Hoover U8171-900 Savvy Bagless Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Wonderful product; great seller
    I have used the Hoover Savvy Bagless UB171-900 several times now. It does a nice job all the way around. Picks up pet hair, broken pieces of pine needles and all of the reasonable sized 'trash' that finds its way to the floor.

    Like all bagless units, cleaning the 'bucket' is not fun but it saves money, it is efficient and works amazingly well over all.

    I am thrilled I made this choice for my father's day present!

    Allan D; GA...more info
  • good product if you take care of it
    I purchased this vacuum over 2 years ago...i have had to replace the lifetime belt but only because my child refused to pick up shoe strings off of the ground and when hearing the motor having problems and me yelling from the other room, he finally turned it off. wouldn't say that it is a problem with the product, just a problem with the consumer as far as the belt goes. As for suction, it is great if you make sure that you clean the filter and the canister out on a regular basis. Since it has a clear housing unit it doesn't take a genious to know when to clean it out. It is heavy/bulky, but it works at lot better than my kirby. As for power switch problems, we have had to replace ours, but the same child was only pulling the switch halfway up(in between the two settings)..even watched him do it and over time it just gave out. Since I replaced the switch, I turn on the vacuum for him and we haven't had any problems. Now when it comes to cleaning bare floors, this vacuum has something to be desired. If you don't have shoes on you will know that it just throws the dirt out the back end of the vacuum and doesn't suck up the dirt. I don't really use it for bare floors anyway, but figured I would give it a try. Oh yeah, I have 6 dogs, 12 cats and 4 teenagers and it still works great to this day, even let my neighbor use it and he was amazed at how much sand/dirt it picked up even after he used his PET-DYSON! Does prove a point, just because you pay a lot doesn't mean it works great. That's why I like this vacuum, it doesn't cost a lot and there is no bags to buy EVER....more info
  • Poor product
    I have owned this for two years.The vacuum is heavy, awkward and cumbersome. There is no easy way to transport it up and down stairs. It is a filty mess to empty and has been in the repair shop twice because it keeps clogging up. The repair shop states that it is not well designed. The manufacuter will not stand behind the product....more info