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Designed for babies and adults, Sleep Sheep is the perfect nighttime companion to help soothe the whole family to sleep in a safe, calming and effortless way. A sound box tucked safely inside of Sleep Sheep lulls you to sleep with soft sounds from nature and the reassuring sound of a mothers heartbeat. Sleep Sheep soothing sounds are an audio pacifier that can calm even the fussiest babies to sleep. When babies sleep better, parents sleep better. Sleep Sheep is also ideal for traveling and in unfamiliar environments. Sleep Sheep features 4 soothing sounds: Mothers Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf, and Whale Songs. Velcro tab to secure Sleep Sheep to the outside of a crib. Removable sound box with adjustable volume and on/off controls. Automatic time-out after 23 minutes. The Sleep Sheep Story. A unique numbered adoption certificate. Batteries included - 2 AA .

Soothe your child into a restful, relaxing nap or night of sleep with the Sleep Sheep from Cloud b. This soft and adorable sleep time pal plays calming sounds that help drown out distracting noises and let baby drift into dreams.

Four Soothing Sounds
Winner of several industry awards, including the National Parenting Council's Seal of Approval and the iParenting Media Award, the Sleep Sheep is plush and very cuddly, so it immediately gives a restless child something pleasing and calming to hold on to. It also creates a tranquil environment with four soothing sounds, from Mother's heartbeat (a steady thumping) to the gentle rhythms of nature. You and baby will both relax as you listen to the quiet stream, spring showers, swooshing ocean waves and harmonious whale sounds, making the Sleep Sheep a kind of audio pacifier that helps take some of the stress and crankiness out of rest time.

Perfect for Naptime
Many babies find it hard to settle in their cribs when noises from both inside and outside the house distract and disrupt them. They crave repetitive, comforting rhythms that don't frighten them. The Sleep Sheep creates a kind of white noise that blocks out the other surrounding sounds, so babies can be lulled into sleep. This parents-little-helper also comes with a Velcro tab so you can secure the Sleep Sheep to the outside of a crib.

User-Friendly Operation
The Sleep Sheep features user-friendly operation that both big and little hands can handle. Select sounds by simply pressing the push button, and then choose the most comfortable volume. For added convenience and to save battery power, the sounds automatically time out after 23 minutes--enough time for baby to fall into a comfortable and restorative sleep.

Compact and lightweight, the Sleep Sheep stands 12 inches tall and takes two "AA" batteries (included). The sound box removes if your child simply wants to use the Sleep Sheep as a stuffed toy, and clean-up is a snap--just wipe the surface with soap and water.

About Cloud b
Cloud b, the baby sleep specialist, was established by two new mothers with the philosophy that every baby deserves a sound night's sleep for healthy development. That's why all of Cloud b's products are developed in consultation with an advisory board of pediatricians and sleep specialists with a single focus: to achieve a better, safer sleep for baby.

What's in the Box
One Sleep Sheep and two "AA" batteries.

The Sleep Sheep offers:
  • Cuddly plush toy that provides soothing sounds.
  • Built-in Velcro strap for easy attachment to strollers and car seats.
  • Timer shuts off the sound after either 23 or 45 minutes.

Shown here together with smaller, on-the-go Sleep Sheep.

As any parent of babies knows, sleep is a precious, precious commodity. Scores of books and articles have been written on the subject, and one of the first questions any parent will hear, after "How cute! How old? Boy or girl?" is, "Does she sleep through the night?" Babies aren't designed to sleep through the night in their early months, but eventually, they can sleep for longer blocks of time. And this is when parents will do just about anything to lengthen those snooze hours. The Sleep Sheep might just be the most effective sleep aid in a parent's tool belt. It sure is the cutest! Standing (or rather, sitting) just 11 inches tall, this cuddly lamb can be attached with Velcro strips to baby's crib. Tucked in its back is an audio box with four soothing sounds from nature: a heartbeat, a spring rainfall, the ocean, and whale songs. Push a button, adjust the volume, and sneak out of the nursery while the Sleep Sheep does its job, playing a full 23 minutes of snooze-inducing sound. Did you catch that? It's important: twenty-three minutes! So many sound machines only play for five minutes or so. Our woolly friend knows it can take longer than that for some babies to fall asleep. Beyond "White Noise"
Music can be too stimulating. The whirring of a fan can be effective, but, well, breezy. And regular house noise, especially with an older sibling or too, can be distracting or downright disruptive to sleep. What babies need are relaxing, repetitive sounds. And when those sounds are housed in a huggable package, so much the better!

