Hoover Savvy U8185-900 Bagged/Bagless Combo Upright Vacuum

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  • This vacuum sucks!
    I love how it sucks! The red light goes off to tell you if you need to keep cleaning. I have had the vacuum now for over a year and love it.Few downsides... The front light has already gone off and it come with a short hose. The powered nozzle attachment is a gimick, yet the main vacuum works wonderfully.

    I like having the options to switch from bag to bagless.

    Update 11-15-2007 We had to return the vacuum back to Costco because it stopped working....more info
  • problem after problem
    This vacuum has been nothing but trouble for almost 2 years. I've replaced the belt in this thing 5 times. The on/off switch has to be held up to keep it running. The brush stops rolling when you push it forward, but comes back on when you pull it back. The clean/dirty indicator lights work intermittently. I've had it! I'm on my way out to buy a new vac. ...more info
  • Best Worth WHile Vacuum
    I checked out the reviews before I order this product. Sometimes the reviews are over rated. In this case with this vacuum, No. The five star review that I gave it absolutely true. This vacuum is the best vacuum I have ever purchased in my life. I already told my mother, family members and friends if their vacuums break, they better order this vacuum. The price is worth it.

    I swear to this vacuum!...more info
  • Love It
    I love my new vacuum. It works great! I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • product works better than the rating
    This vacuum not only cleans the carpet but also freshens the air also. My family has asthma and allergies so I'M always looking for great cleaning products and this is awsome!...more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner 4 carpet
    A great value! I find this machine to have a really, really strong vacuum system! The design is ingenious with the tools so conveniently located securely close to the top. On the handle is a switch to go from carpet to floor quickly. There's a red and green light to indicate if an area is clean or not. It moves back and forth so easily.. no need for a self-propelled at all. I used a Kirby for 30 years and find this one cleaning just as well and 100% easier to push and pull. It's nice to have the choice of bag or bagless. There's an option to add a hose extension, but I don't have stairs so the included hose is plenty long enough even to clean inside our car. While using the hose, moving the cleaner is very easy & it's very stable! The strong powered hand tool is wonderful for cloth covered furniture & inside the car! It's so easy to empty the see-thru dirt collector, and I like being able to double check if I vacuumed up anything valuable. Moving it back to the closet is a breeze because it rolls on its back wheels. My 87 year old father is so impressed he offers to do the vacuuming which he wouldn't do with the Kirby! All-in-all I'm very, very pleased, and would purchase all over again. If I change my opinion, I'll return here to up-date. Mine came with half a dozen extra vacuum bags. I cannot believe how reasonably priced and thorough this cleaner is! ADDED after using more: I am disappointed about how it vacuums floors. A broom works better. After it didn't pick up crumbs, I swept the floor and then tried using the vacuum to pick it up. Over and over I went, and it still wouldn't do the job! My house is mostly carpeted, but I'd hoped it would do the front hall and kitchen which aren't. Still it works incredibly well on the carpet....more info