Petsafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box

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Product Description

The PetSafe Simply CleanTM Litter Box System is the only cat litter system that cleans and removes waste continuously and automatically. The ingenious Simply CleanTM system removes waste from the litter box to a built-in waste container via a quiet, slow-moving Conveyor System. The cleaning action is automatic and runs 24 hours a day. With the Simply CleanTM Litter Box, odor and the bacteria that cause it are reduced. Your cat's litter box is always fresh and ready for use. Clean and safe, the Simply CleanTM Litter Box System will save you time while keeping your cat healthy.Features and Benefits:Continuously cleans without disturbing your cat.Unit moves at one rotation per hour.Quiet operation- no initiation or running sound.Great for nighttime use.Economically and environmentally safe- uses recycled plastic shopping bags.Easy to clean.Reduces odor and odor-causing bacteria.No tools required for assembly. Safe, no moving parts.For cats up to 12 lbs.

  • Self-cleaning litter box for cats up to 12 pounds
  • Continuously cleans without disturbing cat; reduces odor and odor causing bacteria
  • Unit moves at one rotation per hour; quiet operation- no initiation or running sound
  • Economical and environmentally safe; uses recycled plastic shopping bags
  • No tools required for assembly; no moving parts for optimal safety

Customer Reviews:

  • Best litterbox yet!!!
    I've used littermaid for the last 4 years and it kept getting stuck but this litterbox that hasn't happen. This the perfect litterbox simply to use but as for quite not true. the only down to this box is it never stops.24hrs a day!! the bowl turns 1 an hour not loud but its like having a noisy fan. I fixed that by putting it on a timer so it comes on 3 times a day for and hour and a half now its perfect!no more backups......more info
  • It does work pretty darn good for 90 days then died
    I have 5 indoor cats and after getting this litter box, i can finally remove one or two of the more standard boxes. it works pretty good too, a little noisy at times. But not any worse than a fan, and no smell.. that's a good selling point too, no smell. It works so good I am going to get a second one...

    update--- this system has a life of about 90 days then it will stop working, sooner if you follow instructions and take it apart for cleaning. for the price it was a good buy, but now that it has stopped working it was a very poor buy. just read the petsafe dot net review boards on the products web site to see that they have not done alot to fix the problems or really seem to care to fix them. look somewhere else for a better product than this one people....more info
    This product is everything it said it was, and more! I didn't think it was working at first, but it was! Quiet, wonderful, and I LOVE it!...more info
  • Stop your search -- This is as good as it gets.
    My 3 cats have been using this cat box for almost 2 years now. It has never jammed up like the others I tried, the others jammed up almost on a daily basis.

    Other reviews commented about the box taking an hour to complete a cycle. In reality the area the cat uses is cleaned in 10 to 15 minutes (it is closer to the conveyor). There are no sensors to worry about the box operates all the time but you will not even know it is working.

    No cat box eliminates scooping but having to touch it up every few weeks is about as good as it gets....more info
  • Works OK for a short time, Poor Warranty/Customer Service
    I bought this litter box about 2 years ago, after less than 1 year of use the motor died. I called customer service and got a complete new replacement unit sent to me at no charge. 1 year after using the new unit the motor died again!!

    I called customer service again and was told the replacement unit they sent DOES NOT have a warranty and I would have to pay a $65 service fee for another replacement unit that would also NOT have a warranty.

    I was quite surprised that a brand new unit sent from the manufacturer would not have the standard warranty. This indicates a complete lack of trust in their product and extremely poor customer service.

