Ghost Whisperer - The Complete First Season

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Ghost Whisperer is not a show for cynics (or anyone who hates everything with the word "whisperer" attached to it). Though half of the show aims to make your flesh creep, the other half works just as hard to make everything warm and fuzzy. Ghosts walk into Melinda Gordon's life the way snappy dames walked into Sam Spade's office, hitting her up for aid with a hard-luck story and a whole lot of strings attached. Her job is to help them untie the emotional knot that's keeping them earthbound--which usually involves, in one way or another, telling a still-living friend or relative how much the dead person loved them. Whether it's a Vietnam vet who never met his son, a standup comedian who committed suicide, a bride who died on her big day, or a poltergeist child, in the end Melinda--assisted by her hunky paramedic husband Jim and vaguely useless best friend Andrea--will find a way to lead them to the light. (Ghost Whisperer is evasive about its theological implications, but Melinda's black-hatted nemesis from the season's end has a distinctly devilish air.)

Keeping a foot in both worlds as Melinda is Jennifer Love Hewitt (Party of Five, Garfield), an actress who doesn't seem entirely natural; between her cartoonish physical dimension (the show isn't shy about displaying her bosom), her fake eyelashes, and the seemingly molded contours of her face, she's like a life-sized doll. Unfortunately, this quality lends a similarly plastic feel to her telegenic smile and earnest looks of compassion. The scripts are strictly middle-of-the-road tv fare, with obvious turns of plot and heavy-handed emotional crises, but the special effects conjure some eeriness. Extras include docs on the show's development, the lovely opening credits (based on the art of Maggie Taylor), and the paranormal investigators whose work inspired the show, along with a handful of episode commentaries and deleted scenes. Fans will not feel cheated. --Bret Fetzer

All 22 hautingly mysterious episodes from the 1st season on 6 discs Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 10/31/2006 Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt Aisha Tyler Run time: 960 minutes Rating: Nr

Customer Reviews:

  • Ghost Whisperer
    The package was delivered in 5 days. Packaging was typicle Amazon box, undamaged. This was the complete first season....more info
  • Not Medium!
    "Ghost Whisper" isn't a "Medium," rip off, as many critics accuse. "Medium," follows an interpretation of a true Medium, Alison Dubois, a woman who not only sees ghosts. She's plagued with visions, to bring justice, to the dead's family.
    Melinda sees them in her dreams, and just about everywhere! Her ghostly experiences offer peace to the deceit's family. Unfortunately,these beings may put her friends, her family, or herself, in danger.
    By the end of the first season, Melinda has a whirlwind of terrorizing experiences. She is left wondering, if her ability cost her friend's life, when tragedy takes place? The incident left several dead. She must come to accept the friend's fate, to help them escape an evil, and dark force, moving into the light. With one out of harms way, many others chose not to go into the light! ...more info
  • Really enjoyed the first season
    I knew from the first episode that i was going to enjoy this series. I couldnt help but see some similarities to a horror movie or two that she's done in the past. In one episode her house starts flipping out and she gets her caught in the garbage disposal (it has to be cut by her husband) happened to Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Know What You Did Last Summer and a couple other slight things that i noticed (reminded of those movies). Love the fact that she's playing a character like this with a deep and strong devotion to helping those out there with her gift. She does it well considering most folks dont know about her gift besides the people that she's helped, her husband, her best friend/partner at her antique shop and her mom.

    The only thing i didnt like was the way it ended for one of the characters in the show...i dont want to give away things for those that havent seen it yet. But it left me with some questions and hope they get answered in the 2nd season. Overall an excellent TV show with a pretty good message but its about to get ramped a notch for Melinda in the 2nd season as the evil spirits start gunning for her at a higher rate.

