Early-Detection Pregnancy Tests: Pack of 5 Tests

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Our Early-Detection Pregnancy Test Strips are FDA-Approved, over 99% accurate, and are capable of detecting human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG (a hormone present in women's urine during pregnancy) at levels of just 20 mIU/ml. That means you can begin testing accurately just 6 to 8 days after conception - well before your first missed period. These are the same type of tests relied upon by clinics, universities, and hospitals. To use the pregnancy test strip, simply fill a container or Dixie cup with urine and hold the test strip in the container in a vertical position. Results appear within just a couple of minutes. (Please note that complete instructions are made available to customers, complete with images for easy results interpretation.) Please note that all orders are shipped on the same business day your order is placed via US First Class mail and usually take 2 to 5 days for delivery. International shipping is also available.

  • Earliest Detection of Pregnancy - More Sensitive than Drugstore Brands!
  • FDA-Approved; maximum width (5mm) for easiest interpretation
  • Maximum Expiration Dates (around 2 years from expiry date at your time of purchase)
  • Over 99% accurate!

Customer Reviews:

  • Never received again
    I gave the benefit of the doubt and tried to order again. I received my ovulation tests, but nothing on the pregnancy test. The ovulation tests came from a different company that shipped quickly. This company took the money from my account quickly, but I never received any product both times....more info
  • Can't beat this price!!
    Any who has bought tests at there local big box store or pharmacy know this is a great deal, especially if you need to test frequently. ...more info
  • Product great, results not so much
    But the company doesn't control whether that second little line shows. = )...more info
  • Love this product
    I found this a great alternative to expensive drugstore tests. Ordered the 5 pack and had it in hand in 3 days. It was really easy to use and gave a clear positive result. I would really recommend this esp if someone needs to test frequently. Shipping is super reasonable and cant beat the strip prices. ...more info
  • accurate results
    The results are accurate. It indicated both my wife's pregnancy (a faint line 7 days before period ) and miscarriage (the line is gone completely)....more info
  • they worked
    I got these because they were cheap. We used the expensive drugstore kind and these and got the same results: positive!...more info
  • Not what I expected
    The pregnancy tests were tiny little strips (not like the ones you buy at the store). It wasn't what I expected...But they worked. ...more info
  • Nice product. Good Seller
    Product is very cheap and too good at such a low price. Good Seller !!! Keep it up....more info
  • Tired of being ripped off by standard pregnancy tests.
    I'm sorry, but even generic store brand tests are like $10 - $15 for two. It's INSANE when you consider that these likely take fractions of pennies to make. Seriously. It's a strip, with a reagent, that turns color in the presence of a hormone. Not rocket science. Anyone who's tried to get pregnant knows you take a LOT of tests. At least I did. These are great. Easy to read. No, they don't come with directions but you can get full directions on the company's website. Pee in cup. Let pee reach room temperature. Dip stick (not above max line). Wait a couple of minutes. Don't expect a dark line, especially if you're in early pregnancy. Sometimes it's very faint. Anyway, a great no-frills product that does what it says it does and saves you money....more info
  • Great Product :)
    The test is easy to use, accurate, fast results and very cheap.
    It arrived right on time.
    I have no complain at all.
    It really does the job.
    i started testing with one week before my periodo was due. and it worked for me!
    Give it a try and u won't regret.
    best !!! :) ...more info
  • Quick results
    VERY cheap w/ quick and accurate results. Unfortunately I didn't get the result I wanted... maybe next time :(
    Very fast shipping....more info
  • Good price and below average quality
    Early-pregnancy brand promises to determine pregnancy 7 days before your period. It is a lie. I used them 5-3-1 days before expecting period and it was constantly negative. Finally,I was able to see the tiny second line which meant a negative test again...However, blood work confirmed my pregnancy the same day I tested.
    So, be prepared and do not be upset, as I was when I saw false-negative result. When you have a pale second line, double check with more reliable brand. Good luck!...more info
  • These are the Best
    So I knew my husband and I were going to start TTC in a few months so I purchased 10, knowing it might take a few months, well the first month, I used 5 and never saw a faint line, nothing! Needless to say I wasn't pregnant, so the second month at 9DPO I decided to test and I got a positive, a very faint line but even my husband couldn't deny it was there. As one reviewer stated if you can handle a faint line they are awesome. Also I agree with another user who had her husband try one and got no line at all!! That is when I knew, but was still skeptical so I tested again the next day and again another line, a little darker.
    I then tested at about 13DPO and got a definitly darker line.
    What I like about these is they worked SO EARLY and I didn't feel bad testing a million times including allowing my husband to "waste" one because they were so cheap.
    I highly recommend these, quit spending your money on all the store bought ones. As for the inconvenienc of peeing in a cup, I have to say if you are going to have a baby and are going to change those diapers, is it that bad to put your own pee in a cup?
    Best of luck to everyone trying to Pregnant!!...more info
  • Good product but, instructions would help
    This is a very good product and the price is great but, they don't send any instructions. I had to read the reviews of other customers to figure out what to do. Instructions would really help....more info
  • Best Early HPT
    This was the first test I took that was able to detect the hormone! I found out days before my period was even due! ...more info
  • Easy to read
    I kept getting negative responses but the test is so easy to read that I am sure when I do concieve I will not have to second guess the accuracy....more info
  • They worked well for me
