Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

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Puzzle Quest: Warlords challenges you to create, develop and customize a hero to save the land of Etheria from the evil Lord Bane. To accomplish this, you'll have to prove your worth in a series of turn-based puzzle games.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not for the faint of heart!
    Reviewed for Big Boss Games by: Tim

    Puzzle Quest
    By: Vicious Cycle Software
    Published by: D3 Publisher of America
    System: PlayStation Portable - PSP

    The story intro (taken from the instruction book):
    Enter the world of Etheria, a mythical land quickly becoming overrun with evil. You must help protect the kingdom of Bartonia from the undead invasion and seek out the source of these vile creatures to ensure the safety of your countrymen.

    Story: 2.5/5
    The world of Etheria is a large place filled with many cities, ruins and monsters. You can choose from four different classes and this will alter the story a bit. The classes that you can choose from are Druid - a master of nature magic (Healing and status boost). I picked this one for my first time through and liked it a lot. Knight - good with swords and shields. Warrior - Great with axes! Then the Wizard - great offensive spells used later in the game, poor hit points to start with, so choosing this one as your first choice might be a mistake and ruin the game for you.

    Sound: 2/5
    The sound was Ok, although not much to remember.

    Graphics: 2.5/5
    The graphics were ok, for a puzzle game.

    Gameplay: 4.5/5
    Your home city is Bartonia; here you will have access to your Citadel, the ability to get quests, access the local tavern for rumors, visit the shop to outfit your hero with some new equipment and access your hero's inventory. Where the game truly shines is in the gameplay. You move on a point-to-point, top down world. Then you battle a monster, overlord, or "thing" on a puzzle grid. The object is to match up at least 4 of the same colors, up/down and left/right. By doing that, you could afflict damage to your opponent. You also have spells and special moves that affect yours or your opponent's status. By playing well you will gain EXP that will level you up and give you access to better spells and special attacks. You can also be awarded armor and weapons at the end of a battle.

    After a while, you will be given a Citadel that you can build up with the money that you acquired. By doing so, you will gain access to a dungeon that will hold monsters and enemies that you capture on the battlefield. With the addition of a mage tower you can try to learn some very useful spells from the monsters in your dungeon. The stable will allow you to capture and train mounts like giant spiders and griffons, and wolves. A forge will let you use runes that you find on the battlefield to make useful items. The siege shop allows you to lay siege to cities, so that you can earn more money to build up your citadel. The temple is a place where you can donate funds to increase your base status points. Towers will decrease the odds that a conquered city will revolt against you. The vault will increase the tribute the conquered cities will pay to you. The statues will gain you the title of king or queen and a one-time morale boost. So much to do so little time!

    Replay Value: 4/5
    The replay value for this game is very high because with the choice of four different classes to start with and all the choices you make throughout the game affects the story and the final outcome of the game. Also, the puzzle game addictiveness level is super high with this game.

    Overall: 3.5/5
    Overall this was a very good and solid game. This game was easy to play and ultra tough to master. I really liked this game. I recommend this game for all puzzle fans, also some hardcore fantasy fans that are looking for a new challenge....more info
  • Extremely fun game, but crippled by a horrible PSP bug
    First, let me say that Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is an extremely fun and addicting game. It beautifully melds an RPG-style game with a challenging (yet not overly complicated) puzzle-type battle system. I'm an RPG fan (not so much turn-based) and my girlfriend loves shape/puzzle games (tetris, etc.).
    We both had a great deal of fun with the game UNTIL the devastating bug. I'm not talking about the OTHER bug (roll eyes) that makes your companions useless. While frustrating, I could live without the companions.
    No, I'm talking about the common bug (for the PSP) which prevents you from looking at your new spells. Yes, the PSP will crash if you try to look past spell number 6 or 7. Not a big deal? Well, if you can't scroll down to them, then you can't equip them. Basically, you're stuck with your first few spells for the remainder of the game, even as your enemies growth in health and skill.
    Worse, there is no rhyme or reason behind when this bug strikes. Some people think it has to do with your level, number of companions, mounts, etc. The point is - unless you want to spend the entire game leveling up without reaping the benefits of improved spells while having to fight increasingly difficult foes, you have to start over. And that will only lead to more disappointment.