    Be aware that this unit will only give you 1-2 years of service!!
    ...more info
  • Works great, awsome warranty
    Awsome product. I did have a problem when I didn't notice that litter had gotten into the gear underneath and ruined a hard plastic cog. I called into the customer service line and instead of sending me a cog to replace the one I damaged....they sent me a whole new machine! Incredible customer service when compared to Comcast or other large companies. I would give it more stars except that I wish that cleaning the product were better documented. No special, high cost bags to purchase. Just use a 4 gallon cheap trash bag from your local grocery or discount store. Mine is fairly quiet, although sometimes I do hear an occasional few sounds. Worth it though....more info
  • Love this product
    I love the fact that there are no filters, special bags or other things needed for this box. It's so easy to empty and it's very quiet. I sprinkle a little baking soda on my litter occassionally and in the waste bag and never have any odor. I do wish the sides were a little higher as one of my cats is a little OC about covering up his messes and does get litter scattered on the floor. Great product though, and one of the very best prices for self-cleaning boxes. I bought a second one for my son and his wife since neither of them is really good at cleaning out a regular box.
    ...more info
  • Great concept , poor design... here are some fixes...
    Got this as a gift but in the first few days could see trouble on the horizon. Cat litter will get between the rotating bowl and the base which houses the motor and drive gear. Sure enough after a few days of sand collecting in the base and under the bowl, a loud grinding noise could be heard. You take the bowl off, clean out the sand reassemble and it's fine for another few days, then it's cleaning time again. I really wonder if the folks at PetSafe ever tried this thing out before they peddled it to the unsuspecting public?

    Here's How You Fix It:

    You need to get some slightly thick plastic bag material and cut a piece 24" x 5" and tape this to the side of the stationary rim shield that clips onto the top of the rotating bowl. You're basically making a "skirt" that hangs down and shields the open area between the rotating bowl and the base which contains the gears and motor. So far so good right? Wrong... The sand also gets in from the center of the bowl where it rises up like a cone. The ramp screw attaches here but there's space around the top of the cone where cat litter goes down. Get your old plastic bag out again and cut a circular piece 3" across. Unscrew the ramp's attachment point, put your circular piece of plastic over the tip of the cone, lower the ramp and screw the screw through the plastic circle. This will prevent the sand from going down the cone's tip yet it will still allow the bowl to revolve unimpeded. Before you do these " fixes" be sure you clean out any residual sand in the base below the rotating bowl.

    Final issue... If I had to come up with all these solutions to a flawed design,then why the F%#K did I have to pay for this in the first place? Shouldn't PetSafe be paying me.

    It's a clever design but somewhere between the prototype design and what actually showed up at the store leaves a lot to be desired. I'm sure the original design worked but the company guys at the top probably thought, "We can make it for a fraction of the cost if we use cheap plastic parts and crappy motors, yeah, more money for us, screw the consumers if they can't take a joke".

    Just a thought here, maybe if this were designed and manufactured in some Asian country, it would probably work great.

    BTW, it's now making a new, different, grinding noise. Haven't been able to pinpoint it yet. If I can't solve that, then the PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box will get a well deserved "new home" in my garbage bin.

