Air Conditioner Fin Comb

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Product Description

The stiff wire bristles on this air conditioner fin comb will straighten and clean out your condenser fins for more efficient operation and longer a/c life.

  • Increases Air Conditioner Efficiency
  • Prolongs Life of Air Conditioner
  • Cleans & Straightens in One Sweep
Customer Reviews:
  • Functional fin comb
    I wanted an inexpensive comb for home and decided to give this a try. This comb does the job well enough once I figured out the best way to use it. Rather than slowly trying to slip it between good fins, I ended up just raking it quickly across the fins and that worked well for me. The comb did it's job and straightened the crushed fins I was working on. I wouldn't call this a professional tool but for the home it works just fine....more info
  • Useful in a particular way
    This comb scrapes out the dirt between the fins on a window AC unit incredibly well. It doesn't bend them. It's the perfect tool for the job!...more info