Mother's Heartbeat
What's the first sound baby hears while still in the womb? His mother's heartbeat, of course. This steady underwater thumping is bound to reassure babies, even once they're on "the outside."

Spring Showers
These spring showers may never bring May flowers, but their cozy patter may bring hours of peaceful slumber.

Ocean Waves
The swooshing sounds of a gentle ocean surf have the power to lull just about anybody to sleep.

Whale Songs
Eerie yet harmonious, whale songs are thought to elevate mind and spirit. Even if baby doesn't know that, the lovely distant songs provide a tranquil background to sleep.

The Sleep Sheep's sound box is removable, so even if space is limited, baby's soothing sleep sounds can go where she goes. A unique numbered certificate of adoption is provided for those who want to make a special place in their families for their new, valuable, sure to be beloved friend. Requires 2 AA batteries (included). --Emilie Coulter

  • 4 Soothing Sounds: Mother's Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf, and Whale Songs.
  • Velcro tab to secure Sleep Sheep to the outside of a crib.
  • Removable sound box with adjustable volume and on/off controls.
  • Automatic time-out after 23 minutes.
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Customer Reviews:

  • We use it even before baby :)
    I really like the sheep - it's the cutest womb-sound making toy that I have seen (I didn't want a bear). I like that there are four different sounds and the rain one is really good. I think the womb sound could have been better / more realistic, thus the four stars. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • love this!
    Was given this as a gift 2 days after we brought our baby home from the hospital... it is wonderful. Has been an excellent "white noise" distraction for our little guy. We love it and so does he! :-)...more info
  • Soothes to sleep
    I turn this one every night when I put my son to bed. He has been using it since he was 4 months old. It helps to block out background noise. It has worked wonderfully for us!...more info
  • My little guy loves his sleep sheep!
    We purchased the sleep sheep at the recommendation of one of the teachers at our son's daycare when he started attending at 12 weeks old. I actually bought two - one for his crib at home and one for daycare. We use the "rain" sound and as soon as he hears it, it signals to him that its time for a nap. I liked the idea of something familar that he'd have both at home and at "school". Often times they'll put several of the babies bouncy seats in a circle with the Sleep sheep in the middle and everyone snoozes listening to the rain. It's also a great way for us to signal to him that its time to go back to sleep whenever he wakes in the night for a bottle.

    The Sleep Sheep worked out really well for us ... I'd recommend it for anyone who is seeking a way to help their baby sleep. I've given several as shower gifts since getting ours. ...more info
  • Super Sleep Sheep
    The sleep sheep is fantastic. He is soft, cuddley and has 4 great sounds.... I like the falling rain one and heartbeat. This is definetely recommended....more info
  • Love this sheep.... for my second child
    I received this from my mother in law for my first son 3+ years ago, and unfortunately it was not a great product for him. He was (and still is) a very high energy child and we had a lot of trouble getting him to sleep. While very soothing, this wasn't a magic wand for him. That said, our 2nd (albeit mellower) child now almost falls asleep instantly when we turn this on for him... It is very cute though & makes a great addition to the nursery, which makes it a great unique gift.