    Hope this was of some help to you....more info
  • Whistle or grind while you work
    The litter box does remove waste from the tray but it does not do it as quietly as advertised. When I first plugged it in, there were a lot of griding and popping sounds. It worked but I had to unplug it when I went to bed as the popping sounds were loud enough to be heard throughout the house.
    The motor that spins the tray failed on the 3rd day of use. Customer service was very helpful and I had a replacement in 3 days. The popping sounds were now gone as it appears the motor was the issue. It'd been running silently for 1 month since the replacement but there are now many loud and annoying buzzing sounds coming from the unit. I don't see this motor lasting much longer.
    The conveyor works well in removing waste and dropping it into the receptacle. It tends to break up wet chunks that aren't packed solid and it drops through the conveyor back into the clean litter. Scooping needs to be done every few days to keep it tidy.
    I wouldn't buy this or any self-cleaning litter box again even if they were half the price. Once this breaks I'm bringing out the old litterbox and will scoop by hand. ...more info
  • Petsafe Simply WONDERFUL
    This is everything it says and more. I have been a cat owner for over 30 years. This is the first time that taking care of the litter is not a disgusting chore. Quiet, effective, efficient, and larger than I thought. I will probably buy a second one....more info
  • This stinks!
    This is the worst automatic litter box we've tried yet. The idea of using grocery bags for the dirty litter is great, but the used litter doesn't all go up the conveyor. Actually the pee turns into a big litter donut on the bottom of the tray. This is the worst smelling box too. It also had an odd ticking noise that it made most the time, so my cat would not get in it when it was noisey. He would instead go right in front of it. This was a huge waste of time and money.
    Stick with the other flawed Litter Made....more info
  • Good in theory. Needs better design
    I bought this item in hopes it would make things easier for me. It worked great the first night. The second night I noticed a huge pile of litter outside the litterbox. The 'bowl' is not very high so any cat will kick out alot more litter than a normal litter box, especially if you are used to an enclosed one. My cat paws at litter more than normal so the excess outside was very large. I normally wouldnt have been worried but much of this litter was getting between the bowl and the base of the unit. The gears that turn the bowl are found here and I did not want the motor to burn out like others have. I had to use a bunch of cardboard taped together to make a large wall inside the bowl to keep the litter inside, and figure out how to connect it to the base so that the bowl could still turn. I also had to put more cardboard between the base and bowl to prevent the excess litter from getting under the bowl where the gears are. Once I got that set it worked great. The main problem: I just woke up to this morning is hearing the motor making loud clicking sounds. The actual instructions tell you to use a recyclable grocery bag to put inside the collection bin. I like to think ahead, so I taped the bag as best as I could to the collection bin so the bag couldnt get caught(the motor/moving parts are right there next to it). If the bag was loose it would have for sure gotten caught in the moving parts. Well it still did and the motor is hot, and probably ruined. The bag is twirled into the parts and looks stuck into the motor itself, along with a large amount of cat poop. Even if I get the bag out it is likely ruined. This may have been a fluke but I seriously think it could have been better engineered.

    The bowl needs to be larger, there needs to be a high 'retaining' wall, and whatever you do, do NOT use a bag inside the collection bin. Chances are it will get caught eventually...more info
  • I'm still cleaning litter!!!!
    I have 5 cats, and was hoping to make it a little easier to deal with the litter cleaning. I have two regular litter boxes and this one. First of, let me say that this does absolutely do the job, and it is very quiet. However, I am constantly cleaning up litter, from the OUTSIDE of the box!!! This product would get 5 stars if it had a hood. Another thing is that I usually use the litter crystals, but with this one, I have to use the clumping sand. Which now means I have to buy 2 different sets of cat litter. All in all, this does the job as described, but be prepared to get a lot of litter on the floor outside it......more info
  • Wishing there was a "cover" developed for the unit!!!!
    I don't know if I am speaking for myself, but I would like to know if the manufacturers of the PetSafe Litter Boxes have a "cover" to fit over the units. The unit itself has been working extremely well, the only problem is that the litter gets thrown all over the place when the cats use it. Any suggestions?

    Thanks!...more info
  • A Well-Designed, Functional Litterbox
    I think our cat likes this litterbox almost as much as I do. He hopped right in, and has had no qualms about using it since (about a week now). Since he used to be a bit finnicky about his litterbox - I had to clean it twice a day for him to use it - this is a big improvement.

    For my part, the Petsafe box is clean, quiet, effective, and low-cost. We're using TidyCats scoopable litter, which works fine, and I take out the bag every couple of days. I would recommend an air freshener - the box isn't airtight, and ours smells a little (could just be our cat :). Finally, as mentioned below this thing really is a work of engineering beauty; it's simple and appears durable. I'm hoping that translates into a longer running life than appears common with some of the other litterbox systems....more info
  • Good litterbox for small to medium cats
    As the pet parent of 5 cats I have tried most of the sub $150 automatic litter boxes and after using this one for 3 months I have to say that this one seems one of the better ones. It is quiet, and for the most part does its job without any problems. I haven't had the issues with litter getting into the moving parts of the box which some other reviewers have mentioned.

