Xbrand XB-1001 360 Height Adjustable Laptop Stand

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Product Description

Xbrand 360 Height Adjustable Laptop Stand dynamically raises laptop display to improve workspace comfort and productivity. Manufacturer: Xbrand Products Model Number: XB-1001-US


Customer Reviews:

  • Does the job!
    Nice design - it works as intended. You get multiple height adjustments, rollers on the bottom, styling looks. Now all I need is a wireless keyboard and mouse!

    The fit works well with my HP 15" laptop.

    Perhaps it would have been nice to have a little larger tray to accommodate my docking connector (just fits) but that would have increased the overall size of the unit and likely the price.
    ...more info
  • the most useful laptop accessory ever!
    It really gives the flexibility to work long hours without hurting your neck or eyes. Even typing while the laptop sits on it is not a problem. The base wheels might have some gentle squeaky noise but leave no scratches. And, solid design that enhances the look of your computer at the same time.
    I got mine at one third of the listed price in an auction site. Well, in fact I got 6 so far to give away some to close friends, too. ...more info
  • Does exactly what it promises
    This is a fine product. I use it with a 17" MacBook pro, and it holds the computer securely while allowing quick and easy height adjustment. As others have noted, the lip in front can interfere with the DVD slot and/or the IR port, but positioning the computer carefully (offset about two inches) on the stand alleviates both of these problems.

    One word of warning for Mac owners: though this stand offers four positions (taking the base of the laptop through horizontal, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees), only the first two positions are usable for a recent model Mac. For whatever reason the screen on my Mac cannot be opened more than about 60 degrees so the steeper angles for the stand make the screen hard to see (at 45 degrees) or fall closed (at 60 degrees). This takes about 2" off the maximum height of the screen. Still, it's fine for what I need....more info
  • Works just as advertised!
    I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect notebook stand. This is the one! It's easy, and stays out of the way! The fact that it's nearly invisible to me is exactly what I wanted. Nice features: the flip down front to access the front of my notebook and the swivel wheels on the bottom. Also, the curvy design gives my notebook plenty of breathing room when I play video games....more info
  • Great Laptop Stand - Great Price
    I've tried 3 -5 different laptop stands, and this one is tops. It is very well thought-out in design and function. With a little Velcro - I attached the wireless keyboard/mouse controller to it along with the mouse using a Velcro strap. The keyboard hangs from the top edge of the laptop - so it makes for a great "portable office". This unit is listed by many retailers for around $40. I purchased from an amazon dealer for under $20 - and they shipped fast. If this unit were to break, I would buy another right away....more info
  • good
    This is good stand. But it will be better to have more than 4 position....more info
  • Would buy it again!
    We had looked at many, many stands and reviews at many sites before ordering this. The positive reviews other people previously wrote on this site already do a great job describing this product. (Thanks)

    Now, after almost 2 months of using this stand, including removing the laptop daily, we would also highly recommend it. Just like Xbrand promised, it is a very sturdy, cleaned-lined, adjustable stand that easily holds our 17" Inspiron. As others have written, it would be nice if it had more stops than the 4 positions but never the less we still found a stop that works well.

    If we needed another stand, we would buy this one again (XB-1001)-- or it continues to be out of stock, then we'd pay the extra $ for the one with the hub rather or not we needed a hub:Xbrand XB-1002 360 Height Adjustable Laptop Stand with USB 2.0 Hub just to get the same design.

    Highly recommend it for anyone with a 15 or 17" laptop...(have no experience using it with smaller laptops, so can't say) Thanks Xbrand!...more info
  • Great stand
    Not the heaviest plastic but it holds my monstrous 17" brick with no trouble. Adjustable angles allow you to get it at eye level or line up with another monitor. Overall a great product. As soon as I brought it into work four co-workers ordered theirs....more info
  • Just As Pictured
    If you've purchased a separate keyboard for your laptop and need a stand to bring the laptop to eye level, this is the ticket. It holds the laptop steady even on the occasion when I've accidentally knocked it. It actually takes up less depth space on my desk than if the laptop lay flat. It has a swivel so I can turn my computer side to side. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Just what I needed for my Tablet PC!
    I use my tablet pc while on my daybed. I've had 2 stands one that didn't raise and the fan broke. The second cheap one I got at walmart would raise one end up maybe 3-4 inches and providing no support or raising to the other end causing it to slide down.

    This one is perfect for how I use it. Base is wide and sturdy enough that it doesn't tip over on a bed. The angles are just what I need, like how much higher up and steeper the angles are with no chance of slipping with support arm and rubber supports. It does not have a fan but you shouldn't need one if your laptop is functioning correctly since the stand exposes the notebooks base to lots of open air.

