Shark Bottom-Emptying Cordless Sweeper

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Product Description

Features: Rechargeable - 60 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge. No touch bottom emptying dust cup. 13" powerful motorized brush roll. 3-speed electronics. Telescoping handle.

  • Bottom emptying design allows you to empty dust cap w/out touching it
  • Features 3 speed electronics for superior cleaning on all surface types
  • The 13" motorized brush roll - sweeps up any size or type of debris
  • Includes rechargeable 60 minute battery
  • The patented wall hugging technology grabs dirt along walls
Customer Reviews:
  • great for every day cleaning
    I purchased this sweeper about two months ago to sweep my kitchen floor and living room carpet on a daily basis(I was using the dirt devil but I found it wasn't picking up larger I retired it to clean the bed and bathroom floors daily). I am so pleased with this sweeper that I bought a second sweeper (the 2 speed) for my cats area. For those of you who have had trouble keeping the sweeper charged; it is really important that let the battery charge for at least 20hrs prior to use (I charged mine for 2 days and it does make a difference). For those of you who have had suction trouble; it sounds like your machine might be defective (both of my machines are factory refurbished, so whatever was originally wrong with these devices have been fixed). I suggest this product for everyone. Before purchasing this sweeper I would get so stressed at the constant sweeping of the floors (I have a young son and a cat so lots of clean up). I sweep my floors minimum 2-3 times a day so now my stress has been relieved. Hair does get tangled around the brushes (mine inculded surprisingly), but I wipe the machine out on a regular basis and empty the dust cup every day to keep it in top working order....more info
  • Nice to quickly clean up fur and cat litter
    I was pleasantly surprized by this lightweight, re-chargeable sweeper. It does exactly what I want it to do, which is to quickly pick up fur and cat litter which is tracked on the carpet close to the litter box. It does better on carpet than on bare floors, and you wouldn't want to try to vacuum your entire house with it. But for limited, quick clean ups on carpet, it's great! The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it is limited as to what it will pick up on bare floors....more info
  • Handle Broke!!
    We saw this vac being used in a restaurant and was highly recommended. We bought one soon after. After a short time - about 2 months - the handle broke off right above the base. We thought it was our fault. We liked the vac so we bought another. Bad move on our part. It broke again - same place. Twice burned - never again!!...more info
  • Shark products amazing, customer service sucks!
    Shark products are wonderful. I've had a basic 2 speed for several years and love it, no problems. The more options you get, no handle dust cup, etc. the more that can go wrong. The company is horrible to work with. New parts take months to arrive if they arrive at all. This makes me wonder, if they parts don't arrive, are too many machines breaking and they can't keep up with part orders? I have several cats that shed and cat litter. Shark works perfectly for this, especially the higher end model. However, I can't keep it charged and I can't get part, so I have boycotted Shark. However, they have revamped their website, showing parts available for each product, assuming you know what part you need. There is one other website out there that sells Shark parts. My vac store stopped selling Shark because of their customer service. Unfortunately, I can't find another product to fit my need. If I buy another Shark, it will definitely be more basic and I will consider it as disposable and throw it away when something happens to it rather then deal directly with the company. The dust cup was the first part to break within 2 months. After months of waiting for new part, I just broke off a piece and used it as is. I found the no touch dust cup much harder to use then emptying it my hand, which is just pulling the cup out and emptying it. So, buyer beware! My rating is on customer service, the Shark company and the fact a great product wears out too quickly....more info
  • If I could give zero stars, I would.
    This product makes an even bigger mess than what it cleans because it just pushes the dirt around. I tried it at all levels of power on all types of surfaces. It was quite shocking how poorly it operated. Really, don't bother at all with this product....more info
  • Not all that I had hoped for
    Shark Cordless Sweeper NOT all that I hd hoped for. I am physically handicapped, yet can walk and lift only the lightest of ofjects. This Shark is fairly light weight, but is difficult to get a good rurning radius on. I find that I have to go over areas at least 3 times in order to make carpet look clean. Well, not clean as it does NOT dig very deep for dirt. It is handy for light touch-ups, when you hear that the in-laws are going to drop in soon. The foot on/off switch makes it easier. It is cumbursome to get it to manuever. For picking up pet hair - forget it !! Yet, it is easy to empty the concents, once you have copletsed your job. Overall, NOT the best such product on the market. CarollJ820 (if you must print real names - Carol J Hoffmaan...more info
  • Not good for pet hair
    We bought this Shark because we needed something that was easily accessible to vacuum the pet hair from our hardwood floors. I liked that it was lightweight and easy to maneuver, however, it did a poor job on picking up the pet hair. We returned it to the store and then ordered something on Amazon that had great ratings. ...more info
  • Not worth your money!!!
    I have had many of the shark cordless sweepers. I run a daycare and use them often. This is the worst one I have ever had!!! It doesn't pick up well at all. The battery dies quickly!! The no touch empty bottom is worthless. Hair and fuzz get stuck in it and when you use it for awhile the trap door becomes weak at closing and dirt gets in the bottom of the machine. I have had it for about 6 months and this week it died. It sounds like the motor froze up so the brushes won't turn even though it has been cleaned out. I would not recommend this model for anyone. The best model they ever had was the professional the battery lasted 90 min. and being used several times a day they lasted about a year & half. Wish they would them back!!!!...more info
  • don't waste your money
    Disappointing. I bought this for a simple task: vacuum hair and nail clippings from the floor of my master bath. It does it very poorly. It pushes hair around without picking it up, and takes three times as long as my old Eureka the Boss Lite, which lived a very long life. There's no filter, it gets very dusty, and requires a lot of cleanup. That's a lot of touching for a no-touch dust cup. Can't wait till it breaks. A previous poor experience with another Euro-pro product makes me unwilling to buy any other products from that company....more info
  • 2 time owner, not worth the money
    I loved this vacuum so much when I first got it that 2 of my best friends also went out and bought one. It picks up alot of dirt and hair on carpet and wonderful on hard floors. But it has not even been 2 years. I am on my second one, and my best friend is also on her second one, and the church nursery's broke also within 6 mons. The problem? The stupid handle breaks off if you so much as very lightly turn it wrong. You hardly have to touch it for the long black handle to break off at the bottom, real helpful! Then you have a working vacuum with no handle, what a joke! So this is 5 vacuums within the course of 2 years that have bit the dust, all the same way, the handle broke on every one. Not worth the money!
    I'm gonna try another brand next time....more info
  • I like this-not great, but does a good in-between job
    Euro Pro V1917 electronic cordless sweeper.
    I like this sweeper, though it isn't nearly as good as the vaccum. However, it is great for quick pick ups and the battery lasts a long time. We have a big house with all tile and hard wood flooring, covered with area rugs. I have a 3 and a 4 year old, so there is always stuff spilling. Our dog doesn't shed, so I can't speak to how it works with animal hair. The sweeper does a great job at picking stuff up off of the floors and the area rugs. You need to really use the settings for the appropriate flooring-using the carpet setting on the floor does not work as well as using the floor setting. I love that it is cordless and I can do a quick pick up of my entire house quickly. It is great for daily quick pick ups. My mom has a swivel sweeper and I think this works better....more info
  • Waste of money
    I bought this sweeper to use on my hardwood and tile floors to pick up dog hair. You would think that would be the perfect use for this product, but it does not work at all. I realize it doesn't have any suction because it's not a vacuum cleaner, but the brushes roll a million miles an hour and don't pick up anything. It litteraly pushes the hair around the floor until it clumps up. Might as well buy a broom for 5 bucks. ...more info
  • Broom out performs
    I wanted something light, small and basic. It met those criteria but the battery really does not stay charged, weak suction and have had hair caught in brushes that probably render them useless. Even after making sure it is emptied, brushes clear, I think about my grandmother's carpet sweep that worked better without the bells and whistles. Doesn't really do the job, isn't really worth any stars. Stick to your broom....more info
  • Useless for almost everything. Do not buy.
    My husband purchased this for me when I asked for a lightweight stick vacuum to manage the dog hair and dirt tracked in on our linoleum floors. The size, light weight, maneuverability, and relative quiet of the product seemed promising, but when used (after a full charge) it failed to pick up half of the dirt and dog hair on the bare floor. Running it over the same spot ten times produced no better results, and actually seemed to make the mess worse by clumping the dog hair. It has a brush but no suction to speak of whatsoever. It wouldn't be worth the money if they cut the price in half. I plan to return it as soon as possible in exchange for another brand....more info
  • Great on picking up large items
    I bought this to help me keep my hardwood floors clean in between the weekly cleanings. It works great at picking up larger dirt, but has a hard time reaching in the corners. The cordless and light weight are a plus, along with the one touch empty. I probably wouldn't buy this item again, but it works until I can find one I really like....more info
  • good sweeper, bad vacuum