    There are two issues with it that made me give it 4 rather than 5 stars. Number one is that the area available for the cat to use is a bit on the small side for a large cat and so my 2 big male cats don't use it. 2. is that if the litter clump is large it can unseat the cover for the conveyor belt as it is moved up the belt which causes the unit to stop itself until the clump is manually cleared. This only happens infrequently though so it isn't a major issue.

    Overall I think this litter box is a good value for the price as along as your kitty family isn't solely comprised of larger cats....more info
  • Not perfect but it helps a lot.
    If you never want to scoop the litter box then this isn't the product for you.

    If you have a very large cat, don't even think about it.

    I have two cats. One is just too big to use this. The other is so fussy she will only go in a box that is cleaned several times a day. This is perfect for her. I tried the litter maid and it scared her to the point she would never go near it. I kept it for the other cat but it just kept breaking.

    This box makes almost no noise at all and the movement is so slow that my cat doesn't even notice it.

    It misses the small clumps and every now and then cannot seem to get a larger one up the ramp. So I do have to scoop it every other day when I toss the bag. But it keeps the box clean enough that my fussy little cat will use it and that is a huge help.

    I love that there is nothing special I have to buy. I use my regular clumping litter and used plastic bags.

    I've gone from scooping many times a day to once every 2 days and even then there isn't much to scoop. And I no longer have to worry about the cat using the carpet if I'm not home to scoop the box.

    So while it's not perfect, I think it is overall a good product and it has cut down a great deal on the amount of work I do.

    ...more info
  • Not Perfect, But Recommended
    I have to admit, I bought this more out of curiosity than confidence that it would work given the poor experiences I have had with other automated litter boxes. Compared to the various Littermaid fiascos out there, this is at least somewhat innovative and for the most part seems to work. It's relatively quiet and the movement is slow and determined, so it at least doesn't terrify my cats. It is large enough to allow for my largest cat (about 12 lbs and long-framed) to use it comfortably and while the round design is somewhat unorthodox, the cats don't seem to mind (though not all of my 4 use it - 2 of them do, the other 2 prefer the standard box, which is about the same adoption rate I got with the Littermaid product).

    After a month of use it has been dependable and the moving parts seem better designed than the moving-rake-type boxes. Very easy to clean, my only complaint is that while it does a great job getting the large clumps, it does a poor job getting the poop, which mostly ends up breaking up into smaller pieces and re-circulating rather than getting picked up and deposited in the collection tray. I believe it has to do with the mass of the debris; the heavier, larger clumps are just easier for the apparatus to transfer into the receptacle while the smaller, lighter pieces don't feed into the conveyor very well and just kind of break apart at the entry way.

    Still, it does an outstanding job controlling odor and is easy to keep clean. It's not perfect, but it is a leap forward in automated litter box technology. With a few modifications, I have far more confidence that this company might actually eventually get to a highly effective version than with the Littermaid moving rake model of thinking. If nothing else, it has lasted longer than 3 days, which is the time it took for my first Littermaid purchase to break. If you are looking for an automated solution, I recommend you try this model out.
    ...more info
  • Not so good
    I've had this item for a few months with two cats. At first it was great, I can use grocery bags. But, the conveyor gets covered in clay and I can't get it off. And most of the time it turns off because a large clump will lift the hood off the conveyor just enough. So, I have to place a full box of litter on the conveyor hood to hold it down. And the odor control is awful, my house has never smelled this bad. I only recommend it for one small cat....more info
  • SOOOO much better!
    After my second.. ahem.. "name brand automatic litterbox" gave up the ghost, I decided to try something different for my little furball.

    First impressions were that it was larger than what I was used to, and didn't feel as "solid" as my previous litterbox. But, lots of positive reviews made me give it a shot, and boy am I glad I did!

    The litterbox is quiet! No more wraaaaaaaagh in the middle of the night to announce when my kitty left a present, no more drum against the bottom of an empty collection bin when the rake dropped the clump into it. But, best of all.. no more.. ahem.. "flying kitty presents" when the rake clears a blockage and slingshots the mass across the laundry room.