    I only hope she's able to deal with them and hopefully get some help on the ghost front as well from new characters or something...Great story, actors and message makes for an excellent TV show. I hope its around for years to come. Also a fan of Medium, Supernatural and the like. But this is different from those. ...more info
  • Darn!
    I love this series and I was going to buy both seasons until I read that they'd changed the music. Sorry. I wanted the shows that I saw (and heard), not phony substitutes....more info
  • A Boring Spook!
    When I bought this series I thought it would be sppoky... and little scare tactic. I mean what is a ghost story without the chills running down your spine?
    As it progressed, I discovered that this was nothing more that a candy coded drama, that takes all the mystery and thrill out of the common haunting. The spirits that contact the big breasted heroin are just like you and I... nothing spooky about them. There is virtually no action, scares, or fun in this series whatsoever. Come to think of it... nothing really happens in this series.
    I hate it. I havent watched the whole first season yet, and I dont think I ever will ...more info
  • can't believe that i'm addicted to a show featuring 'love' hewitt
    as a kid, i used to watch disney's 'kids incorporated' and would make fun of a girl on the show who went by the name 'love hewitt'. a.k.a. jennifer love hewitt, this child star's career progressed to include a slue of campy teen movies throughout the 90's that i continuously avoided...and then to just stupid waste of film features such as 'the tuxedo' and 'garfield' which i know i was not the only one who 'passed' on viewing.

    then about four years ago i found myself making fun of my father for watching 'that jennifer love hewitt' ghost show on cbs. however, fast-forward to last fall and i found my best friend sitting me down and making me watch an episode of 'ghost whisperer', specifically for the pleasure of viewing hot husband jim clancy, (david conrad). while i acknowledged, 'ok, not as bad as i thought', i didn't get hooked until about 7 months later when i started catching snippets of plot developments in season four, currently airing. now, i'm officially hooked.

    while i haven't yet viewed seasons 2, 3, and 4 in their entirety, i will say that season 1 was worth the $25 that i spent. i charged through its six discs in a weekend. typically, i find that first seasons are awkward; often spent with the show/actors 'finding themselves'-- ghost whisperer is not one of them. it develops its voice and routine within the first episode, and continues in a format that, although at times is repetitive, works.

    david conrad is the high light; his role as devout and understanding husband jim clancy has re-defined the concept of the 'perfect' man. he constantly offers support and understanding to his ghost viewing wife, despite the fact that he's often awakened by her nightmares, making excuses for her talking to 'herself', possessed by angry ghosts, and called repeatedly to her rescue. as the season and series continues, one can't help but utter 'poor jim'.

    and 'love heiwtt'? ok, jennifer is good...great infact. this is her show, and she excels, providing great compassion and heart to the role of ghost viewing antique store owner melinda gordon. this is a chick show through and through, and hewitt takes that fact and runs with it with everything she's got--the picture perfect house, small town, wardrobe, princess hair, and hunky paramedic/fireman husband.