    I like this game alot, but releasing the PSP version with this bug is unforgivable. They could have even released a patch to fix it, but they haven't (trust me, I've contacted the developer and publisher numerous times with no response!).

    So while I can recommend the game based on its gameplay, I ultimately cannot recommend it because of the crippling PSP bug and the refusal of the developer/publisher to address it....more info
  • Another game of interest killed by to much difficulty
    This sounded like a good game, that is why I picked it up. I then played for a while and enjoyed the puzzle battles and fought the battles around the starting area. Then I smacked my head against the first boss again and again trying to get past. I raised my experience level a few times but still there was no getting past. I laid this game to rest to stop wasting my time. Best of luck to those who continue on this quest....more info
  • Addictive
    This game might seem a bit clunky at first but it is addictive. It is one of those games that you pick up intending to play for 10 minutes or so but then realize that you've been playing for two hours by the time your done. My wife actually got even more addicted to it than me! ...more info
  • Awesome game
    This is an excellent game for both lovers of deep and rich RPGs and simple games like Bejewelled. In fact you could call this Bejewelled RPG. It has an incredibly deep RPG system that will keep you occupied for hours together and a simple gameplay that is easy for anyone to pick up. Dont get put off by the occasionally difficult opponents because the longer you play, the better you get and learn to advance. Picking the right skills, mounts, spells and companions makes a big difference.
    All in all, this game along with Lumines and WipeOut makes my PSP get much of the gaming action at home. ...more info
  • Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
    This game is a great way to pass the time on trips. It's a more in-depth Bejeweled type game where you have a hero you level up while playing. If you enjoy games like Lumines or puzzle games in general you may like this game.

    The only thing I don't like about this game are a few bugs I have run into. They are minor performance problems were the game may slow down after defeating an opponent, but these can be overlooked and are nothing major.
    ...more info
  • Challengingly bland...
    fun?! ZERO is what I should be allowed to give this!

    Since I can't properly rate this, I'll have to rate it here in the commentary.

    How much fun is this game?.......... ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO
    How do you rate this game overall? ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO

    How I can count the ways on how freakin' awful this game really is. Maybe for the puzzle twitch junkie this will get their buzz on. But for me, it's so bad I can't describe the hate I have for this turd.
    ...more info
  • puzzle quest not as good as it sounds
    I wanted to surprise my son (15) for Easter so I didn't ask him for the name of a new game. This was in the 2007 list of best games and sounded good. However, upon loading it, the writing is very tiny, even for his eyes, and the game not very challenging. He played it about four times and now is back using old games he had....more info
  • Difficult Quest, but addictive
    I happen to have the PS2 version of this game, and when i purchased my PSP, this game was at the top of the list. It's just plain addictive, even with the slowdown and load times.

    It's easy enough to pick up and play, and even though you will cringe at how the enemy "seems" to know what's coming down, (hence the difficulty) even though you can't see it, when you hit you first epic combo, you'll be caught.

