Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope
Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope

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Littmann Master Classic II black edition - black coated chest piece and binaural. The master classic II offers efficiency in auscultation that is unprecedented in a general examination stethoscope. Its patented single-sided tunable diaphragm allows monitoring of both high and low frequency sounds without having to turn over the chest piece. Features high performance single-lumen tubing, nonchill rim and patented Littmann soft-sealing ear tips. Includes a three-year warranty.

Customer Reviews:

  • My favorite Sthetoscope
    I'm a 2nd yr surgical resident. I've had this sthetoscope for about 7 or 8 yrs, it served me well in my clinical clerkships, as well working as i got out of college, and now in my residency years. Its best atributes are: 1. it does not hurt your ears; 2. excellent accoustics, it achieves a great seal from enviromental noise, letting hear what you actually want; 3. Great durability, i'm just buying a new one because i misplaced mine at the hospital, and of course, never again......more info
  • Perfect
    The grip, the sealing around the ear pieces and the sound quality are just like those described by the manufacturer. Yes it's expensive; however, I don't regret having bought it. I hope i won't loose it....more info
  • As Expected.
    Read all reviews prior to selecting. I am very happy with this purchase. Fits snug + comfortable in my ears and can hear great. Big improvement over my 15 year old one.
    ...more info
  • great stethoscope!
    I've been using this stethoscope for almost 15 years. I loved it then, I love it now. It still is as functional as day 1 without ever having to make any part replacements. ...more info
  • Great Acoustics!
    I am a recent nursing graduate and this stethoscope is AMAZING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It is WELL worth the money....Heart and lung sounds are amplified and the only thing you need to do to hear fine murmurs is to press the bell firmly on the patients chest. It has a sleek and modern look and I am so glad I made this purchase. I would HIGHLY recommend it to any person in the medical profession....more info
  • Littman Master Classic (Black Edition)
    I received my product right on time! I was happy about that. The black edition is a very nice stethoscope. It has a very nice look to it and works like a charm. The adjustments are very neat as well. The quality is definitely above mediocre and is well worth the $110.00 that I spent. I have to say that I recommend this stethoscope to everyone in health care.

    Brett ...more info
  • Littmann Stethoscope
    This is an excellent product and very well worth the money. It should last for years....more info
  • Amplifier Steth
    You can auscultate very well. The sounds are clear and crisp allowing you to detect even the faintest abnormalities....more info
  • Great item but don't order from bp medical
    This is my second master classic II, only because my first one was stolen on my Ob/Gyn rotation! Great stethoscope, very clear sounds. A word of warning... I ordered this item from bp medical on January 19th and they did not send it out until February 12th. ...more info
  • Littman Master Stethoscope
    Purchased for son who just graduated as a nurse practioner. This was his choice due to the diaphram for listening to lung and heart sounds....more info
  • Fantastic stethoscope for EMS
    I've used this stethoscope for 2 years now as a Paramedic and can honestly say that I would not go with any other brand. I'm getting a new one because mine was stolen. This is a fantastic value. The earpieces seal tightly and are comfortable; the single-sided diagphram design is easy to use and convenient in emergency situations. The biggest plus for this in EMS is that I can actually clearly hear vitals, breath sounds, heart tones, bowel sounds, etc. while in the ambulance driving. Every other stethoscope I've tried (especially the cheap ones they give us) make it all but impossible to hear over the road noise. This is well worth the price if you're in EMS....more info
  • Best Stethoscope ever!
    This Stethoscope has been an amazing investment so far. It has been tried and tested by me and many others, and I truthfully have nothing bad to say about it. I had initially considered the electronic Stethoscope that Littmann manufactures, but it is slightly lacking in reviews and it seems like a lot of expensive things could go wrong with it. With a 2 year warranty on the electronic Stethoscopes, I wasn't sure that I could take that chance. As a general rule, Littmann products are great; however, the clarity with which you can hear lung sounds, heart sounds etc. with this Stethoscope is amazing and much better than other Littman's that I have tried. Some of the other staff who work in the emergency room have asked to borrow my Stethescope when going into patient's room so that they could compare it with their own. All of the staff have stated that the clarity and sound magnification with this Stethoscope are exceptional when compared with others and I agree. I could not be any happier with a Stethoscope than I am with this one....more info
  • How did I ever manage without this??
    This is absolutely lovely! I was put off by Littmann somewhat, when we had to use these which had two headsets for a medical class. I swear I couldn't hear a thing ever, when we used those. My teacher called this brand the Ferrari of the stethoscopes. I was very skeptical of it, especially for the price. I have the heart stethoscope which works fairly well. This however, makes vitals so freaking loud, which is great in noisy situations. I will use my heart as a special occasion, I will be using this constantly. It's visually appealing, and functions perfectly. I ordered the all-black to match everything I wear. ...more info
  • Recommended
    Excellent stethoscope for Family Practice.

    Have used it for a while and have had no issues with it.

    Excellent sound.Comfortable to use all day...more info
  • Great Product.
    I love this stethoscope it is great to use I am a Certified Medical Assistant and I use this product for Vitial Signs and I am glad that i Paid the extra money for this. I can hear great out of it. I dont think there is a down side to this product at all. I Would suggest this to anybody in the medical feild. ...more info


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