    ghost whisperer is a blend of gilmore girls, x-files, 7th heaven, and i'll even add a touch of lois and clark, (jim is next to clark kent in fantasy husband category). it is a guilty pleasure that i'm glad i have finally embraced....more info
  • The Best You Can Get
    You would think this show was on it's fourth season, being so well-off. It already had its own style and pattern by the fifth episode, and have you hooked for every episode. I started watching this show with the DVD's. To be honest, I wasn't hooked at first. I thought it was cool and interesting, but not amazing. One year passed before I started watching again, and as soon as I finished the fifth episode, I was hooked. I watched the rest of the season within three days. Now, I am on Ghost Whisperer - The Second Season and have just bought Ghost Whisperer - The Third Season. I have to admit, the Second Season also starts a little, slow but it picks up after the fourth episode or so, same as the First. The bottom line is, buy this right away, you won't regret it. ...more info
  • Best show on TV!!!
    This show is warm-hearted and makes you feel great! There is no violence, overated sex or any negative features that most of these shows have on today. If anyone has lost someone close to them this show offers the imagination of endless possibilities. Its a fun show to watch and I just love Jennifer Love Hewitt! She is a great actress and everyone compliments one another well! I cant wait until Season 3! I hope there are many many more to come! I guarantee Season 1 will get you hooked! :)...more info
  • What is this garbage....
    I suppose we have Buffy the Vampire Slayer to thank for this show. As it also features a cast who can not act. Anything with Hewitt in it, is eye candy. She can not act, she can not play a credible character, she only got the part because of her looks and that is all. A hollow show....more info
  • Love it
    A great series if you love mystery and the supernatural. Jennifer Love Hewitt is awesome in this. I recommend it....more info
  • Buffy takes a new tack with regard to the dead
    There are a few clever twists. Nevertheless, the formula seems to get fairly routine by the end of the first season, and the expected visual effects are infrequently used. Looking forward to a second season, if there is one. JLH was an excellent casting choice for the role, and does an admirable job of appearing appropriately suprised and scared. As long people understand that this sort of thing is as much fiction as the Lord of the Rings or Buffy, then it's necromancy and mysticism should not be considered too harmful....more info
  • Couldn't Wait to Get It
    I've watched the shows on TV (well most of them) so I knew what to expect in that aspect. Having the pilot episode included in the set was great. I liked seeing where it all started. I definitely recommend this set to any lover of the Ghost Whisperer show. It also includes commentary and deleted scenes which is fun. I can't live without it and will be purchasing Season 2 shortly....more info
  • Ghost Whisperer - The Complete First Season
    Excellent...this was a Christmas Present for my daughter. Love the the season. ...more info
  • Ghost Whisperer--The Complete First Season
  • The Ghost Whisperer: The First Season
    I watch this show every Friday night. I love The Ghost Whisperer, I was so happy that they came out with the First season on DVD. This is one of the best DVD's I have ever bought....more info
  • Excellent!!!
    While on a tour in Iraq in 2006, I decided to pick up a box set to watch in my spare time. It ended up being Ghost Whisperer(that was the best they had overseas) and I fell in love with it. I believe that I watched the whole set in 3 days. I even sacraficed sleep to watch in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I have been hooked on this show ever since. I cannot wait until the 3rd season hits the box set!!!!!...more info
  • Excellent product
    Excellent product, what I expected. Interesting and dramatics episodes. keep you expecting what is going to happen the next second. Very real and logical. A new way to see what is happening on the other side and how "people" act after death....more info
  • Heart Warming
    It was soooooo good that I watched the first season right through. ...more info
  • Ghost Whisperer
    This was a gift for someone else, so I can't report on the quality. But they were sure happy to have it, and I was happy with the price....more info
  • Excellent
    In buying this series, I found a few episodes I missed. Plus, I got to revisit a few favorites....more info
  • I love this series!
    Ghost Whisperer is now my number #1 favorite show to watch. It's like Sixth Sense only better because there's a new show every week! And I like how Melinda has accepted her gift, although there are a few spirits who spook her now and again! If you're just now beginning to watch the show, then be sure to get the first helps explain a few things that are happening in the later series....more info
  • Ghost Whisperer rocks
    This was a Christmas gift for our foreign exchange student from Taiwan that is staying with us this school year. I had never watched the program before she came, and it was she that introduced the show to us. She loves the DVD and we have watched many episodes over and over. ...more info
  • A Class Production, in Every Regard
    4 Stars

    Somewhere along the way, the world of Hollywood decided to relegate the province of supernatural mystery to the fringe elements. In fact, I'm not overly impressed with what they have done with the genre of mystery, in general. (I'll put it this way-if it can be solved by entering something into a computer, it is not a mystery, it is an equation.)True mystery is about ambience, and this is particularly true of mysteries that feature otherworldly dimensions.

    This is what makes 'Ghost Whisperer' such a strong show. It understands what it is, and it shows some respect for its audience.The episodes are permeated by an aura of the macabre,sure....... but it is balanced by a regard for things that real people actually place some value upon. The stories do not go out of their way to wallow in the more sordid facets of the human experience.There is a strong sense of reverence for the things that people care most about.

