Dirt Devil 0213PNK Kone Cordless Hand Vacuum - Pink

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Product Description

You truly appreciate the finer things in life. You surround yourself with beauty. The refined, sculptural quality of KONE appeals to you as much as the fact that this cordless hand vac will help you keep things in order. The elegant Champagne color option is perfect for your luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle.This cordless handheld vacuum hides a powerful 7.2 volt motor, easy-to-empty bagless dirt cup, and charging base. The top of the KONE is the handle of the hidden vacuum; simply twist it to remove the vacuum from the charging base. The KONE stands 18" high and weighs less than 2 pounds. Always Charged, Always Ready The New Shape of Clean Easy-To-Empty Bagless Dirt Cup Powerful 7.2 Volt Motor

  • Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner in an elegant, sculptural design
  • Powerful 7-1/5-volt rechargeable battery; plug-in charging base
  • 1-1/2-inch-wide nozzle; soft tip; easy-to-empty dirt cup; cord storage
  • Created by award-winning designer of fashion, Karim Rashid
  • Measures approximately 6-1/2 by 6 by 18 inches; 3-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • handy little helper
    I love this little vac because it's easier than pulling out the big floor vac. I can suck up the dirt on my stairs in a flash, the nasty fuzz in the bathroom, and around the edges of my mattresses! My little girl can also use it and feel like a helper, while matching her little pink kitchen! Others have commented on the opening not being large enough, it being too loud, and the air blowing things around...I didnt find any of these a problem. Dont try to suck up your laundry and you'll be fine!...more info
  • The cone
    This is the worst product. Use it once and donate to charity. It stinks. Save your money....more info
  • Nice handheld for small jobs
    I got this vacuum to deal with my kitty litter kickers. Does a nice job on that. My only complaint is that I have to pull cat fur off the filter. After a few uses I can see that the filter will need to be replaced often. Certainly will not replace a full sized upright but perfect for small jobs and getting into nooks and crannies easily....more info
  • Dirt Devil Vacuum
    I am a regular amazon customer and to date every product I have purchased has been a great choice. This vacuum is small its very easily stored after use. Overall I am satisfied with this purchase....more info
  • it's a decent little devil
    I purchased this item because my eleven year old daughter was convinced she needed an attractive personal vacuum for her bedroom. She liked the look but wasn't impressed with the power (or lack thereof) so I inherited this little devil. You can pretty much place it anywhere without concern that it will look out of place. It's good for quickly cleaning small messes, like crumbs, and for cleaning in tight spaces, but it's not all that powerful and needs to be emptied frequently if you don't want to loose suction....more info
  • Absolutely wonderful!
    I love this product. It works great and looks great on my kitchen counter....more info
  • great
    Bought this for my wife for Christmas and she loves it. Its convient easy to use and cool looking. Only complaint is that the suction its "great" but it it more than capable of doing all our little jobs like dog hair in the furniture....more info
  • Great tool
    The Kone is a great hand vacuum. My girlfried loves pink so it is a hit. It picks up very well and stores nicely....more info
  • Loves the Kone
    I purchased this as a gift for my friend. She is very pleased with the suction power, how long the charge lasts, and the shape for reaching under furniture. It sounds so good I want one for myself....more info
  • Pink Kone
    The Kone was a gift for my sister-in-law. She had asked for a pink one, I looked everywhere, no pink colored ones available. I found it on Amazon! She loved it!...more info
  • Great piece of art!
    I was so excited when I got this for Christmas! Then I tried it...