    I also recommend getting a CD player for the nursery though & buying the CD "Bedtime with the Beatles"... Worked miracles for my first child when we incorporated it into the nighttime routine around 9 months. At 3, he still loves to listen to it when falling asleep. (Pavlovian response almost...)
    ...more info
  • Good enough to buy 2!
    I had this on my baby registry, and one of my sisters bought it for me. As soon as I opened the box, I loved it! It's soft and cuddly, the volume control is great, and 23 or 45 min works just right for my son, who has used it since the day we brought him home from the hospital to even right now as he naps, a year later!
    I was so pleased with it that when I found out I was deploying to Iraq, I bought myself another one to take with me, so I could fall asleep to the same sounds my baby was. Now, it's on my bedside table, and i fall asleep every night to the 'rain' setting, just like he does. I will buy one for everyone of my pregnant friends in the future!...more info
  • Absolutely excellent gift for baby showers!
    This is my new baby shower gift! I think it is adorable and the sounds are very soothing....more info
  • Sleep Sheep
    I bought this for my twin 4 month-old granddaughters and they both love it. It helps calm them down for sleep, so Mom loves it, too!...more info
  • Great for infant sleep. Not durable for older babies
    I'm not a big believer in soothing primal sounds, but my son who had sleep problems from birth really responded to the whale and heartbeat sounds. Once he developed a pincer grasp, however, he began to idly play with the volume knob. Before he turned a year, he was able to remove the volume knob, rendering it unsafe. It is great for newborns and young infants but keep it out of reach once babies get a bit older....more info
  • Does not work for me
    I am having hard time training my six-month to sleep by herself. I am so desperate that I gave the sleep sheep a try. The sheep is cute. But the soothing sounds did not work at all. ...more info
  • It was the perfect gift!
    I bought this for a friend who is expecting a second daughter, wanting the new baby to have something special too. Their first is about 20 months and I know she has sleeping issues, so anything to buy them extra sleep with #2 I thought would be appreciated! Well, here is the email we got from her husband yesterday: "[Baby #1] has gotten really attached to the sleep sheep you got for the baby-to-be. She has taken over ownership of it. [My wife] called me to tell me that [Baby #1] was freaking out, trying to find the sleep sheep, when she found it she hugged it and fell asleep.
    If this works, I will forever be indebted to you both... "

    So I'm adding it to our registry, expecting #1 of our own in September!...more info
  • My daughter says Wonderful!
    My daughter wanted this for her newborn. She just loves it....more info
  • Love the sleep sheep, timer doesn't work properly tho.
    I bought the sheep when I was 5 mo pregnant to use at bedtime in hopes baby would hear it and sleep associate with the sound when she was born. Husband and I both grew accustomed to it and feel asleep to the rain sound each night. Only problem is the 45 min function doesn't work. Regardless of which setting it only plays for 23 minutes. I hate the hassle of repackaging and returning stuff so we've kept it. Now that baby is here the 45 min setting would really be helpful if it worked. I ordered two at once and gave one to a friend with a new little one. Hers worked just fine. ...more info
  • Comforting Sounds for Baby
    My baby boy has been loving this sheep since he came home from the hospital. He especially loves the whale sounds and will always fall asleep on his own when he hears the whales "sing." It plays for a nice, long time and never fails to help calm him. My girls both had the fisher price aquariums but this soft, gentle sheep has surpassed the aquariums by far!...more info