    Frankly, this is a show that is carried by the heroine. Sure, she is blessed with an abundance of features that appeal to heterosexual men. But, far more importantly, she is earnest and intelligent. And sweet. (Remember when people considered these desirable traits in a woman?)Well, oddly enough, some of us still do, although you would be hard-pressed to prove it by the way the pop culture usually insists on depicting women. 'Ghost Whisperer' features one of television's most captivating and distinctive heroines.Her smile alone is sufficient to profer some merit to any hour you choose to devote to this series.

    Of course, I don't want to overstate the case. The show is not perfect. As some others have pointed out in this forum, it can be somewhat redundant. But it is just such a refreshing change of pace from most of what seems to dominate the supernatural genre. It is a class production, and it can be enjoyed by well-adjusted, healthy people. After an hour of this, I don't feel as if I have lowered myself by having participated. That is not something I can say about most tv shows....more info
  • David Conrad makes Ghost Whisperer
    I really enjoy this item. The most valuable asset is David Conrad as Jim Clancy. Mr. Conrad's acting abilities shine through the episodes. He shows Jim as strong, loving, and someone who does not take himself too seriously....more info
  • Great!!
    Jennifer Lover Hewitt is great in this role. The show is one of the best supernatural shows on right now. Ths show is suspenceful,scary and you'll find a little bit of everything in this show. I LOVE it!!!...more info
  • Great show!
    I ordered this on april 8th and it arrived the very next day!! Super Fast shipping :)

    On a side note, i am absolutley hooked to this show. I have never seen this show before i bought it (i got it just for the gorgeous jennifer love hewitt). I was really surprised about how good this show is. Is has great stories and they tend to pull in to where you feel like you connect with the spirits on a personal level. I can't wait to finish to season and see how the story unfolds more. I will buy the rest of the seasons after this one :)...more info
  • Ghost Whisperer Season One
    Very happy with product. Rec'd product in timely manner. Will purchase other DVD's again in the future. Very happy with the price of the DVD....more info
  • A great little find!
    Yes, I didn't watch this show when it aired originally, and yes I'm glad that they did put it out on DVD because I got the chance to rent the disks out at my local DVD/Video shop. At first I wasn't too interested, but there was literally nothing to rent so I went for the TV dvd's. Now, I don't care what people think about Jennifer Love Hewitt (eye candy vs. real actress blah blah blah...) this is a smart and touching show that is not afraid to deal with issues such as suicide, evil, and loss. I was sold on Hewitt as an actress early on in Party of Five, but if there are doubters watch the movie "If Only"... it's quite enthralling and she's great in that picture.

    Ok back to Ghost Whisperer...the show has a good mosaic of moods created, so it's not always intense all throughout, but it had me frightened and crying (often) and laughing too.

    Hewitt is well cast as there is a genuine compassion, which exudes from her character and I like that we don't have to question her relationship with her's kind of refreshing to see a strong duo that are committed to each other.

    A couple episodes I absolutely adored...

    "Lost Boys", very Charles Dickens and the boy actors in this episode are stellar.

    "Undead Comic", if anyone has lost someone or knows someone who has been affected by suicide this episode really tugs at the soul...beautiful, beautiful script.

    The last three episodes are also very good, and take you in a totally different, darker direction.

    This is a great show, I can't wait for the next season to come out.... if your not sure about it check-out an episode on TV or rent the DVD's first.

    It really is the stories of the ghosts that make the most powerful aspect of the show and there's something so intriguing about being able to finish things up or clear things over with loved ones once their gone. Watching characters have that closure to so much pain is moving yet somehow out of reach from my natural comprehension of reality that I really couldn't help but be envious. At the same time we shouldn't take for granted the moments we do have with those we love; quite an ageless, universal truth.
    ...more info
  • One of the few shows worth your time
    In my opinion, there are very few shows out right now that I would consider to be worth sitting at home for, so to speak. This is one of them.

