turn of events). I'd used a sonicare toothbrush in the past (over $100 for the model), and I hadn't noticed a major difference - still got cavities same as ever, so when it died I went back to a manual toothbrush. Anyways, I just had a check-up after 6 months of faithfully using the oral-b electric toothbrush, and my 5's were down to 4's. Not to mention that my teeth feel noticeably cleaner after using this brush, and the 2-minute timer ensures that I do brush for a full 2 minutes (which I never did with a manual toothbrush). I'm a fan....more info
  • Bargain for good Dental Health!
    I ordered an Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Rechargable Electric Toothbrush about a year ago and liked it so much I purchased another recently (along with some replacement heads) as a wedding gift. This is what I had previously been giving (except the price of the others were between $50 - $60)as wedding gifts. Now that my husband has retired we've had to become a bit more 'budgety' with money and this fits right in our price range. ...more info
  • Affordable pirce with quality
    It's exactly what I wanted with the right price. No fancy feature but good enough. ...more info
  • Works like a charm & price is right!
    Was going to spend more on another brand but decided to give Oral B a try. Just the right size, battery holds adequate charge, timer works great, makes my mouth and teeth look & feel spectacular! The handle is small but works for me since I have small hands. Gets in all the nooks and crannies no problem. Also works in the shower. I love brushing my teeth now. Add flossing and a mouth rinse & your dental checkups will shine! Can buy 5 more and still come out ahead. Thanks Oral B!!...more info
  • Great price!
    I've been using Oral B tooth brush for more than 5 years. Of course, I've tried sonicare and other electric tooth brush; however, I like oral b more.

    For the price of $20/each at walmart, I replace my older tooth brush with a new one every 6 months or so. This might sound like a waste of money since they are brush heads available; however, 1) brush head is $7.50 each 2)battery is irreplaceable and weakened greatly after 6 months. Brush head last pretty long, I brush twice a day and about 5-8 minutes each time.

    This model is especially good because of the price, and it also cleans really well. My teeth are squeaky clean & no cavity.

    For $14/each, i'll stock them up! ...more info
  • metal from inner workings gets in toothpaste
    I'm throwing this in the garbage (unfortunately the return window closed already) - must have been made in China, metal taste/gray metal bits exit holes in head and get mixed in with toothpaste. Get a pricey item like Sonicare - doesn't have this issue since parts are made with quality materials. I'll probably be getting a Sonicare now. ...more info
  • This is GREAT!!!
    I purchased this Power Toothbrush because of the great price (others go for $50 - $100+!) and am very very happy with it! It helps get rid of and prevents plaque buildup and it actually makes brushing a lot of fun! And it pulses a few times after 2 minutes (the recomended brushing time) wich I find very convenient. What I also like a lot about this power brush is that it has a variety of different brush heads (my personal favorite - the FlossAction.) These replacement brush heads cost a lot, so I just search eBay and usually find good deals there. Anyway, I have been using the Oral-B Vitality (Precision Clean) Power Toothbrush for over 3 months now and have zero complaints. I am COMPLETELY satisfied with it!!!!...more info
  • Gr8 product, wish it would come in more colors
    its a great product, have bought 4 of them for my entire family. Wish it would come in more color options. ...more info
  • Great product
    Bought this as a replacement for the exact one I have had for 10 years or so. My dental cleanings are a breeze since there is almost no plaque build up. My gums have also improved. Don't need all the bells and whistles of the other models. Bought through Amazon with free shipping. I would recommend this to anyone.
    ...more info
  • Gets the job done.
    My dentist recommended an electric toothbrush, but the one he recommended cost $100, so I didn't buy one. Then I found this one for $15. Don't waste your money on more expensive models, and don't put off the purchase because of the prohibitive cost. The electric brush does do a much better job, and this one works fine....more info
  • Indistinguishable from more expensive models
    I originally purchased the far more expensive Braun/OralB Triumph toothbrush which is the top of the line model for around $100 from a local store. After taking it home, I realized that most of the advanced features such as the wireless LCD screen were kind of gimmicky. I returned it and based on the reviews here, purchased this Vitality model for around a sixth of the price. After using it, I noticed that there is absolutely no difference in the toothbrush mechanism and I am positive that both this and the much more expensive Triumph model give the exact same results. The only downsides i noticed were that this model lacks a charging indicator and it uses the slightly older NiCad battery tech. Also, if you travel internationally and need a multiple voltage charger, you may want to spring for the more expensive model because this one doesn't have that capability. For me, this wasn't an issue and with the money saved, I could probably stockpile enough replacement brush heads to last me a loooong time. ...more info
  • First time user
    I bought one for myself and one for my 14 year old son. We both love it and the timer is a great thing for both of us, especially him! The toothbrush pulses at the 2-minute time. This toothbrush really makes your teeth feel clean and works great compared to a regular toothbrush. I charge it about every 4-5 days, just to keep it going really fast. My son leaves his on the charger. Both ways are fine so far. we have been using them for three weeks or so. ...more info
  • Better than the expensive one
    I bought this to replace a much more expensive Oral-B model that we lost on a recent vacation. Surprisingly, this one cleans just as well. In fact, its lack of high-tech scrubbing motion is a plus for me; this brush doesn't feel like it's forcuing my jaws apart. If you really need an LCD screen on your toothbrush, spring for the more expensive version, but if you just want clean teeth, save your $80....more info
  • So easy, so good, so inexpensive!
    I've been brushing too hard with my regular toothbrush so my dentist recommended an elctronic one. He said don't buy one with all the bells and whistles as you don't need it. He was right. My wife and I use this toothbrush and we are very happy with it. It has the 2 minute timer which is key and now makes us focus on brushing instead of walking around the house doing two other things... Definitely recommend it....more info
  • Bad design, would not buy again
    While this toothbrush does what it is supposed to do and the 2-minute timer is a nice addition, the design is flawed. It is impossible to brush your teeth with this brush without drooling all over the place. I believe it has to do with the width of the brush attachment. Brushing your teeth with this toothbrush is quite messy, no matter how hard I try, and I would not buy this item again. ...more info
  • Good value
    My previous (dentist prescribed) electric toothbrush failed after about one year use. So, after doing some research, I purchased the Oral B Precision. For the money I didn't expect much. But to my surprise, the Oral B cleans better than the dentist version. I really like the timer feature. I'm very impressed. ...more info
  • Bargain for good Dental Health!
    I ordered an Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Rechargable Electric Toothbrush about a year ago and liked it so much I purchased another recently (along with some replacement heads) as a wedding gift. This is what I had previously been giving (except the price of the others were between $50 - $60)as wedding gifts. Now that my husband has retired we've had to become a bit more 'budgety' with money and this fits right in our price range. ...more info
  • Great product
    My wife and I love our new toothbrushes. The timer is helpful so you know you have brushed them for the right period of time. Also the brush head is the right size so you can reach every tooth, front and back. My teeth have never felt this clean. Plus I am using less toothpaste....more info


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