Zanies Furry Mice Cheese Wedge Box (60 count)

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Product Description

Your feline friends won't be able to resist these authentic-looking furry mice! They will provide hours of fun and exercise and are a healthy outlet for your cat's natural hunting instinct. This cheese wedge box contains 60 furry mice, each with a felt nose and eyes and measures approximately 3" long from tail tip to nose tip.

  • 60 (SIXTY) total Furry Mice!
  • Comes in cool Cheese Wedge Box!
  • Your cat(s) will go nuts!

Customer Reviews:

  • Good toy
    Every cat I know LOVES these mice. When you buy a big wedge open the box and leave it on nthe floor for cats to explore....more info
  • Crazy cat toys!
    My cats love these mice! They give many hours of exercise and fun for my feline friends!...more info
  • Great price but can cause a mess...
    These are considerably cheaper than other similar mice I've found. Unfortunately, my cat likes to tear up her mouse toys which releases the "stuffing" all over the place. Other mice I've had simply had a plastic shell (no stuffing) inside which was significantly less messy to deal with....more info
  • Lots and Lots of Mice make my kitty happy
    The mice are great, my kitten bats them all around the house. The fur comes off them after awhile, but there are always more for her to play with. They end up under the fridge, stove, and sofa, so I like buying them in bulk. The shipping was the only thing that I had issue with, the mice weigh less than a pound, they could be shipped priority for $4.80 but I had to pay $8.95 which is more than for books....more info
  • Same as the Pet store mice
    These mice are a great deal for the price. They are the exact same as the mice I buy at Pet-Supermarket for $1 a piece. Huge savings........ Very Happy...more info
  • My cats LOVE them!
    I have furry mice all over my apt, under chairs, beds and closets, but my Cats ADORE these mice! They are so entertained by them, I would have to say they are their favorite toy...ever!...more info


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