  • sleep sheep
    What a great gift for the new parents who have EVERYTHING already. This is so cute, it's a major hit with them! I've given it twice already and wouldn't mind having one myself!
    Cloud b Sleep Sheep - Four Soothing Sounds From Nature...more info
  • A Sleep Sheep in Every Crib!
    Babies LOVE this sheep! Buy one for any new additions to your family or your friends' families and you cannot go wrong! This is the third one I've bought and all three babies adore their sheep. It makes a special shower gift or a great gift for tired new parents. And they are delivered fast. ...more info
  • Good, not great
    This product would be perfect if it had a continuous setting. We use the 45 minute option exclusively. It helps our four week old get to sleep, but he always wakes up when the noise turns off. We have to wake up and push the button again for him to settle back down. I would buy something different with the option to stay on all night....more info
  • cloud b sleep sheep
    Great product my granddaughter loves it,but I'm not sure who loves it the most my granddaughter or my son-n-law. fast delivery time. ...more info
  • Good stuff.
    I don't know if this helps the baby sleep, but my wife enjoys hearing the noise through our baby monitor....more info
  • Good as advertised
    This item is everything that it is advertised to be. The sound is great, the product is very soft, and I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • cute but unrealistic sounds
    The sheep is very soft, cuddly, and cute! I did not think the sounds sounded very realistic~more mechanical than sounding like an actual heartbeat or ocean, although the rainstorm option does sound nice. Despite my disappointment in 3 of the 4 sounds, I decided to keep it anyway based on the rain sound and how soft and cute the sheep was....more info
  • I'd love to be able to give a review
    We're still awaiting the delivery of the Sleep Sheep, so we're unable to give a review. We love the Twilight Turtle we ordered at the same time. "We" are two underpaid and overworked gay grandads who shop early and thoughtfully for birthday presents and Christmas presents for our soon to be seven grandchildren. Hopefully, the Sleep Sheep will arrive in time to be a Christmas present for our youngest grandaughter, due in July. We're rating it tentatively at 5 stars, the equal of the Twilight Turtle, as being a perfect toy for a perfect age. The Twilight Turtle is destined for our then-to-be-almost-two youngest grandson. When we do receive it, I will gladly update this review....more info
  • Newborn Gift
    I like that this straps on to the outside of the crib so the baby can't bury her face in it. Soothing sounds will hopefully lull her to sleep when she moves out of her parent's room into her own room....more info
  • love it
    One of the best baby gifts that I received. It is a cute little white noise machine....more info
  • Poor execution
    First of all, 3 of the 4 sound choices are useless. HEARTBEAT must be for baby aliens, `cause it's not even close to human and is not soothing at all. RAIN is just a 4-sec. clip very badly spliced so that you hear the splice more than the rain. Listening to a badly spliced tape repeat every 4 seconds is annoying, not soothing. The WHALE sounds might be great for whales who happen to live in a Haunted House, because that's what they sound like on this thing. The OCEAN sound IS soothing...until it stops 20 minutes later. The sound stopping abruptly wakes my baby up, which means I have to wake up every 20 minutes to keep it going! Can you tell I'm sleep deprived, and this thing isn't helping?