    The writing is smart, witty, and consistent. The acting is fantastic - the main 3 (Hewitt, Taylor, and Conrad) nail their characters and have great chemistry with one another. And the relationship between Melinda (Hewitt) and and her husband (Conrad) is portrayed as a true partnership. It's very rare that shows today feature a healthy romantic relationship; there is always an ex who appears out of nowhere to stir things up or someone has an affair or one of them is abusive... This is one that role models the right behaviors.

    The stories are very touching - and, yes, I usually cry. But as I told a friend, it's a "good cry." This show is well worth your time....more info
  • Completely Enjoyable and Entertaining
    For fans of this series, this is a must. Great entertainment and way to catch up on storyline if you missed any episodes. A+ on the speedy service after ordering....more info
  • I have only one complaint
    Great Show! It's a cross between "Supernatural" and Touched By An Angel". Not as spooky as "Supernatural" but caring stories as "Touched By An Angel" was. I admire strong women roles as Jennifer Love Hewitt does by playing Melinda Gordon. She's married, but have you noticed she kept her last name. Awesome! There was one episode, although it may have been season 2 ( I just watched season 1 and season 2 these last 3 weeks), where her husband said something like "I can't let You" and she says "Let Me". No man is going to tell her what to do. COOL! It's nice to see a husband stand by his wife. In the real world that wouldn't happen. Maybe more shows like this and the males of our society may follow. I did say I have one complaint. This is a great entertaining show, great actresses and actors, great stories, keeps me interested. But, can you please get her breast out of my face!!! Way to much cleavage showing. :-)...more info
  • All-around entertainment
    I was working out at the gym and happened to catch an episode of the Ghost Whisperer from season 2 and I was hooked. I went and bought season 1 to get caught up and find out what this was all about and I wasn't disappointed. This is all-around entertainment. A little scary, sometimes romantic, sometimes funny, almost always makes me cry and good eye candy (Jennifer Love Hewitt) for the hubby, so he doesn't mind cuddling on the couch with me while I scare myself silly. ...more info
  • Great Show
    If you love to watch Ghost Whisperer this set is for you!!!!
    Don't miss any episodes again ...Waiting for 2nd season ...more info
  • Ghost Whisperer - The complete first season
    I purchased this complete season for my daughter and I. We were "hooked" on this show. Owning the dvd was great but being able to see deleted scenes & all the information provided in the special features may it that much better....more info
  • $61.99?
    For the life of me, I can't figure out why this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to but both Seasons, figuring I would pay $25-$29 for each Season, but $62 is out of control!!!...more info
  • Ghost Whisperer The Complete First Season
    I received the product extremely fast! It is in great shape and I became a viewer in the 2nd season, so, this is great to get caught up.

    I LOVE it!!!
    ...more info
  • Good Sci-Fi/Horror Drama
    If you want to watch some great Sci-Fi/horror with consistenly interesting stories that have variety in their plots with identifiable characters and great actors that inject just enough humor into their roles, then you should probably watch something like Supernatural. However, if you want decent, but fairly predictable stories that involve Jennifer Love Hewitt parading around in low cut tops (and face it if your a male then you do) then you should watch Ghost Whisperer. ...more info
  • Not the Show I Need
    My girlfriend and sister used to get together to watch this show every Friday, but they noticed some problems. Why must every episode, for instance, break down into emotional hysteria in the final act? Is it too much to do some location shooting so the show doesn't look so tied to a back lot set? And how much of Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage must they display in every episode?

    The show plainly aims for a primarily female audience. Girl-bonding and loving-hubby themes are mainstays of the structure. But it also tries to drum up suspense and horror. I won't say the two can't go together, but the pattern is distinctly repetitive. Nearly every episode begins with Hewitt's character, Melinda Gordon, trembling in fear of some gruesome spirit; nearly every episode ends with Gordon in tears of mourning as she explains to the spirit why crossing over isn't so bad.

