Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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Oral B Vitality Dual Clean for a healthy mouth that shows in your smile. Cleans and brightens, with a more thorough clean than a manual toothbrush. Helps prevent gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss, and keeps teeth naturally white. The Oral B DualAction Brushheads both move for twice the cleaning action. High speed oscillating - rotating motion combined with an additional side to side motion to sweep plaque away. Replace brushheads every 3 months, when bristles are worn or when color on Indictor bristles has faded half way down the bristles. Oral B, the brand more dentists use themselves worldwide.

  • 7,600 oscillating movements per minute
  • Simultaneous dual brush head movement for twice the cleaning action
  • Interdental tips penetrate hard-to-reach areas
  • Indicator bristles fade to let you know when to replace your brush head
  • Two-minute timer pulsates to signal recommended brushing time. Sustained rechargeable cleaning power - a full charge lasts 5 days. Ergonimic handle and rubberized grip - for comfort and control.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Toothbrush for the price
    I have used my Sonic Care toothbrush for 8 years and cost me $120. So, I got a good deal buying 2 of these oral b brushes for $30 something dollars. Me and my daughter have been using the brushes for a year. I think it is just as good as my very expensive sonic care toothbrush. We use the small round head and it does great. I noticed the new heads for this brush to get down between the teeth and I looked at a display one and it looks cheap and looks like the long rubber pieces that go between your teeth would rip off easily. Really flimsy. I will stay with the small round head. Cleans our teeth great! We will be sticking with this reasonably priced electric toothbrush that works just as good as my old expensive one I bought from my dentist!...more info
  • Great item for the price
    I bought this toothbrush strictly based on price and the written reviews. I didn't not expect much from a sub $20 brush considering that my dentist has been pushing $125+ models on me for 2 years. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. I bought a second set of brushes and my wife is now using it too. The brush head is a bit larger but that is not a problem for me. Besides, you can buy smaller replacements just about anywhere for around $10. I have now been using this for over two months with no problem. Overall, a great item for the price....more info
  • Almost but no cigar
    it appears this brush is another one even Oral B cannot explain why the charge does not hold as long it claims one does But on the upside.keep using and charging it it may eventually perform as expected.same holds true of their Precision.would suggest not buying the replacement heads first as was done until you find something the DOES work as expected....more info
  • Very satisfied.
    Best deal around. Have paid much more for a similar product.
    As advertised....more info
  • Love it
    This is a great toothbrush. I've used a Sonicare and a Crest Spinbrush, and in my opinion both don't compare to this. My teeth and gums have never felt so clean. I ended up buying it for my 13-year-old son on one condition: that he use the toothbrush until the timer on the toothbrush "goes off"- he loves it. Now all of my children want one (which I wouldn't consider if it used batteries). I highly recommend!...more info
  • Excellent product..
    I have been using this product for over 3 weeks now. Everytime I brush, it feels like an after dentist visit.

    It is ready to use out of the box and comes with a charging base, toothbrush handle and one brush head. Getting used to a electric toothbrush took a few days. You just glide this brush and it does it work. The handle feels a littly bulky due to the recharable battery but is comfortable once you get used to it.

    Comfy grip due to the rubber handle.
    Has a 2 minute timer.
    Rechargable, so no more batteries
    Comes under $20

    Expensive replacement heads.

    Over a very good product when compared to similar others in the range of $100....more info
  • Super smooth, clean teeth!
    I wanted one of these electric toothbrushes for ages, but I was just not willing to justify spending upwards of $100. The moment I saw an advertisement for this toothbrush, I went out and got one. I have to say it was everything I expected! After using it for the first time my teeth were left feeling smoother and cleaner than ever. My manual brush just can't compare. I also like that it pulses after 2 minutes to let you know that you have completed your "2-minute" brushing. I highly recommend this toothbrush!...more info
  • Perfect Christmas gift in spite of the cord!
    I know that it's considered un-cool to give your wife a gift that has a power cord. But my wife loves this electric toothbrush.(I feel the same about the one Santa brought me.) They work much better than a manual one (of course) and give that squeaky-clean feeling of just leaving the dentist's office. The two minute timer helps to remind to brush thoroughly. I also bought the 3-pack of head refills. Excellent price on all three items and free shipping!...more info
  • Best toothbrush I've ever owned
    As the review title states, this is truly the best toothbrush I have ever used! For years now I had been purchasing those Crest Spin Brush Pro's and I was growing increasingly tired of having to replace them, whether due to malfunction or just the fact that the battery cover would often refuse to pop off. (Not to mention the fact that you had to replace batteries so often) Finally I decided to invest in an electric toothbrush. I had no idea that you could purchase one at such an affordable price.