    For those switching, a couple pointers.

    1) Plan on the first "fill" to take most of a 14 pound box/bag of scoopable litter. With the other brand you filled below the line, here you fill ABOVE the line.

    2) While the design of re-using grocery bags is cool, do yourself (and your kitty) a favor and get some of those scented or odor blocking bathroom can liners. They are thicker and help to control the smell.

    3) Your cat may not take to the box right away. Don't panic! Either unplug the power and scoop manually for a couple days, or put some of his/her old litter in it. If your cat leaves you "presents" elsewhere, just pick them up and drop them in the litterbox. Once the cat smells it's leavings, he/she will get the idea and start to use the new box.

    I'm glad I took the chance on this product, and will be recommending it to my friends and family....more info
  • worth the purchase
    I'll start of with two facts. 1. i'm not one to bother writing reviews, but this product has earned it. 2. there is nothing more annoying than cleaning cat litter. especially forgetting in the morning only to come home in the evening to over saturated box which is the cause of odor.

    This device runs constantly and makes very little noise. i have it in my hallway and it's barely noticeable (well sound wise as it is a big device). cat used it right away and loves it. the only downside is with small crap that can sift through but after a few cycles it usually picks it up. The great thing is that now I empty the collector bin once a week (i only have 1 cat). There is no smell as the cat litter clumps absorbs it and doesn't get over saturated.

    I would recommend this to anyone with cats that has no issue with it running constantly. i need to plug in my Kill-A-Watt to see how much it electricity it uses hourly. I also use fresh step scoopable and it works fine with it. Be generous with the litter. there is a litter line, but i found it beneficial to add pass the line. This way the urine doesn't touch the bottom of the base and gets fully picked up by the metal bar.

    Update: after running it on a Kill-A-Watt for 3 weeks, the device barely used any power. .4KWhr. It has been working just fine, and i empty the container at most 1x a week. Only issue has been my cat has been kicking the dirt more than before and the sides just aren't high enough to stop him from making a mess outside of the box....more info
  • Dust builds up and ruins gear; PetSafe is working on an improvement
    This replaced my Littermaid that finally broke after 4 years. It worked great, at first. Then, I could hear the motor, yet nothing moved. I unplugged it. Back to scooping. I found out, after taking it completely apart, that litter gets trapped in the gear- where the metal one meets the plastic double-gear, and ground up the litter and compacted it into the gears. I had to use a sewing needle to scrape out this "cement". I reassembled it. A few weeks later, same problem. This time, I noticed the plastic gear looked a bit worn. I still cleaned it and reassembled it. All it did was skip each and every tooth and popped each time. It wasn't moving.

    I contacted PetSafe (emailed through their website). They promptly responded and are fully aware of this issue and are working on a new model (to keep litter out of the gearbox). They are sending me a completely new litter box in the meantime until they can send me a "new and improved" model. So, when I get the new old (un-improved) you betcha you'll see it on eBay (they are $150 in most pet stores). It will recoup some costs of the $300 CatGenie I just bought (didn't buy it here, but directly from CatGenie for the 4 year warranty instead of the standard 2 year; slightly more than here, but worth it!). When they send me the "New & Improved" Simply Clean litter box, I'm going to "Simply" give it to my niece for her cat, if she wants it. Or I'll eBay it too.
    Also, I noticed the poop and clay clumps "Simply" tumble over and over at the base of the conveyer ramp.

    I'm going for the flushable kitty potty; the CatGenie. It rinses and sanitizes the litter (little plastic pellets) and the pan, and dries it too! Our cats are spoiled, but I have a bad back and it spasms when I have to scoop or change the litter or recepticles/bags. I'll review that too here once I get it (any day now).

