AQUABUG.....Above Ground Pool Cleaner...Automatic

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Our Price: $130.00

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Product Description

AquaBug? Automatic Pool Cleaners For Above-Ground Pools The Hayward AquaBug pool cleaner is designed to clean the bottom of all sizes and shapes of above-ground/on-ground pools -automatically. This attractive little fellow operates off the pool's existing filtration system and features our exclusive SmartDrive? program steering so it won't miss a spot. Quiet, efficient and quite unique, AquaBug is competitively priced to be gobbled up in your store by happy pool owners who will never be bugged by manual pool cleaning again.

  • Level depth in-ground vinyl pools
  • Above-ground pools (flat or dished bottoms)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Patented SmartDrive programmed steering system ensures the entire bottom of the pool is cleaned quickly and completely
  • Unique turbine/gearing system provides constant balanced water flow assuring quiet operation and gentle movement across the pool bottom

 Customer Reviews:

  • Great for the price
    It's actually a very good product. Unfortunately, it depends on the pool's filter pump for its suction, and my pump wasn't strong enough (primarily because of a too-small hose adapter in my side wall.

    It's fun to watch it move around the pool. It did not seem to cover my entire pool bottom, but it got close.

    My friend absolutely LOVES his....more info
  • Cool little pool vac
    This is a great little vac. It hooks up to your filter intake or skimmer, and vacuums straight to your filter - not a bag with holes that doesn't catch fine particles. We use ours in a 24' above ground pool made by Intex. Yes, one of those temporary pools. It would work in any above ground pool! The most important thing to have is a good filter system. The filter supplied by Intex is not very good. This vac works best with a sand filter. We have a Hayward Pro Series system with a 1.5 hp Power Flo Maxtrix pump. The combination of this filter system and vacuum has saved my summers. I spent the first year with this pool spraying out the filter and hand/pole vacuuming only to see the finer particles come back into the pool through the return. It took all the pleasure out of having a pool! Now, I hook up my vac (3 min), turn on the filter system (1 sec), and walk away - it's awsome!!! This little vacuum even handled our pool opening this year, which included a large number of leaves and a ton of very fine particles. Unlike the super expensive Pool Rover, this vacuum does not move systematically around the pool to clean in a specific period of time. It moves in ever-widening circles, then goes straight for a bit and starts circling again. It can be a little vexing to see it turn just before it gets to something that you want it to vacuum up, but if you give it time, it will get everything. We put ours in and let in run for about an hour, when we come back the pool looks great! Aqua Bug, Wanda the Whale, and Diver Dave are all the same vacuum with different housings. ...more info
  • Works as Described
    I have a 24 foot round above ground pool with a 52' inch depth. The bottom is not perfectly smooth (some wrinkles and divets), but the product does a great job in about 2 to 3 hours. I plan on running it every couple of days to clean and stir up the water at the bottom of the pool. ...more info
  • Love the bug
    I couldn't be happier with the AquaBug. It does a great job of cleaning my pool quickly and quietly. They say it takes 10 minutes to install, but I did it in about 5. The biggest problem with the bug is that it looks like a toy and is fairly inexpensive, so people might not take it seriously. However, it really does the job. It came with enough hose for my 15' x 30' pool, and it never gets stuck on my ladder. Added bonus: the random path it takes through the pool is hypnotic to watch. If you get a lot of leaves in your pool, I recommend getting the optional leaf-catcher to keep your filter from getting clogged....more info