    From the moment I tried the Oral B Vitality Dual Clean, I knew that I had found a winner. There is just enough spin on the brush head that your teeth feel "fresh from the dentist" clean but isn't overly harsh causing increased sensitivity or damage to the gums. (Some people have noted that the vibration caused a funny feeling in their head for the first couple of uses but this will subside with regular use and doesn't seem to be harmful) The brush head itself is not too hard and not too soft which is usually what's recommended by dentists nationwide. The charger works great and keeps it functioning at full speed. Typically I put mine back on the charger immediately after use, which I've read helps prolong battery life. I highly recommend this toothbrush to anyone who is on the market for an effective, durable and reliable electric one at a great price. I especially recommend this product to anyone who suffers from arthritis or inflammatory conditions such as Fibromyalgia since using it compared to your traditional toothbrush really takes the strain off of your wrists, shoulders, etc and gives a far superior clean to boot! I hope this review helps you. ...more info
  • A Great Toothbrush!
    I think this toothbrush is not only a bargain, but the best electric toothbrush I have ever used. Long ago, I spent a fortune on a "sonic" type electric toothbrush which was not nearly as effective in cleaning teeth as this one. With the round brush going around, and the square brush going back and forth, you can get into crevices and dental work that the plain round brushes simply can't reach. And it takes up very little real estate on the bathroom counter. I'm really impressed!...more info
  • Spin Brush - Not a Weird, Vibrating Machine
    So I gave into the hype 3 yrs ago and bought a Sonic brush. I hated it which is hard to do since everyone loves them.
    Couple months ago, after giving away my first sonic toothbrush to my daughter, I bought another one. Once again, I hated it . It vibrated against my crowns and made my brain buzz. I sold it on fleabay. Maybe I need medication?
    Then I saw this. I thought, "if this is like those drugstore $5 ones but it's rechargeable I'll try it; the price is great." This is the best toothbrush I've ever used. It feels good, it is not annoying, it doesn't have that high pitched hum and I just love it. ...more info
  • About the charging time...
    I think this is a great tooth brush for the price, but I mainly wanted to comment on the charging time. A lot of other reviews are saying that the charge time is too long or doesn't hold a charge well etc. I took this into account originally... but after I received the tooth brush, I realized the charge time or amount of charge doesn't make any bit of difference! If you simply place the tooth brush on the charger after you are done brushing, you will never have to worry about the amount of charge.

    Overall, I am satisfied with the charger. The only flaw I can think of is the amount of noise it makes (sort of high pitched). It definitely feels like the tooth brush at the dentist. Although probably doesn't rotate/vibrate as fast. Recommended....more info
  • Too big for my mouth
    The battery in my Sonicare only holds one brushing's worth of a charge, so I decided to try an Oral B rather than spend another $100+ on a replacement.
    Having used it twice now... It's just too huge. I can't keep my mouth properly shut while using this, so I drool all over the place. It's a bit annoying.
    I MIGHT see if there are smaller replacement brush heads, but might not. Otherwise it seems okay, but again, since it's so huge it seems like it's not quite able to get the inside surfaces of my teeth. It should be noted that I'm a fully-grown adult male, not some elfish gal with a teeny tiny mouth.
    ...more info
  • fiance' loves it...
    I purchased this for my fiance and she loves it...Not one negative thing about it she said... She stated it feels like she got back from the dentist when she is done using it...I think I want one now.....more info
  • Best and Best-Buy Electric available today
    In spite of the fine reviews, when I ordered it I was skeptical. I'm a believer now. I also am always skittish when I hear of a product that tells you "time to buy more", but I think this one is well done and probably pretty accurate.

