Sanitaire S782B Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Eureka Sanitaire Model S782 / (replaces S782AT ) Get professional performance and cleaner air with this versatile Sanitaire. The 780-watt motor provides plenty of power for floors while the Micron Filtration captures and keeps the fine dust particles from dropping back on to the furniture and floors. Its folding handle helps clean stairs with ease and tools-on-board help get into those hard to reach areas. The 12-inch cleaning path and 30 foot cord provide the same cleaning capacity as some larger models and, because the handle folds down, it's very easy to store in small spaces.

Customer Reviews:
  • Made my carpet jump back to life -
    Sure I expected a new vacuum to clean my carpet better, but what I didn't expect was for my rug to look five years younger afterwards! My matted carpet was in pretty bad shape and I had little hope of it lasting much longer until I couldn't stand looking at it anymore. But after a good cleaning with this Sanitaire S782 I was very happy to see that my rug seemed to have new life in it and frankly looked like the rug was 5 years younger. I am simply amazed.

    Dual motors allow for stopping the direct drive brush assembly going over hardwood floors while still providing lots of suction power which is also good for vacuuming the edges of scatter rugs so they don't get sucked up into the roller. And if something does get caught in the roller the motor shuts off instantly and automatically and you just have to hit the reset button after clearing.

    This machine uses bags that are inexpensive and is rated at lightweight commercial use. It's fairly light at 14 pounds, and I like the folding handle making it easy to store away. The only con seems to be the high pitched motor noise which is annoying but I am already getting used to it.

    After feeling like I was in a maze of new vacuum options I feel I made a really good choice without spending a fortune.
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  • convenient compact
    Why I bought it:

    1. space-saving size: A) takes up a tiny 10 X 12 inch patch of closet space; B) the folding handle lets my hanging coats easily clear it; C) all needed attachments are on-board (I haven't needed the provided extension hose).

    2. convenient operation: A) flip up the handle, turn the quick-release hook to free the cord, and you're ready to go (my canister model required 6 mechanical and electrical connections to prepare it for carpet use); B) converting to bare floor operation is as easy as sliding a switch so the brush no longer rotates, and it actually picks up the dust and debris rather than chasing it around the floor; C) quickly and easily converts to above-floor cleaning with on-board hose, wands, and tools.

    3. certified performance: The Carpet and Rug Institute lists the S782 along with the similar commercial model SC785 as passing its standards for soil removal, dust containment, and carpet appearance retention.

    4. inexpensive consumables (prices from Sanitaire's website): 3-pack of bags $3.49, belt $2.39 (and this is a cogged, non-stretch belt for longer life), exhaust filter $1.99, motor filter $1.49 (and the motor and exhaust filters can be cleaned for extended life). These are refreshing prices after reading about the $20.00 filters needed on some other vacuums.

    Summary: I find the S782 a convenient, pleasant, and effective vacuum cleaner, leading me to use it more often than my previous machine (no, really, that's a good thing!)....more info