    Off to scoop out my "automatic" Simply Clean box...... (Google it...VERY common problem that they are REDESIGNING IT! Hold off buying this until then!!!)...more info
  • Broke in 4 days
    I will not buy this item again. It's broken after 4 days. Ufda....more info
  • The only product I've ever returned
    When I saw this on a lightning deal for $70, I decided to give it a try in order to take some of the pressure off of my Scoopfree auto box (I have 2 cats and a kitten and it fills up quick). The reviews looked ok enough for me to order it, but all I have to say is blech!

    First off, all the reviewers that talked about the little clumpy pieces are right on. Of course there is always going to be SOME manual scooping, but this was ridiculous. By the end of day 2, it looked like the box was making dough out of pee and litter. Little balls everywhere, not being scooped onto the conveyor or anything.....just going round and round in the bowl. It scooped other, bigger clumps fine, but it broke too many of them into little pieces that I couldnt take it anymore.

    Second, there is ZERO odor control with this machine. Maybe it was the litter I used, but mostly I think it was due to all the little dough balls mentioned above. My Scoopfree, combined with an auto air freshener, keeps my cats room smelling alright....within a day this machine had it smelling like poo. Even the air freshener couldnt save it. After a week I couldnt stand it anymore and took it apart to return it.

    I did a lot of homework before purchasing an auto litter box, and I think I made the right decision in purchasing the scoopfree....WRONG DECISION with this box!! For ONE cat that poops rocks, you might be happy with it. Otherwise, try something else! (PS- I see how this might sound like an ad for the scoopfree, but I just never realized how well it works until I got this box lol)....more info
  • Not Silent - But it works
    I have 2 cats, both of whom adapted instantly to the unit. Trouble is litter makes its way quickly under the tray and then grinding begins to sound. Very irritating. I returned the unit....more info
  • Genius!
    We had been through two Litter Maid litter boxes that had electrical problems, used the impractical and expensive containers and were very noisy and difficult to clean. I received my Petsafe litter box last week - the cats (three) took to it immediately, it is whisper quiet, efficient and a breeze to clean! It uses old grocery bags for disposal which is 'green' as well....more info
  • Well, it did work
    The item itself DID work as intended....for about 2 days. Then my cat seemed afraid of the slight movement of the box. She would not use it. Had an accident on the floor, and I have since then turned it off. I bought a new litter box and placed it next to it that she has no issue with using....I guess the noise or slight movement of the litter/box was a turn off. It also has a habit of making a very loud grating noise...can be "fixed" by tapping on either the base or the armiture at the back of the machine.

    I would recommend it if you KNOW your cat would be OK with the slight noise/movement....more info
  • Great idea, but disappointing...
    I switched from Littermaid LM 900 to give this one a try. My cat was very reluctant to use it, then when she did use it, she proceeded to let litter fly wherever. It was her personal disdain for this litterbox - oh well, you never have to wonder what cats are thinking - EVER. That's why I love cats so much! LOL. It eventually had some of the other problems mentioned with the motor straining and where the litter would pile up as it rotated. It eventually gave out after 4 months, and wore me out keeping litter swept up. The next automatic litterbox I tried was worse than this, so I am now going back to a Littermaid LM 900 until someone can invent something that will work better than this without costing a small mint. I never had trouble with my 3 year old Littermaid and was wondering why I got rid of it for this, and then the worst disaster after that. Just beware....more info
  • When it works -- Great, when it doesn't (and thats a lot) get out the charge card
    Works great -- when it works, but the conveyor jams and then the motor starts grinding. Warranty? They have a funny definition -- For $65 I can get a replacement conveyor (unit is just one year old, but hasn't been running past two months due to conveyor issue) So lets see, pay nearly 1/2 again for a product under so called warranty. Don't think so.