    Also the purchase of replacement heads CAN be reasonably priced IF you buy it from amazon rather than a vendor that needs added shipping AND you plan ahead to fit it into another purchase so you get free shipping (or even possible discounts). They are currently priced about $15 for 3 and that seems reasonable. (or you may find them at a "store near you" at retail price which I would expect to be similar).

    *The DUAL CLEAN provides excellent cleaning.
    *For those with small mouths or special needs there are other heads available for whitening, flossing, soft bristle, and single rotating
    *The "buy now" color-change bristle actually seems useful
    *The battery SEEMS to be pretty long-lasting (based on others, I've not had it long enough to judge)
    *reasonably priced and available head replacements
    *the built-in 2 minute timer is also a nice feature
    *the charger is small and functional (though it won't fit in most medicine cabinets.. its too tall). The cord is plenty long.
    *Its easily rinsed

    *The rechargeble battery SHOULD be specially disposed of (think green)
    *The dual head is fairly large.. its fine for me, but for children or small mouths I expect it would be uncomfortable (use a different head style)

    I've examined a number of electric brushes (and have owned a number over the last 30 years) and I believe this to truly be the best on the market to date.
    ...more info
  • Oral B Vitality D12513P Dual Clean Power Toothbrush
    Excellent power and cleaning. Hand grip is nice and doesn't slip if it gets wet. The dual brushes are great and get in every nook and cranny I think....more info
  • Brush head is HUGE
    I bought this brush when my old Sonicare finally died. I thought I would give this one a try, figuring if I didn't like it, it was only $20. Well, I have brushed with it twice now and I don't like it.

    The first and biggest problem is that the Dual Clean brush head feels GIGANTIC in my mouth. I had previously been using the compact brush head for my Sonicare, and I do have a small mouth, but my goodness! Maybe this wouldn't be an issue for someone with a larger mouth (or who was used to using standard-size manual toothbrushes), but I can't maneuver with this thing at all. I suppose I could switch to one of the smaller replacement heads, but I don't think I will.

    The other issue is that compared to my Sonicare, it feels cheap. (Of course, compared to the Sonicare, it IS cheap!) Not the construction, but the way the motor runs. It sort of has a chug-chug-chug feel to it. I did charge it fully before using, and still there's the chug.

    It may do a great job cleaning and may be suitable for others, but for the 2 reasons stated above, I'm still looking for my new brush. ...more info
  • GREAT toothbrush!
    This is a great toothbrush! I have gingivitis and after only ONE use I could see improvement. In addition, it took off every bit of plaque that I could see, i.e. I thought my front bottom gums were really clean and when toothbrush was done, I saw that they weren't as clean as could they could have been.

    I hate to floss ("I don't have time right now!") and this does it for me.

    In regards to the timer, I had no idea how long two minutes was! It sounds like nothing, and yet I waited and waited for the timer - I thought it was broken but it wasn't; it showed me how me I DON'T take to brush my teeth. Great feature.

    The one thing that is kind of hard to get used to is that you just run the toothbrush over your teeth/gums/tongue and I (quite naturally) am used to the back and forth way of brushing and I kept finding myself having to stop working and let the toothbrush do its work.

    To sum up, for anyone wanting to get their teeth REALLY clean and not have to put a lot of maintenance into it, you should really think about investing in this toothbrush. It's a really great toothbrush! I KNOW my dentist is going to be happy.

    ...more info
  • Green brush made in Germany, blue brush made in Mexico
    Great brush!

    I have both, blue and green, and they both work well.

    If you're deciding between the two colors, remember that the blue one has a single, round, dentist-tool-like head, and the green one has a regular toothbrush type head.

    The only issues are:
    - It's a NiCd battery which means it'll have the memory effect
    - If the battery dies, you have to wait at least 8 hours before you can use it, so either keep it charged all the time, or have a backup brush.