    The only real downsides are that there are only 4 angles(thankfully are prefect for my use) and it is not portable like my others.

    Highly recommend for tablet and notebook use!...more info
  • WOW
  • Flexible
    Other than the adjustibality of height, I like its small wheels underneath by which you can smoothly rotate it....more info
  • A must have for anyone with a desk!
    After using this product for a over a year in at work, I finally bought a second one for my desk at home. Laptops are great while on the go, but while at a desk, why not use an external keyboard, mouse and monitor if you've got them. With a USB hub, this stand is much better than an expensive docking station because it elevates the screen to eye level for less strain on my neck after long sittings, and allows me to place the screen farther back from my eyes, reducing eye strain, and give me much more usable space on my desk.

    The construction of the stand is sturdy. It the adjustable height stand clicks into position firmly, allowing me to position the screen perfectly next to my external monitor. Even at the highest position, I can still press the buttons on the laptop, or plug something into it without it wobbling or moving on the stand. The stand swivels so I can insert a CD into the drive on the side of my laptop with ease.

    After seeing this stand in use, my boss and the CEO ordered one for themselves. Its hard to put a dollar amount on increased efficiency, but this is a great product, and a great value. I definitely recommend it for anyone who uses a laptop at a desk....more info
  • Adequate
    This is the second laptop stand I bought after I had to return a previous model which couldn't support my 17" laptop in a stable manner.

    This one does support my 17" laptop well but lacks portability and cannot be set to an angle that I like.

    I much prefer to use an altogether different stand from Targus which amazon does not carry at the moment. That model is much more portable and can be set to an angle that I like.
    ...more info
  • Great product
    This is a sturdy stand that holds my laptop in place securely. It adjusts easily and the front flips down to allow access to the controls on the front edge of my laptop. The gloss black color is attractive and matches up well with my fusion black Toshiba A305. The rollers on the bottom work well....more info
  • I was skeptical, but ...
    This has turned out to be a better product that I was able to visualize. I bought it for my desk at work since I take my laptop back and forth. I wasn't looking so much for the cooling aspect as I was a way to make the laptop screen higher to avoid neck strain, etc. This has worked out wonderfully as it's sturdy as well as adjustable, the bar in the front keeps the laptop from sliding forward if you have it tilted up, and it also keeps the laptop cool. I don't think it takes any more room than the laptop itself would take, and I like that the laptop also sits up off the desktop a bit.

    For reference, I have a 15.4" laptop, and I use an external ergo keyboard and mouse I plug in via a hub. The front of my laptop has music controls and volume, which I can still access with the bar in place. If you have a laptop with a CD or other component in the front, this might be a cumbersome choice as you'd have to move it around to get access.

    Overall, I'm very pleased - it's one of those products that you can pretty much put into place, does a fabulous job, and you don't have to think about again - which is a good thing. I've definitely recommended to friends and family.

    ...more info
  • Too few positions
    Pluses: the revolving and rolling base is great. The raised bar in front allows access to headphone ports if you happen to have them there. Works well with my XPS 1530.

    Negatives: There are only four positions, including the lowest and highest. The settings above desk level: 4 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches. I need it to be 5, so I have to set it either an inch too low, or an inch too high. 1/2 inch increments are needed for ergonomic health. Also, it is made of hard, brittle plastic that easily cracks if dropped. Not for rowdy households....more info
  • Love it
    It works perfect for my desk and it still allows me to be able to use my headset plug which is in the front of my laptop. Truly worth the bucks!!...more info
  • Made for me
    I am so happy I got this for a gift. It is perfect for me. My laptop is now at a perfect height and I don't have to rest it on my knees or on any other surface. I also like not having the hot laptop on my lap....more info
  • Usefull on bedrest
    I got this stand to make it easier for me to type and it served its purpose....more info
  • Excellent stand
    This product does the job but is also very sturdy. I would recommend this stand to anyone who wants one that works!!! It protects my laptop from overheating and keeps it held steady while I work. My laptop has a problem with the powercord...(it's loose and falls out if it isn't held in a certain position). This stand makes it much easier to manage my old laptop...even with the cord issues. The height adjustment makes sure I don't have to strain myself while working. Overall, I'm very happy with this product. :) A+++++...more info
  • Adjustable Laptop Stand
    A Christmas gift for my wife. She likes all the adjustable positions especially the capability to rotate, it really does the job....more info


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