    Don't buy it unless you want to continue to cough up cash. or hair balls....more info
  • Best Automatic Box Out There!
    I've never been impressed with the noisy, unreliable Littermate boxes. When I saw this, I thought "maybe this is the one..." Took a chance and ordered it, as we just added two 4 month old kittens to our home, which already had two adult cats. The adult cats generally use the cat door to access nature's toilet, so it is mainly used by the kittens. They were suspicious at first, but were using the box within hours. What a joy! A big selling point was using grocery bags for waste collection. My only wish is for a more sealed collection container, as kitten poop is way smellier than cat poop. Helped the problem by dampening a cotton pad with essential oil and dropping it in the collection bin. Otherwise, this is the perfect automated box! Essentially silent. Empty the waste reservoir every couple of days and life is beautiful....more info
  • Simple, and it WORKS!
    For context, I had one of the top-of-the-line Littermaids for the past couple of years. It always made a mess, was too fussy about the PERFECT litter level, and was ridiculously noisy. I eventually unplugged the thing and just reverted to scooping all the time.

    Due to my health, I needed a litter box that was low-maintenance, didn't make a bigger mess for me to clean, and was effective enough at scooping out the clumps that I didn't need to give it daily attention.

    This is IT.

    I do use premium clumping litter, and the clumps get sucked right up without a problem. My cat is typically fussy about how clean the litter box is... and she took to it immediately, what with how clean it always is. It's so quiet that I can barely hear it running, and my cat doesn't mind. Most of all, the catch basin is nicely designed so it's easy to remove, doesn't overfill easily, and keeps the smell almost completely away.

    This is an enormous improvement over my previous "automatic" box, and I will recommend this to ANYONE with a small-to-medium sized cat that is looking to improve conditions for their pet while decreasing the amount of effort to do so....more info
  • Works well overall
    At first, my two cats didn't want to have anything to do with this litterbox. I eventually had to remove their other box so they would use this one. While it was plugged in, the cats would only walk up and watch it. It was also noisier than expected. To get them to use it, I had to unplug it and only run it for about 20 min when I noticed it was dirty. I decided to go and get a timer for it ($5 at Wal-Mart). I plugged it in and have it set to clean for one hour every 8 hours, and it seems to be working. I would like to see the company offer a version with a timer built in. It would also be nice if it came with a lid. My regular sized adult cat throws litter out everytime he uses it. I had to get a mat to place under it. Other than that, it does work. It has yet to get clogged up. I owned a LitterMaid a few years ago, and it was such a huge hassle, I gave up and went back to a regular box. I also like that you don't have to buy special expensive containers for the waste. You really can just use a grocery bag. In all, I'm happy with my purchase and would recommend this product, and a timer, to anyone.


    It's now September and I am actually buying another one for my cousin. This is by far the best litter box I have ever used. I found that the premium litter works way better than trying to get away with the cheap stuff. The cheap stuff tends to break apart and will get stuck at the bottom and stop the machine. I don't know why, but about the time I switched to the premium litter, the litter box quit making the loud cranking noise, which allowed me to get rid of the timer. I usually have to check it to make sure it is still working because it is so quiet. I would still recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • pet safe cat box
    Got item and took 3 minutes to put together. Does job pretty good. Only problem I have had with item, is when poop or clump of urine that is big pushes up the lid when it reaches the top of the ramp and triggers it to turn off. Other than that some improvements that could be made would be a auto shut off when not in use for awhile. Also they could make a covered box that the unit sits in. The cat seems to kick out litter fairly easily. I used the box it came in and cut top off and set the unit inside. Other than that it sure beats cleaning it out by hand every day. We have one cat and I change the bag out twice a week....more info
  • Doesn't do the job
    We have 8 cats so we are always in need of a good automatic litter box.
    We have the Litter Robot and this one is fantastic. But 3 of our cats won't use it so we need one that is open. We've had Littermaid, but after 3 Mega models in 4 years I was done with them.

    So we decided to give this one a try; 15 days of use and I had to return it. All of our cats use it, regardless of size. We didn't have problems with sand going under the tray (a problem many say they have).