    (If it matters to you:)
    For whatever reason, the blue one is made in Mexico and the green one is made in Germany.
    The heads are all made in Germany....more info
  • electric toothbrush
    Works great! The only problem I see is the bristles seem to wear quickly as I have only had it for a month. The price is right!...more info
  • Excellent power tooth brush for a great price!!
    I bought this tooth brush several months ago after using a battery operated tooth brush for some time. Wow, what a difference!! The ease of brushing, because of the dual motion heads, is awesome. My teeth feel like I've been to the dentist office. I love the 2 min. timer~~makes it easy to know when you've brushed long enough, as it's easy to overbrush because of the great feeling you experience when brushing. I'm not crazy about the placement of the timer/on/off button, however. It's easy to accidentally click the toothbrush off while brushing, and then your timer has to start over. And I'm very pleased with the power and charge as long as I keep the tooth brush plugged in and charging when not in use. It has come unplugged before (kids!) and didn't hold a charge for very long. Overall this is an Excellent toothbrush, for an Excellent price...if you're still brushing manual, you don't know what you're missing!! Try it!!...more info
  • Dual action does a good job
    I went from using the previous Oral B with the circular brush only and there is no comparison between that and the dual action brush. Very good upgrade....more info
  • Great Bargin!
    I love this toothbrush and can tell it cleans my teeth much better than a manual brush. The bargin you get with this brush is great. I think it cleans just as well as many really expensive models....more info
  • Does the Job Well
    Those who are concerned with the latest and most effective electric toothbrush would do well to consider the ORAL-B VITALITY model. When an electric toothbrush performs on a high level as this one, then performance trumps price, which in any case is quite reasonable. What I found useful was the dual revolving bristle head. This twin set of bristles is a double edged sword. True, it cleans and massages well, thus insuring the fast removal of plaque, but on the down side, the user must remember to take care not to exert too much pressure since it is easy to forget that gum tissue is far more fragile than tooth enamel. There are several other plusses, the most notable being its portable recharger that allows one to use it in a normal manner for several days. Finally, it has the added advantage common to all electric brushes; one can easily swoop away plaque from hard to reach areas such as behind the front teeth. When one considers the opposition, the primary reason to buy one over the other is how well the brush does its job in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner. The ORAL-B VITALITY brush stands out....more info
  • You'll never use a manual toothbrush again.
    My dentist recommended the Oral B Vitality and I purchased one in June '08 and have been using it ever since. To be honest I purchased this particular one because it was green (they have a blue version also). This is an inexpensive electic toothbrush that does the job. According to the directions, if it is charged it the first time for ~16 hours it stays charged for 5 days of uses for 2/day at 2 minutes/use (the brush has a built in timer and pulses at 2 min.). I charge mine every few days by leaving it in the charger overnight, but you can leave it in the charger constantly as long as you let the battery run down once every 6 months (extends rechargeable battery life).

    The dual clean comes with the larger, "dual clean" brush heads, but the brush is compatible with most of the Oral B brush heads (including the smaller single brush head ones). I used both the dual and the singles and both worked fine, but switching from one to the other takes a couple of days to get used to as you get used to the size difference.

    My then 1 year old Lab seemed very interested in the toothbrush while I was brushing... so I swapped out the brush head (the brush head is the only part one's mouth touches) and tried it on his teeth and he was very agreeable to it... so now that he has his own and I brush his 1-2X/wk I'm hoping it will delay a costly dental visit for him. I have heard they can be several hundred $$.

    I bought one for my sister this past Christmas (along with extra replacement brush heads) as she was shopping for one and she likes it also... makes a good gift.

    I was back at the dentist in Dec. '08 for a check-up and while my teeth are usually pretty clean anyway they were even cleaner... he practically had nothing to do... so I think that speaks for itself.
    ...more info
    This is a great tooth brush.I really like it.a GREAT BUY FOR THE PRICE. but they only give you one head when you buy it. so it is like a throw away electric tooth brush. one more head is probably as much as the hole thing.
    MIKE...more info
  • Great Deal For little Cash!
    I replaced a more expensive single head Oral-B with this <$20. Wow, was I surprised. Works great, holds charge 6 weeks so far. I love it....more info
  • As good as pricier brands
    Oral B Vitality D12513P Dual Clean Power Toothbrush