    This is my second pregnancy. I already knew the test would be positive so I didn't mind waiting to get these in the mail. The shipping was fast, the test was easy to use and the results were accurate. ...more info
  • Awesome Price!
    I wish I would have known earlier. We have been trying to conceive for over a year and have spent a lot of money in pregnancy tests. This product is inexpensive and works great. It comes with clear instructions and is easy to use. Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a cheap alternative in buying home pregnancy tests!...more info
  • Good product for $.60 a piece
    This gave me a positive result after a minute or so. I'd buy this item again. I've purchased it in the past....more info
  • Worked for us.
    I don't think we will ever buy a test kits in the store again. It was shipped same day and on our doorstep within 3 days. We tested 3 days before her missed period and that second line showed. We will use the Early-Detection Pregnancy Tests for our next child. ...more info
  • light but there
    I took this test on 10dpo and got a faint line, i convinced myself it was an evaporation line and went on with my day. On day 12 i did this again. Very faint line (i'm talking so light i thought i was imagining it). On day 14 i did one more (the day my period should arrive) and again a very faint line (although a bit darker). My husband said i was crazy because it was our first month trying (on clomid) and the line was too light. I made him take one. When he got no line i went and bought a first response test. A much more obvious line but $8.00. If you are obsessed with testing early and will not second guess yourself with a faint line this product rocks!!!...more info
  • ngreat product but not so early results
    This is a great product because you can use them as frequently as you want as it is very cheap. I got a faint line 3 days in a row and needed to get the expensive kind to confirm it. I used this tests a week after I ovulated and nothing and then 3 days before my period and thats when I got the faint positive. ...more info
  • Great product
    Much, much cheaper than what you can get at drug stores. Accurate, and my wife is pregnant....more info
  • Good for guessing, not so good for peace of mind
    I love the price and simplicity of use. However, the second line is VERY faint, so faint, I did not notice it in two of the sticks (10 and 13 days DPO). When I read reviews about the faint second line, I picked up one of the old sticks from the trash can, held it against the light, and with a little imagination noticed a very very faint semblance of a second line. However, because the first one appeared within seconds and was very dark and clear, I was not convinced that what I was seeing was really a second line. Tried all 5 sticks, until one morning, after using the cheap stick and tired of creatively interpreting the results, I used a First Response test (with the same specimen) and the second line was clear and strong. In hindsight, the sticks worked, but at the time of the testing, all I could do is guess, rather than know. I believe they do satisfy the incessant craving to test for TTC women, but they give unclear results. At best, I would recommend these as an indicator for when to use an overpriced store-bought test. ...more info
  • Great
    Awesome product, instructions and packaging.
    International shipping and it arrived on time as indicated!...more info
  • Excellent pregnancy tests!
    I think they worked great! I didn't have a problem with them at all. And they give you a result super fast!...more info
  • Great Value
    These tests are a great value. Prompt shipment. I got an early result just as the name states....more info
  • Not impressed
    The ink didnt distribute evenly and even got "stuck" in the middle a few times. I prefer the cassette tests....more info
  • Worth buying!
    I used this product a week before my period was supposed to come and it said negative. The day after I was supposed to get my period I used a second one and it was positive. I checked it a week later just to make sure and it was positive again. I would recommend this product simply because it is way cheaper than purchasing a pregnancy test at the drugstore. The directions were very clear and easy to follow. The test strips came in an inconspicuous envelope. It took about a week to be delivered....more info
  • They worked fine for me!
    I bought a bunch of these when I was trying to conceive. I used them as early as 9 days after ovulation and it gave me a very faint positive! I tried it again later that day and it got a little darker, then the next day it was darker and so forth. These were cheap and worked as well as the more expensive early detection tests I had used. ...more info
  • cheap and easy
    These pregnancy tests are the ones Dr.s use in their offices. They are cheap, so you can afford to use them even when you have a hunch that you might be pregnany. Easy too! For those trying to get pregnant, I recommend them....more info
  • cheap and works great
    My first result was very light, but at this price, I took another one a few days later, and both lines were dark. They work as well as the store brands at just a fraction of the price. We're very excited to be expecting again!...more info
  • Of all the tests I used, this one was the clearest!
    I wasn't sure if these tests would work-looked a little cheap compared to other name brand tests-but it, along with ClearBlue Easy, gave me the darkest, clearest positive. Amazing product, especially for the price! ...more info
  • Inexpensive and accurate!
    Got a positive result at 11 DPO!!! The day before, I had tested and thought I saw a faint faint shading of a line, but then decided that I was seeing things! Guess I wasn't crazy after all!!!! Yay! I used a Target brand midstream then to confirm, and I did notice that the line on that one was darker and more obvious, so maybe use these for your frequent, obsessive peeing and then use a store bought one to confirm. It will save you a ton of moola!!!! ...more info
  • Great for repeat testing
    I used these test while trying to get pregnant with my second child. They are a cheap and great way to test often and to find out early. They are not as nice as the store bought ones, but they are a fraction of the cost. If you are trying to get pregnant and want to test every other day these are for you. I got a weak positive very early, tested again the next day and it was stronger. After the positive with these test we bought a store brand on to double check....more info


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