    Euro Pro (SHARK) rechargeable sweeper:
    Works like the old push sweepers (friction driven brush bar in the center), but with battery power to the brush. Does a fine job of sweeping, I especially like the edge sweeper brush for along baseboard. It picks up all the pine needles, paper bits, and dog food remnants on bare floor, carpets, and even bathroom area rugs (notoriously flimsy, have to hold down one edge). Did I mention I have a miniature schnauzer - also known as "paper schnauzers" because of a natural affinity to shred whatever they can get their teeth on. But this ISN'T a vacuum, it is a sweeper! If the brush touches something smaller than a penny, it will sweep it up, if it doesn't touch it, it won't. (it has picked up pennies, but not consistently; dimes are okay). It fills in those in-between-vacuuming times anywhere a broom would be useful, except in deep corners. 3 speeds (always on high first, so I usually use high for everything except the flimsy bath area rugs) and about an hour of use before recharging. To me, worth the sale price or with free shipping, but I'd rather just use a broom if I had to pay full price and shipping. Somewhat lightweight construction, but it doesn't seem to be less than needed. The "floating" head seemed weak, until I got used to it, now I find it very handy. Even picked up sawdust in the basement workshop without blowing it around, but I wouldn't use it for that. ...more info
  • Great product for the price.
    I was looking for a cordless sweeper for hardwood floors and this was a great finding. It work great for me. I do not use it for carpet only forharwood floors. I can't talk about quality because I got it 2 months ago so we will see. I use it everyday and I only charge it every 4 or 5 days.
    ...more info
  • love the touch-free dust cup.
    I use this for my office (and we have a dog there) and it works pretty well on both floor and flat rugs. The touch-free dust cup is really nice because for these smaller vacuums you have to empty them a lot. The handle got broken and we got an electrolux because that was at the store we went to, but we're going to return that and mail-order another shark. I wouldn't use this in a house with a carpet, but that's not what they're made for. It's a good compact step up from an old fashioned carpet sweeper. ...more info
    I bought this to pick up the dog hair that accumulates between my weekly vacuuming with a good vacuum. This picks up SOME of the dog hair & then deposits it in a clump elsewhere. I have a Shark handheld that I've had for several years that is WONDERFUL, but I wanted something I didn't need to plug in. This was a waste of money....more info