    The problem with this litter box is that on the first cycle the rake breaks up the waste in many little pieces trying to load it to the conveyor, a moving ramp underneath the white arm you see on the pictures. On the second cycle (it takes about 30-40 for a full cycle), the waste won't get picked up at all.

    So when the litter is full of little pieces of waste our cats refused to use it. They started going right next to it, in the bathtub or sink. Wonderful! Our other option was to clean it, but to keep it clean we had to scoop the bits of waste 2 to 3 times a day.

    It just defeats the purpose of having it.
    Sad to say that now we are looking into getting a Littermaid Mega (beige one), the lesser of two evils.

    I hope someone is working on a better concept. I am pretty sure I am not the only one.
    ...more info
  • Awesome clean litter box!!!
    This is one of the best gadgets I ever bought. I tried a littermaid years ago but it scared my cat so it was useless. My two cats started using this Petsafe box immediately. It is always clean and it is so easy to empty. I use Everclean extra strength litter with it. I think the raters that had trouble with it picking up everything probably used cheap litters that didn't clump hard enough or quick enough. Great Product... I recommend this to all cat lovers. (Minor flaws. It does make some odd noises from time to time, but who cares. The cats do kick some litter out, but I put a bathroom rug [that I cut to fit around the semi circle] in front of it and shake it out when needed.)...more info
  • Brilliantly designed
    I just got one of these this week, and I have to say, the design is simply brilliant. Rather than a loud cleaning cycle that freaks cats out and stresses the equipment, the Simply Clean has a nearly silent continuous rotary action that just makes a few litter-shifting sounds from time to time and occasionally a solid "thunk" when a clump falls off the conveyor into the receptacle. Some assembly is required, but it was so easy I didn't even need to read the instructions, and no tools are needed. It made a bit of motor noise when I first plugged it in, but that abated quickly. I have it in the same room as my computer and you absolutely cannot hear the motor over the computer's fan.

    My cat took to it right away. I left her existing litterbox (a busted LitterMaid, as it happens) in the same room for a while in case she didn't like the new one, but she started using the Simply Clean when the LitterMaid started getting too gross for her fastidious nature. Best of all, this thing doesn't require special supplies -- so once you've bought it, that's it, you're done giving money to the manufacturer. And it's not much more expensive than the LitterMaid either (actually, I got mine on sale for just about exactly the cost of a LitterMaid). Assuming it holds up, which is really the only thing that concerns me after being burned three times by LitterMaids, it'll be one of the best investments I've ever made. ...more info
  • Not Perfect But works Great Overall! No Stinky Smell! Yeah..
    We have had this box for a week now and even though I normally have 5 cat boxes for our 4 indoor cats I decided to just use this one to see how it would hold up with 4 cats using it. It is pretty darn good! Our cats range in weight from 22lbs down to 12 lbs and though it says for cats to 12lbs our 22 lb cat has had no problem using it at all! I was kind of worried about buying this because of the weight limit thing and also because I have read some reviews of people saying it was loud and litter gets all over...I do not know what they are talking about because YOU CANNOT EVEN HEAR THIS THING RUN unless you put your head right down next to it about 3 inches away! I don't know about you but I generally do not do that with a cat box! Yuck! Also we do not have any problems with litter getting all over either. I went ahead and used some cheap scooping litter (on purpose- mind you) and with using this cheap litter it keeps it pretty clean- there are no big chunks left behind, nothing stuck or gummed up on anything- it does however leave little tiny chunks behind in the litter though- See customer pictures to see what I mean...The cats don't seem to mind though. I am not sure if that is from the litter itself or from the conveyor having slots that are too far apart which is why I gave it 4 stars for now. I will update later when I change to premium litter. Best of all it is not smelly at all! The waste container holds a pretty good amount of waste and keeps it sealed well enough so you don't smell it! Anyway, I would recommend this box- I have owned them all from the littermaid, litterfree, litter robot, catgenie, stylette, purrforma, and so on and this seems to be the best on for the money...I think most consumers will be very satisfied with it. ...more info


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