    Ease of play
    Addictive gameplay
    Difficult but excellent AI

    Load time
    Slowdown during certain spells

    Even with the cons, this is still a 5 star game, period....more info
  • Actions speak louder than words
    Everything people said highly touting this game is true. Deep fun puzzle game that appeals to people who love Bejeweled and even Magic: the gathering. I bought one, and days later am back to buy 2 more for my friends....more info
  • Fun
    I bought this game on sale from Amazon. Fun puzzle game with RPG elements. ...more info
  • best "casual" game ever?
    The game is not really a cross between Bejeweled and an RPG; rather it's a highly-enhanced Bejeweled wrapped in a story that advances as a reward for playing and winning the Bejeweled contests. That's not a bad thing - in this case it's nearly perfect, as the highly-enhanced Bejeweled was to my mind one of the most addictive "casual" games that I've ever played, and the story is an amusing light parody of a RPG story that provides needed intermissions in the action. My other favorite "casual" game is Lumines, but the problem with it is that it can take an hour or more to play through one round, while the rounds in Puzzle Quest are much shorter (and so more clearly "casual"). The other attraction to Puzzle Quest is the shifting rules depending upon your "spells", your opponent's, and the various bonuses earned via playing. This gives the game much more longevity than Bejeweled, although it does make it less "casual" as you need to develop an understanding of the interplay and power of the "spells".

    I found the combination of pattern recognition and tactical rule optimization to be extremely addictive - like when I first played Lumines or Tetris, this game dominated my spare moments for weeks. The upside of this game is that it progresses from start to finish (final boss), so it provides a sense of mastery that is missing from an open-ended game with continuously ratcheting difficulty; the downside is that there is a finish. But a lot of those "spare" moments weren't quite so, so just as well...

    I don't understand the heated comments about the bug in the game and difficulty problems. I noticed a couple of idiosyncrasies and experienced at least one crash, but these had very little impact on my overall enjoyment of the game. The game can be difficult at times, but why would you play if there's no challenge? I suspect some/most of the complaints are from people who find pattern recognition games generally difficult.

    Buy this game....more info
  • Stupidly addicting game.
    Didn't get 5 stars due to the fact that the monsters are VERY lucky every now and then. But other than those few times this game is great....more info
  • Simple, yet addictive, just like a puzzle game should be
    I wanted to get another 5-star rating out there, because this game is awesome. The small, small negatives of this game (repetitive, a possible bug on the PSP game, and PSP load times) aren't enough to detract from this game. There are plenty of lengthy reviews out there to read, but let it be known this game is well worth the $19.99 asking price....more info
  • A bug makes the game a lot harder!
    The concept and game play is good but the major flaw of the game is the bug ONLY exist in the US PSP version. This bug does not allow your companions in your Quest to add bonuses. No wonder I have been fighting really challenging enemies by myself all the time!

    I talked to D3 Publisher they told me that they are still discussing with SONY rather to replace the UMD instead of using patching it via memory stick. Will update you guys when they resolve this problem. Anyway
    this game is perfect in Japanese and European version, also XBOX LIVE and Nintendo DS.

    ...more info
  • NO NO NO
    First off it is a good game but the glitches just like the DS version. Like someone said before you can't call you companions in to help well I could not use certain my spells. I gain 15 spells altogther and could only use a few. When I tried to select different spells my PSP FROZE AND SHUT OFF :(. This is why I give the game a 2, it a fun game but this glitch is killing me....more info
  • Best game ever!!!
    I just wanted to start this review off by saying "WOW"!!! This game is the bomb!!! I have not been able to put this game down since I purchased it for my PSP. Well except to maybe sleep and take a shower!! This game encapsulates so many different genre's that everyone should love this game. It is a puzzle/rpg/fun game!!! I highly recommend this game. It is also available for Nintendo DS. ...more info
  • Honestly, the first good game for PSP
    I'd been regretting the purchase of my PSP.... until I bought this game on a co-worker's recommendation. To the uninitiated, and I'm including my first gut-reaction here, it looks idiotic. I thought for sure I was throwing my money away when I bought this.... but you know what? It took all of 10 minutes playing it and I was hooked. Two week-long vacations later, my only fault with the game is that it's not longer/more difficult. Since beating the game, I now look at my PSP as a hunk of junk again.

