Fujitronic Portable Air Cooler with Humidifier, Ionize and Remote Control fh776t

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Stay cool and breath clean air this summer with this ultra convenient air cooler. Do not let its small and compact design fool you. This air cooler has three selection of wind speed mode. Negative ion are release with the fresh air, so it helps to keep your air clean while you enjoy the fresh air produced by this unit. The antimicrobial water tank helps to keep this unit clean. The unit includes 2 free ice packs and remote control for your convenient. With its small and compact design, it can fit almost anywhere in the room. This is truly a must have product to stay cool this summer. Note:* Portable air cooler is NOT recommended for environment with high humidity as the unit utilizes water to cool. Portable air coolers are NOT portable air conditioners, so it is not intended to cool a room or lower the room temperature. 

  • Three selections of wind speed and mode
  • negative ion releases FRESH air
  • with remote control
  • Antimicrobial water tank
  • Timer up to 8 hours
Customer Reviews:
  • Expensive fan
    CON: You would probably have to have this machine running 24/7 to feel an effect on room humidity and ionisation, and I live in small rooms in dry Colorado. PRO: Sleek design and easy to use. ...more info