Amcor CPLMB-14000E Portable Air Conditioner (14000 BTU) (Swinging Louvers)

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Product Description

14000 BTU portable AC unit with automatic swing louvers (air vent moves from side-to-side to evenly distribute cold air). Digital controls and LCD panel for ease-of-operation.

  • Single hot air exhaust hose must be vented to the outside.
  • Maximum room size: 400 square feet. May vary based upon specific conditions.
  • Condensate water must be emptied regularly.
  • 14000 BTU of cooling power.

 Customer Reviews:

  • amcor is junk
    on my 3 rd unit now. this is junk.Specially the 14000 btu units.They fail after one month of service. Also something is wrong with the dsign of this.All 3 units i had had a small bulge with a small crack on the right side of the unit....more info