    Hopefully there will be a sequel....more info
  • Can't put this one down!
    Be prepared to give up a huge chunk of your free time if you buy this game! I've been playing this game for almost a month now and still haven't tired of it. It's a very simple game that just about anyone can pick up and play. The game play is repetitious as you are matching the same blocks over and over again. However, this doesn't seem to get old as you battle different enemies as your strategy will change with each one. Add on some role playing elements and you're sure to be hooked!
    ...more info
  • Surprising Depth
    First off, anyone familiar with the Bejeweled types of games online will immediately grasp the game. All battles, puzzles, and challenges are handled by playing this puzzle type of game. Of course, with an RPG twist, gameplay can be changed/affected with spells that you amass as you gain levels and/or capture enemies.

    The only knocks against this game are:

    1. The combat mechanic can get old if you're not interested in that type of game.
    2. Once you reach the level max of 50, most enemies pose little to no threat.
    3. The forging mechanic leaves a bit to be desired since it won't explain what you're making until you commit to do so. Also, some of the items are comparable to ones you can buy or pick up early in the game, so even creating a Godlike weapon can be anti-climactic.

    I intentionally got those out of the way so I could begin to sing the praises of Puzzle Quest. Like I said, it's an RPG wrapped around a puzzle game. However, I'm truly amazed at how they took a game that is known and reinvented it into a game that easily sucked 25+ hours of gameplay out of me.

    First off, you get to choose between four different classes. Yes, they matter. There are seven "stats" available to each character. The four magics (Earth -green, Fire - red, Air - yellow, and Water - blue), Battle, Cunning, and Morale. Each class has preferred stats which cost less to upgrade. You're given only four points to spend in stats when you level up and the preferred stats cost 1 pt each while some cost up to 3 pts each.

    Once you've decided on a class, you begin quests. There are a bunch of them. Delivery quests, kill quests, storyline progression, etc. Sidequests give you access to new members who might join, new items, new titles (with stat bonus benefits), etc.

    Eventually, you'll earn enough money to build a citadel of your own. This allows you to capture enemies and use them as mounts or learn spells from them. It also allows you to forge items (once you begin finding runes), train mounts to higher levels, and buy stat bonuses. Yes, spend your gold on the stats you'd like to raise but are too costly to raise with your level bonuses.

    I apologize if I'm not explaining everything, but it's an intentional choice. There's so much to do in this game! For those of you that really want to learn every spell, make every Godlike weapon, train your mounts to 20+, complete every quest, conquer every city (with siege warfare), and collect all the titles, it's going to take a while.

    For me, the game was a great length. I chose to complete all the quests (including the side quests), dabble in the other areas of mount training, spell learning, and item creation, and finally finish off the main storyline once I maxed my character out at Level 50.

    It's a great game that you can pick up, fight a battle or two and put back down. Or, as was more my case, look up to realize that it's 3am and that the game has eaten those hours easily. Of course, just one more quest won't hurt......more info
  • Fun Puzzle Game
    This game is fun if you don't mind playing the same puzzle over and over again. The storyline helps to keep you interested and working toward a goal, but its basically just playing bejewled repeatedly. All in all this game is pretty fun, and perfect for a airplane flight or trip, as it can be played for hours on end....more info
  • A LOT of promise..... with no return
    I first heard of this game from my younger brother who enjoyed the game imensly, so it seemed when I talked to him. So I picked it up for him as I owed him some money. Then as a good brother i had to open it and play it. Well I didn't love the game strait away, and as I played it became apparent more and more as to why. Some of the fights are over before hey start. You may not even get one hit off depending on your abiliies that are chosen as you level up. Then the music, along with the game play get's old and repetitive. You move around a screen that you can see enemys on but can't avoid, then play a puzzle game to beat them. Then you cap out at a whopping level 50 (wait I thought that this was a role-playing game????) Why can I not keep advancing my levels? The A.I. when playing against them seems too lucky, as i have barely only gotton a hit or two off of the some enemies. There is no originality in the puzzle aspect og the game, as with no different games. I mean that you could easily have different types of games when capturing an enemy, or making a rune item. But instead you play a different, or similair version of the same game. (There is very little difference should you attempt to distinguish them) Also worth a note is that it has glitches, NONE of the secondary people in your group do what they are supposed to do, as well as the screen may freeze on you for no reason.

