Amcor 16,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner- Silver(PLM16000E)

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Product Description

PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONERS This multifunctional air conditioner cools, dehumidifies and ventilates easily through the window using hoses, removing the need to install in window. Portable air conditioner includes casters for easy mobility, remote control, LCDI surge-protected 115V power cord, washable replaceable filter, auto defrost and quiet operation. Portable air conditioner accumulates moisture in a collection tank and removes warm air through a single vent hose. Includes a built-in water tank with drain outlet. Compressor stops running when tank is full. Uses evaporative cooling booster technology; water is extracted from air to help cool unit. Removable carbon filter and 3M Filtrate filter removes odor, dust, pollen and animal dander. Features 24 hour timer, 3-speed fan, thermostat, adjustable air outlet and 7L cord. 1 year warranty. Watch Video Below

  • 16,000 BTU cooling power
  • Moisture Removal: 80 pints per day
  • Unique Patented Evaporative Booster for more efficient cooling
  • Max Room Size: up to 500 sq.ft.
  • Remote control with LCD display
Customer Reviews:
  • Expensive, clunky, loud and worthless
    I bought this portable thinking it might be a nice solution for my master suite loft. I was in the middle of construction, so it was easy to add the proper circuitry, which is a 20amp breaker. What I didn't care for is that even though it seems cleverly designed to neatly tuck into the corner of a room, there is this giant dryer vent pipe that sticks straight out the back - pushing it further away from the corner and which needs to vent out the window...and it's only a 6 foot vent. They say in the packaging that you cannot use a different length. So, getting past the aestetics of the pipe is the fact that while it does blow cool air out of the top of the unit, the vent is venting out hot air to the outside, thereby heating up the room on it's way. Pretty much it was a wash. Any cooling it did was negated by the hot vent. I did have to drain the water a couple of times, but it was never much water. Anyhow, I returned the product and went and bought myself a window unit that was slightly lower BTUS, energy star rated and was about a third less the cost....more info
  • Additional Circuitry Required
    I cannot rate this item because I was never able to use it. Be aware that this particular unit requires a 20 amp circuit to operate. At the time of purchase, this was not stated in the description of the Air Conditioner. Standard household current is 15 amps, so check first. If the plugs in your house have an additional horizontal slash in the right prong slot, you are probably running 20 amps. ...more info
  • Put it on a platform and get a big bucket
    If you don't live in the desert, this won't work for you. It has major design flaws.

    1. There is a Reset button on the plug. When the air conditioner decides to turn itself off (just after you have gone to sleep) make sure that you have access to it. It can go off sometimes every 10 minutes. Hope you didn't want uninterrupted sleep. When you press the reset button, the bright blue light on the front goes on (you can turn it off if you get up and press the buttons on the front). I suggest taping a piece of dark cloth over the light.

    2. The water tank holds about 2 cups. On a humid hot day it will fill up in about an hour or so. If you try to move the air conditioner at all, it will leak all over your floor or carpet. Hope you have a good carpet cleaner with an extractor.

    3. The best way to deal with this air conditioner is to put it up on a platform and let it constantly drain into a bucket. A measly 2 gallon bucket fills up in about 3 hours. Hope you didn't plan to sleep all night, or you'll wake up to a flood. The best suggestion is to leave it in a shower and vent it out a bathroom window. Hope you don't mind sleeping in the bathroom.

    4. It's not exactly quiet, but if it's hot enough, you'll go to sleep anyway. Just keep an eye on the bucket......more info