    Purchased for son and he likes it much better than pricier brand ($100+) that he had previously. Also purchased for daughters who "look forward" to brushing....more info
  • Very pleased
    I bought 5 of these(for me and my 4 girls)and having come from an expensive Braun where the replacement head cost as much or more than this whole unit, I couldn't be happier. It is not quite as powerful, and the charge may not last quite as long, as much more expensive units, but it is more than adequate. Also, the shape and motion of the head is very effective. No regrets at purchasing multiple units, as all 5 were the same price as one premium unit, and now all my kids are getting a better brush. Fred...more info
  • Better than average.
    It is a lot better than the normal brush. My teeth have been at there best since I purchased this item. It massages the gums as you brush....more info
  • a bit sluggish
    I've used an Oral B electric toothbrush for 5 or 6 years now and decided it was time for a new one when I dropped it in a very unfortunate place! When looking for a new one on Amazon I chose the green this time rather than the basic white. It looks great but it just seems a bit sluggish compared to my old one. Also, I enjoyed the two speeds of the older model as well. This one just has one, which again, seems slow....more info
  • Works like a champ
    This brush is just as good as the costly Sonic ones. Everytime I use this brush I feel very clean and Oral B has really made a good product. This little champ can even get into the tough spots. I would recommend to anyone who wants a good power toothbrush at a very reasonable price....more info
  • Oral-B
    I purchased this toothbrush for my teenage daughter,I highly recommend this brush is easy to used an it has two cleaning moving parts very effective her teeth actually appear cleaner just after a few times used. ...more info
  • It's Electric! :)
    I bought this to replace my husband and I's regular toothbrushes after reading that it may better help prevent gum disease because of the rotation heads. It works very well and we are both happy with it! ...more info
  • Finally, a good one!
    I should have ordered two, cause when you find something that really works, it gets discontinued for a newer model..Handle size is perfect, especially for victims of stroke or quads...just big enough to handle without being bulky...People have complained about the lack of enough charge...Instructions recommend leaving the handle on the charger after each use, and claims to be impossible to OVER charge...(Not good to take tent camping or when you lack easy electrical outlet)... Has the two minute timer, which I ignore and keep right on brushing...Feels good to my gums, I got the medium firm heads, and have extremely sensitive gums...Been thru oodles of manual toothbrushes that are too soft or too hard, this one is perfect!...Oscilating head on top, bottom is side-to-side...I love the dual head!!!!... the single Oscilating heads are too small on other electric brushes, and I didn't feel they had enough 'surface' to clean well... I have a smaller mouth, and this dual brush works wonderfully, even in the back, between cheek and gums...I bought 3 packs of extra dual heads (3 in a pack) so I won't need to worry about replacements for a while...I would buy this Vitality again & again
    ...more info
  • Great toothbrush!
    I purchased 2 of these toothbrushes for my children and they work great. We keep them on the charger so they are always fully charged. We especially like that the toothbrush lets them know when they have brushed for 2 minutes. My dentist even said they are doing an excellent job brushing their teeth and I think it's mainly due to these great brushes at a great price....more info
  • Best value toothbrush
    I've had this brush for over a year. Not sure why other brushes are much more expensive, but this one is great value.

    I like the dual action brushes, rechargeable batteries, and the brush heads last longer than expected. The heads are about $12 per 3 pack, so about the same price for an high-end manual brush.

    I get fewer complaints from my dentist when I go for a cleaning. Once you switch to an electric, you won't want to use a manual brush again....more info
  • I'm happy.
    First time ever I use an electric toothbrush as others are too expensive for me. This one is more affordable and should give it a trial. Since I have no other comparison, I cannot say if this is better. I carry with me as I travel. I believe I can use in both US and Europe. If my teeth are cleaner? I guess it is the same just I do not need to move that much and there seem to have a timer. It also depends on what toothpaste we use. Mine is a good one.

    With no indication if there is enough battery, I just keep charging it ever other day. Will this become overcharge? I do not know.

    After all. With the price, I am happy so far....more info
  • GREAT toothbrush
    I bought this toothbrush to replace my Crest SpinBrush that was eating up too many batteries. I only have to charge this one every few days and it's WONDERFUL!!!!! ...more info
  • you will never go back!
    Once you use this tooth brush you will not be satisfied with your ordinary tooth brush ever again. I am extremely thrifty but this is well worth $20!
    My only issue is that the replacement heads are SO expensive(-1 star)...more info
  • Great product
    Great product. I gave it as a gift to my daughter. She had seen that the one I use has lasted for years and still works great....more info
  • Best Value
    There are all kind of electric toothbrushes on the market at all kind of prices. As far as I am concerned this is the best value. It is economical and does a great job....more info


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