    But that does not mean the game is without merrit, It has beautiful graphics, and a simple game play that won't confuse those that are slow at these types of games. The sound effects though limmited are nice, and not over done. Plus for the PSP you don't have a stylus, which for a portable game like this may cause its own problems.

    So if you want an inovative sounding game, that will last you hours, than his is the game to get. BUT it is incomplete with glitches, and you could a similair gameplay on a flash game off the internet....more info
  • Don't let the Bejeweled-like gameplay fool you
    This is definitely one of my favorite games for the PSP! My only quibble is the incredible luck your enemies have when you make jewels disappear. But if you learn to use your resources and mana wisely, you should have no problems beating your enemies eventually. I can't wait for the sequel. ...more info
  • Puzzle Quest : PSP
    The game itself is fantastic. I now own a copy for both the PSP and DS. The PSP version's only flaw lies in the fact that your companions do not activate their abilities before appropriate battles. Other than that, the game is phenomenal...more info
  • Great game, but avoid the PSP version
    Puzzle Quest is a wonderful concept, setting match-3 casual gameplay in a basic Roleplaying Game framework to create a fresh new approach. But the PSP version is bug ridden, and has crashed on me many times. I had read online about the bug that the companions you find in the game don't actually help at all - that's something I could live with. But I had to give up playing one character because every time I tried to scroll through his spells the game crashed and the PSP shut down. I'm most of the way through with a second character and have only experienced two intermittent crashes, but that's inexcusable in a released title like this. I'm a professional game developer and would never release one of my own games with this many serious bugs....more info
  • Very inventive and fun!
    They've really come up with something unique here. In it's day, bejeweled won tons of fans, but now the 3-in-a-row game has become somewhat archaic and definitely overused.

    However, Puzzle Quest has brought in a much needed element to give the 3-in-a-row mechanic something it desperately needed - strategy! It's no longer just a matter of matching up items. Now it's important WHICH items get matched up. All of them have benefits and usefulness, but it comes down to strategy as to which you need.

    So far, I've got about 10 hours of gameplay under my belt, so I know I haven't seen everything yet. But I do believe I've seen all of the game's features.
    ~ I find the story to be enjoyable. Nothing overly intricate, but it helps give purpose to the game.
    ~ The whole 'bejeweled as combat' format really works well. I find myself constantly wanting to play "just one more fight".
    ~ The classic RPG elements are present - skill sets, spells, items, and the like. There's enough variety to keep things very interesting for quite some time.
    ~ I think the city building aspect was a nice addition as well. I like how it opens up new features of gameplay - ie - capturing characters, learning new spells, creating your own magic items. There's a lot to be done.
    ~ Even with a pleasantly suprising amount of depth, the game is very approachable and easy to pick up. You don't even really have to worry about the story, or all the extra things to do. But, then again, that's all the stuff that makes the game so much fun and drives the replayability....more info
  • fun puzzle quest
    i've only been playing this game a few minutes and i really love it. although
    it's super collapse like style it doesn't get old or monotinous....more info
  • ...I chose the PSP version
    I have both handhelds, the PSP and the DS Lite. Since this game has been released for both systems I could have chosen either one. At first I thought the use of the stylus on the DS with this kind of puzzle gameplay would warrant my purchase of that version, but after downloading a demo on my PC and seeing what a beautiful and colorful game it was, I decided to get Puzzle Quest for the PSP. Since both versions are the same price, the choice for me was easier. Which version you decide to get depends on your personal preference. Keep in mind that the DS version uses solely the stylus for gameplay. If you like RPGs with engrossing stories and also like puzzle games you can't go wrong with this game, it uniquely combines both genres very effectively and delivers a fun and entertaining title, ...regardless of what version you purchase....more info