    I finally just put my Ipod on "repeat all" mode and let her listen to Mozart instead on the iHome....more info
    This is a GREAT invention. My son didn't have much trouble falling asleep at home, but the car was another story all together. If he was tired and due for a nap and we were driving he would cry and cry. Once we got this and I used it at night at home to help him fall asleep, he associated the calming sounds with sleep. The big test was a 4 hour car ride and after some initial fuss, he actually fell asleep after my soothing and turning on the sleep sheep. I was so relieved. We don't use it every night at home, but on most occasions we do and I think this really helps him feel secure and calm....more info
  • Great product to help baby (and parents!) sleep
    We put this on our registry after seeing recommendations and reviews online. Sure enough, it's been very helpful in getting our newborn to sleep. It offers soothing sound that functions as white noise, too, so that he stays asleep. We're not tiptoeing around, mind you, but just appreciate that steady sonic wallpaper..... I imagine it wouldn't work for everyone, but we've found it to be great. 45 minute setting is about right, though I wish you could just burn up batteries and keep it on continuously......more info
  • Is 23 minutes long enough?
    Is 23 minutes of an auio pacifier enough for your child? That's the question you'll have to answer before you purchase this item. The sheep is cute, but not very soft or cuddly for the very young. So for little ones, it's the soothing sounds that is of primary importance. The rain noise is the most soothing. And the volume ranges from very quiet to quite loud if placed near the sleeping child. But the machine, which comes out of the sheep quite easily, plays for 23 minutes only. Some babies prefer constant white noise and wake after the 23 minutes. I found white noise machines to be more helpful for my baby, as they also help block out noises from the rest of the family/pets/house. This is a cute idea, but I think some different time options would have been better....more info
  • Rave reviews
    I have given the Sleep Sheep to all of my friends and relatives who have had babies in the last 2 years (about eight of them) and have gotten only rave reviews from them all. Not only do they help their baby to sleep but also Mommy and Daddy! One friend even takes the sound mechanism out when traveling and uses it to go to sleep when in hotels!...more info
  • Get some Sleep!
    My home is so quiet at night, apart from random outside noise and my cats going nuts at various hours. In order to help my daughter sleep through this crazy times, this item helps create the soothing white noise that will help her stay asleep when I put her in her crib....more info
  • Excellent
    This is a great product. The repeative sounds are soothing and it works great to calm a cranky baby. It is also helpful at nap and bedtime....more info
  • Sleep Sheep Soothes Soundly
    This is the second time I've sent a Sleep Sheep as a gift to a newborn. Both sets of parents tell me that their babies are probably happier and better adjusted since the Sheep joined the household, and will probably get better grades throughout school. :-)) Don't hesitate! Add a Sleep Sheep to your crib without delay. ...more info
  • She loves it...
    The first 3 months the Sleep Sheep did not seem to make a huge difference. She seemed to be on her own schedule regardless of her surroundings. Since she turned 3 months old, now she is 1 year old, she loves it and it is a must have. The back is helpful now that she is one year she cannot turn it off as easily and fall asleep. I turn it on the ocean wave sound. I fall asleep to it too on the monitor. It is so soothing and nice--better than a CD player, snugglier and portable. It is helpful to time it to her nap and goodnight time. Now, we can't travel without it! I put it in the car on trips, etc. Actually, we had visitors the other day and my best friend fell asleep to the sleep sheep in our bed to the monitor that was still turned on from the night before during baby's nap time, my best friend seemed in a coma I could not wake her up! And she often claims she can never sleep. She loved it so much she wanted to take it home. It works for adults too. :)...more info
  • Wonderful to help newborn (and parents) get to sleep
    My son is 5 days old and this is wonderful! It definitely helps him get to sleep and stay soothed. Not to mention that the sounds are also helpful for the parents! He is currently sleeping in the pack & play in our room, and it's helping us all rest during these long nights. ...more info
  • Works really well
    Allow me to just agree with those who love this. My infant son loves this. We sent one to day care when he started there and before you know it several other kids have one. The teachers love it - the sounds really help the kids get to sleep and it's a good toy for them to cuddle up too. It worked so well we bought a second one for home. It's been a big help for us at nap time (particularly when we are off his schedule or away from home - he knows when we pull it out and turn it on that it's time to take a nap)....more info
  • Great product!
    I bought this for my daughter when she was about 5 or 6 weeks old. she is now almost 3 months old and we still use it every night! I turn it on when she goes to bed at night and i will also turn it on if she starts to wake up in the middle of the night (she usually sleeps through the night now) We really like the heartbeat, rain, and beach sounds. I dont play the whale sounds, it just seems like a more annoying sound. I love that it stays on for 45 minutes- more than enough time to help her fall asleep!...more info
  • Nice Lamb
    I'm sure the new grandchild will enjoy this. I especially like the volume control for the soothing sounds....more info
  • Just the best baby gift!
    Got one of these for my new granddaughter, who is now almost nine months old. She loves it, and goes to sleep every night with sounds coming from it. Our daughter uses this item more than any single baby gift I have gotten her, and there have been a lot of them! Just purchased a second one for another baby gift, and I will continue to get more for other baby gifts. I love getting something I know will really be used! This is also one of those rare products that needs a battery and comes with one installed!...more info
  • Sweet Sleep Sheep
    I searched for over a month to find a soother that had a more natural look and sound. I did not want music, or activity scenes. The sleep sheep was EXACTLY what I had pictured for my baby. It's soft, and cute. I love the heartbeat and rain sounds. The sounds come through very clearly unlike others that I had looked at. I love this product and have bought 2 more for special shower gifts!!...more info
  • cute sheep
    if i would have given this to my daughter when i first brought her home, or maybe even while still in the hospital, maybe it would be soothing her to sleep. however, i didnt order this until she was 2 mths old and it didnt have the desired effect. i love how it does have the longer time of 45 min, and it did come with batteries. the sound is a bit static-y. even though this does not help my daughter to sleep, i am keeping it because it is so incredibly soft and extremey cuddly. :)
    i recommend as long as it is introduced to your baby early....more info
  • Love this lamb
    I love this lamb. It is so soft. I like the ocean sound to lull me to sleep....more info


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