Bigelow Decaffeinated Organic Green Tea, 40-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Our tea bags are sealed for freshness in airtight, flavor protecting fresh packs to ensure your full enjoyment. USDA organic. Certified 100% Organic. Bigelow Certified 100% Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea - tea with a healthy attitude! Mother Nature gave us a wonderful gift when she packed beneficial antioxidants into Green Tea - powerful combatants that protect the body's healthy cells from billions of naturally occurring free radicals, unstable molecules that when left unchecked, may lead to a host of degenerative diseases. Studies show that drinking 2-3 cups of tea may improve your chances of fending off these invaders. But that's only half the story. The Certified 100% Organic tea contained in this package has the added benefits from having been grown by socially-responsible farmers who are committed to using only natural fertilizers that are free of synthetic pesticides and additives, and to maintaining safe, healthy growing environments for today and for generations to come. Your assurance that Bigelow Certified 100% Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea is healthful and delicious. The USDA Organic and QAI seals are your assurance that Bigelow Certified 100% Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea has been grown and produced in strict accordance with the Organic Industry's highest standards. The Bigelow name means this tea has been expertly processed to bring up the tea's natural, mellow green flavor, then carefully overwrapped in protective fresh packs to seal in its delicate flavor and goodness. So enjoy Bigelow Certified 100% Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea often. It's great tasting, good for the environment, and good for you, too! Certified Organic by QAI, Inc. Blended and packaged in the U.S.A.

  • Pack of six 40-count boxes of calorie-free, decaffeinated green tea (240 total tea bags)
  • Decaffeinated organic green tea grown in higher-elevation gardens
  • Decaffeinated, organic, gluten free, with no calories and no carbohydrates; Kosher Parve
  • An excellent source of healthy antioxidants
  • Blended and packaged in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews:

  • Definately A Great Find!
    This tea is wonderful. It has a very pleasant smell and smooth taste. I sweeten with Madhava Agave Nectar(low glycemic) which I also buy from amazon. It is very hard to find both decaf and organic green tea. I hope amazon continues to carry this great product!...more info
  • Great flavor
    This tea has a wonderful mild, but distinct taste. Organic is a huge plus! There are 4 tea bags in a sealed package, thus the product stays very fresh since the entire box is not exposed once opened. I'm enjoying this immensely! Downside...can't think of any....more info
  • Tastes Great!
    My wife drinks about 3-4 cups of these a day, and loves them. We always have enough on the shelf, and they don't go bad. No caffeine, so she sleeps like a baby....more info
  • Biglelow Decaffeinated organic green tea
    I have been drinking decaffeinated green tea for over 20 years. I have tried most brands available. Bigelow Decaffeinated Organic Green Tea is superior in taste, conveniently packaged, and by far my favorite. ...more info
  • Great value, great taste.
    It's not easy to find organic, decaffinated green tea. This tea tastes great, it is more mild tasting than other green teas, and it's also a great price. Can't go wrong!...more info
  • Great Tea
    Green Tea is my favorite of all teas. I especially like Bigelow for its flavor and the fact its organic makes it even better. I sweeten it with Stevia Liquid or powder. It taste great. I keep a pitcher in my refrigerator, so its always ready when I am. Thanks Bigelow.
    L. Smith...more info
  • Organic Green Tea
    Bigelow Decaffeinated Organic Green Tea, 40-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

    I found this to be an excellent tea, with a wonderful smell and taste. If you are looking for a delicious and healthy green tea, then get this one! I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Very good tea
    I used to buy bottled tea but this makes a lot more sense. The bags come in 4's perfect for a large bodum teapot i have. I'm saving a lot of money over the store bought brew and I know what's in it!...more info
  • Green Tea - Just what it says
    The tea comes in foil 4 packs so if traveling it's convenient to grab a couple if traveling instead of having to take the entire box or put individual tea bags in another bag. Other than that, it's just tea, like the box says....more info
  • Excellent value
    I drink this stuff all day everyday. this bargain makes it very easy to keep up....more info
  • Average Tea
    Good price for organic but the flavor is very mild almost no green tea flavor and the bags are bleached unlike most organic teas I have purchased. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    This tea has a great flavor and is organic and decaffinated. That is not always easy to find. I love this brand....more info


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