Dirt Devil Ultra Swivel Glide Upright

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Product Description

12 Amps. HEPA Filtration. Sleek updated design. 15" nozzle with brushview window. 7 position height adjust. Patented swivel casters. On-board tools. Durable metal handle. Ready to use stretch hose. Scuff guard bumper. Headlight. 32' cord.

  • Powerful 12 amp motor
  • Ready-to-use stretch hose and on-board tools
  • HEPA filtration
  • Patented swivel casters for easy maneuverability
  • 7 position height adjustment
Customer Reviews:
  • Only good for carpets
    I bought this model to replace a swivel glide I had for over 10 years. Disappointment is too mild a word for this model. It only has 1 extension wand, the hose is extremely short, there is no extra floor attachment, and the on/off lever is at floor level. Went to their website to order more extension wands. Their website doesn't work so you have call. You will have to order more wands to reach any ceiling higher than 6 ft. Any attachments you might have have had from a previous model or another vac (all fit the previous model) do not fit this vac. The hose and wand ends are exactly the same size as the ends on other attachments. The short hose makes it very difficult to clean with the wands (I end up using both hands to control), and the entire vac is always right behind/in front of you because of the short hose. I have delegated this vac to the upstairs and am looking for a different brand. It is unusable for the living areas and useless if you have pets. Whoever approved the design of this vac for Royal should be fired. The only decent thing about it is the price....more info
  • Great suction power
    This vacuum cleaner works exactly as expected. I bought this dirt devil model to replace another dirt devil that I had for about 7 years. Dirt Devils are great.. I've bought other vacuum cleaner brands and the suction power was nowhere near what the 7-year old one provided. I will never buy another brand!

    The suction power is great! Very easy to assemble. The filtration system works like a charm. The room smells much fresher and cleaner after every time I use it. I have alot of pets, so it is important to get rid of all the clinging and floating pet furs.

    The only thing I was disappointed with is that there was only one extension tube included (the old one came with 2- and other vacuum cleaners I've purchase in the past came with 2) and the old ones didn't fit this model. So its a bit difficult to vacuum the ceilings until I can find extra extensions that fit....more info
  • Hate It..................
    This is my first Dirt Devil purchase, and it will definitely be my last. I will be going back to Eureka or Hoover to purchase a vacuum. ...more info