    Perhaps the mainly male production team thinks that teary-eyed protestations of limp theology will reach a girly audience. And perhaps they're right, since the show has a large loyal following. But women I trust, like my sister and my girlfriend, assure me that when the show piles on the same structure week after week, it taxes their ability to take the emotions seriously.

    Though the show aims for a mainly female audience, it never misses a chance to render good-looking women like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Aisha Tyler as eye candy. I suspect the creative team thinks men will watch more if there's a hint of skin. And I can't deny that my girlfriend is sick of me hitting the rewind button every time Sigourney Weaver strips to her skivvies in "Alien." But men need that eye candy in a story we can get behind, not one that peters out in favor of a weepy sermon just when things are getting good.

    This show's spirit world is especially weak tea. We hear a lot about the light and, in a handful of episodes, about the dark, but they are never defined. Whenever Melinda Gordon is pressed on this question, she finks. My suspicion is that the creative team wants to avoid offending any particular religion. They accomplish this task by addressing none of them. Considering that this question comes up in nearly every episode, I find a "ho-hum" coming on every time we approach the final act.

    This series is very loosely based on the work of spiritists James Van Praagh and Mary Ann Wintkowski, both of whom are interviewed in the special features of this DVD collection. Don't watch them. It's amazing how they can discuss something as potentially mind-blowing as talking with the spirits of the dead, and still come across as uninteresting wet rags.

    I know many people enjoy this show, and I don't want to take anything from them. If this is your taste, bless your heart. But when I deal with such potentially meaty subjects, I don't want my story to wimp in the clutch. I look forward to a show which addresses questions like these without giving up its teeth. This show just doesn't meet my needs....more info
  • Incredible
    Exceeds where "The Sixth Sense" (which I assume was the inspiration) only scratched the surface. A brilliant, well-conceived series....more info
  • Television by the season-- not the week
    This box set of the first season of Ghost Whisperer is a beautiful, clear, easy to watch widescreen presentation, and as such, much easier to watch than the usual NTSC 4:3 version most people have seen. I actually have an HD television and was able to watch the show over the air in HD, so thus I can attest that the DVDs viewed via a good DVD player and a 32 inch or larger HD set is close to the actual HD presentation.

    The transfer to DVD in terms of both picture and sound is above average for television transfer, and the content is smoother and "makes better sense" without the commercial breaks....more info
  • love this show!
    ok, i'm mean. i never give anything 5 stars, it's my thing lol. but this is a truly great show. jennifer love is sooo cute!! i love shows like charmed, medium, sabrina the teenage witch, bewitched, i dream of jeanie, i have them all, at least one season. oh, and i also love mary tyler moore show. anyway, this show gives a great spin of suspense, and has plenty to creep you out if that's what you're in the mood for. i'm such a wuss and the night i saw one of the shows for the first time i slept with my closet light on. the creepy stuff is done very tastefully. i know, i'm an adult and such a baby when it comes to creepy things like that lol. but it is a fun show, and jennifer love is so cute to watch, like she could be a good friend if you met her in real life. i swear i have no life lol. if you want a relaxing, non boring afternoon, light a candle, make some chocolate chip cookies and settle down for a great story. ...more info
  • Ghost Whisperer review first season
    I'm most impressed.A must for everyone to see, who is interested in having a look behind the normal horizon.I'm looking forward to the second season.
    I hope it will come soon....more info
  • ghost whisperer series 1 dvd
    This was great value for money. I love this show and was really pleased at how quickly it arrived. The only thing I would say on a more negative side is that It would have been better to advertise a little better about the fact you need a MULTI REGION dvd player. Apart from this I was very pleased with the service and very very happy with the product. I would you the service again. ...more info
  • Ghost Whisperer
    If you love the paranormal this show is right up your alley. Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad really make the show worth watching. If you watch Medium you might like this, this is a bit more up beat then Medium....more info
  • The Ghost Whisperer (Season 1)
    GREAT 1st Season!
    If you are a Fan of The Ghost Whisperer = You have to Own this One!
    Fantastic Picture & audio.
    Drexel Hill,. Pa.
    ...more info
  • If there's any show I'd watch the rest of my life, it would be this
    I got into this show after sitting down with my parents when they were watching it. So, I fell in love with it! I had to get the season and watch some more. The mood is set very well. I love Jennifer Love Hewitt's acting. She's so pretty and she plays the part very well. The characters are very well planned out and great. I love the stories behind the ghosts she helps cross-over. Warning- you will cry at the end of all these episodes. I can never stop crying. It's good though =) And, I don't consider my dad to be a very serious person but he cries every time too. I'm waiting to buy series 2 after Christmas if I don't get it. ...more info
  • One of our favorite shows....
    Ghost Whisperer - The Complete First Season