    This should be only used for minor cleanups. Has no sucking power for anthing more than lint, is hard to hold (especially if you have arthritis), the filter can't even hold in dust. I vacuumed my chair at work and got so frustrated that it wouldn't even pick up the dog hair that followed me to work and stuck to the chair. The dust was flung out through the vent holes up into the air and coated the vacuum - it took an hour and a half for it to settle and my allergies to clear up. I really wouldn't recommend this product for anything other than an art piece....more info
  • Decent vacuum
    I mainly bought the Kone because it seemed easy to keep out and use in everyday situations. So far, it is fine. Works pretty well, it is definitely a HAND vacuum- for little messes and dust bunnies. It is also pretty loud.. but looks pretty nice....more info
  • Handy Pink Vac
    I was looking for a handy portable vacuum that looks good, and I found it in this pretty little pink dirt devil. It probably is the prettiest hand vacuum around in my favourite colour combination of pink and grey!
    I use it to vacuum the fluff on the carpet in my room when it is inconvenient to pull out the big stick vacuum and it works fine. Since the design lacks a brush at the tip, I found that the tiny pieces of fluff are not easy to pick up. However it is still does its job pretty well.
    The lack of a brush at the tip is both a pro and a con, since debris does not accumulate at the opening, like hair etc... (no more pulling out hair/fibre from opening of the vacuum)
    I can vouch that it is certainly a hand vacuum that packs alot of power, because it managed to pick up big broken pieces of glass in my car quickly!
    Very pleased with my vacuum, if you are looking for a pretty vacuum that works, this is the one! ...more info
  • Great for quick pickups!
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my mother. We had a hand vac that broke a few years ago and I thought a modern-looking hand vac would be the perfect gift for her. Turns out, I was right.

    So what did my mom like about the "Kone"? First, as I mentioned above, it's rather attractive looking. So much so that we leave it out in the open in our kitchen since it's not an eye sore. We leave ours plugged in when we're not using it although it can run on a single charge for quite a while. When it's not in use, you place the vac back in its holder and the light on the side lets you know if it's charging.

    Furthermore, it's so easy to use! You just remove the vac from the charging station, press the button on the top of the vac, and start vacuuming. With two dogs and white tile in much of my house, it's easy to see the smallest crumbs/fur. Rather than having to unwind the cord on our other vacuum, plug it in, and lug it throughout the house to pick up a few crumbs here and there, we just reach for our "Kone" for a quick pickup.

    Would I recommend this item? Definitely. And if you're looking for a hand vac with style, the Kone is it....more info
  • Love the look, decent performance
    I got a pink Kone vac for my daughter's room. She has a pet parakeet and the thing is always getting feathers and seeds everywhere. I figured this item would help us keep her room cleaned up on a daily basis without having to take out our full sized vacuum every time. I am happy to say that it works very well for this purpose. It looks great and really blends nicely with the "decor" of her room. In terms of suction, I would say it is comparable to any other handheld vac, not the greatest but fine for small jobs. Overall I am very pleased with the product....more info
  • perky pink picker upper
    How fun to have a pink wand waiting to magically pink up (oops, pick up) my kitchen crumbs etc. It matches my kitchen aid mixer and adds pizzaz to an otherwise dull chore. This is no vacuum - but a convenient gadget that gets into the corners under cabinets to suck up glitter or sprinkles - not stones. It does work on dog hair - but I'm not confident it would function as a lint brush....more info
  • Pretty in Pink
    The Kone is exactly what I needed to perform quick clean-ups around my cat's litter boxes and bird cages. It is always ready to go and vacuums up debris efficiently....more info
  • Stylish Hand Vac with Great Suction!
    The Kone Cordless Hand Vac is a great product! It has terrific suction for a hand vac. I use it to pick up all the bits of dust and fluff that seem to appear on my floor between regular vacuuming. I keep it in my bedroom, and the color matches a shade in my soft furnishings. (It comes in other colors, if you're not fond of pink.) Since it is free-standing, I can easily move it to a different room. I would give this as a gift, as it is useful, but also good looking....more info
  • So Far So Good
    A lot of power for such a little thing, and the shape/design is absolutely gorgeous. Easy to clean and use, I haven't had any problems with it yet. The only complaint is the pink color is not as pretty as I had in mind, but that is just a superficial complaint....more info
  • Cordless Clean-Up; A Hit With Teens
    My 15 year-old daughter loved receiving this Kone Vac for Christmas. The custom color is great because it matches her bedroom decor. The design is super because it looks more like an accent piece rather than an appliance. My daughter even seems more motivated to keep her room clean. It's music to my ears to hear that little motor running!...more info
  • NO
    Not very powerful but it gets my girls dog away, it does look neat though....more info