Tortuga Original Caribbean Rum Cake, 16-Ounce Cake

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Yo ho ho! Golden Tortuga Rum Cake, ON SALE! A delicious treasure indeed! Tortuga's most popular flavor, this delicious Rum Walnut Cake is sure to please the heartiest Pirateer. Each cake is "preserved" using a generous glaze of 5-year oak-barrel-aged Tortuga Gold Rum, infusing the finest of flavors into every bite. Send out a tasty holiday greeting this year no one will ever forget. Stock up at here for LESS! Each Cake is approx. 16 ozs. A gift of golden goodness! Trim the main-sail, order your Rum Cake today! Tortuga Rum Cake

  • Moist and luscious, authentic rum cake
  • Baked in the Caribbean from a four-generations old family recipe
  • Hand glazed with 5 year old Tortuga rum then vacuum packed to lock in freshness
  • Original golden with walnuts - our most popular flavor
  • 16 oz cake serves 6 to 8

Customer Reviews:

  • Rum Cake Review
    Excellent. Very moist and great flavor. I'll be getting more. Also tried the small cakes with other flavors with the same excellent results....more info
  • So So
    This cake was good. However, I have had better and the rum was overpowering in this cake. But it was good enough that I'd buy it again if I needed to. ...more info
  • Soft and decadent
    My whole family liked this cake. I am keeping 2 boxes as memntoes above the bathroom cabinet....more info
  • As good here as in the Caymans
    We loved this cake while in the Caymans and brought a bunch home. Saw it in the airport in Florida last year and bought some then. I'm so happy that Amazon now has them. YAY!!! Now anytime we want, we can have a slice of the Caymans, right here at home. Our favorite is the original....more info
  • Couldn't Be any Better
    I have tasted all the Tortuga Rum Cakes. I don't see how they could be any better! They are fresh, satisfying, and delicious. They make great gifts. I make a great rum cake myself, but can't make it any better than the Tortuga cakes. And, they take me back to the beautiful Caribbean. ...more info
  • yummy!!!!!
    Moist and soft. Great rum cake. I been to their bakery in Key West and try out every flavor they offer. I love the classic, banana and key lime. Just enough rum but not over powering. You have to try it!...more info
  • outstanding!
    fell in love with these cakes in jamaica now i can get them anytime for the same price and not have to carry them on the flight! ...more info
  • Great Cake
    I was a little concerned about ordering food items from online but this was the perfect choice. My husband loves Rum and Tortuga Rum Cake but it is hard to find in local stores or it's to pricey for me. I had received a gift card for Amazon and thought I would give you guys a try. To my surprise it was fast, easy and worth it. I will have more orders. This cake is absolutely wonderful. My husband prefers it in thin slices with a little butter on top and heated in the microwave, just until a little warm. He also likes to add a little extra Rum. The cake was very fresh. If you like a soft and moist cake not sort of dry and spongy this is the cake for you. They have lots of different flavors as well. Hope this helps someone....more info
  • A great product if you don't want to make yourself.
    I thought it was great. I prefer to make it myself then I can adjust the recipe as I see fit. I guess I expected so much more from reading all the reviews and seeing it on Foodtv and I thought I have got to try it....more info
  • Pretty good cake but my homemade is still better!
    Not bad cake but happily my homemade is still better....more info
  • Moist and Wonderful
    The cake was wonderfully moist and quite delicious. A little small for the price....more info
  • I've loved these since my first Cayman Islands visit
    The first time that I visited the Cayman Islands years ago, I saw these rum cakes for sale everywhere. Having never heard of them at the time, I decided to try one. Wow, were they ever delicious!

    I've been a fan of Tortuga Rum Cakes every since. These cakes will arrive very moist. They have a pronounced rum flavor, but it is not overkill. I love these rum cakes and they are a great value at Amazon's prices....more info
  • The Best Rumcake EVER
    I was craving rumcake but was having trouble finding any nearby so I ordered this one and it was so moist and had such delicious flavor that I brought it to my mom & grandmother to try and they, too, raved about it. Will definately be purchasing this product again!!!...more info
  • Yum Yum!
    If you love a good moist cake with lots of punch and flavor and Rum! You will love this cake, the rum definitely stands out but gives it such a nice sweet flavor. Its absolutely deliciously moist and scrumptous. Don't keep too much on hand, because you won't be able to control your self!...more info
  • First time trying a rum cake, it's beginning of a beautiful relationship.
    Well, by my ID, you probably can tell I'm really into desserts. This cake, although a bit expensive, it's well worth it. Don't know what other rum cakes tastes like, but this one is definitely very good. Will for sure be getting other ones to try out.

    The soft moist cake isn't so full of rum that it feels overdone. Some local bakers here go overboard with the wine and it's too soft, almost watery. This one still has a cake feel. Microwave it for 30 seconds, add on whipcream and ice cream, sit back, relax, watch some basketball, now that's truely a good time. For the health factor, I add in some fresh fruits so I can tell my wife, hey, this is the way I eat fruits! ...more info
  • Does not live up to the hype
    I was very disappointed with this product. I ordered it because it was highly recommended on the Food Network and also on the Travel Channel. I did not think the cake had much rum taste (sort of like it had been sprinkled very lightly with the Carbbean rum) and it was much more dense than I thought it would be. I tried "doctoring" it up a bit with more liquor, whipped cream, etc without success. Although one could eat it, it was not the best and I wound up throwing half of it out. I would suggest saving your money and making your own Bacardi Rum cake. You will be much happier with the product....more info
  • Great
    We picked up three of the small cakes in the Bahamas, Original, Coconut, and Pineapple. Outstanding my favorite was the original which had walnuts. I wanted to try it with ice cream , but I finished them before I could get any ice cream. ...more info
  • rum cake
    Excellent and tasty is the only way I can describe this product, reccomend it to all....more info
  • If you are in love with Rum, you will love this cake.
    Received this as a holiday gift, if you are in love with rum you should like this cake. It is nice and moist and has a pungent aroma of rum. It is made in the Cayman Islands. My dog was at first, slightly repelled by the smell but now it is following me around!...more info
  • So Good
    I will be ordering this again!!! It was great.

    Super fast shipping too....more info


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