    We started watching Ghost Whisperer last year. It quickly became one of our favorites.
    Each episode combines a mixture of fear and tears as Melinda helps "earthbound" spirits complete their unfinished business before crossing over to "the light".
    We enjoyed the third season so much that we just had to get the first season. We plan on getting the second season when we are done with the first.

    ...more info
    I love this series, and was quite excited to get the season on DVD. Great buy with a lot of extras!
    ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!
  • Really like this show!
    I was staying with a friend who turned me on to Ghost Whisperer during season two. I got hooked on the show and watched all of them. My friend was telling me about the "history" from season one so I decided to purchase it. Well, it is just as good. I really like the whole idea of the show - the dead taking care of one final thing in the real world.

    Anyway, I highly recommend Ghost Whisperer Season One and anybody who is a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt will like it also.
    ...more info
  • The Comeback of Jennifer Love Hewitt
    If you're looking for something outside normal, but not very spooky, then this is the show for you. Well built stories, good acting and just a touch of romance. However it does not enter the supernatural heavely. If you're into the serious, hard stuff, then this is too light. Nevertheless, it's an entertaining show, definately secures the comeback of Jennifer Love Hewitt, that glowes in this series....more info
  • A Most Touching Series
    Due to scheduling circumstances, I was only able to view a few Season One episodes when they actually aired, but impressed enough with the few I saw that I knew I had to obtain the DVD set when it was released. I was amazed at how touching the series is, as well as its strong ability to be suspenseful and creepy, as well as suddenly comical. Jennifer Love Hewitt has always been such a talent, and brings such a believable nature to her character of Melinda Gordon. The camera work and well written scripts easily allow for multiple viewings, to catch new information previously missed. The episodes are also so heartfelt that I found it impossible not to shed tears for all but two episodes of the 24 episodes. It is worth the purchase, not just to rent, but to own. The bonus material is fine, and while they could have had more commentaries (on more episodes), for those they do they're informative and entertaining.
    I look forward to buying the Season Two disc set (though also, as an actor, I got to work as David Paymer's photo double in the "A Grave Matter" episode...), as well as future DVD "Ghost Whisperer" seasons....more info
  • Ghost Whisperer first season
    This TV show was so scary it seemed. but actually a very heartwarming great show. It has been so fun to see how actually it all began. I am excited to get the second year. I won't miss a new show every week anymore. Jennifer Love Hewitt is beautiful and fun to watch. She unralvels people's lives as she has the ability to talk to spirts. She helps people resolve issues that were not able to be resolved when they were alive. It makes us realize that we need to be honest and up front about things in our lives that are important while we can be. We can all learn that if there is something bothering us about anything we need to attack and deal with it. It is also about her life with a guy she is deeply in love with and high values and respect for living life in our very busy world we have. The complete first season has been GREAT entertainment. Vicki Gossard...more info
  • Ghost Whisperer
    The First Season was great!! We love Jennifer Love Hewitt and we never
    miss her on a Friday night!!! Can't wait to get Season Two!!!!...more info


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